Wrestler's Alias: Alexis
Wrestler's Real Name: Alexandra  Sofia Costa
Twitter Handle (if applicable): Alexishellhee
Pic Base: Maria Kanellis
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 135
Birthdate: 11/03/2000
Birth Place: Paphos , Cyprus 
Current Residence: Astoria Queens, NY

Physical Description:
Tall She blonde hair dyed red color Athletic and toned figure, Green  Eyes.

Wrestling Style: Brawling, Dirty, Technical
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener 
Years Pro: 2020 
Theme Song: Queen, Loren Gray 

1. Kiss Off
2. Femme Fatale
3. Siren Song
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): 
  1. Harlem Side Kick 
  2. Loaded Sucker Punch
  3. Rolling Neckbreaker 
Signature Moves:
  1. Bitch Please 
  2. Blinded by The Lights
  3. Beautiful Nightmare
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
  1. Kidney Shot Hair Snap Take Down from Behind
  2. Back Kick Followed by A Superkick 
  3. Soccer Slide Tackle
Common Moves:
  1. Opponent trapped in corner facing corner Eye Rake
  2. Face Slap
  3. Hair Drag
  4. While Opponent on Ground Hair Toss
  5. Trapped In Corner Multiple Knee’s
  6. Kick To The Shins
  7. Bottom Rope Choke
  8. Corner Top Turnbuckle Foot Choke
  9. Referee Shield
  10. Out Of Self Defense Stun Gun
  11. Off Of Rebound Standing Drop Kick
  12. Hip Toss into a Cartwheel Knee Strike 
  13. Running Calf Kick
  14. Corner Clothesline Into Running Headlock Bulldog 
  15. Discus Slap
  1. Confidence 
  2. Ring Smart
  1. Over Confident , arrogant
  2. Don’t like when people mess with her hair
Light’s Go Out As Lyric Cross my heart and hope to die
I don't need another guy To fight my battles
To overshadow me. 
Don't you know I'm dangerous?
Fire burning in my blood
I got this handled. I don't need rescuing

You can call me a princess all you like
'Cause you like to keep me helpless by your side
But it ain't what I want, I'ma show you, I'ma show you
How to treat me like a Queen as Podium rises up spinning slowly around camera from Feet slowly rising up showing Victoria Secret her Ivory Fashion Robe with Gold sequence  as Moving pass her to face as Alexis with a disappointing Eye Rolling. Walking down as a young fan go to kisser her as she block kiss with her hand with a disgusted look on her face as child starts to cry. As starts to laugh as she walk up the ring steps Oder her assistant Harry Harris hold the ropes as bends down  enter under top rope as orders Harry to disrobe her.

Ring Attire:
Victoria Metallic Ivory with Gold Sequence
Victoria Metallic Ivory Sports Bra with Gold Sequences 
Victoria Knee High Metallic Ivory  Boots with Gold Shin Pads

Entrance Attire:

Ivory Metallic Victoria Secret Fashion Robe with Gold Sequence

Weapon Of Choice:
Pepper Spray hidden on her same color of her attire.


Born and Raised in Paphos Cyprus  Only Child  Father George An Specialization Lawyer In Acting agent  and Mother  Katrina  A Producer for A Cyprus Studios. Where she Home Schooled, Becoming A Model At 14 discovered while On The Beach In Cyprus by Queen, NY later becoming Homeschooled getting being a fan of Pro Wrestling been training with private lessons.

Sample RP:

Handler's First Name: Christina 
Skype: N/A
Discord: TBD
Other: AlexisHellhee
(Scene Opens On Woman In First Class Lounge wearing Black yoga pants,  Teal and Gray Nike Running Shoes, Black Hooded with Champagne in Hand)


What is it that you want.

(Harry Harris)

That sign says no smoking!

(Harry pulls cigarettes put it out)


That signs for Others Not me. 

(As she pulls out another cigarette light it up as he blows the smoke in Harry face as Harry cough fanning away smoke)


Nevermind That they’re here talk about AEW.

(Alexis Take puff blowing smoke in the Camera as her sits up with a serious look in her eyes)


So You wanna know why I joined AEW. Cause I want a challenge and competition. I am here to make money to conquer the world. You don’t know me. But you will when I take money, The power and your women and in the end just remember it’s Just Business It’s Nothing Personal.

(As time to board as she put the cigarette out into the camera fades to Black)
Welcome to SCW. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch and feel free to get to know others on the boards or to join the fed discord (link is available in the OOC board). I'll book your characters on the May 27, 2020 Breakdown.
Thank You
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