Schedule Changes
I've been giving it some thought and part of the delay in getting Apocalypse up was a result of my own teaching schedule and just having too much going on. Frankly, I was drained some days and that only delays things.

Rather than making this the new normal, there's a simple fix that I think will benefit everyone.

Starting with the current roleplay cycle, there will no longer be a Breakdown in the week before a ppv. So, for example, the October 14th Breakdown is cancelled. Under Attack takes place October 18. This allows two things. I don't have to try and come up with a card while taking into account everyone's ppv matches, making booking a bit easier. People can focus on the ppv more earlier. And I can start working on the show well before the show deadline, and hopefully limit the lag time after. This also then allows me to take a day for myself here and there if I'm running around between the responsibilities for my job.

This will have some effects - some cycles will be shorter. I have to reschedule the Tag League. But I think long-term, it will help us all out.

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