Agostino Romano (Ducky's Birthday Bash match only)

Wrestler's Alias: Agostino Romano

Wrestler's Real Name: Agostino Romano

Pic Base: Valentino Rossi 

Height: 5.9

Weight: 215

Birth Place: Milan, Italy

Current Residence: Milan, Italy and Cleveland, Ohio

Physical Description: He'll wear some fancy green and yellow wrestling trousers with green and yellow elbow pads and green and yellow boots modified for wrestling.

Wrestling Style: Brawler/high flyer

Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face

Years Pro: 3 years

Theme Song: Fragments Of Insanity by Necrodeath


1. Finishing line (Snapmare Neckbreaker)

2. The Corner Entry (Figure Four Leglock)

Signature Moves:

1. Double leg flapjack

2. Racers crash (Double Knee Facebreaker)

Common Moves:

Monkey flip



Headscissors armbar



Frog splash

Reverse frankensteiner

Moonsault leg drop

Shooting star DDT


Diamond Cutter


Elevated gutbuster


Shooting Star Press




Moonsault to the outside

Strengths: He has often caught wrestlers off guard because of throwing off their game plan. He's also a fun guy that never pisses off anyone in the ring.

Weaknesses: Never takes wins and losses seriously, aka lack of hunger.

Entrance: Fragments Of Insanity by Necrodeath plays over the sounds system as Agostino Romano comes out from the curtain, wearing green and yellow wrestling trousers with green and yellow elbow pads and green and yellow boots, having his fists in the air.

Justin: "From Milan, Italy, he is Agostino Romano!"

Agostino does high fives to the crowd before seeing a kid in the front row which he pulls funny faces at along with giving them a hat from his Global Bike Championship days. He then goes inside of the ring and waves at the fans with the crowd cheering for him before Agostino waits for his opponent to come out to the ring.

Biography: Who says you have to be good looking as a wrestler? Because Agostino feels too many wrestlers these days are all pretty boys focusing on how good they look, but he wants to change that and wants to be the most charismatic wrestler the world's seen. He's already known from his motorcycling career in a global championship before he retired as he's won so many championship titles in the sport that nobody could beat him. He has a bit of arrogance in him, but at the same time loved because of his personality of making his fans laugh and being crazy with his former helmet designs and merchandise that makes him who he is.

He also aims to bring motorbike racing fans into wrestling as well as Agostino feels that motorbike racing fans and wrestling fans have a lot in common and feels they should connect. Now he's coming to SupremeCW to do this one off Ducky Birthday Bash match to do what he wants to do that he can't do in SinCW, being a wrestler for the company with fun and activities Agostino intends to do.

Handler's First Name: Fizz
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