D'Nae Moore (EOYS only)
Real Name: D'Nae Moore

Height: 5' 6”

Weight: 120

Age: 26

Billed From/Hometown: Atlanta

Currently resides: New Orleans

Alignment: heel

Manager: Jeffery Alexander

Picbase: Brandi Rhodes

Wrestling Style: brawler, some technical but in a rough way

Entrance Theme: “Gimmie More” - Britney Spears


Mooregasm: jumping guillotine choke DDT – facing opponent, grabs their head in a choke while leaping onto them, grapevining legs around their waist, then throws weight backwards dropping them with a DDT (Tama Tonga's Veleno)

Signature Moves:

Straight from the A – drive by kick – Opponent sitting in the corner, she will run from the opposite corner along the ropes and put her boot to the face

Flip the Script – low flipping DDT – opponent on their knees, she runs from behind and grabs their head, flipping over with a DDT (Charlotte's Natural Selection)

Drrty South – Gory special into neckbreaker; AKA Widow's Peak (borrowed from trainer Amy Chastaine - Event Horizon)

Entrance Description:

The beat of “Gimmie More” starts and D'Nae saunters out, followed by her manager Jeffery Alexander. He grabs her hand and raises it overhead, watching while D'Nae turns and dances to the song's chorus. D'Nae completes her turn to see Jeff pointing at his cheek. D'Nae plants a kiss there, then they both start down the ramp, some dance in D'Nae's step as they go, Jeff following behind, clearly watching her shapely rear end. They get to the ring and Jeff goes up the steps then to the apron. D'Nae hops up to sit on the apron, then swings her legs up and pulls herself up with the ropes before stepping through as Jeff holds the ropes open for her. He hops down as D'Nae then stands on the bottom rope and leans over the top towards the crowd, a confident and smug smile on her face. She steps down as the music fades and leans in the corner.

In-Ring Attire: leotard that resembles a one-piece bathing suit, in various colors/designs. Usually solid colors like black, navy blue, purple, red.

Out-of-Ring Attire: very fashionable, tight pants/jeans, fashion tops, heels/pumps. Likes leather and bright colors.

Takes no crap, bitchy, quick witted and fast to talk back/get mouthy if she feels disrespected. Chip on her shoulder type.

Biography: Grew up lower middle class in Atlanta, one of 5 kids to a single mother, had to help raise the younger ones. Became very street smart and tough due to the area of the city they lived in being rough. Got into many fights in school/on the streets. Became a wrestling fan because of her oldest brother and grew up wishing she could fight like them. Once her younger siblings were either away for college or out of the house, she moved out herself, in with a friend as a roommate, taking any job she could get to make ends meet: Server, cashier, maintenance at a gym. Saved up to get into a local wrestling school that she soon learned was not run by very good wrestlers. But it was all that was available. Found out that Jeffery Alexander, one of her favorite wrestlers, was now working at Amy Chastaine's gym in New Orleans. Despite the heat between that city and Atlanta, she moved there to train at that gym. Arrived end of August 2018. Got a bartending job in the French Quarter, where tips made her pay much better than she was used to in Atlanta. Cleaned up her style quite a bit. Met Jeffrey Alexander there, started training. Once working with someone legitimate, she caught on very fast due to her street smarts and ability to think quick on her feet.
D'Nae's relationship with Jeffrey became more personal around January 2019, and then a more serious turn about six months later. The couple are currently signed with GCW, Jeff acting as D'Nae's manager while taking the occasional match himself.

D'Nae is a former GCW World Tag Team Champion, with her partner Miss America, collectively billed as MooreAmerica, on the Shotgun brand.

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