Update on Retribution
My aim is to post Retribution Sunday night. Breakdown will then be moved to Friday, March 22, 2024 with a Thursday night deadline. We will return to a Thursday Breakdown for March 28, 2024 and hopefully stay generally on schedule. I will update the calendar accordingly too.

Thanks for everyone's patience as I try to balance everything on my plate.
Final update (I hope):

Remind me to stop saying yes to things and stop bailing out inept people from their stupidity in my job.

Anyway - Breakdown card for March 23 is up. Yes, the show will have its deadline and take place on Saturday. This is to give enough time to roleplay, give me, I hope, a chance to take a brief break, and then dive back in. The card has no spoilers.

Breakdown, March 28, will return to Thursday and anyone NOT booked on the March 23 card will likely be booked there unless you tell me otherwise.

Retribution, I hope to have up tonight or Wednesday morning at the latest. Everything match is started; every match writer has gotten their stuff in. I am the delay 100%. Basically, I need to do promo vids, segments, and attach endings to two matches. I however will not be home tonight until very late (I am doing a public event at my university discussing the Russo-Ukrainian War - I've been asked to do media for it too, hence my schedule going into a blender the last few days).

Thanks again for everyone's patience. And I hope that I can get back into the groove as I really enjoyed the build for Retribution, like the stories in mind, and there's been some great work from everyone involved. I'm also hoping to continue to rebuild parts of SCW to make us more alluring to new members.

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