Sarah Wolf, Syren & Bree Lancaster vs. Cassie Wolfe, Deanna Frost & Jamison Logan
Trios Tournament 2022 Quarterfinals

2 RP per character in Trios Tournament (6 RP max per team)

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET THURSDAY, December 15, 2022 (NOTE DEADLINE DATE)
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
Cassie’s winning ways continued after her win over Magical Cosmic Princess YUYU picking up a surprise win over Chance Owen at the following Breakdown and winning her first two titles within days of each other and in different promotions! However the teenager still wasn’t done in Supreme Championship Wrestling as she was taking part in the Trios Tournament! Her first-round match saw the Aussie Prodigy teaming with Jamison Logan and Deanna Frost to take on Sarah Wolf, Syren and Bree Lancaster! Can the young upstart go three for three?

Hyde Park, London, England
Thursday the 15th of December 2022, 11:00am

Sign up with an English promotion I said, it’ll be fun I said, I’ve never been to England I said.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved my time in Modern Pro Wrestling, the Londoners I’ve chatted with have all been friendly aside from that one preacher who I roasted so hard that I left him burnt to a crisp, and, off course, that was the promotion where I won my first ever singles title in the form of their TV Title.

So what’s the downside exactly? Well, what’s the one thing you always hear about England? No, not the teeth thing, honestly everyone I met had decent looking teeth (at least from what I could tell) so that stereotype was bullshit anyway! It’s British weather and this past week it decided to have a white Christmas a week early!

Look, I know it’s December and all but if you know one thing about my home country of Australia, it’s probably the fact that our summer and winter months are completely flipped on their heads, we don’t get snow at Christmas in Australia because the latter half of the year is usually bikini season for us Aussie chicks!

Granted, I’ve lived in America for over a year now so it’s not like I haven’t had time to adjust to how the rest of the world handles the second half of the year but this is also my first time experiencing this much fucking snow! Same goes with Becky really, she might be from Darwin which is in Northern Australia (remember, I’m from South Australia) but she still gets the same weather as me and Krystal.

Zoey, being American, at least had the sense to pack warm clothes, I literally had to have my mom fly in weather appropriate clothes and no, I’m not kidding! I basically had to sell it to my mom as my early Christmas gift too her because she’s never been to London.

Needless to say? Next December I’ll be better prepared!

”British weather knows that Christmas is next week, right?” I asked Becky and Zoey as we walked through Hyde Park, apparently this place hosts music festivals during the summertime but we’re checking it out so we can go sight seeing before we head back to Vegas. ”Because “I’m dreaming of a white week before Christmas” doesn’t have the same ring too it!”

”You’re the one who decided to join a promotion based in England Cass.” Becky responded as she shook her head and I grinned sheepishly, as I said we were all dressed for the cold weather and pretty much the only time I was wearing a crop top during this trip was when I was working the Modern Pro Wrestling show which is in an air-conditioned building and I need an outfit that allows for freedom of movement anyway since, you know, highflyer and all! ”And in November for that matter! Though it did allow you to win your first singles title!”

”Let’s just hope the snow clears up by the time we next make a trip to England!”[/font] Zoey nodded in agreement before the biracial girl got an idea. ”I know Australia has different December weather to most of the world but have you girls ever had a snowball fight?”[/font]

”Me? Not since my family moved to Vegas!”[/font] I responded as I shook my head not noticing that Zoey was gathering up snow to make into a snowball. ”Can’t speak for Becky though……..”[/font] The next thing I knew? I took a snowball to the face! With my mouth open, meaning that some bits of snow got in my mouth! After wiping the snow from my face and spitting out the snow that had ended up in my mouth I turned to my girlfriends who were trying not to laugh at the look on my face. ”Just to get the obvious joke out of the way, not the first time I’ve taken a ball to the face or had my face covered in white stuff, some of which ended up in my mouth!”[/font]

”You said it, not me Cass!” Zoey responded with a laugh before she started juggling another snowball in one hand. ”Real question is, are you going to take that lying down?!”

”Do I look like Chelsea Skye in a vid with Taurus? Don’t answer that!”[/font] I responded before I gathered up a snowball and threw it at Zoey which she barely dodged before returning fire, all the while Becky was trying to play peacekeeper because we did have a flight back to Vegas to catch!

That lasted five minutes before she got hit by a stray snowball from me. ”Okay, it’s on now!” Becky declared once she wiped the snow away from her face and me and Zoey shared a grin. ”Let’s make it interesting, first to give up has to buy the winners dinner at Wendy’s when we get back to Vegas!”

”Deal!” I responded before I threw a snowball at Becky and the mock war waged on for about five minutes before I got bored and declared them the winners, besides, we did have a plane to catch!

