David Striker vs. Kimberly Williams
SCW Underground Championship

The Long Road Out of Hell

2 RP limit for singles

No Word Limits

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Monday, April 15, 2024 (Show still takes place Sunday, April 14, 2024)
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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April 6th, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

Kimberly Williams’s reign atop the SCW Underground division that began in October of 2021 can certainly be described as a long road through the depths of hell itself. Her reign as been nothing short of chaotic, violent, and extremely bloody. During her now five reigns as SCW Underground Champion, few have managed to match her level of violence and those who did manage to match her were unable to sustain that level of violence to the extent that The Woman Scorned has sustained it. Her reign as Queen of the Death Match has been nothing short of spectacular and very impressive indeed. But now has she finally found an heir to the Underground throne? Has Kim finally found someone who can be just as chaotic, violent, and bloodthirsty as she has been? Is David Striker finally the guy who she can count on to join her in the Underground and keep it propped up? Striker certainly earned her respect by defeating her in an Underground rules match. But Kim turned up the heat, she turned up the intensity and the violence, and managed to defeat him with the championship on the line at Retribution. Their rivalry has been as violent and chaotic as expected. The Woman Scorned could have denied Striker a rematch after defeating him at Retribution. It could have been over right then and there. But she wanted him to impress her. She had her doubts that David Striker really had the desire and determination to sustain a run in the Underground, she wanted him to prove her wrong. His suggestion for a rematch removed all doubt from the mind of The Woman Scorned. Now the rubber match is set for Taking the Leap and it shall be in a match never before seen in SCW; Long Road out of Hell. It is contested within a triple tier cage and the name itself is appropriate considering this will indeed be a long road out of hell for one of these two Underground Death Match competitors.

The Long Road out of Hell and her Underground Championship being in jeopardy are currently the farthest things from the mind of Kimberly Williams. In fact, the one thing on the mind of the eccentric ginger happens to be having some fun at the expense of some drunk and delapidated patrons of a local bar in Boston, Massachusetts. Williams sits at the bar itself wearing a black knee length leather skirt, black boots, and a black “Queens of Chaos” t-shirt. Her long red hair is left to cascade in waves down to past the shoulders. Inside the bar, the atmosphere is vibrant, with the clinking of glasses and lively chatter filling the air. The space is dimly lit, creating an inviting ambiance that draws patrons in. The air is thick with the scent of chalk and stale cigarette smoke, clinging to the worn leather seats lining the walls. Rows of well-worn pool tables stretch out across the space, each illuminated by a single overhead light, casting long shadows on the green felt surfaces. The tables are well-maintained, their surfaces smooth and the felt pristine, with colorful balls scattered across them. The sound of cue sticks striking balls mingles with the hum of conversation, creating a dynamic backdrop for an evening of entertainment and camaraderie. Behind the bar, a row of bottles glint in the low light, and a bartender expertly mixes drinks while keeping an eye on the action.

She hears the sound of bikers behind her, most likely at the one pool tables. Kim turns her head just enough to get a quick glance and it confirms her suspicion; a group of them are at a pool table. It looks like they are hustling some poor sap dumb enough to fall for their shenanigans. The Woman Scorned smirks as she turns back to the bar and quickly finishes the last of her beer. She places some cash on the bar to pay for her tab before walking gracefully over towards the pool table, joining the bikers. She finds a younger kid, probably in his teens, who looks absolutely dejected. He, no doubt, is the one being hustled by these guys. Kim takes one look at him, winks, and then turns to face the bikers.

“What are we playing here, boys?”

“Pool.” The tallest biker, with long black hair and a long black beard, says. “Nothing you know anything about.”

“I know lots of things!” Kim says cheerfully. “Like math! Did you know that the square root of pi squared is pi?” The biker rolls his eyes. “And did you know that today is International Day of Sport for Development and Peace?”

“No, can’t say that I did.” He shrugs. “Can’t say that I care, either.” His pals, the other bikers, chuckle alongside him.

“Well I admit that I don’t know everything.” Kim states. Then she runs her hand along the surface of the green billiard table. “Like this game…I mean, I kinda know the rules…sorta…but it never was my strong suit.”

“Is that so?” The biker smirks. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Frances.” Kim replies. “I’m, uh, new in town. You seem to be a pleasant guy Mister…”

“Jack, Jack Kirby.” The biker answers. “And I’m the best pool player in this establishment.”

“Is that so?”

“It is so. In fact, I got $100 a ball saying that no one can beat me.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of money for these tiny little balls.” Kim chuckles. “Can I play you for one game?”

“Do ya really think that’s a smart idea, girl?” Jack responds. “Do you really know how to play?”

“How hard can it be?” Kim asks. “You use the stick thingy to hit the round thingies into the holes.”

The biker, the tall black haired arrogant Jack Kirby, smirks condescendingly at Kimberly, completely unaware and ambivalent to what is about to happen to him. “Well who am I to say no to a beautiful little girl like you? You’re on.”

“Great.” Kim smirks. “But first, let me break out Abigail.”

“Abigail?” Jack is curious about this. He watches as Kim walks away back towards the bar area. In short order Kim returns with a pool cue, her own pool cue, the aforementioned Abigail. The balls have been racked and prepared. Kim steps forward to break. She takes aim and with careful precision takes the first shot…which is a devastating shot, devastating to her opponent, at least, because three balls go in.

