Alexander Rizzo

Wrestler's Alias:
Wrestler's Real Name: Alexander Rizzo
Twitter Handle (if applicable): @excellent_rizzo
Pic Base: Cody Christian
Height: 5’10
Weight: 220
Birthdate: January 7 1998
Birth Place: Perryton, Texas
Physical Description: Atheletic built, darkish Brown hair, Alexander has a 01/05/2019 tattoo on his upper chest close to where the heart is located,

Wrestling Style: all arounder
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Tweener
Years Pro: 3 active and 3 inactive
Theme Song: "Bring it" Trapt

1. No Remorse
2. Mark of Excellence
3. #TheyHateMe

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
1. Anaconda Vice
2. Delayed Vertical suplex into a cutter
3. One winged angel

Signature Moves:
1. Kataro crusher
2. flatlined
3. Rejected

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
1. N/A
2. 1916
3. Buckshot lariat

Common Moves:
Rear Naked Choke
Koji Clutch
Lotus Lock
Double Armbar
Heel Hook
Ankle Lock
Triangle Arm Choke
Figure Four Leg Lock
Can Opener – Submission which hyperextends the neck.
Crucifix Neck Crank – Submission hold which hyperextends the neck. Applied from the crucifix position
Gogoplata – Submission applied with the shin from the omoplata position.

Top Rope/ ropes:
Flying elbow drop
Coup de Grace
Flying forearm
DDT from opponents feet on the second rope
coffin drop

Ground and pound(think Black pool combat club)
standing moonsault
running bulldog
Suplex of various forms
Buckle bomb

Feel free to go with the flow of the match adding additional moves go wherever the writing takes you.

Strengths: Awareness, speed, IQ

Weaknesses: Risk taker mic skills


The lights dim down as the loudspeakers are filled with static for a few seconds before going to total silence. The fans look on in anticipation a mysterious voice resonates.

Voice: “Can’t stop him…”
“Won’t stop him…”
“Try to stop him….”

Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen,
Explicit Content is proud to present: The Dangerous one… ALEXANDER RIZZO!”  

“I'm gonna hit you, right where it hurts
I'm gonna give you, everything that you deserve
If you need attention, something to say
Let's hear your confession, I am just too hard to break”

The arena goes pitch black as red and gold spotlights hit the entrance way as Alexander Rizzo, accompanied by his beautiful wife Jasmine Alexis Rizzo, steps out into the dual lights. Jackson looks around as the fans respond with a mixed reaction..“Bring it” by Trapt continues to play over the PA system as the lights slowly come back on.

“Are you ready for this?
Cause I've been waiting my whole life
Are you ready for this?
I am gonna get mine
Are you ready for this?
I'm taking the hardline
Are you ready for this?
You're never gonna get out alive!”

Alexander and Jasmine make their way down to the ring. Alexander and Jasmine Ascends the steps Alexander stretches the middle and top rope apart with his body allowing Jasmine to enter the ring first and then he follows. The two poses to the crowed for a few moments. Jasmine and Alexander kisses before she leaves the ring.

Biography: coming soon

Sample RP (optional):

Handler's First Name: Matt
Email: private message me for it

Changed name of finisher
new theme and a more detailed entrance

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