Cassie’s home, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 15th of December 2022, 17:00pm

*promo time*

Thank you Kayfabe Airlines for getting me and the girls home from England so fast!

”I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I’ve been pretty fucking successful during my rookie year, how many other nineteen-year-old rookies can say that they won their first two titles within days of each other?” I asked as I held up my two titles. ”But here’s the thing Supreme Championship Wrestling, I’ve had a taste of gold and I want more! And as far as I see t? this Trios Tournament is my key to getting that gold!”


”I mean yeah, me, Jamison and Deanna have to get past our first-round opponents in Sarah “don’t call me Cassie” Wolf, Syren and Bree Lancaster but after my title success and back-to-back wins here in Supreme Championship Wrestling? I’m on a high right now and for once it has nothing to do with weed!” I said with a massive grin on my face before setting aside my titles. ”So yeah, with the year winding down, I’m out to make my first full year as a wrestler an epic one and not just because I’m turning twenty next July, trust me, my twenty first birthday celebrations that year after will be even more epic! Where was I again? Oh right, how I’m going to win this match with my partners!” I added as I picked up the Full Force Pro Women’s Tag Team Title. ”And this is my secret weapon!”

I should clarify before someone gets the wrong idea!

”No I’m not going to use my titles as weapons! I may be a Rebel Princess but I don’t cheat, period!” I clarified before resting the title over my shoulder. ”You see folks, this title is the Full Force Pro Women’s Tag Team Titles, winning women’s tag titles, or any tag titles for that matter, requires you to be a team player, something I demonstrated when I ignored a certain idiot’s attempts at driving a wedge between me and my partner in crime Blaze Darling but I digress! I know what it takes to succeed as a team, something my three opponents will soon find out!”

It's that simple.

”Look, the long and short of it is that I want to be showered in gold, I want to have my weight in gold, hell I want a golden shower!” I immediately facepalmed the moment that last bit left my mouth. ”I’m a porn addict and that still slipped past my brain! I just know Keira’s never gonna let me live that down! Point is, I want more gold and I want it now, Sarah, Syren and Bree won’t be my only obstacles in this tournament but they will be the first of many!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up!

”The Rebel Princess is on one hall of a role and that role is not stopping anytime soon! Because I want my first full year as a wrestler to be so epic that it blows the minds of everyone who ever doubted me!” I said as I held up my two titles again. ”And in this Manage A Trois alongside Jamison and Logan against Bree, Syren and Sarah? The hits are just gonna keep coming! Remember kids, in a world of fake queens be a Rebel Princess whilst I show my first-round opponents how I’m Hungry like the Wolfe!”

I headed downstairs for dinner as the scene fades.
OOC: Intended to do 2, a minor mishap with my eye ruined that (it's fine now!). So here's what I got. Good luck everyone!

Breakdown 12-15-22
[Image: Bree2022.png]

SCW: 87 - 48 - 8 || Career 97 - 60 - 9
SCW Television Champion
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion
2X SCW World Champion
3X SCW United States Champion
2X SCW Tag Team Champion

(1X W/ Blake Mason; 1X W/ Scott Burnside Andrew Raynes)
1X SCW Women's Champion
Supreme Champion
2020 Female of the Year
2016 Star of Tomorrow
Only 2X VWA Evolution Champion

~~ Amy Chastaine ~~
SCW: 63 - 30 - 6 || Career: 120 - 75 - 15

1X SCW Tag Team Champion - W/ Kennedy Street [B.A.E.]
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion | 1X SCW United States Champion
1X SCW Television Champion | 1X SCW World Champion
SCW Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Supreme Champion * First Female * Fastest Time
2017 Female of the Year | 2017 Shot of Adrenaline Winner
2015 Star of Tomorrow | 2015 Rookie of the Year
Final VWA World Champion

Total (All Characters):
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The Syren Song: Verse 358
“I said is that I needed someone different, not someone INSANE”
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Feb 28th

It was probably the best birthday present he could have given himself, an opportunity to actually go and do something with his life that he may not have gotten otherwise. It was a chance to do something different, to actually go and be able to do something that was out of left field just a few months ago now has the opportunity to become something even bigger. After having discussions with Amy and his mother, he had decided to accept the offer to go to New Orleans and train at the Blackout Academy run by Amy Chastaine. He wasn't even close to being a wrestler but the work that he put into trying in the battle royal invitational and the fact that Amy took a liking to him and his courage to actually go and compete against people that far surpassed his talent and experience spoke a lot to the character that Jamison possessed. Jamison wasn't the type that was going to just sit back and wait for something to happen. He had always been trying to do something with his life that would help him and his mother out since his dad left them for dead basically. Between Ontario works and a few odd jobs here and there, they were basically scraping by to try and survive. If it wasn't for having a subsidized apartment they live in, they would likely be homeless and on the streets begging for anything. Having this chance though, on his 21st birthday, spoke volumes to the hope and the drive that Jamison had to protect his mother and himself.