“Lucky shot!” Jack exclaims.

“Probably.” Kim shrugs as she takes aim again. “But still it’s my shot…if little old me understands the game…” Kim shoots and the cueball strikes its target, ricocheting off to hit another ball, two more balls go into holes as a result. Williams smirks. “Yeah, I’m just very lucky.”

Time seems to drag on incredibly slow for Jack Kirby and his biker buddies as they watch with a slow, sad realization that this deranged ginger has been hustling them this entire time. Kimberly cannot seem to miss a shot. Each time she shoots, she does not miss. Something always goes into the hole. By the time the game of pool has ended, Jack has never even gotten a chance to shoot. Kimberly has already emptied the table. With the table now empty, The Woman Scorned turns to face the biker, with Abigail the pool cue in hand, and she takes a bow.

“Ta-Da!” Kim exclaims. “And for my next trick, I think I will take ALL of your money!”

“Like hell you will!” Jack steps forward menacingly, looking for a fight. He clearly has no idea who he is messing with. Even with his biker buddies backing him up, Kimberly is still deadly dangerous. The Woman Scorned stands her ground as they get closer. But then they stop dead in their tracks as Kimberly gets some back up of her own. She is joined by Larry Dempsey, her mental asylum comrade from Baltimore, Maryland.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Larry responds, quietly but with a veil of a threat. Jack is now even more angry.

“It doesn’t matter! There’s still more of us than there are of you?”

“Do you wish to test that theory?” Larry asks. “My friend beat you fair and square.”

“She hustled us!”

“Just like you hustled that kid.” Kim motions to the teenager who had been playing pool, who has been watching this whole ordeal go down. “It’s ok for you to do it but not a lunatic like me?”

The bikers realize that they have been beaten. Jack lets out a low growl before reaching into his pocket and producing a wad of cash, most of which probably is the teenager’s money. He hands it to Kimberly reluctantly.

“There!” With that, Jack and his pals turn and storm away. Kimberly smiles with glee as she starts counting her winnings. After making sure everything is there and that the bikers didn’t cheat her out of anything, she walks over and hands the entire prize pot over to the teenager.

“There ya go, kid.” Kim pats him on the back. “Now don’t go getting yourself into trouble again. You won’t always have a psychopath like me to save you!”

“Uh, yes…yes ma’am…” The teenager seems to have a mixture of emotion, mixture of fear and happiness. He takes the money and quickly makes his exit before Kimberly changes her mind. Kim watches with a sense of pride on her face before rejoining her friend Larry.

“See that, Larry? I told you!”

“I always knew you were capable of doing good, Kimberly.” Larry responds. “What you did for that young man, rescuing him for the torture of those hustlers, that was extraordinary.”

“Huh?” Kim shakes her head. “No, I mean my pool game! It is second to none, baby!”

“Yes, well, there is that.”

“Come on, Lawrence of Arabia, let me buy you a drink.” The Woman Scorned skips happily back over towards the bar area with her friend Larry Dempsey following closely behind. Kim sits back down in her stool and Larry sits down next to her. Kim motions for the bartender to bring out two more beers, one for her and one for Larry. It isn’t long before both have drinks in front of them. Larry takes a sip and sighs with satisfaction.

“Thank you, Kimberly.”

“No prob. But I do have one teeny little question.”


“How the hell did you manage to find me?” Kim asks with a hint of annoyance. “I’ve never been to this dump before.”

“Dump? And here I thought you preferred to live in squalor?”

“You know what I mean!” Kim exclaims. “How’d ya find me, buddy?”

“It was quite simple, honestly.” Larry sips on his beer. “I found your sister and she told me where to find you.”

“Marie snitched?” Kim shakes her head with disgust. “I’m surprised.”

“She cares about you, Kimberly.” Larry answers. “She is worried about you. As am I. That’s why she helped me.”

“No, no, that aint it.” Kim shakes her head. “I’m surprised that she told you because of the simple fact that she doesn’t trust you!” Kim snickers. “Besides, no one should be worrying themselves about me, especially not you, Lawrence of Arabia.”

“You seem awfully confident.”

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Kim says with a wide grin on her face. “Look at me! I’m on a roll! I’m winning! And I don’t mean at pool! I regained the Underground Title, I defended it successfully against Davey Boy, and now I’m about to defend it AGAIN in the most psychotic match of all time, the Highway to Hell Match…”

“I believe it is The Long Road out of Hell.”

“That too!” Kim says with eager anticipation. “Either way, me and Davey boy are going to take the chaos and violence of the Underground to a whole new level at Taking the Leap! Don’t you see the excitement on my face?!”

“Yes…” he sighs.

“So why should I be worried about anything?!” She asks. “I am the Underground Queen, baby, and I plan to stay that way!”

“Why do you do it?” Larry asks curiously.

“Do what?”

The Underground division. The hardcore matches, the ultra violence. Why do you put yourself through it?” He asks. Kim shrugs her shoulders.

