Ace Sky

Wrestler's Alias: Ace Sky
Wrestler's Real Name: Ace Ian Rabinovitch
Twitter Handle (if applicable): AceSky05051045
Pic Base: Matt Sydal
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165 lbs
Birthdate: March 16 1983
Birth Place: Sugar Land, Houston Texas
Current Residence:
Sugar Land, Houston Texas,
Las Vegas Nevada
The Bronx New York
Kobe, Japan

Physical Description:
Matt Sydal current, NO Evan Bourne.
Jet black hair long hair with the sides shaven and in a man-bun, svelte but jacked, 6 pac.

Wrestling Style:
dynamic cruiserweight-
Technical/ catch wrestling
martial arts
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel):
Years Pro: 25, pro debut on March 29th 1998, licensed pro on March 16 1998
Theme Song: Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project

1. Galaxy Leap- impeccable diving shooting star press complete with a tuck of the shins or knees in mid-air, able to land on feet 85 percent of the time if opponent evades
2. Psychedelic Spiral' Lightning spiral( modified fisherman-russian leg sweep driver,)
3. 'Cosmos Cobra/Deep Face-Deprivation ' seated arm trap-crossface-cobra clutch
4. Psychedelic Driver-inverted/enzu(from behind) Kneeling double pumphandle wheelbarrow driver)
5.Epic Ejection- Matt Sydal’s Cyclorama, a super belly to belly moonsault slam, a flip bottom/spanish fly but instead of a side slam it’s a belly to belly.

Signature Moves:
1. Super Nova Slice- Slice invented by Matt Sydal, later adopted by Melina as the Sunset Split/ Primal Scream a dragon sleeper clutch + split legs drop

2.Helium Hop- jumping free handed super frankensteiner( Matt Syda’s free hands jumping super frankensteiner)

3.Cranium-Crater Crunch- belly to back cradle pile driver

4.Namaste Lock- Muta Lock or inverted Muta Lock, clasps hands together in a praying taunt and shouts “ Namaste” while bridging into and while applying it
5.Retrograde Release- pumphandle half nelson driver

6. Third Eye Legsweep ( kick reversal catching opponent’s foot from a kick on his shoulder and legsweeping them with a spinning round kick to the heel or hamstring, succeeded hy either- 7 or 8
7.Man on the MoonSault- sanding moonsault with tuck of shins or knees in mid-air
8. Twisting Mariposa -Standing moonsault turned into a corkscrew senton bomb in mid-air
9.Question Mark Kick- two low round kicks to the shin, then points aim at shin again for a third kick but that is a feint as he hits a roundhouse kick to the head instead
10.EOL( End of Life)- Vertabareaker- back to back double underhook pile driver
11. Lightyear Busaiku Bolt- running cannonball-single leg knee strike to opponent seated in corner
12. Flash-Point- running flying corner lariat-popularized by Matt Sydal, later adopted by the Miz as the Awesome Closeline
13. Shaman Plex-Kneeling bridging german suplex

Common Moves:
1.rolling rear-waistlock takedown + front chancery + hammerlock or fujhiwara armbar combo
2. Kneeling fireman’s carry takedown usually succeeded with a shoulder claw-armbar comboe
3. Hammerlock armbar-side headlock takedown + seated headlock
4. Shin breaker + dragon screw
5. Single leg takedown( holding opponent’s foot and pushing them down with one hand to the chest) + multiple knee lifts and kick-stomps to the hamstring + Spinning toe hold followed up with by an Indian Death Lock
6. Half Boston Crab
7. Boston Crab
8. Modified Single leg Boston crab STF combo
9. Bow and Arrow submission( double knee pendulum backbreaker submission to face down opponent)+ jumping double foot stomp to spine
10.miscellaneous Meteora variations- double knee drop to shoulders/ sternum
11,miscellaneous hurricanrana, headscissors takedown and frankensteiner variations
12. miscellaneousArm drag, hip toss and martial arts style arm wringer takedown variations
13.miscellaneous armbar ,armlock and hammerlock variations
14.corkscrew spaceman plancha- suicide dive type attack
15. Fisherman suplex
16. northern lights brainbuster/driverStrengths:
17. Captain Falcon Knee( jumping knee strike)
18. Rolling Savate Kick
19. Feint leg lariat + jumping back savate kick
20. flying spinning heel/ rolling wheel kick

veteran of 25 + years
catch wrestling, strikes and calculated aeralist acumen
lacks a mean streak- this is a bit improved from his spiritual rebirth, however he will always be too nice
which other wrestlers with scrupulous intentions can succeed with.
injury in right foot permanently from motorcycle accident back in 2012

a rocket drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and there is a countdown voice over from 5 which fans count down to the pod door opens Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible while alternating with gesturing to his forehead( Third Eye taunt) then he dashes with his trademark slide through the bottom ring apron. He does the Third Eye forehead point taunt again and gets into Bruce Lee style-southpaw martial arts stance

Early Life and Family: Ace Ian Rabinovitch was born on March 16, 1983, in Sugar Land, Houston, Texas, to Ian and Ester, both physicists who met at Woodstock '69. He grew up with two brothers, Arlo (born on May 4, 1970) and twins Ivan and David (born on May 20, 1985).

Early Interests and Talents: Ace showed diverse interests early on, pursuing martial arts, pro wrestling, and academics from a young age. He was a standout student, displaying an incredibly high IQ of 190 and a love for various disciplines like astronomy and aerodynamics.

Education and Pro Wrestling Journey: Ace skipped traditional schooling, joining college at 11, becoming an assistant professor, and pursuing an interest in pro wrestling. His pro wrestling journey began in backyard wrestling, later joining the Galveston Championship Wrestling Fight Zone to train professionally, becoming an outcast due to age and size.

Professional Wrestling Career: He made a notable debut in 1998, facing the challenges of the wrestling industry. Despite facing adversity and setbacks due to his size, he worked in various independent circuits across the U.S., leading to international tours in Europe and Japan, embracing the cruiserweight style.

Stint with Major American Wrestling Federation: His talents earned him a developmental contract with a major wrestling promotion, where he faced challenges of favoritism towards inexperienced wrestlers. Despite achieving success, he struggled with injuries, substance use, and conflicting corporate values.

Personal and Spiritual Evolution: Over time, Ace delved into spirituality, studying philosophy and practicing a more enlightened lifestyle. His views on personal philosophy, civil rights, and the impact of corporate structures on wrestling reflect his transformative journey.

Recent Career Status: As of the most recent available information, Ace became one of the most requested American free-agent wrestlers by March 2020, securing significant wrestling fees, likely increasing his financial status.

Personal Values: Despite his financial success, Ace maintains a humble approach to possessions and values experiences over material wealth. He leads a nomadic life, owning homes in different locations across the U.S., reflecting his commitment to wrestling and diverse living experiences.

Lifestyle and Philanthropy
Ace's wealth enables him to own properties in Texas and maintain residencies across multiple cities. This aligns with his nomadic lifestyle as a professional wrestler, facilitating easy access to various wrestling circuits.

Ace's philosophical journey and spiritual studies have transformed his outlook, guiding him toward civil rights advocacy and a critique of corporate influence in professional wrestling. He's an advocate for cannabis legalization, aligning with his personal experiences.

While holding significant wealth, Ace prioritizes experiences over possessions, displaying a minimalistic approach. His philanthropic efforts may align with his advocacy for civil rights and other societal issues, though specific details might not be widely publicized.

Handler's First Name: Ricbard

Welcome back! I shall book you for the first Breakdown after our pay per view this weekend.

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