He'd be lying though if he wasn't concerned about leaving his mom behind while he was going to make this adventure. He made sure to stick around on his birthday before leaving for New ORleans so that they at least had a chance to spend one more birthday together. It meant alot to Jamison to be able to do this, his mother was so proud of him. She always knew that Jamison was going to do something outstanding, even when it meant Jamison dropping out of school to focus on taking care of his mom, she knew that it would pay off at some point. I can hardly imagine though that it would have resulted in an opportunity in wrestling but she wasn't going to keep him away from it either. She was going to support him no matter what, she was going to make sure that he was ok and that he would be sure to take care of himself.

It was his last night in OTtawa, a little birthday celebration with his mom to commemorate his new beginning before he takes his flight for New ORleans in the morning, he wanted to catch an early flight so he could make it to the gym before it closed so he could at least get himself familiar with everything before training kicked off. It was going to be a tall task for him, aside from having the ability to work out at his local YMCA thanks to the subsidy, mostly his fighting experience was done in the streets for Jamison. He had always been a bigger kid but never really worked out his frame until shortly after his dad left and started going to the YMCA a couple years later. He wanted to get stronger though, he would do whatever he could to try and get tougher, get in fights with people and defend himself and his mother at all costs. It was that type of confidence that has led him here and what was about to help him embark on the greatest challenge and adventure of his life.

Mom: Happy birthday, son, I want you to know that I am so proud of you and everything you've done to get here.

Jamison: Thanks mom, it still feels kind of weird that I am going to be leaving tomorrow to go somewhere I've never been before.

Mom: I know, it will feel different and it will be a whole new experience for you, just know that Amy will do what she can to help you get assimilated with everything and help you get setup with everything, at least lets hope based on everything she explained to us when she was convincing you to do this.

Mom still had a few reservations about everything even though Amy made a sound pitch to get him to join the academy, I mean, what mother wouldn't as her baby boy was leaving the nest and about to go to a new country and city for the first time after being home all the time. iosJamison made sure to put her at ease.

Jamison: I have all the faith in the world in Amy, if she didn't think i was capable, i doubt she would have approached me in the first place after the battle royal, just would have moved on and i would have had to find something else to help us out. She clearly saw something and that's why she worked hard to make sure that I would be ok once I got there. She's going to be at the academy when I arrive anyways and will make sure that I have everything setup so that I'm not left out in the cold there.

Mom had a sigh of relief on her face, hearing Jamison reassure her was something that made her feel better. Jamison had full confidence in this, he was always willing to give it a try but having Amy explain everything and help make some reassurances with his mother also helped make things easier.

Mom: I know, I just worry because I'm not going to be used to not having you around and I will just hope that everything will be ok for you while you are down there. You know that you can call me anytime and I will help you with whatever I can.

Jamison: Thanks mom, just make sure you are taking care of yourself, I will try and send you whatever money I can to help you stay on your feet. If there is anything I can do for you while I am down there you let me know.

Jamison always put his mother first, it was one of the few times he was going to be doing something for himself. He knew though, that if this was successful, it could lead to something bigger, Amy had mentioned SCW as a possible opportunity if his training goes well and it seemed to motivate Jamison. She spoke highly of the company of the chances they were willing to give to academy graduates. Explaining how people like Kelsai Adamson-Mason and D’nea Moore were strong examples of graduates who were able to move on from the academy and find world championship success. Would that translate for JAmison? He wasn't so sure but it sure gave him the confidence and the belief that he was going to be in good hands when he arrived so it was impossible to say no to this chance of a lifetime.

Mom: Before you leave tomorrow, I got you a few things. I know it won't be much but i figured since you'll be traveling for the first time, you needed some new things to prepare for the journey.

Mom gets up and walks over towards the closet and pulls out a few birthday gifts, Jamison looks shocked as to why his mother would get him anything before he has to leave but she had insisted. Since this was his first time traveling she wanted to make sure he was well prepared. Jamison smiles and opens the first gift which was a brand new travel bag for him. He looked excited, since he didn't have much of a duffel bag in the first place and goes over and hugs his mom.

Jamison: This is awesome, I really appreciate this mom.

Mom: You’re welcome, figured since you were going to be traveling, instead of carrying that beat up old bag around, I would get you something a little nicer so that you can pack your stuff for your flight.

Jamison: It means a lot mom.