“I dunno. I enjoy it. Besides, the braintrust in SCW seemed to think lunatics like me are made for the Underground Division alone. Forget the fact that I am a former United States, Television, and Tag Team Champion.” She smirks. “But I made them pay! I took the Underground and I fashioned it into MY image! Now I’m fashioning Davey Boy into my image! Either he embraces the full vision of my Underground or he’ll crack under the pressure and break! I see it as a win-win scenario!” Kim leans forward and points at Larry. “You aren’t questioning my reign as Underground Queen, are you Lawrence of Arabia? Because if you are, then so help me God I will…”

“There is no need to be confrontational, my dear.” Larry backs off ever so slightly. He doesn’t intend to upset Kimberly. “I didn’t even come here with any intention to talk to you about your wrestling ventures.”

“Oh yeah?”

“To be honest, you have done quite well and are deserving of much praise. I have been quietly observing you…”

“So you’ve been stalking me.” Kim says with a childish smirk.

“Observing you.” Larry corrects her. “You helped that young man just now. You have stepped up and taken at least some responsibility for your daughter, Lilith. I have not forgotten the special trip you made to Baltimore to visit her. I am proud of you, Kimberly.”

“Yeah, yeah, save it.” Kim rolls her eyes. “Look, I saved that doofus over there because I get off on embarrassing big bad bullies like those bikers. And I visited Lilith just to shut you up and get you off my back.”

“I doubt that.” Larry shakes his head. “Even if that were the case, you have shown that you are capable of taking responsibility. Not just from your actions tonight, not just stepping up to help me with your daughter. You have stepped up to help your sister in her time of need. There is truly more to you than the deranged lunatic you wish for the entire world to see.”

“What are you getting at, Lawrence of Arabia?”

“I think that, perhaps, instead of one visit every two weeks or even one visit a week, maybe you can keep Lilith for, say, several days?” Larry’s suggestion causes Kim’s eyes to grow wide. She stares at Larry for a moment before shaking her head.

“You want me to…”

“I think you could take on much greater parenting responsibility, yes.” Larry nods his head.

“No, no way!” Kim shakes her head vehemently. “Out of the question!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why not?” Larry repeats his earlier question.

“I just don’t want to, ok?” Kim is visibly shaken by Larry’s suggestion. He can tell that he has pushed her far, perhaps a bit too far. He can tell that she is mentally and emotionally strained at this point. He reaches out and pats her on the back.

“What’s wrong, my dear?”

“It’s just that…” Kim pauses with a touch of pain in her voice “...speaking to Lilith, being around her, all of it is a constant reminder of what Emma did to me.” She shakes her head. “I don’t want to be reminder of that anymore than I already am.”

Larry is one of the few people outside of the immediate family who knows exactly who Emma was and what she did to Kimberly Williams that was so mentally and emotionally painful. Emma had Kim kidnapped at birth. Emma raised Kimberly as her own; Emma is mostly responsible for not only Kim’s extremely well developed strategic mind and incredible level of intelligence, but also for Kimberly’s psychosis and unbalanced mind. But even to those who know about Kim’s past with the enigmatic Emma, there still lies a great mystery in what specifically happened between those two. What exactly did Emma do to Kimberly Williams?

“I understand how painful it must be for you, my friend.” Larry begins slowly and quietly. “But remember what we were taught in our group counseling sessions.”

“I don’t want to be reminded of THAT either!” Kim exclaims angrily. Nevertheless, Larry proceeds.

“We were taught to confront our fears and our problems head on.”

“Is that so? Well I’ve been doing just fine by avoiding my fears and avoiding my problems.”

“Your strategy of avoiding your fears and problems may help you in the short term but they are going to hurt you in the long term, you have to know this. Plus it will inevitably do damage to your blood…to your daughter.”

“I don’t want to!” Kim exclaims as she downs the last of her beer and shakes her head. “Larry, you know me better than anyone else…hell, you are probably the only one who knows my true weaknesses…you are the only one who can truly play mind games with me. I do NOT want to go back and relive those nightmares…” she sighs “...unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Is something wrong with Lilith?”

“Well she does continue to act out.” He sighs. “I had hoped more frequent visits with you would calm her but it has not worked. I am still constantly having to protect her from getting into trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“The kind that even I cannot protect her from.” Larry says with a cryptic tone in his voice. “Your daughter could end up locked away, just like you once were.”

“It’s that bad, huh?” Kim asks. Larry nods his head. “And she is going to get worse unless I get involved?”

“That’s right.”

“What do you want from me, then?”

“I need you to confront your fears. You need to deal with your past. And maybe you will find the courage to be with your daughter and give her what she truly needs.” He says grimly. “She doesn’t need a stand in disciplinarian like me, she doesn’t need a woman she barely recognizes as a mother. She needs her real mother in her life.” He places a hand on Kim’s shoulders. “The girl needs you, Kimberly.”
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SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 3x
2022 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 5x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
5LW Television Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

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SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X-Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x

Date: April 7th

The screen static jumps and we find ourselves at the Toyama TechnoDome, The immediate area is swarming with all kinds of people to help set up the upcoming first Defiant show (following all of that legal “ugliness”)-from electrical techs bundling things together in order to help keep the show generally all the way down to some of the talent helping to put the ring and other such duties, such as helping to put the ring together which is something that made quite a few people confused such as one of the chief “heels” of the Pro Wrestling Nova’s “Revolution Pro” brand in “Lord” Thomas Imperious stood there on the edge of the entrance way area with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched of all people David Striker help carrying the ring ropes and then stretch them apart for proper ring settings for several moment before he let out a derisive snort and ambled off.

