Cornelius Locke Issac Thomas

Wrestler's Alias:Cornelius Locke Issac Thomas(this changes all the time as its not his real name and he forgets his gimmick last name mid promo etc)
Wrestler's Real Name:???
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base:Jay White 
Height: 6'3
Birthdate:who knows
Birth Place: Harriston Ontario Canada
Current Residence(where hes billed from) An Alternate reality where you dont suck.

Physical Description:Jay white lean built well but with the occasional streak in his hair

Wrestling Style:Innovative Power/Technical
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel):Heel
Years Pro:72 (so he claims)
Theme Song:Black Sheep by the clash on demon head

Finishers:Ballad to Lorna Dane, Cancel Culture
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): Swinging neck breaker in that Cornelius kicks the opponents leg out and on impact with the mat he transitions into a Bridging neck vice. Sky High lift into a Rko style neck breaker
Signature Moves:Flying Eyepoke(some times done from a springboard), Stoface slam, ,Double underhook big swing, Patrick Swayze Roundhouse, Snap suplex on to the top rope and followed by a stiff kick to the head. Dick Slap DDT( The only time he will do a normal ddt and that is while the referee is distracted he slaps his opponent in the dick and hits a ddt) Murasame(Running spinning leg lariat) Ultima Bustah(Fishermans buster into a tiger bomb)
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Common Moves: Stinger splash, Palm Blow upper cut (done like how ceasaro does the european uppercut in several varations),Hot shot into the corner (almost consistently "Accidentally" over shot into the ring post), Flying twisting leg lariat, Pump handle fallaway slam,Gorrila press into oaklahoma stampede, Biting opponents ankle when they attempt to superkick him and he catches their foot, Reverse Falcon arrow, Hair pull knee to the face, Slaps to the back head, Referee distraction , Back suplex back breaker, Exploder suplex, Snap half nelson suplex, Bianca Hitting opponent  with a B-Trigger (pretty much the only move show knows now) 

Strengths:Absurdly gifted.... Very power based enjoys and abuses when he has the weight advantage manhandling opponents tossing them around like rag dolls. Very well versed in matt wrestling grappling.

Weaknesses: Insistance on originality, his ego, Overconfidence, Any contact to his dick is over sold, He sells Atomic Drops like rick Rude and this is a spot that is done in all of his matches. he is very ocd and everything must be perfect he would rather lose a good match then win a bad match

The lights in the arena suddenly go out. Over the buzzing crowd there’s the low hum of a guitar, slowly building louder. The voice of Bianca Evans is heard.

Bianca: “Ladies and gentlemen…”

The crowd boos at the sound of her voice.

Bianca: “And those who identify as giraffes…are you ready for this show to suck a whole lot less?!”

“Black Sheep” by The Clash at Demonhead suddenly kicks in, the bass thumping loudly throughout the arena. The bottom of the stage is softly lit up and strobe lights flash around to reveal just the silhouette of a man in the middle of the stage with his back turned to the ring while the music continues to build.

“Oh yeah?”

He throws one arm out.

“Oh yeah?!”

He throws his other arm out.


He flexes both arms before spinning around, but the lights and music build both cut out before he reveals himself to the crowd. The bass continues to thump.

"Hello again,
friend of a friend, 
I knew you when"

With each strike of the guitar, the stage briefly lights up, giving us glimpses of the man facing the crowd.

“Our common goal, 
was waiting for, 
the world to end”

Again, the stage lights up in rhythm with the guitar. The man strikes various poses, still obscuring his face.

“Now that the truth, 
is just a rule, 
that you can bend”

Each flicker of the lights reveal a woman walking towards the man on stage.

“You crack the whip, 
shape-shift and trick, 
the past again,
I’ll send you my love...”

The arena is fully lit up as the chorus of the song hits and we see both Cornelius Locke Issac Thomas and Bianca Evans standing in the middle of the stage. Cornelius rips open the leather jacket he’s clad in to reveal his toned abs with an arrogant smirk on his face. With great confidence, he starts to make his way down the ramp, Bianca following along with a look of annoyance as she looks out into the crowd.

Phillips: “Making his way to the ring and accompanied by Bianca Evans, hailing from An Alternate Reality Where You Don’t Suck, he is Cornelius Locke Issac Thomas!”

Cornelius stops at the steel steps and looks at the nearby fans with a look of contempt as they continue to boo him. He slowly takes off his leather jacket and hands it to Bianca without even looking at her. Bianca takes it but just drops it to the floor and walks away while Cornelius makes his way up the steps, unaware of Bianca. He steps onto the apron and through the ropes before leaning back against the ropes, testing their elasticity. He walks along the ropes to get to the corner, leaning his back against the turnbuckle as his music begins to fade.

Biography:The Second Student of Ethan Von Aaron. Brought to SCW by Von Aarons Sister Bianca as his manager. Accompanied by the first student Dirty Dawg. Cornelius is a prodigy of the meltzer seven star classic wrestling. He is known to make wrestling youtubers/writers have massive cases of premature ejaculation from watching his matches.  

Sample RP:
This is a complete rip off of a classic Cidnay turner rp...

(scene opens with Cornelius Standing in a place because reasons)

Cornelius: I am going to win this match.

Eats a sandwich...

Cornelius: That is all

sinks into Quick sand

Handler's First Name:

Writer of Dillusion, David Helms, Katelyn Buehler, Kordy and Bianca Evans

Writer of Dillusion, David Helms, Katelyn Buehler, Kordy and Bianca Evans

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