Cookie Dreams
Wrestler's Alias: Cookie Dreams
Wrestler's Real Name: [Redacted]
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @CookienDreams
Pic Base: Jessica Nigri
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130lbs
Birth date: Sept 12th, 1992 (27
Birth Place: Somewhere in the Cookieverse
Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Physical Description:
Usually has long blonde hair, straight or in pigtails. Bright blue eyes and a rather large bust which she claims are real and not paid for at all, honest... She isn’t averse to wearing wigs and such depending on her mood as well elaborate outfits for PPV events.
Wrestling Style: KABLAM MAGA
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face ( So Face it hurts)
Years Pro: 3
Theme Song: Something in your Mouth by Nickleback
Finishers with Descriptions (If Needed):
Cookies and Cream: Cookie will hit the lollipop rendering her opponent unconscious, then depending on their placement she will pull her opponent to the corner before climbing up to the top turnbuckle and hitting a imploding 450 splash before pinning for the victory.
34DDestruction: With her opponent lying prone face down on the canvas, Cookie sits on their back and lifts them over placing their arms over her knees applying a Camel Clutch for the submission victory. If a truly personal rivalry, she will include a leg trap and rock back and forth on the opponents back like they were a rocking horse.
Signature Moves with Descriptions (If Needed):
Lollipop: With her opponent hitting the ropes, Cookie will spin around and deliver a Savate kick to the chest of her opponent. If the opponent is on their knees, she will hit them in the face as many times it will take before they go down.

Boobs N Glory: With her opponent in the corner, Cookie will sprint across the ring and leap up hitting a splash on her opponent, but then in one quick motion she will run out with her opponent and hit a bulldog or a neck breaker depending on their position and her mood
K.A.B.L.A.M Kick: Cookie with stand in the corner and begin to shake as if she is having an orgasm while her opponent is in the opposite corner. She then runs out of her corner and connects with a Ole Kick!
Thicc Thrust: With her opponent seated, Cookie will run the ropes and drive a hip into the face of her opponent. She can do it on the fly as well (like Toni Storm)
Common Moves:
Back Elbow
Back body Drop
Bell Clap
Clothesline Variants
DDT Variants
Discus Clothesline
Diving Elbow
European Uppercut
Forearm Strikes
Knee Drop
Knee Lift (Running)
Leg Drop
Lou Thez Press
Punches & Kicks
Sleeper hold
Suplex Variants
Springboard Moonsault
Springboard Forearm
Match Notes:
Feel free to use these as a guide, you do not have to limit her to these though so please have fun when writing her. I would like her to come across in her matches that she is constantly surprising people, hit a big move from out of nowhere, etc. She has always been seen as the valet; it is her time to shine now.
SCW Fans: They empower her whenever she hears them, she will always put them first.
Loyalty: She will stand by anyone of her friends. Stick up for them. Etc.
Strength & Agility: Cookie is deceptively athletic, and she isn’t afraid to show it now.
Lack of in-ring experience
Loyalty: It can lead her down paths…
Baby animals, she absolutely adores them.
The lights dim as Nickelback’s “Something In Your Mouth” hit’s over the P. A System, all eyes focus to the stage where various colors of lights begin to flash.
Phillips: “Ladies and Gentleman, hailing from the mythical land of Candy Mountain by way of the  Cookieverse… She weighs in tonight at one-hundred and thirty pounds... She is bringing with her that 34DDestruction all the while being accompanied to the ring by her Psychonaut partner, Jordan Majors... She is your 2020 Rookie of the Year, your 2020 Star of tomorrow... She isthe one, the only… COOKIE DREAMS!!”
The crowd pops upon hearing the buxom blonde’s name, and even more so when she steps out onto the stage in her ring gear, in her hands are both of her End of Year Awards.. She grins from ear to ear before skipping to one side of the stage and poses by blowing a kiss to the crowd. She then repeats the process on the other side of the stage before then returning to the center and drops to her knees excitedly while thrusting her hands in the air showing the awards. The crowd cheers once again as the curtains part and out walks Jodan Majors who helps Cookie to her feet. The two then hug to a roar form the crowd before locking their arms together and skipping to the ring.
Afterwards Cookie pushes on a head and slides into the ring as Jordan walks down behind her. In the ring Cookie then begins climbing the nearest corner and raises both awards once again before posing to a roar form the crowd she then pose's once more and blows more kisses to the crowd, only this time a little more seductively and a sly wink. While waiting for the bell to sound she jumps down and begins to talk strategy with Jordan who she then hands her awards to...
What can be said about Cookie that is not known already. She started her career around 3 years ago now however she never actively competed. When she came to SCW, she did so under the umbrella of Kennedy Street. She was a fan and was not afraid to sing it from the roof tops. Often going out of her way to promote various products which would go on to be top sellers for SCW!
It was evident she had the knack and that was just one trait that caught the eye of the Man Mountain, Derek Adonis! They went together like peanut butter and jelly, and you can bet they smeared that over each other many times after that. It was a dream team no one thought would work, but with Cookies brains and bosom she helped Derek catapult the KABLAM Brand Worldwide.
Going as far to being in his corner when he has captured the SCW TV Championship on two occasions! Her own moments notwithstanding, Hosting Taking Hold of the Flame 2019 as well as teaming with her husband, Derek at Rise to Greatness are just two things she is most proud of. But like everyone else in life, she wants more. Though not out of greed but her desire to test herself, to see just how far she could go if she put the same effort into her career in the ring like she did KABLAM out of it.
2020 has been a wild year, and for the cute, bubbly personality that is Cookie. She hopes to make it hers.
- tweaked entrance to inc TV Championship.
[Image: TYqRxdI.png]

Official Host of Taking Hold of the Flame 2019
Official Host of The Worlds Best Tag Team Tournament 2020
SCW TV Champion x1
Runner up in 2020 World Tag League

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