Cid Turner
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Wrestler's Alias: THE FALLEN KING
Wrestler's Real Name: Cidney Franklin Turner
Pic Base: Old Christian but with Pete Dunne's hair duplicated and then flipped and with a large beard
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Birthdate: 5/20/1980
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado
Current Residence: Big Sur, California

Physical Description: Disheveled. Long white tights with gold trim. Black elbow pads. Long black boots.

Wrestling Style: All Arounder
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro: 22 (but with a break from 2012 to 2020 due to spinal stenosis diagnosis)
Theme Song: "Dark Child" by Marlon Williams

Sovereign Takeover & The King's Coup
Finishers Descriptions:
Sovereign Takeover: Cradle Hammerlock DDT [Click to preview]
The King's Coup: Cobra Clutch Crossface [Click to preview]

Signature Moves:
Ode to Caesar & The Denver Diving Kick & The Worst Sharpshooter Ever & The Turn-Around
Signature Moves Descriptions:
Ode to Caesar: Two inverted facelock backbreakers followed by a reverse DDT

The Denver Diving Kick: Diving kick off the top rope to a standing opponent

The Worst Sharpshooter Ever: After years of neglecting the hold, Cid can no longer apply a great sharpshooter. With everyone and their mother being great at applying the sharpshooter, his attempt looks even worse now. It hurts, sure, but it's the worst sharpshooter ever.

The Turn-Around: Refined and perfected ever since returning at 2020's Rise to Greatness, this personalized small package has won dozens of matches for Cid.

Common Moves:

Single knee facebreaker

Diving crossbody

Running enzuigiri

Rib breaker

Fireman's carry gutbuster


Throat thrust

Tornado DDT

Arm wrench


Sleeper slam

Electric chair drop

Half nelson bulldog

Hangman's neckbreaker

Sleeper hold

Belly-to-back takedown

Sitout gourdbuster

Inverted atomic drop

Atomic drop

Monkey flip

Michinoku Driver

Twisting sunset flip out of the corner

Sitting reverse chinlock (the ultimate rest hold)

Slingshot body splash

Rope hung crotch kick

A terrible spinebuster

Russian legsweep

Stepover armlock

Strengths: His all around style makes it easier to combat any other opposing style. While not an amazing wrestler, he seems to get the job done, whether it's through heart and determination or just pure luck.

Weaknesses: While he can adapt to any style as a jack of all trades, he's a master of none, which prevents him from being able to outright overpower most competitors. He also has a history of neck/back issues due to cervical spinal stenosis.


The lights slowly dim down. The crowd buzzes in anticipation, many of them taking their phones out and lighting up the arena with their flashlights. After a few moments of silence, “Dark Child” by Marlon Williams plays as the lights flash back on. The big screen shows several highlights of Cid Turner's career as the song continues to play. The crowd boos as Cid makes his way onto the stage, looking tensely out into the crowd with the SCW Adrenaline Championship around his waist. Cookie Dreams comes skipping out behind him, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd as she gives Cid an exaggerated thumbs up while he continues looking out into the crowd. Cid takes a moment to let it all soak in before he begins his walk down the ramp with Cookie trailing not far behind, happily waving to nearby fans.

[Announcer introductions]

“My little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy
One day you'll grow up and be distressed
One day you'll grow up and reject everything
I've set out for you”

Cid continues his walk down the ramp and keeps his eye on the ring while continually muttering to himself. Cid reaches the ring as Cookie stays on the outside, making her way around the corner. Cid climbs up the steps, slowly walking across the apron to the corner and pulling himself up onto the second rope, standing on the turnbuckle and looking around the arena while taking a deep breath. He takes the Adrenaline Championship from off his waist and holds it into the air.

“My only dear long wasteful son
One day you'll wonder what you've become”

The music begins to fade out as Cid climbs down from the ropes and enters the ring. He leans through the ropes and hands the Adrenaline Championship to Cookie, who gleefully takes it. Cid leans up against the corner and strokes his overgrown beard.

SCW Official: "Who the hell are you?"

Cid Turner: "You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name."

SCW Official: "Do what? I don't... I don't have a damn clue who the hell you are."

Cid Turner: "Yeah, you do. I'm the king. I'm the man who killed Greg Cherry."

SCW Official: "Bullshit. Cancel culture got Cherry."

Cid Turner: "Are you sure?"

[The SCW Official looks at James Exeter and Matt Hodges (AKA Team Turner) and they both shake their heads at the official in response.]

Cid Turner: "That's right. Now, say my name."

SCW Official: [quietly]  "Cid Turner."

Cid Turner: "You're goddamn right."

Sample RP: See above.
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