Joseph Gribble, the head of the construction teams for Pro Wrestling Nova, raised an eyebrow at the sight of Striker working on the ring when he got to the ringside area after having a long talk with the pyro teams for the forthcoming show involving one of the talent that PWN shared with the Omega Wrestling Alliance made him curious as to why someone who was one of the upper tier talents in the company doing such menial work and after the ring was completed, Joseph walked up to the younger man and adjusted the old cap that belonged to his father. “Hey David, you got a second?”

David nodded and walked over to where Joseph was standing, holding a length of extra cable that he was winding around to put up. “First off, I wanted to say thanks for all the help that you do before some of these shows when you’ve got the time, David. It means a lot to me and the boys but I’ve been wondering, why do you do it?”

David nodded as he listened to Joseph for a moment and then he motioned at the crews that were still setting everything up for the Defiant show in a few more days and he nodded, “You know my dad was a part of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance ring crew for the longest time. He set up the ring the night that Jacob Sikes defeated Randy McGraw to become the very first FWA World Heavyweight champion back in the early nineteen nineties and he stayed on the ring crew until he finished his training under Cody Conway and started wrestling as one of the original Rogue Horsemen three years later.” David explained with a wistful look on his face as he recalled his father talking about his past. “He said that working the ring crew helped clear his mind on whatever he was having trouble with.”

Joseph nodded, “I can understand that all too well, my dad was a bit of a freak but nobody killed bugs like he did. So I can respect that, but why are you still working the crews, I mean you’ve got a main event spot for the show in a couple of days *and* you’ve got that pay per view gig with SCW like a couple of days after that, don’tcha?”

“That I do, which is why I’m helping with the ring crews today. I’ve got so many things running through my head concerning those two matches that things are beyond not funny because on one hand, I’m squaring off against Kimberly Williams for the Underground championship again but the match that I’m fighting her in is one of the most fucked up ones in the industry, I mean you know since you helped set up two of the structures in the Universal and World Wrestling Headquarters.”

Joseph didn’t say anything to that but he did nod, the “Long Hard Road out of Hell” match needed a very specific structure that was considered to be one of the most sadistic ones in existence and following Marcus Slayton Senior’s taking over of the match in twenty ten following his cousin Paul’s retirement to focus more on his family, the structure became even more sadistic and vicious…but he also knew that for this one, the man *himself* was overseeing the construction of the structure for SCW.

“But on the other hand, my match on Defiant is going to be just as vicious because it’s against Ryo Sakazaki, the Mad Dog of the The Profane Covenant for his SSW US title. I mean I remember Ryo growing up and how cool he used to be before he started losing his ever loving mind because of the bullshit that he kept getting pushed into over in the OWA for whatever reason and Ryo just kept taking it because of his love for this industry.” David explained as he crossed his arms over his chest while shaking his head.

Joseph nodded in agreement with his younger counterpart. “When I first met Ryo, he seemed like a pretty solid guy…but did working for OWA really change him that much?”

David nodded, “Yeah, Ryo decided to go big right out of the gate because he wanted to prove himself as a legit wrestler and that’s mostly because of how everyone has always viewed him which was as nothing more than some little rich kid and nothing else. I mean look at how he was before his match against Theodor Pavel and afterwards, Pavel kept calling him his “Friend” and yet Banch Morgan kept spearheading all of that bullshit that Ryo no doubt kept having to swim in and not once he got a rematch against Pavel.” David explained before shaking his head, “That’s the kind of demons that has been swimming around in his head and that’s the kind of man that I have to go through before I can even *GET* to Kimberly in SCW, if I can beat Ryo…if I can stand and deliver against a Mad Dog like him, then maybe….just maybe I can come out the survivor of my match with Kimberly.”

Joseph nodded in agreement, “You got this kid, there is nothing for you to worry about.”

A short while later, David was walking around the streets of Toyama when he bumped into Gabriel and Sabin about to enter a ramen stand. “Oi my brother!!” Gabriel said with a huge smile on his face before the shorter man drew David into a brotherly hug which David returned before doing a fist bump with Sabin. “What the hell are you two guys doing out here at this hour?” David asked.

“The gang decided to grab some late night ramen before the press thing tomorrow and here we are.” Sabin said with a grin.

“Alrighty then, lead on Don Rocco!” David said before indicating for the tallest man of the three to enter the ramen stand first and sure enough at a table…booth…thing…in one corner of the small restaurant was the other members of the Phantom Troupe in Dylan Maverick, Zach Stryfe, Chris Dumont, Rachel Lockhart, and Kimberly Rhodes.

“OI OI OI!!! THE HEADMAN IS HERE!!” Kim said with a huge grin on her face as she quickly went over and gave David a huge hug.

“You do know that the Japanese culture is about showing some form of restraint in public, right Kimmie?” Dylan asked the dark haired vixen with a critical look.

