Update on BD and Retribution
I am hoping to have the show up tonight, but it's looking like Monday as a result of a lot of unforeseen challenges this weekend. Some matches are up for Retribution. More will be added and I may consider pushing the deadline for Retribution back a day. Again, I apologize for the delays.
Life happens, man... We know you're doing your best.
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Life happens. We're all adults, we get it.

Also, if the deadline goes back a day I will love you forever plus one.
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SCW: 87 - 48 - 8 || Career 97 - 60 - 9
SCW Television Champion
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion
2X SCW World Champion
3X SCW United States Champion
2X SCW Tag Team Champion

(1X W/ Blake Mason; 1X W/ Scott Burnside Andrew Raynes)
1X SCW Women's Champion
Supreme Champion
2020 Female of the Year
2016 Star of Tomorrow
Only 2X VWA Evolution Champion

~~ Amy Chastaine ~~
SCW: 63 - 30 - 6 || Career: 120 - 75 - 15

1X SCW Tag Team Champion - W/ Kennedy Street [B.A.E.]
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion | 1X SCW United States Champion
1X SCW Television Champion | 1X SCW World Champion
SCW Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Supreme Champion * First Female * Fastest Time
2017 Female of the Year | 2017 Shot of Adrenaline Winner
2015 Star of Tomorrow | 2015 Rookie of the Year
Final VWA World Champion

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(02-25-2024, 11:58 PM)HardyGirl Wrote: I will love you forever plus one.

That's a serious commitment. Even wedding vows don't ask for Forever Plus One!
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