New Roleplaying Rules
As noted, here are the new roleplay rules SCW will be running with when it returns from its hiatus. Please note the differences between weekly shows and PPVs and also the note for CERTAIN title matches (World, US, Adrenaline & Tag Team). Television Championship matches will be contested under normal weekly show roleplaying rules given what it represents.
After giving it some thought and taking into account the comments and feedback that have been shared publicly, but also privately with me, I have elected the following is appropriate and will allow a reasonable transition, while also serving the purpose of being a suitable word limit to allow handlers to write the stories they’d like and also write good promos.
For weekly television shows, the roleplay limit will be as follows:
2 RP Limit (Adjusted appropriately – 4 RP for tag; 6 RP for six-person tag, etc.)
3500 word limit for EACH roleplay 
Only one roleplay can be posted in the 24 hours before deadline
I’ve set this in this way for a purpose. 3500 words is plenty for most people. I find Breakdowns tend to be the shows many people who write longer overwrite. But if handlers wish to have the extra space, they are now encouraged to split up their roleplays and post earlier. I think by positioning the roleplay word count here, it allows plenty of room if handlers want to do more, but also I think it will encourage people to really focus on what’s necessary.
Roleplays that go over the word count will be disqualified (Word count will be determined by Microsoft Word). By “going over,” I don’t mean 10 words. I don’t want to start nickel and diming people here. But anything over 100 words will be considered “over.”
The SCW Television Championship will also be competed under these rules REGARDLESS of when it is defended.
For Title Matches (not including Television Championship) and for PPV matches, there will be NO word limit. This, as I mentioned earlier, allows pay per views to have the feeling of being more important and handlers can write freely. For those concerned, recall that there are no longer any weekly shows in the week before the ppv, so handlers would have a full week to focus only on the pay per view.
Other rules:
2 RP Limit
Only one roleplay can be posted in the 24 hours before deadline
My hope is that this will serve three purposes:
1) Make the week to week roleplaying less onerous. I know many people love to dive into their stories, but I’ve noticed people pushing themselves harder and even burning out. The fact is that while this may seem like a significant change, I do think it will be one for the better, both by refocusing one’s efforts, but also by forcing writers to write more effectively and efficiently for Breakdowns.
2) Saves time on judging; as much as I like the fact that no limits often leads to more unforced errors, judging Breakdown is a significant time commitment. This allows me to in turn get match winners out faster, be in a better position to ask people for help if I need a second opinion, and in turn, spend more time on getting shows out in a timely manner.
3) Hopefully draws in some new faces and leads to more experimentation. The majority of those who enjoy this hobby are older. We don’t have the time we once did. I hope that leads to more people joining SCW which will revitalize the roster with fresh angles and matches. I hope it also leads to those already here feeling refreshed by being able to spend less time writing and more time enjoying the shows, the community and the like. And finally, I hope that it removes some of the stress that can come from needing to feel you need to write a certain style. I hope it leads to more experimentation and in turn, just more options.

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