Kimberly turned her head just enough to blow a raspberry at her fellow Troupe member before giving David another hug before going back to her spot next to her best friend and tag team partner in Rachel who simply rolled her eyes at her partner’s actions.

The group then got settled in and food was ordered all around at which point the group simply enjoyed some of the finest ramen in all of Toyama Japan and they had been there for a while when suddenly Zach’s eyebrows went up and he tapped David on the arm and said “I don’t believe who decided to come out into public.” at which point David then turned to face what Zach had pointed out, but he heard the voice before he saw the person;

“Yes I would like an order of Miso Chashu pork ramen with an extra serving of pork, please.”

“....oi, isn’t that?” came Kimberly’s voice in utter confusion at which point David simply nodded in agreement.

“Yep, that is Dante. I wonder where the rest of his krew is at though.” Chris commented as he looked at the serious looking young man as he directed his ice blue eyes directly at the assembled members of the Troupe as he scrutinized them all which made the entire group even more uneasy before Dante was handed his order and he headed back out of the restaurant and into the slightly chilled Toyama evening.

“By the Black Goat and her thousand young, what the hell is up with that guy?” Kimberly asked as she shook her head.

“Yeah, I thought Davey-boy here could be rather infernal at times but shit!! What crawled up Dante’s ass?” Zach asked as he ran a hand through his hair, still unnerved by Dante’s sheer presence.

“I think that Dylan and Rach might know a thing or two?” Gabriel offered up out of the blue to which the group looked at the two siblings.

“Um yeah, I don’t know much about the guy other than he’s a pet project of Davey’s big brother and trains over at Serenity’s gym. Apparently the guy is some kind of freaking machine…” Dylan said, actively trying to avoid the question which brought a raised eyebrow from David who knew that his best friend usually was straight up about things like that.

“Yeah, enough about Creepy Pasta…i want to talk about something much more important in if our bossman here is actually ready to make wrestling history as being the first member of the Striker family to win the Long Hard Road out of Hell match in SCW history!” Rachel said in a beaming tone.

Zach shook his head slightly, “Technically you don’t *win* a Hell match as much as you *survive* the damned thing because of how brutal it is, Rachel…”

“Not the point, Zachery.” Rachel said as she leaned over and ruffled the blonde man’s hair in a friendly, teasing manner.

David rolled his eyes as he pushed his unfinished fourth bowl of ramen aside (of which, Rachel noted mentally, was the *exact* same order as Dante) and then slowly nodded, “I’ve got to be honest that once I get past Ryo in two days, I’ll be more than ready to go to war with Kimberly again…I mean she and I, we both need this rubber match but I did promise her before Retribution that if it needed to come to this then I was going to have her join me on the long hard road out of hell to see who could come walking back back out once again, with the Underground championship around mine or her waists being a totally separate item all together, this is going to be one for the record books here in this industry.”

Rachel nodded, “That’s kind of a non answer there, buddy boy…” she started to say before a look from David cut her off.

“It’s also the best one that I can give you right now, Rachel. I’ve got to keep my mind in the zone that I’ve got it in right now because if I try and focus on anything else, save for the actual long hard road match, then I’m going to lose everything in the long run because that is the reason *WHY* I lost my match against Deanna on Breakdown last week, the match isn’t just something you can sign, wrestle it, and then move on…no, like Mister Slayton told me, that when you have a Long Hard Road out of Hell match, it usually takes something from you.” David tried to explain.

“He’s right.” Dumont said from his spot at the table finishing his glass of soda as he did so.
“My dad fought in a Long Hard Road match back in twenty eleven and it was a horrendous thing to see happen but it was almost like the match actually tore something out of my dad and added it to the ring itself.” the son of the “One Man Crime Spree” explained with a troubled look on his face as he glanced over at David, studying the other man’s face for a few seconds before nodding. “But you’ve got this, David. One way or another you’re going to come out the pay per view with either the Underground championship or a major question that you yourself needed answering…but in the longest run of all, Kimberly will also be getting a few answers about herself as well because nobody ever comes out of that match the same person that went into it.”

David nodded as he reached over and picked up his bowl, resuming his meal as his phone buzzed at him, making him stop long enough to glance at the screen.

“We need to talk.” was the only thing that appeared on the screen…along with one name;


{The screen then fades to black}
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April 9th, 2024
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Off Camera

The SCW Underground Championship has been very near and dear to the heart of Kimberly Williams ever since she won the newly reinstated championship back in October of 2021. Since that time, The Woman Scorned would win the championship a total of five times. She has elevated the status and prestige of the Underground Championship. She is very proud of what she has accomplished during her tenure as the self-proclaimed Queen of the Underground. She has faced any and all challenges during that time. She has rolled around in thumb tacks and barbed wire. She has utilized explosives. Nothing was ever off limits and absolutely nothing ever struck fear in the heart of Kimberly Williams. The closest thing that ever came to scaring Kim was when her own precious Underground division itself was in jeopardy, when James Evans held the title and threatened to end the Underground as she knew it. Williams dug down deep into the darkest recesses of her soul in order to fight and win back the Underground Title, to keep it safe from James Evans. But winning back the championship did not soothe her fears. Kim came to realize at that moment that sometime soon she would need to expand the Underground, she would need to bring new people into her division, and she might even need to find an heir, someone to pass the torch down to, in order for her Underground division to survive.

