Hello all,

Some of you may have noticed my general absence outside of a few things here and there on the discord. Unfortunately, this was one of those weeks where everything that could happen to derail my week did, including several meetings that went longer and needing to spell my wife from some of her commitments to take care of our puppy. I've, as a result, be triaging my actual work and even then, have only been able to focus on my teaching tasks as those are the most immediate. I hope to make some good headway on the ppv this week and finally get match notes out. But I figured I'd update everyone to say I'm still around, just trying to pull my head out of the pile of work that's become dumped on me.
A further update so people know - I will be adjusting the schedule somewhat (removing one week of build between the April ppv and Taking Hold of the Flame. This allows me to push the April PPV back a week but also I don't have to rush things for Retribution. I hope to have Retribution up early in the week.

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