David Helms


Wrestler's Alias: David Helms
Wrestler's Real Name: David Patrick Helms
Pic Base: David Beckham
Height: 5'11
Weight: 199lbs
Birthdate: 19th November 1980
Birth Place: Red Bank, New Jersey
Current Residence: Hollywood Hills, California

Physical description:
- Helms is 5'11 inches tall with short brown hair, which is either slicked back or spiked up depending on his mood. His face is usually covered with at least a couple days worth of stubble, and he has blue eyes. His arms, the backs of his hands, his chest and back are all heavily tattooed.
- In the ring, Helms has gone back to a more classic look. He wears slightly baggy dark blue cargo pants that have been patched up in a couple of places with red Converse sneakers instead of wrestling boots. His hands and wrists are taped up using a mixture of black and white tape and he wears black elbow pads. To the ring, he now wears a fairly plain leather jacket, with a zip up hooded top underneath, both jackets unzipped.
- Outside of the ring, when not scheduled to compete, he wears jeans, converse sneakers and t-shirts with various bright designs on the front - usually based around either his own merchandise or that of the Next Level with either a smarter blazer/jacket over the top, or the same leather jacket that he'd wear to the ring. He also occasionally wears t-shirts with his opponents on them if he is in a heated feud, primarily to get a laugh out of getting under their skin.


Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Brawler
Alignment: Ultra face
Years Pro: 21

1) New Jersey Neckbreaker
2) Genesis Shift
3) Genesis Rising
4) Nightmare On Helms Street

Finishers Descriptions:
New Jersey Neckbreaker: Moonlight Drive - Favoured finisher for when he's got genuine control at the end of the match
Genesis Shift: Chris Sabin's Cradle Shock - used for opponents less than 260lbs
Genesis Rising: 630 corckscrew senton - used for 'bigger' opponents over 260lbs that he would be unable to lift.
Nightmare On Helms Street - Van Daminator, with or without chair.

Theme Song: 
"All I Want" by A Day To Remember

Signature Moves:
Social Distortion: While the opponent is grounded Helms sprints towards the corner, running up the turnbuckles one by one, turning to face the apponing in the process and springboarding off into a front flip leg drop over his apponents head and throat. 
Hiptoss Piledriver: Helms whips his opponent into the ropes. As they come back, Helms lifts them into what looks like a regular hiptoss before readjusting so that he brings them down into a piledriver.
Truth & Consequences: Corkscrew Moonsault to a standing opponent. [Jeff Hardy's 'Whisper In The Wind']
The Honesty Policy: Zigzag neckbreaker
A Sudden Realisation: Punt. Think Chris Sabin and how he uses the punt in his arsenal of moves.
Wake Up Call: Pele kick - desperation move, can be hit from anywhere at any point to try and shift the momentum in his favour.

F.U.S: - Double Chickenwing Gutbuster

Common Moves:
1. Moonsault
2. Missile-toe drop kick
3. Ankle Lock
4. Hurricanrana
5. Corkscrew Leg drop
6. Running DDT
7. Headscissor Takedown
8. Inziguri
9. Shooting Star Press
10. Top rope headscissors takedown
11. Shining Wizard
12. Suicide dive through or over ropes
13. European Uppercut
14. Split Leg Moonsault
15. Snapmare into Dropkick to back of head.
16. Springboard Spinning Heel Kick
17. snap suplex
18. Tree of Woe+hesitation dropkick

 - VERY quick
 - High pain threashold
 - Strong for his smaller size
 - 21 Year veteran - ring knowledge is flawless

 - Believes in high risk/high reward, which can be an issue when it doesn't work
 - Smaller that average superstar, struggles against BIG competitors
 - Can be hot headed at times, which leads him into trouble

Manager Details:
Name: Jason Helms
Weight: 225lbs
Height: 6'0
Birthdat: August 12th, 1986 
Manager Pic Base: Kenny Omega

It's Jason Helms. Does it require further explanation? 

Helms' Entrance:
The arena's lights cut and the room falls into complete darkness as a buzz spreads through the crowd, the screens suddenly lighting up with one single solitary word...

As the crowd react, the entire stage lights up with a brilliant white light and the opening riff of an SCW remixed version of "All I Want" by A Day To Remember hits the pa system. The crowd erupt into cheers again as they spot the silhouette of David Helms standing there, his arms held aloft and his hands throwing the Self High Five, all framed by the brilliant white light behind him.


The intro gives way to the chorus and the lyrics of said chorus flash up on the screen as Helms suddenly jumps into the air and breaks his hands apart, pyrotechnics exploding on either side of the stage as he lands and the house lights raise again as the curtains part and Jason Helms walks out onto the stage to join David there. Dave grins at the fans, soaking up the cheers before suddenly bolting towards the ring, leaving Jason to head down after him.

Phillips: "Making his way to the ring from Red Bank New Jersey but now fighting out of the Hollywood Hills; he weighed in earlier tonight at one hundred ninety nine pounds, is a member of the SCW Hall fo Fame and a Supreme Champion. Accompanied by his brother Jason, he is... DAVID HELMS!!!"

Reaching the ring, Helms jumps up and slides under the bottom rope feet first before jumping straight back to his feet and climbing straight to the middle rope of the nearest ring post. He throws his hands up into the Self High Five to another cheer before hopping down and walking towards the closest camera on the outside. He throws his hands into the Self High Five to the camera so that his face is framed by the gap in the middle of his hands. Grinning, he mouths the word "Bang!" into the camera before turning and settling back into the corner to another cheer from the fans as Jason stands on the outside, talking to him through the ropes as Helms waits for the start of the match.

