Ace Sky
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Wrestler's Alias:  Ace Sky
Wrestler's Real Name: Ace Ian Rabinovitch
Twitter Handle (if applicable): n/a
Pic Base:Matt Sydal
Weight: 165 lbs( lightest)

     185 lbs( heaviest)
Birth Place:Houston, Texas
Current Residence:Houston, Texas

Physical Description:Matt Sydal( current 2022)

Wrestling Style:  Ace’s style is a Dynamic Super  Junior/Lucharesu. Pro wrestling( Mexican- Lucha Libre, Japanese-puroresu and lucharesu, amateur wrestling- Greco Roman

martial arts- Taekwondo, Brazillian Jiu Jitzu, Capoeira and Budokon Mixed Martial Arts( Yoga- martial arts /MMA combo )
real life wrestlers  that share the same exact style as him- Matt Sydal, Pac/Neville, Jonathan Gresham, TJ Perkins, Matt Riddle, Rob Van Dam, Ultimo Dragon, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Masato Yoshino, Ricochet, CIMA, , Low Ki, Tajiri, Tyson Kidd, PJ Black/Justin Gabriel, Alex Shelley. To explain it simply it is three styles-technical/pure wrestling, martial arts/striking and highflying.

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel):
 Ace Sky is a fan favorite. He is renowned for his work and he has succeeded in his main goal that he has earned the respect of his peers and the legends/veterans who influenced him as a child. Realistically he gets along with some faces, some heels and some tweeners but not everyone just because they are babyface. The only heels Ace really doesn't get along with are ones who are truy evil not just cocky. In recent times due to becoming spiritually reborn he now mixes that message in to spread it and that can be viewed as annoying to others, even faces.  Fan reaction wise, he is a fan favorite especially among the IWC/ smart mark types, especially if they are fans of super junior/cruiserweight style wrestling.

Years Pro: 24 years pro
Theme Song:Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project

Finishers: Galaxy Leap- an impeccable diving shooting star press complete with a tuck in mid-air

able to land on feet if opponent evades and can execute a single leg version

Psychedelic Spiral: Lightning Spiral, modified swinging fisherman innovated and popularized by Masato Yoshino, later adopted by Paige as the Paige Turner and Matt Sydal{ who is close friends with Yoshino)

Namaste Lock- Muta Lock preceded by clasping hands together and shouting Namaste while bridging into it and while applying it

Desperation Finisher: Epic Ejection- super(avalanche) belly to belly moonsault slam( Matt Sydal's Cyclorama)  
Signature Moves:Super Nova Slice

             Helium Hop
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

Dragon Sleeper( reverse facelock) + split leg drop, innovated by Matt Sydal as the Slice, later adopted by Melina as the Sunset Split/ Primal Scream
EOL( End Of Life)- back to back double underhook pile driver, The Hurricane’s Vetabreaker
·        Helium Hop- jumping no hands super frankensteiner
Common Moves:

various pins-
Imbalance II ( enzu Kneeling double pumphandle wheelbarrow driver)

single arm modified bridge schoolboy

cradle back to belly pile driver

jack-knife bridge

kneeling preceded by a knee drop
leg drop seated pin

wheelbarrow-victory roll

backslide pin( preceded by a tigerspin, sometimes)


crucifix-sunset flip/ sunset flip powerbomb

various submissions:

sunset flip power bomb-headscissors crucificix+ seated octopus stretch +abdominal stretch( Naomi uses this as Feel The Glow)

boston crab

half boston crab

romero surfboard stretch


triangle choke( headscissors- cross armbar)

standing-flying cross armbreaker

various hammerlock, wristlock and arm lock variants

various knee and leg breakers

Boston crab

half boston crab

modified boston crab + backbreaker surfboard + camel clutch submission

surfboard backbreaker stretch( double knee)

Cobra Stretch

miscellaneous hurricanrana , headscissors takedown and frankensteiner variations

miscellaneous arm drag, arm wringer takedown and hip toss variations

drop toe hold + running/ irish whip rebound baseball slide basement dropkick combo

amateur/catch wrestling style maneuvers:

rolling rear waistlock takedown

kneeling fireman's carry takedown

front facelock/ rolling front facelock

headlock takedown + seated headlock


various kicks-

roundhouse and round kicks

jumping knee strike

rolling solebutt savate

enzuigiri and shining wizard variations

leg lariat and gamengiri variations

flying rolling wheel/spinning heel kick

flying calf kick

Northern Lights Suplex
German Suplex
half nelson pumphandle driver
northern lights driver/brainbuster
tilt a whirl inverted sidewalk slam
bridging fisherman suplex
sunset flip powerbomb

opponent grounded face up-
Standing tuck moonsault
standing corkscrew-senton bomb
jumping double foot stomp to stomach or chest
jumping cannonball theatric + leg drop
opponent grounded face down/prone:
jumping double foot stomp to back or ar,
knee and leg breakers

Aerial moves:
Spaceman Plancha suicide dive
diving cross body to standing opponent( outside of ring)
spinning heel kick( top or middle turnbuckle rope)

second/middle turnbuckle:
cross body to opponent's back
moonsault tornado DDT


catch wrestling/ chain wrestling wizard
striking/martial arts hand to hand combat
Flexibility( helps with both taking submissions , executing submissions and of course aerials/cruiserweight style wrestling)
Cardio- which helps with energy and durability/resilience

Weaknessess- size will always be an issue as much as it is also an advantage.

