Aayda Verity (Neegan's Manager)

Wrestler's Alias: Aadya Verity
Wrestler's Real Name: Undisclosed
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @LifewithVerity
Pic Base: Rhea Ripley
Weight:137 lbs
Birthdate: 08/15/96 (23)
Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Camden, New Jersey
Physical Description:
Aayda is a physically imposing woman for her size, hair has been left long at the top with a skin fade on the left side while the right side has braids. She tends to wear contacts which she mixes up with either cat’s or lizard eyes, their colors vary depending on her mood. She has tattoos on her lower legs up to her knee and thigh, which are covered given her attire most of the time.
Wrestling Style: Striker
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel
Years Pro: 2
Theme Song: Miseria Cantare by AFI
Finishers with Descriptions:
Verity’s Release:
Aayda will grab her opponents’ hand while they lay on the canvas and begin to stomp away at their head repeatedly until the official has no other choice but to stop the match.
Crushing Verity:
Aayda from behind will lock in a Kata-Ha-Jime on her opponent to force them into a submission, she isn’t averse to including a grapevine around their waist.

Notes: Aayda is seldom not opposed to getting victories via Pin fall, however she is more inclined to push things to the point matches are stopped due to opponents being unable to continue.
Signature Moves with Descriptions:
N/A - To Be Decided
Common Moves:
N/A - To Be Decided
Neegan, he Is her left and right fist, a boot too.
Her Belief system.
Athletic ability
Larger opponents
Her attitude

The lights switch off around the arena causing the crowd to buzz with anticipation when the opening to Miseria Cantara by AFI begins to play. Suddenly a quote appears on the big screen above the stage.
Suffering does not break us. It helps us find out who we truly are.
Verity 7:13
On the screens around the arena as well as the big screen above the stage we see a large image of a neon pink smile with x’s for eyes. The image lingers on the screens for a moment before we then see the same form on the mask of a woman standing on the stage, two neon pink rods illuminate the surrounding area to reveal a hulking figure behind her who wields them... She rips the mask off and throws it to the ground with a smirk, the song kicks, the lights come back on.
Phillips: “Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from Philadelphia, PA by way of Camden, New Jersey. She weighs in tonight at 137lbs and is being accompanied to the ring by Neegan REDFIELD… She is AAYDA VERITY!!!”
The focus on the stage is then on Aadya Verity who slowly walks down towards the ring, in her hand now is a black leather book. Following behind her is Ryker who rests the neon lights on his shoulder. Once at ringside, Aayda leaps onto the apron and turns around before dropping to a knee and holding the middle rope. She looks at Redfield and points to him before handing him her book and rolling into the ring. The giant of a man stands steadfast with the book in his hands, tightly within his grip while Verity steps onto the second rope and looks out to the crowd with a smirk.

This is important to the character and I would rather explore/reveal to you all in RPs.
Sample RP:
Handler's First Name: Jon

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