There wasn’t much else she gave him, a few new pieces of clothing so he wasn't going too rag tagged to a new city. She wanted him to at least look a little decent so he did not stick out too much. Though I'm sure the Canadian accent in a Cajun town will likely give that all away. She wanted him to be as prepared as he could be, a few toiletries were also given to him, she wanted him to be his best and to make sure that he was well taken care of even if mom wasn't there with him. They enjoyed his small birthday cake and then he started to prepare himself for his rest since he was going to be catching an early flight and had to get through customs and all that fun stuff before boarding.

March 1st

He arrived in New Orleans in the afternoon, just after about 3 pm and arrived at the facility around 4pm after going through all the processes at the airport. He was a little nervous, this was the real deal for him. He couldn’t turn back anymore since he was looking at the academy now dead in the face. He took a deep breath, he saw the front entrance and the Crescent City Fitness sign on it which Amy explained to him was on the first floor. He didn’t want to sit outside too long and look like a fool for not wanting to go in, so he walked up slowly and opened the door. He saw the receptionist sitting there with a smile on her face as he walked in. He looked around a little bit taking in the atmosphere and then headed over towards the desk. He looked over at the receptionist and kind of looked like he was going to say something before she decided to ask for him.

Receptionist: Are you looking for something?

Jamison: Yeah, sorry, I am looking for the entrance to the Blackout Academy.

The receptionist smiled and stood up, she took him over to the door that was behind her desk and motioned for him to come over. She held the door open for him.

Receptionist: It’s up these stairs here, just make your way up and head right, Amy’s office is just by the door. I’ll let her know you’re here.

Jamison: Thank you.

He makes his way up as the receptionist heads back to her desk and makes the call. Jamison took his time walking up, still feeling the nerves, and the jetlag, as he was walking. As he makes his way up, he sees the wall and makes the right. He sees the offices on the left and as he comes in, sees the giant floor in front of him. He was shocked, there were two giant wrestling rings in the middle of the floor, he saw a few people already training, getting their work in and he just sort of took the moment in. He was here, this was going to be big for him. He clearly looked out of place, he had just sort of looked around to see what else was around. After a few moments of standing around awkwardly, Amy comes running out of her office, just finishing getting the heads up that he was here and greeted Jamison.

Amy: Jamison, I am so glad you are finally here. Welcome to Blackout Academy.

Jamison: This is incredible, I can’t believe I am actually here.

Amy: I am glad that you decided to come, I can give you a quick tour of the place before we start anything. UNless you are too jet lagged and want to rest?

Jamison just smiled, he wasn't going to settle down.

Jamison: We can get a quick workout in, if you’re up for it. I had a chance to rest a little bit, when i wasn;t overcome with excitement and nerves. I should be ok.

Amy: That’s great, let me show you around.

Amy grabbed his bag and placed it near her office. She took him around the facility and showed him where the locker room was. Showed him the place where people practice their promos for their opponents and he managed to see a few people working there. He thought that was pretty cool. He was excited, getting a chance to take everything in and really appreciated that he was afforded this chance to become something better for himself and his mom. There was no going back, Jamison wasn't going to disappoint and he wasn't going to show Amy that she made the wrong call by bringing him here. He wanted to show everyone what he could accomplish if he was just given a chance and being at the Blackout academy now, was the chance to really prove that he belonged and that he could create a new career for himself.

– On-Camera –

This wouldn’t be the first time that I have been given an opportunity out of nowhere.
I wasn’t even expected to be in this tournament and yet, I received the call from management after they found out that Ricky Ramon decided he didn’t want to be a part of it, to slide in and take his place. I won’t mind since it will help me feel a little better after he stole my debut match from me with his little count out performance.

I’m excited though, getting to team up with two other strong individuals that know how to carry themselves will help me gain even more experience than I have already. After a tough outing, coming up short in my first ever championship match, to come into this Trios tournament with a chance to really earn something is going to help drive me to be as good of a teammate as I can be.

I’m focused though, every match I have is a new opportunity for me to grow, I might only be twenty one but I am working each and every day to try and get better and better. I doubt there are many who can have little experience as me and still have an opportunity to compete for a championship or a trios contract like this. I wouldn’t say I am nervous, I am certainly grateful that management saw something in me to afford me this opportunity after Ricky bowed out.

I won’t let you guys down.

Jamison takes a deep breath and settles himself.

I am looking forward to working with you two, Deanna and Cassie, I think that we have a chance to really accomplish something and I am hoping that we can do well. I just want to be able to pull my weight around here and not let you guys down at all. I know that this is something that is important and I want to prove that I belong here.

Even if other people don’t think so.

I was given a chance because Amy thought that I could hang here. If I didn’t belong, I doubt I would be here right now let alone be given a chance to train at the Blackout Academy. If someone is bothered that I am here, then maybe they should od something about it.

I am here to win though, to be a good teammate and do what I can to help our team win and go as far as we can to win it all.

Good luck, let’s go get this.

The Code Of The Sith
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.

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