Alioth Starre

Wrestler's Alias: Alioth
Wrestler's Real Name: Alioth Starre
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @StarreAlioth
Pic Base: Noam Dar
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Birthdate:  11/27/1987
Birth Place: Brixton, London, England
Current Residence: Flagstaff Arizona.

Physical Description:

Wrestling Style: Submission grappler, Technical Wrestler
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel
Years Pro: 2011 -to- 2017
Theme Song: 'Star Crossed' by NC

Finishers: Four-Star Mary (Figure Four Leglock)
Signature Moves: Sharpshooter, Ankle Lock

Common Moves: Bulldog, Implant DDT, Dropkick Bridging/German/Snap/Vertical Suplex. Russian Legsweep, roundhouse kick, Enziguri. Diving Knee Drop, Chop, Elbow Drop, Knee Breaker. Head scissors, Cloverleaf.

Strengths: The passion and drive to succeed, mind games over his opponents 

Weaknesses: Arrogance, Selfishness

Entrance: The lights go out in a sudden burst of darkness. The shadows of the world the fill the stadium like specks of light in the deepest, darkest crags of the ocean depth flicker like fish desperate to lure attention to themselves, but all really just in awe of the massive nothing that surrounded them.

A single light flashes, a star as the dance of piano trickles down the wave of the audio system and spirals into the hues and lights as the stars themselves shine and the galaxy breathes through the Alioth's movements from entrance to runway. 

Adorned in black attire from boots, knee and elbow pads, to long tights, Starre climbed the edge of the ring and creases under the ropes to enter center stage. He ascended a turn post and stared into the abyss, hands behind his back and eyes scanned for life in the deep sea of lighters and phones and darkness beneath the dance of lights now dim above them.

As the music tapered, and the lights returned, Alioth waited in the corner, arms at rest on the ropes, and future uncertain.

Biography: Born in London, England, moved to the US in 2011 to become a Professional Wrestler. The rest is 'his-story'.

Sample RP:

Handler's First Name: NC

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