High risk high reward offense- There are two types of highflying, the graceful cruiserweight/super junior( Sydal, Ricochet, Pac, RVD) and the more backyard-carefree style-New Jack,Jeff Hardy, Darby Allin . Ace does the former, despite this there is still equal high risk and low reward
Prone to injury more- Ace is 39 years old, he has been wrestling for 29 years in total counting his backyard wrestling experience and 24 years as a pro, 18 years internationally/globally and 15 years at the top elite television wrestling level so he lives with the effects of that as all wrestlers do.

if an opponent is a babyface, he can be too nice. His lack of a mean streak can be detrimental, this has improved a bit with his spiritual rebirth but he still has it, where his lack of a mean streak really bites him on the ass.

a rocket drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and there is a countdown voice over from 5 which fans count down to the pod door opens Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides then he dashes forward leaps upon the apron and flings himself in with a front flip followed by a series of three front handsprings and a rolling savate kick.


Born on March 16 1983 Ace Ian Rabinovitch is a Texan Jewish American. His name is very fitting as he was a child prodigy, he has an IQ of 190 and despite being undersized he also has athletic acumen. His two dreams have been to be an astronaut and be a wrestler the later working out. In 1987 he began doing gymnastics and playing soccer. In 1988 he began doing martial arts specifically taekwondo and amateur wrestling in 1989, he became a black belt at 10 years old in 1993 and began backyard wrestling and became a local star. At 13 he used his Bar Mitzvah money to pay for his starting tuition to begin his training in pro wrestling at Texas Fight Zone wrestling school. In 1994 he graduated high school and began studying astronomy at University of Texas in Austin Texas while there he was an assistant professor but he got let go and dropped out in 1999 when he was caught selling marijuana and magic mushrooms to students.

On his 15th birthday he impressed the very strict state athletic commission to license him as a pro wrestler three years under the legal age due to his aptitude and 13 days later on March 29 1998 he made his official pro debut. He began wrestling internationally in 2004 at 21 years old and wrestled in japan for 3 years before becoming a mainstream star. In 2012 he embarked on a spiritual journey going to an ayasaucha retreat in Peru, this has helped him tremendously since he dealt with confidence issues his entire career. Since 2010 he has become involved in surfing and yoga, adding the later to his in ring work to enhance his already wizardly submission game

Sample RP (optional):


     Ace’s first time in Vegas was four years into his career, ironically around this same time of the year.   He just turned 19 a few weeks before and he had to pay for the 300 dollar flight himself which was pretty much everything he had earned at that time but he was going to compete on a tour of 3 shows for 50 bucks and he had his first t shirt, a white t shirt with neon green trim and a purple figure of a man doing a shooting star press with the words “ Get ready for takeoff!” on the back.

His first night, Saturday he couldn’t gamble, he fantasized about using his genius Rainnman style in exchange for weed but Siegfried and Roy, as well as one of his favorite movies being available to rent at the hotel Karate Kid was enough to keep him entertained, plus the later gave him some good ideas, he used a crane kick during his matches, the movie had been a classic for 18 years and it worked well.

May 5th 2002, Sunday 3 pm, Global Adrenaline Federation, opening match

He arrived at his first show , things that day were very optimistic which is so much better when you are traveling

relaxation is  key even if you are being productive. They had his entrance music available which was Green

Day’s “ When I’m Come Around”. He had his white trim teal tights, wrist tape and white and teal boots.

 The one negative was the show was held outside at a state fair, very hot day. The ring was scalding, the ropes are going to be sweaty and oily from the other wrestlers. Always a caveat to whatever you do in life. Ace bounced around the ring waiting for his opponent, his opponent is truly fitting , he goes by the ring name the Nevada Ninja

He has a blue gi with a blue mask and city of Las Vegas Nevada flag emblem on the lapel and grey boots.

He’s 6 ft, 190 pounds only 30 pounds heavier than Ace. He gets billed at 200 pounds. He came out to Immortal by Adema for his entrance theme.

He walked up the steel steps, extended his hand palm outward with the fist of his other hand grinded against it as he bows and hops into the ring. Ace got in a south paw stance. The bell rung and the Nevada Ninja came straight after him with comical karate chopping strike attempts that Ace blocked each with his forearms , he ducked and he caught a front gut kick attempt he pushed the leg up and the Nevada Ninja saved himself with an impressive backflip landing on his feet which fans went nuts for loving the ninja gimmick only for Ace to take advantage with the smooth flying spinning heel kick to the face taking The Nevada Ninja down flat on his back on the hot sizzling ring, his gi is protecting him a bit from the surface.