David Helms was born on the 29th of November, 1980 to proud parents Donald and Grace Helms in the poor suburb of Red Bank, New Jersey. He was raised Catholic until the death of Donald and Grace in a tragic car crash when he was only eight years old. Losing not only his parents and with no other family to speak of, Helms and his baby brother were dumped into a local orphanage, where he stayed until his sixteenth birthday, where he was successfully declared an emancipated teen. He soon hightailed it out of New Jersey, his travels eventually leading him to Boston, Massachusetts where he found work on the docks. After many months, Helms found his way into an underground bare knuckle boxing ring run by a local gang. In this fight club, Helms learned how to fight, but was often on the end brutal beatings due to his small size and stature and his complete lack of experience. It wasn't long however, before he could fend for himself and he began to win more fights than he lost, becoming something of an underdog with relentless spirit. It was during this period of time that he met his mentor and substitute father figure Trip.

Trip, recognising the raw talent in Helms, brought him to an independent wrestling company named The HWF. It was in the HWF that Helms' true talent really began to emerge, teaching him many of the skills that eventually led him to becoming a legend in the industry. Helms quickly rose to the top, winning everything there was to win in the company before heading north to Canada, joining Wild Outlaw Wrestling. It was during his time in WoW that Helms made a good friend (and eventual enemy) Mike Wilson. Helms' time in Wild Outlaw Wrestling, though short lived, was fairly successful and when the company closed it's doors in 2000, Helms left as the undefeated Cruiserweight champion.

Following the closure of Wild Outlaw Wrestling, Helms moved his talents back to the states with a company known as TNT wrestling. Helms soon became one of the company's top stars and found him self involved in some of the most dangerous matches the company had ever seen. In 2005, Helms became involved in a bitter rivalry that split TNT into two rival factions. Helms led the charge to save the company from the twisted grip of former friend Mike Wilson, whose gang of misfits were hell bent on destroying the company Helms had grown to love. This rivalry reached its peak when Helms' long lost younger brother Jason found himself involved in the war and challenged Wilson to a match under the guise of fighting for David's honour...a Highway To Hell match. The HTH cage that was to sit on the back of a moving truck was damaged in transit and, unknown to both wrestlers, was not safe for purpose. During the match, Wilson whipped Jason into the cage and as his back crashed into the structure, the side gave way and Jason was thrown from the moving truck as it passed over the Mississippi river. Though police and rescue workers searched for almost two weeks, the body was never recovered and Jason was declared legally dead, a fact which took its toll on Helms and he retired from the industry in late 2006.

The death of his brother sent Helms into complete meltdown, leaving him a broken man. His marriage to his wife Kathryn fell to pieces and the process of the divorce broke Helms even further, leaving him with little to live for. He contemplated suicide for quite some time, before his former mentor forced him to see sense and convinced Helms to step back into the public domain by signing with a new company...the Anarchist Wrestling Federation. It was clear that he had demon's to exorcise, and as Trip pointed out, what better way to do that than face them head on. It was while working for the AWF that Helms first met Thomas "Thorn" Valentine and while the pair didn't exactly hit it off at first, they found themselves coming together out of necessity, and as a result, The Next Level were born. The AWF closed its doors a short time later, but the pair wasted no time in signing with Supreme Championship Wrestling, where they planned to bring their same style of entertainment and excitement to the SCW fans that they had exhibited in the AWF.
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SCW Record [2020-????]:

SCW Record [2009-2015]:

SCW Achievements:
SCW Hall Of Fame Inductee, Class of 2017
Fifth SCW Supreme Champion
1st2nd Fastest Ever SCW Supreme Champion
SCW World Champion x2
SCW US Champion x1
SCW Adrenaline Champion x2
SCW Underground Champion x1
SCW World Tag Champion x2
2020 Male Star of the Year Award Winner
2020 Shocking Moment of the Year Award Winner
2020 Return of the Year Award Winner
2020 Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2020 Trio's Tournament Winner
2015 Male Star of the Year Award winner
2015 Best Of The Best Tournament Winner
2014 Trio's Tournament Finalist
2013 Tag Team of the Year Award Winner [The Next Level]
End Of Year Title Shot Recipient [2010]
2010 Star Of Tomorrow Award Winner
A Founding Member Of "The Next Level"
Ranked 6th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 10/08/15]
Ranked 6th in the Elite 15 [w/ Syren] - 18/07/15]
Ranked 7th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 02/02/15
Ranked 9th in the Elite 15 [w/ Christy Matthews] - 31/10/14
Ranked 7th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 14/08/14
Ranked 9th in the Elite 15 [The Next Level] - 22/12/2013
Ranked 6th in the Elite 15 [The Next Level] - 24/08/2013
Ranked 5th in the Elite 15 [The Next Level] - 08/06/2013
Ranked 10th in the Elite 15 [The Next Level] - 19/05/2013
Ranked 2nd in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 20/03/2013
Ranked 2nd in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 04/11/2012
Ranked 4th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 22/09/2012
Ranked 4th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 18/08/2012
Ranked 5th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 02/05/2012
Ranked 2nd in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 01/04/2012
Ranked 3rd in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 03/08/2011
Ranked 1st in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 22/03/2011
Ranked 1st in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 26/01/2011
Ranked 5th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 05/12/2010
Ranked 8th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 22/10/2010
Ranked 8th in the Elite 15 [David Helms] - 22/8/2010 
Ranked 9th in the Elite 15 [Next Level] - 4/12/2009
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