A/C Unit
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Tag Team Name: A/C Unit

Members: Asher Hayes and Cid Turner (Managed by Holly Adams, creating the A/C Blondetourage Unit)

Alignment: Heel (Asher & Holly)/Face maybe kind of (Cid)

Gimmick: They like being cool in the summer.

Entrance Music: "Out in the Cold" by Judas Priest

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Entrance Description:

Yes Bitch
Yes Bitch
Yes Bitch

The lights suddenly go out in the arena. A few seconds of dark silence are followed by the opening synth of "Out in the Cold" by Judas Priest chiming throughout the arena. Some dark blue lights come on near the entrance ramp, lighting up the stage and arena with an eerie bluish hue as dry ice begins to spread across the stage. The lights reveal Holly Adams standing in the center of the stage, SCW Adrenaline Championship draped over her shoulder, with one hand on her hip and her other hand doing a pageant wave as the crowd boos. Several seconds pass and right as the sound of a snare echoes throughout the arena, a giant white metal container slowly rises up through the left side of the stage with two words plastered upon it.


The guitars kick in and Asher Hayes busts out through one side of the container, clad in his signature long leather jacket and sunglasses with a cloud of frozen mist following him out of the container. He's quickly followed by Cid Turner, who busts out of the opposite side of the container looking disheveled and just generally confused and for some reason not wearing a shirt or jacket while being in an ice box. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as they both make their way towards the center stage, both shivering due to being in a giant ice box for almost two minutes. Holly mostly ignores Asher and Cid as she stands in between them doing her pageant wave. Once A/C Unit is properly warmed up, they make their way down towards the ring through the dry ice, Holly not far behind them, putting her hand over her heart and trying her best to look touched at the crowd’s “adoration”, despite them actually hurling insults towards her and Asher.

[Announcer introductions]

The trio reach the bottom of the ramp. Holly turns the corner while Asher and Cid go up on steel steps on the opposite sides of each other and climb the turnbuckles. They point dramatically at each other from across the ring in perfect unison, both breathing heavily as the chorus of the song plays, some of the audience singing along.

"I'm out in the cold
Out in the cold
Hear me calling
Out in the cold
Please rescue me"

They both hop down to the apron and step in the ring, while Holly just continues to pageant wave on the outside of the ring. Asher leans over the top rope and teases tossing his shades into the crowd before just dropping them onto the outside floor, leading to a round of boos from the crowd. Asher takes his jacket off and puts it in the corner. Cid strokes his overgrown beard as Asher goes over to talk with him. They share words before exchanging a quick fist bump and going to their corner as their music fades.

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Primary Finishers:
Trapped Under Ice
(Asher applies Painful Hayes [Edgecator] while Cid slides in and applies The King's Coup [Cobra Clutch Crossface], combining their submission finishers)

The Coolant Killer
(The two combine their Hammerlock DDT finishers, each yanking the opposite arm of their opponent and dropping them with a double DDT)

Signature Moves:
An Alternate Universe (Aided wheelbarrow splash, Asher drops Cid onto the laying opponent)

Biography: While it may have started as a partnership through pure convenience, make no mistake about it: Asher Hayes and Cid Turner are a unit. An A/C Unit. After several years of being a total recluse, Cid has returned to SCW and has found an ally in Asher that has the potential to help him find himself once again.

After finding himself, Cid won the SCW World Championship, as well as winning the SCW World Tag Team Championship with Asher Hayes in the same match. In the conclusion of the match, Holly Adams appeared to align herself with A/C Unit. Under the guidance of Holly's life coaching program, Asher had a change in attitude, claiming that he is also the World Champion with Cid, who seems unsure of what's even happening while also going along with whatever Asher and Holly tell him.

Following Cid's loss of the SCW World Championship to Selena, things have been icy (pun intended) between the three, but only time will tell if it's just a phase in the face of failure, or something much more sinister.

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