Josh Hudson vs. Alexis Quinne
Television Championship
Josh Hudson vs. Alexis Quinne
2 RP Limit for each singles matches; 2 RP limit for tag matches
Deadline: Noon ET Tuesday, September 18, 2018
[Image: wk3BgLS.jpeg][Image: mFro5V6.jpg]
OOC: Proud of this subpar piece of garbage. I've wanted this rematch for awhile and hopefully this will give you a run for your money, Drew. To those of you who read this, I hope you enjoy. I am proud of the end result. And good luck Drew, though I'm sure you won't need it.

Killing It
[Image: HUDSONnew-BANNER.jpg]
Josh Hudson Career Accomplishments
2024 Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2023 Feud and Match of the Year
2022 Feud and Match of the Year
2018 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
2013 SCW Hall of Fame
SCW World Heavyweight Champion(3x)
SCW United States Champion(3x)
SCW Television Champion(1x)
SCW Tag Team Champion(2x)
2008 Tag Team of the Year award(Josh Hudson & Justin Davis)
Conquered Tactical Warfare 2010
HCCW World Heavyweight Champion (4x)
HCCW World Television Champion (1x)
HCCW United States Champion (1x)
XWE InterContinental Champion (1x)
XWE World Tag Team Champion (3x)
IWC World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
EAPW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
TNW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
WWA United States Champion(1x)
Ended Xander Valentine's 25 Match Winning Streak (2005)

[Image: REEDnew-BANNER.jpg]
Scott Reed Career Accomplishments
SCW Television Champion(2x)

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