Insert David Striker. He has been impressive ever since joining Supreme Championship Wrestling. He even defeated Kimberly at her own game in an Underground rules match, proving that he can hang in the violent and chaotic world of the Underground. Kim would question his durability and devotion to the Underground when he dared to suggest that Kimberly needed validation or vindication of her own unique talents and wrestling abilities. WIlliams would defend the Underground Title against Striker at Retribution and this time she defeated him. Even in defeat, Striker proved to be impressive and proved to Kimberly that he was still worthy of her Underground. The Woman Scorned, the reigning SCW Underground Champion, believes she has finally found someone worthy of being in her Underground, someone who could carry on the tradition of violence she created back in 2021. Still, one last test remains and that test takes place at Taking the Leap in a unique match from Striker’s own demented mind.

The Long Road out of Hell. For a rivalry as violent and sadistic as Kimberly and David’s has been, this match and its twisted rules certainly provide for an appropriate way to end things between the two. Three cages, one stacked up on top of the other, and the only way to win is to climb to the very top and then zipline back down. The first person to do that wins the Long Road out of Hell and will leave as the SCW Underground Champion. This is one of the more dangerous match types Kimberly has ever been in, plus with a man as dangerous as Striker, Kimberly recognizes the very real danger that her championship reign is in. Yet even this does not scare her the most.

What scares Kimberly the most is her own past.

“I am very pleased that you are doing this, my friend.”

Larry Dempsey is driving Kimberly through the streets of Nantucket, a small island off of Massachusetts. Larry has been Kimberly’s close friend and confidant since their shared experience in a mental institution. Both were struggling in their darkest of times, struggling to survive their own dark impulses. Larry and Kimberly helped each other, they helped get the other through the horrible times at the mental institution. Larry knows more about Kim and her past than possibly her own family may know. Once they both got their release from the mental institution, they swore to look out for the other, they swore to help the other. Larry has helped Kimberly in her time of need, even going as far as to raise a young girl that is purportedly Kim's own daughter. But that girl, a girl named Liltih, has thus far proven to be very difficult for Larry to tame. She has proven far too difficult to control. He has urged Kimberly to take on a greater role and responsibility in Lilith’s life, thinking that having her own mother in her life would be just the thing needed to calm her down. Thus far Kimberly has been reluctant to take on as great a role as Larry would like. It is because she is afraid of her past, she fears having to one again confront the dark and evil history that she knows about. She does not want to relive it. But Larry is her friend, he has done so much for Kimberly. Besides, Lilith is her daughter. Kimberly owes it to them both to do what she can, to face her fears. At the very least she will have Larry Dempsey with her to help her face this fear, to help her confront the evil of her past.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Kimberly remarks sarcastically.

“I admit I have never been to this island before. It is a gorgeous place, my dear.”

“Don’t let it fool you.” Kim says grimly, the usual happiness and cheer she typically evokes is gone. “I hate it here. It’s why I’ve never come back…until now.”

“You speak as if you fear this place.” He states slowly, quietly. “What is wrong?”

“You’ll see soon enough, Lawrence of Arabia.”

Larry doesn’t answer. He just continues to face forward and continues to drive through this quaint island town. Kimberly is staring out the window blankly ahead, gazing at practically nothing, really. But then she suddenly gets very alert when the silhouette of an upscale mansion emerges against the backdrop of the coastal landscape. Standing proudly atop a gentle rise, the mansion commands attention with its sprawling facade and grandeur.As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the island of Nantucket, the silhouette of an upscale mansion emerges against the backdrop of the coastal landscape. Standing proudly atop a gentle rise, the mansion commands attention with its sprawling facade and grandeur.

Built in the classic New England style, the mansion boasts a façade adorned with pristine white shingles that gleam in the fading light. Its architecture is a harmonious blend of colonial charm and timeless elegance, with symmetrical lines and intricate detailing that speak to the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

A sweeping driveway, flanked by impeccably manicured lawns and vibrant flower beds, leads visitors towards the imposing entrance. Two majestic columns stand sentinel on either side of the double doors, which are adorned with intricately carved wooden frames and gleaming brass hardware.

Large windows punctuate the facade, offering glimpses into the opulent interior while inviting the gentle sea breeze to waft through the rooms. Each window is adorned with crisp white shutters, adding a touch of quintessential New England charm to the exterior.

Surrounding the mansion, lush gardens burst with color, their vibrant blooms contrasting beautifully with the verdant foliage and azure sky. A network of winding paths meanders through the grounds, leading to hidden alcoves and secluded corners where one can retreat in quiet contemplation.

Perched atop the roof, a series of dormer windows add architectural interest to the mansion’s silhouette, while a weathered copper cupola crowns the structure, serving as a beacon against the evening sky.

