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Wrestler's Alias: Datura
Wrestler's Real Name: Elizabeth Mauduit
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @iamdatura       
Pic Base: Baby Allison
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130
Birthdate: December 2, 1992
Birth Place: Bristol
Current Residence: Tampa, Florida

Wrestling Style: High Impact/Technical
Strategy: After her second knee injury, Datura has eliminated most lifts from her arsenal, but incorporated a greater use of strikes, especially with her good knee. 
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel
Years Pro: 14
Theme Song: “Post-Boredom” - Every Time I Die
Entrance :

The distorted bass of Every Time I Die’s “Post-Boredom” reverberated like sludge. The drums violently kick in, as Kieth Buckley’s voice pierced the speakers

“I did a terrible thing as somebody should do something about it.
I’m haunted by an eternal return. I never should’ve allowed it.”

With that, Datura, garbed in all black stalks onto the stage, her face contorted in a look of pure disinterest. She pauses on the ramp and peers into the crowd before raising her hand, pressing two fingers upon the crescent moon upon her forehead.

“I broke my own heart, I’m trying to forgive myself.
But if it gets too close I gotta kill it all.
Oh, I’m gonna need your help.”

Datura steadies herself in the middle of the ramp and then bridges backward, extending her arms as if posing as Christ.

“My annihilation. My annihilation. My annihilation. My annihilation kicked off post boredom.”

As Kieth lets out a scream, Elizabeth begins to stalk down toward the ring. Her eyes appear dead, and her gait is slow and methodical. As she reaches the steps, she climbs slowly and steps onto the apron, wiping her feet.

“I don’t want to be a better liar. Don’t want to make you think.
That what you get is what you see just cause you want it.
Oh, this muddy water ain’t deep.”

Datura climbs under the middle rope and examines the ring. There is a distinct coldness about her, a witch prepared to cast her spell on anyone foolish enough to face her.

“I broke my own heart. I’m trying to convince myself.
That I can suffer if I want, motherfucker.
Yeah, just put me back on your shelf.”

With the final line, Elizabeth sprints to the corner and climbs to the top, facing the audience. Her eyes roll back as she bends backwards, placing herself in the tree of woe.

Arm Softening/Submissions
Arm Stomp
Arm Trap Stomp
Arm Slam
Bridging Armbar
Danielson Special
Double Knee Armbreaker
Double Stomp Armbreaker
Flying Armbar
Fujiwara Armbar
Knee Drop to Arm

Octopus Stretch
Rope Assisted Armlock
Triangle Armbar

Head/Neck/Torso Softening/Submissions

Bicycle Knee Strike

Devil Lock DDT
Full Nelson Suplex
Koji Clutch
Half Nelson Choke Suplex
Patella Brainbuster

Rope Assisted Dragon Sleeper
Rope Assisted German Suplex
Shotgun Knees
Straight Jacket DDT
Yakuza Kick

Leg Softening/Submissions
Ankle Lock
Chop Block

Leg Stomp
Lightning Lock Beta
Repeated Low Kicks

Rope Assisted Dragon Screw
Rope Assisted Leglock
Running Front Chop Block
Surfboard Stomp

Signature #1: Lady Death
Signature #1 Description: Overhead Belly-to-Belly into Corner

Signature #2 The Altar
Signature #2 Description: Elizabeth positions herself behind her opponent and steps on their lower back to bring them to their knees. She extends both arms outward, but instead of curb-stomping, she hits a Kamigoye to the back of the head. 

Finisher #1: Thorn-Apple Driver
Finisher #2 Description: Package Piledriver

Finisher #2: Fever Dream
Finisher #2: Description: Hammerlock Dragon Sleeper w/ Grapevine 

1. Elizabeth find immense joy in targeting limbs, especially arms and neck.
2. Exceedingly methodical and patient. 

3. Ring awareness

1. Surgically repaired knee
2. Does not mind getting disqualified
3. Strength 

Twitter: Iamdatura
Updated moveset based on limb targeting and added additional signature submission.
Updated Finisher thanks to CHBK
Alignment updated to Heel and theme change

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