Ace Marshall
Segment Attire: A black Brunello Cucinelli suit, black dress shirt underneath the jack with a frown or a smirk. Black Christian Louboutin dress shoes.

Ring Attire: Traditional black trunks with boots and pads and gloves with the fingers cut off halfway. Nothing particularly fancy.

Wrestler's AliasAce Marshall
Wrestler's Real NameAce Marshall?
Pic BaseJensen Ackle
Weight234 pounds
BirthdateMay 1st, 1987
Birth PlaceInside of Mary Marshall's stomach(Houston, Texas)
Current ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada

Physical DescriptionHe looks like Jensen fucking Ackles.

Wrestling StyleA blend of powerhouse/technical/striker. An absolute cheater who will play games in the ring. While he would climb the ropes before he stopped that recently, playing more on the mat.

Years ProFourteen

- One Eye'd Royal
Description - Busaiku Knee Attack

- Aces Wild
Description: Lightning Spiral

Signature Moves:
- Blockbuster - Can be on the ground, can be from the corner
- Deadman Neckbreaker - Hangman neckbreaker
- El Paso Special
- Straight to DVD - Death Valley Driver onto a knee
- Olympic slam(Think more Takashi Sugiura, less Kurt Angle)
- Stungun - If unfamiliar, it's essentially snake eyes, can be from in the ring, at the corner or outside the ring
- Texas Cloverleaf
- Tilt a whirl back breaker

Common Moves:
Abdomenal stretch w/ fists to the midsection with his free hand
-Airplane spin, until both he and his opponent are disoriented followed through with a whirly bird
-A gleeful boot rake across the face
*Anything with double hook in the name is fair. He loves hooking those arms
-Avalanche brainbuster
-Canadian Backbreaker Drop
-Casadora roll up
-Catching his opponent coming up with their back to him he will drop them head first with a high angle back suplex
-Catching his opponent going for a crossbody he will perform a tilt-a-whirl slam
-Catching his opponent going for a kick of some sort he will drop them with a dragon screw before falling back into the rope and connecting with a blockbuster neckbreaker
-Catching his opponent in any way that allows him to simply plant and fall on them while covering them for a pin
-Counter O'Connor
-Cradle backbreaker
-Discuss bitchslap
-Double arm backbreaker
-Double arm DDT
-Double arm suplex
-Double brainbuster
-Double chicken wing pin
-Electric Chair Drop
-Enziguiri to the back of the head
-European uppercut
-Exploder suplex
-Folding powerbomb
-Half nelson cradle pin
-Headlock takedown followed with fists to the back of the head
-Heel stomps to fingers, hands, ankles, back of the head to people on the ground
-Hooking armdrag
-Jumping back elbow to the face
-Kitchen sink
-Leg sweep w/ a running low dropkick to the face of a downed opponent
-Manhattan drop
-Northern Lights Suplex w/ bridge
-Pump handle backbreaker
-Roll through of an opponent followed up with a low dropkick to send them face first into the mat
-Running knee strike to the face of an opponent in the corner
-Running fireman's carry into the turnbuckle
-Saito suplex
-Shoulder breaker
-Snap DDT, set up with a quick kick to the kneecap causing the opponent to stumble forward
-Slingshot armdrag
-Spinning overhead suplex
-Swinging neckbreaker
-T-Bone Suplex
-Tabletop suplex
-Turnbuckle powerbomb

StrengthsHe's pretty strong, hard hitting. He's fast and has good reflexes. He knows when to pick his spots. He doesn't give a fuck about playing fair. He's bigger than most on the roster, making it pretty easy to outpower most.

Weaknesses: He doesn't have eyes on the back of his head.

Theme Song"Adrenalize" by In This Moment ---->Click Me! <----


An emergency siren begins to go off, as a black and grey WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT appears on the screen.


Pyro goes off on the stage.


The crowd roars as "Adrenalize" begins to play throughout the arena. Blue and green strobe lights begin spinning over the arena. The crowd mostly cheers while there are also boos mixed in as
 Ace Marshall steps out on stage with Sophie James beside him. He raises his arms up at the top of the stage, before casually strolling down the ramp. Sophie throws back the hood she is wearing and makes a gesture as if she is shooting one of the fans in the audience.

Phillips: "Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Sophie James, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, ACE MAAARSHALL!"