As night falls and the stars begin to twinkle overhead, the mansion stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication, a testament to the timeless allure of Nantucket’s coastal charm. Built in the classic New England style, the mansion boasts a façade adorned with pristine white shingles that gleam in the fading light. Its architecture is a harmonious blend of colonial charm and timeless elegance, with symmetrical lines and intricate detailing that speak to the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Dempsey can tell that based on Kimberly’s sudden change in demeanor, her sudden alertness, that they have arrived. The dinging of the GPS is also a not so subtle clue, either. He turns the car onto a sweeping driveway, flanked by impeccably manicured lawns and vibrant flower beds that lead visitors towards the imposing entrance. Two majestic columns stand sentinel on either side of the double doors, which are adorned with intricately carved wooden frames and gleaming brass hardware. The vehicle slowly comes to a stop. But as soon as the vehicle is turned off, Kimberly quickly makes her exit and stares up at the huge mansion. Large windows punctuate the facade, offering glimpses into the opulent interior while inviting the gentle sea breeze to waft through the rooms. Each window is adorned with crisp white shutters, adding a touch of quintessential New England charm to the exterior. Surrounding the mansion, lush gardens burst with color, their vibrant blooms contrasting beautifully with the verdant foliage and azure sky. A network of winding paths meanders through the grounds, leading to hidden alcoves and secluded corners where one can retreat in quiet contemplation.

“We’re here…” Kimberly says, her voice trailing off with a hint of fear dripping down.

“Where exactly is here?”

“My nightmare.” Kim says quietly, cryptically. “My origin story.”

“Origin story, Kimberly?” Larry asks with an arched brow out of curiosity. Kim rolls her eyes.

“Yeah…y’know, Superman came from Krypton. Darkseid came from Apokalips.” She motions to the enormous mansion standing before them. “This is my Apokalips. Or maybe my Krypton since I’m not entirely a villainousy villain?”

“Of course.” Larry chuckles. “I am happy to hear that your sense of humor is seemingly back to normal. I can’t believe I am admitting this but I did miss it.”

“It’s just my defense mechanism.” Kim states. “It’s either this or you get a very dark version of me and trust me, no one wants that.”

“Fair enough.” He looks up at this mansion and then back at Kim. “The question remains, what is this place…other than you so-called origin story, of course. And what does this place have to do with your past and why you are so afraid of taking responsibility for your daughter, for Lilith.”

“This was…” she sighs “...her home.”

“Whose home?”


The name evokes a sense of anger and even dread from Larry Dempsey. He is one of the few who know the full truth about Kimberly’s past, how she was taken at a young age by the deranged sociopath Emma Floreschu, how she twisted and corrupted Kimberly’s young mind, turning her into the dark twisted monster that landed her in trouble with the law, that landed her in the mental institution in the first place. Larry always feels a sense of righteous indignation, rage directed at Emma anytime her name is brought up. Yet he does know Kimberly’s past and what Kim just told him does not jive with what he knows to be true. He tilts his head to one side and studies Kimberly carefully.

“I am confused. I recall you telling me that Emma raised you off the grid.”

“That’s mostly true…” Kim starts. Before she can finish her though she and Larry notice a middle aged couple approaching from the right. Kimberly immediately turns on the bright and cheerful smile. Larry is amazed at how, like the flip of a switch, Kim can go from depressed and upset to jovial and happy in no time. It is one of many signs of her sociopathy.

“Kimberly!” The man says.

“Bobby! Evelyn! How the hell are ya?!” Kim approaches and gives each of them a big tight hug. It is as if Kimberly has known them forever. Kim then turns to motion towards Larry. “Lawrence of Arabia, this is Bobby and Evelyn. They take care of the place for me.”

“It is a pleasure.” Larry shakes hands with both Bobby and Evelyn.

“Are you a friend of Kimberly’s?” Evelyn asks.

“Oh Lawrence here is a long time friend of mine!” Kim winks knowingly.

“Is he staying with you?” Bobby asks. Kim shakes her head.

“No, no, no, he isn’t THAT kind of friend.” Kim chuckles. “In fact, we’re not even staying that long. I just wanted to give him the grand tour of the place. Larry here doesn’t believe I own any upscale real estate. Apparently dressing like a hobo gives one the false impression that you are, in fact, a hobo.”

“That’s nice.” Evelyn smiles warmly. “Well, Bobby and I will try to stay out of your way. But you know how to reach us if you need anything.”

“Sure! Thanks, guys!” Kim waves playfully as Evelyn and Bobby turn and walk away. Once they are out of sight Larry leans in and whispers into Kimberly’s ear.

“Friends of yours?”

“Like I said, they just watch over the place for me. Emma left everything she owned to me after her unfortunate…accident…including this place right here.” Kim points out.

“And you never have bothered to stay here?”

“I don’t want to.” Kim shakes her head. “Too many bad memories, not just of what Emma did to me, but what she did to the others.”

“There were others?” Larry seems somewhat surprised by this. Kim nods her head. Larry can tell that his friend is very disturbed. He watches as she steps up onto the steps approaching the double doors. Then she finds a seat on the porch. Larry joins her on the porch and sits down next to her. He sighs deeply. “What is it?”

“I did spend my formative years in that wilderness learning survival skills from Emma. But then when I turned seventeen, she started bringing me here. That’s where I met the other kids. Some like me, but much younger.”

“Who were they?”

“Most were children of Romanian parents who wanted them to live in America. They desperately wanted to give their kids a chance for a better life by sending them to America. That’s the dream, right? Emma knew and she didn’t care. She took advantage and took their kids to raise as her own.”

