Annelise Taylor

Wrestler's Alias: Annelise Taylor
Wrestler's Real Name:
Twitter Handle (if applicable):
Pic Base: Taya Valkyrie
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175
Birthdate: August 12, 1996
Birth Place: Glendale, Arizona
Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada

Physical Description:

[Image: 4wAdLYC.png]

Wrestling Style: Lucha/Joshi
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro:
Theme Song: “Cherry Bomb” by Slik Toxik

Finishers: Vixen’s Bite, Teaser Pleaser
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): Vixen’s Bite - Spiral Tap, Teaser Pleaser – Widow’s Peak
Signature Moves: Sweet Dreams
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): Superkick

Common Moves: Enziguri, Tilt-a-Whirl Slam, Asai Moonsault, Crossbody Full Nelson, Top Rope DDT, Powerbomb, Clothesline, Springboard Elbow, Hurricanrana, Missile Dropkick

Strengths: Bold, assertive, self-confident

Weaknesses: She flirts too much, she likes to drink, she loves to party

Entrance: The sounds of people in a bar can be heard, including the click of a pool cue on a pool table. Then the sound of a drumstick being tapped and a light cymbal clash starts to play, followed by a carefully synchronized guitar. That’s quickly followed by a voice belonging to the one and only Nicholas Walsh of Slik Toxik.

Bang back the booze, sweet cherry grooves
So cherry red, push back the blues
With some good old fashion teasing
Sorry to break the news
That cherry peels, that cherry moves

Whoa yeah!

Cherry-red spotlights turn on one by one and sweep down to turn the entranceway from white to red. Gold pyro shoots up from the sides of the entryway as someone comes bounding out with their head back and their arms outstretched. Annelise Taylor moves out onto the top of the ramp and the screen behind her lights up to show cartoon cherries cascading down from the top and detonating into harmless confetti.

She's hot by the light of the moon
Swing down to the brass saloon
Wet songs get cherry's bombs
Exploding all around the room

She starts down the ramp, bouncing and singing her own theme song with a huge smile on her face. The lights bounce off the cherry red sequins on her white ring gear, which is a sleeveless pantsuit with a moderately low neckline and exposed spots on her sides just above her hips. Her boots are also white, but they have gold sequins shaped into cherries on the sides.

She's got long legs and long red hair
Screaming like a Mary in the rockets red glare
Sip a hair of the dog from your ringside chair
With the wolves all licking the floor

The fans cheer loudly as they reach out to her on her way down the ramp. Annelise is happy to oblige and even stops halfway down the ramp to do a standing somersault! Her feet hit the metal of the ramp and send up puffs of red and gold confetti, which makes the fans cheer her even more.

I kill time running up my spine
With a shiver cold sweat and a shake
Big heads sweat bullets dead
While cherry bombs away

She happily resumes greeting fans and giving high fives on her way to the ring. When the song reaches “While cherry bombs away”, huge bursts of red and gold pyro go off high above the ring. Annelise waits for the pyro to die down before she jogs up the short flight of steps and bends down to enter the ring between the top and middle ropes.

Biography: Annelise always felt like she belonged in a big city... Bigger than Glendale, Arizona anyway. She didn't think anything was wrong until someone made a snide comment about her mother cheating on her father. It took her a long time before she was able to find the courage to ask her mother what that meant... She was 21 when she finally had the guts to ask, but the answer she got wasn't the one she was hoping for. Her mother was very cold. Gave her a matchbook for a hotel in Vegas. Told her "If that hotel still exists, they'll tell you who your father is." Annelise was very hurt by that. She packed her belongings, emptied her bank accounts and the last thing she said to her mother was "Maybe I'll tell you when I find the truth... Or maybe I won't. You sure didn't have the guts to tell me." The moment she set foot in Las Vegas, she knew she was where she belonged. It felt like home. Her natural blonde hair, infectious smile, boisterous laugh and gorgeous body made her a natural draw for the various businesses who were looking for girls like her. She made friends quickly and she seemed to know when someone was trying to manipulate her. It didn't take long for the promoter of a local wrestling outfit to find her and ask if she wanted to become a wrestler. Her coworkers at Harrah's didn't like the guy and kept telling her to ignore him, but she didn't listen to them. She gave the wrestling promoter a chance and it paid off. She had speed, agility, athleticism and strength that made her stand out. All kinds of offers came in from promotions all over the world but she chose one that specialized in training women and utilizing their strengths. She was there for five years when the owner came to her and told her he'd gotten a request for their best wrestler from a wrestling company in Canada, and she'd been the first one that came to mind. Naturally Annelise had been flattered and said she'd love to represent him. He gave her the information for the company and wished her all the success in the world. That company turned out to be the SCW. Look out, SCW... Annelise has arrived and nothing will ever be the same.
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