Amelia Robson

Wrestler's Alias: "Supergirl” Amelia Robson
Wrestler's Real Name: Amelia Amanda Robson
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @SupergirlAR
Pic Base: Kylie Rae
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthdate: May 10, 1989
Birth Place: Olympia, Washington
Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario

Physical Description: See Pic Base

Wrestling Style: High Flying/High Impact
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel):Face
Years Pro: 12
Theme Song: "Supergirl” by Bullet and Snowfox

Finishers: Avenging Crash; Punishment for Villainy
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): Avenging Crash - Front-flip legdrop
Punishment for Villainy - With the opponent kneeling, Amelia rushes in with a hurricarana, spiking the opponent’s head into the mat in a DDT fashion.
Signature Moves: Turn Around, Bright Eyes; Avengercarana; Hero’s Reprieve
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): Turn Around, Bright Eyes - As her opponent staggers around, Amelia bounces off the ropes behind them and jumps up beside them, grabbing their shoulder as she spins around in front of them. From there, she takes hold of their head and drives their chest into both of her knees as both fall to the mat, all in one fluid motion a la the Codebreaker.
Avengercarana - Your basic dragonrana pin... Amelia jumps off the top rope in a front flip before hitting a hurricarana. She holds onto her opponents' legs for the pin.
Hero's Reprieve - Amelia pushes her opponent away from her. When they walk back towards her, she crawls under their legs, quickly jumping back and driving her elbows back behind both knees, dropping the opponent to their knees and giving her a chance to get off of hers.

Common Moves:
- Dropkick
- Enziguri
- Leg Lariat
- Diving Forearm
- Flying Crossbody
- Diving Elbow Drop
- Buzzsaw Kick
- Snap Suplex
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Hurricarana
- Spinning Headscissors
- Springboard DDT
- Suicide Dive
- Spinning Heel Kick

Entrance: The lights to the arena flicker first before going black. The opening guitar riff of "Supergirl" by Bullet & Snowfox plays as the crowd rises to their feet. As the drums kick in, spotlights start to swirl around the arena, eventually focusing on the top of the ramp. Amelia Robson steps out from the back, standing in the middle of the spotlights and raising her arm in the air. As the lyrics start, she begins to make her way down the ring. When the chorus kicks in, she springs right at the ring, sliding under the bottom rope before rushing to the other end, rebounding off the ropes and running to the middle of the ring, where she does a front flip, landing on her feet on the mat…

Biography: In 2008 in the Shootclub Wrestling Association Agnes Brown decided to form the BWA or Beaches With Attitude. This consisted of Eve Winters, Callista Christos, Amelia Robson and Dr. Grace Morningwood. A lot of time has passed, a lot of titles have been won and lost, but finally Amelia and Gracie are back, this time together as partners both in and out of the ring for life as they are married, and they back to prove that they are what they always have been what people thought they were: The World Best Tag Team.

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