Ace slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Sophie walks over to the other side of the ring while smirking as Ace quickly walks over to the corner where she is before standing on the second turnbuckle. He throws his arms up once more for the crowd. Dropping down he casually leans back comfortably into the corner, smiling across the ring.

Championships Held:
-1x Chimera Tag Team Champion(with Victor Mason)
-1x CNG Tag Team Champion(As Comatose, with Alexsandra Moxley)
-4x SCW Tag Team Champion(2x with Autumn Valentine)(1x with Selena Frost)(1x with Ravyn Taylor)
-2x SCW Television Champion
-3x SCW World Champion

-Screwed Greg Cherry out of a shot at the World Championship
-Screwed Jason Wheeler out of the World Championship
-Won Tactical Warfare(April 26, 2009, Out of Control)
-Had sexual intercourse with Porno Lad's mother
-Survived Derek Adonis' musk
-Was sexually molested by Dylan Howell
-Taught Chef Cummings how to cook
-Won the largest EOTYS Battle Royale ever
-Celebrated like a God-King with Sienna Swann
-Participated in Kennedy's great return
-Went totally hardcore with Chef's head
-Wore Keenie's outfit better than Keenie
-Seriously, being way sexier than Keenie
-Brought Team 5 to the second round beyond all odds
-Had a wet t-shirt contest with Keenie and Alana
-Screwed Keenie
-Screwed Eli D'Angelo out of the Television Championship
-Survived an assault with a Bible
-Was sexually molested by Vixen Cain
-Rescued Keenie from The Red Bitch(R.I.P Ethan Von Aaron)
-Kept Keenie alive long enough to escape Japan(R.I.P Maximillian)
-Provided Rachel Foxx with her most prized possession
-Tasted Rachel Foxx's vibrator
-Won the World Championship
-Dumped Keenie on live television
-Main Evented Rise to Greatness
-Died at Rise to Greatness
-Announced the engagement for the wedding of the century with Cassidy Carter
-Had the most personal feud in all of wrestling with Ravyn Taylor. Was very serious
-Pissed off Regan Street
-Introduced the world to Syren, The Tiger
-Pissed off Regan Street again
-Won Gauntlet For Gold
-Had Regan Street referee his World Championship match
-Introduced Damian, the Doberman
-Really pissed off Regan Street
-Had fiancé cuntnapped
-Brought in the greatest tag partner ever
-Married Cassidy Carter
-Had worst wedding ever
-Had greatest wedding ever
-Was a deputy
-Drove off with a winner, third time fully nude on SCW programming
-Won the 2017 Trios Tournament w/ Jake Starr and Gable Winchester
-Won the 2017 Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royale at #5, in Ravyn's panties
-Became a two time World Champion at Rise To Greatness 2017
-Became a three time World Champion a month later!
-Hosted the largest and sexiest match ever
-Waged war with the Wonderland
-Won the 2020 Trios Tournament w/ David Helms and Glory Braddock
-Won the SCW Tag Team Championship with the love of his life, Autumn Valentine
-Won the 2021 Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royale at #13, not in Ravyn's panties
-Won the Tag Team straps with the love of his life, Autumn Valentine, again, IN THE THUNDERDOME
-Came in fourth in Kim's random ass cash in, becoming the Tag Team Champion with his new love, SELENA FROST <3 <3 <3 I BELIEVE 2023!!!
-Traded Selena in for a very bad, bad girl

2009 Stable of the Year: Greaternity
2009 Match of the Year: Tactical Warfare - Greaternity vs Infection vs Team SCW
2016 Man of the Year
2016 Match of the Year: James Evans vs Ace Marshall
2016 Feud of the Year w/ Regan Street
2017 Man of the Year
2017 Stable of the Year
2017 Feud of the Year w/ Giovanni Aries
[Image: Ace-Marshall-smoking-1.png]
Changed his theme back, edited the entrance to go with what was deemed a logical reception from fans and greatly shifted his moveset/style. No more fancy aerials, my boy is grounded. If you can't tell, his move set was greatly inspired by Eddie Guerrero minus the aerials. Kept his base kit and completed it, making Ace a more dynamic competitor. Eddie was a favorite but he also fits the mantra Ace loves too. He lies, he cheats and he steals.
[Image: Ace-Marshall-smoking-1.png]

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