Ace takes mind of that , the Ninja was supine  which is the worst place to be around Ace. Ace followed up with a standing moonsault with a tuck of the shins in mid air following up with a standing corkscrew shooting star press and finishing off the trio of attacks with a front flip leg drop allow it seems to the fans who pop louder each move that he landed on his throat, he actually landed mercifully on his sternum , still sitting with a leg drop type pin, free hands, pretty cocky. With his legs free the Ninja is able to kick out just after a one count.

Ace keeps on him, setting him up with a habitual wrestling school learned front kick to the gut of his own , maneuvering him to the corner turnbuckle . Ace went to chop him but stopped himself .  He played to the crowd pulling the gi jacket open over and wailing on him like a veteran to a disrespectful rookie with a couple knife edge chops to the chest. He finished off with the third strike being an open hand overhand chop to the chest.

Ace attempted to lift The Ninja up to a seated position on the turnbuckle but the Ninja was able to fend off that off with a double arm axe handle to the nape , he grabbed Ace hoisting him up in position executing a sick super sit out powerbomb !!!!Ace hitting the heated canvas was not fun. He rolled over and writhed yelping in agony.


Ninja laughed at his pain and he tells the ref to look out behind him, as the ref obliges as he is not the Nevada’s finest independent wrestling official and is distracted , Ninja hit a low blow kick on Ace. Ace jumped around holding his crotch as fans react in a three stooges funny way to it. Ace humiliated, the ref turned back with his attention, he has no way to get revenge it seems,  he retreats the ropes he beckoned the Ninja who goes after him with a big boot , Ace evaded causing the Ninja to low blow himself racking himself with the top ring rope apron crotching himself.

Ace laughed and pointed at him getting fans to laugh at him too , as he rose still hunched over , Ace got in the crane kick position which the fans recognized and he nailed it perfectly. Ace followed through with a nifty somersault-jack knife bridge pin for the 1-2-3.

He got paid 40, sold ten of his 10-dollar t shirts, had to give people the heads up not to pat him on the back given that he may be sun burned. He headed back to his hotel and spent the rest of his night watching The Simpsons , King of The Hill and one of his current favorites he relates to a lot Malcom In The Middle.

May 6th 2002, Rainbow Family Park  4 pm, Las Vegas Luchadores ,opening match:

Ace was very excited for this match because it was against his greatest rival he met at his first promotion he trained at Locuro( Delirious picbase). Locuro instantly attack with a lou thesz press and attempting to bite his face, Ace managed to reverse rolling into seated mounted position with mounted punches until Locuro followed with a monkey flip attempt flinging Ace with a front flip but Ace managed to stick the landing and retreated to the corner turnbuckle in front of him.

Ace boosted himself up and dive off with a cross body attempt that Locuro caught him in a front slam next attempting to turn it into a basic body slam from that position but Ace was able to slither his way and drop down behind him with the Dragon sleeper hold

                    Ace: Super Nova SLICE!!!!


 He followed up with the split leg drop across the throat and hooks one leg backward in a presumptuous pin attempt that only got a one count.

He smacked the canvas in frustration, followed up with two arm drags and basic but beautiful standing dropkick sending his nemesis out of the ring to ring side. He followed that up with a baseball slide-headscissors attempt only for Locuro to powerbomb him onto the steel barricade guard rail! Ace screamed in pain, favoring his back frantically as he was tossed back into the ring .

Ace still favoring his back was able to hit the Crane Kick again on Locuro, he fell on his back only to rise up instantly with an impressive kip up followed up with the front headstand- front handspring for a pop from the fans. He gestured to the turnbuckle as his nemesis was supine. Ace went for the shooting star press only for Locuro to evade rolling out of the way behind him, Ace landed on his feet impressively unfortunately Locoru capitalized with a tilt a whirl-double knee backstabber for the pin and the win.

May 7th  Carnage Casino Corporation, Battle Royal:

This was stand out night for Ace , using his martial arts background, he came out first to Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World. It was like 10 different matches. First one,  took two arm drags, a dropkick knocking the opponent against the ropes and a rana eliminating them and skinning the cat back into the ring. The next was a much bigger opponent, a super heavyweight, he was flipped inside out with lariats and big boots but he escaped a gorilla press that would eliminate him, he mustered up all his power as he crouched down and got them on his shoulders in an Alley-Oop facebuster elimination out of the ring.  The next one was the Nevada Ninja! Ace charged at him with a ma lariat mustering up all his strength to do so. They were not happy and dragged him under the rope out of the ring, they tossed him up against the barricade and DDT’d him on ring side floor. Suddenly Locuro appeared as the next entrant, he began fighting off the Nevada Ninja ! He punched him in the gut twice, bit his neck which caused him to flee afterwards.   Locuro and Ace teamed up separately eliminating the rest of the entrants until it was down to just them again. The climax of their battle had them end up both on the ring apron ledge, trading kicks trying to knock each other off, Ace avoiding a suplex or brainbuster attempt frantically.

Ace put his arm out and did his best to communicate to Locuro that they should both give each other the chance to get back into the ring. It works and they both do.

Ace shakes his hand and then throws him out of the ring for the elimination. Ace couldn’t even celebrate because Locuro crazed as ever came back after him and chased him to the backstage area.










Handler's First Name:Richard

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