“For what purpose?” Larry’s voice is trembling with anger. He already did not like Emma, based solely on what Kimberly had told him. But this new information makes his skin crawl. He isn’t sure he wants to know more but he feels he has to know.

“A cult? Some weird, twisted family to call her own?” Kim shrugs her shoulders. “I never could figure it out. But one thing she demanded from them, from all of us, was fierce loyalty. She was banking on these kids growing up, making something of themselves, and giving a portion of their riches and wealth back to her.”

“Ah but you were not loyal, were you?” Larry asks. “In fact, you killed her. You ended this horrific cycle of human trafficking. That must count for something.”

“I was Emma’s one mistake.” Kim nods her head. She smirks. “Hell, she can fill my head with whatever lies and deceit she may want but it is hard to hide that my identical twin is parading herself all over the television as a professional wrestler. That was bound to raise some questions.”

“Indeed.” Larry nods his head.

“So she told me that my real family hated me. She told me they had tried to kill me but Emma had rescued me. Emma had hoped that her lies would solidify my loyalty to her. She hadn’t counted on my hatred and rage boiling over. Sure, she encouraged me to seek revenge, but she didn’t think I would actually follow through. She figured I would try, fail, and then move on with my life as Emma’s loyal little puppy. Fat chance on that. I tried to get my revenge…” Kim shrugs her shoulders “...and well, you know the rest! I was captured and put in the loony bin!”

“It was there that you learned the truth of what Emma had been doing to you.”

“Yeah…” Kim’s voice fades off “...then I put an end to her.”

“What happened to the other children?”

“They were all put into foster care.”

“Kimberly, my friend,” Larry begins “I never knew about this place, and you have confided in me about nearly everything. You have kept this place a secret from everyone.”

“I haven’t been here since I was eighteen.” She grins playfully. “Bobby and Evelyn think I’m just an eccentric fool because I never physically visit them. Lots of virtual zoom meetings!”

“So why keep it if this place brings back such bad memories?”

“I don’t know.” Williams shrugs her shoulders. “Maybe I need to constantly be reminded of where I came from and the kind of evil I am constantly fighting? That monster Emma sought to create, the violent yet sophisticated manipulative monster, that person still exists inside me, Larry. I have done my damndest to keep that monster bottled up. Every single time I let it out, it becomes harder to bottle it back up. The last time I let that monster out to feast was against James Evans. It took a few days for me to get the monster back in its cage for the happy go lucky Kim to return. I fear that I may need to release that monster again if I want to retain the Underground Championship against David Striker.”

“And what does any of this have to do with your daughter?” Larry asks curiously.

“Oh, her…” Kim sighs deeply “...Lilith is Emma’s legacy. She was formed here at this place.”

“Wait…” Larry’s eyes grow wide with surprise “...do you mean to suggest…?” Kim nods her head as tears begin to form in her eyes.

“Emma wanted a family. She asked me to give it to her and I was fiercely loyal to Emma, loyal enough to give her that family. Emma raised Lilith for her first year but after I was put in the mental institution the state took her from Emma. I guess they suspected something was wrong. And every time I see Lilith…” Kim’s voice starts to crack “...every time I see Lilith, I see Emma, and it’s bringing out the worst in me. I…” Kim shakes her head. “...I’m afraid of her.”

“You’re afraid of your daughter…or of the memories?”

“The memories…and of what they can turn me into.”

“My friend, what you have done is courageous.” Larry gently pats Kim on the back. “This is the first big step towards conquering your fears.”

“I’m sorry, Larry…” Kim shakes her head “...I’m just not sure I am ready to face my fears.”

“You can do it, Kimberly.” He hugs her tightly. “I will be there for you every step of the way.”

April 13th, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts
On Camera

We open in a run down, dilapidated living room that has certainly seen its better days. The wallpaper peels away from the walls, revealing patches of bare plaster beneath. The floorboards creak underfoot, warped and worn from years of neglect and moisture damage. Dust coats every surface, undisturbed by any recent activity. A tattered sofa sits against one wall, its cushions deflated and springs poking through the fabric. A threadbare rug, faded and stained, lies haphazardly in the center of the room, its edges curling up from years of wear. It isn’t long after before we see movement from the right. Then the reigning SCW Underground Champion, “The Woman Scorned” Kimberly Williams emerges into the scene. The Queen of the Death Match is wearing a meticulously crafted gothic style dress, the bodice adorned with intricate lace detailing and ribbon accents. The dress billows out into layers of black tulle and satin, creating a dramatic silhouette around her slender frame. Her long, red hair cascades in waves around her shoulders. Kimberly’s eyes, framed by thick lashes and dark eyeliner, hold a hint of mystery and depth, adding to her enigmatic allure. Completing her look are lace gloves, fishnet stockings, and platform boots, each detail carefully chosen to enhance her gothic aesthetic. She has her beloved penguin plushy in her right hand and her SCW Underground Championship title belt wrapped around her waist.

“The Long Road out of Hell…” she smirks knowingly “...for me, that road starts right here in my home of Boston, Massachusetts. It is here where I was born and raised. It is here where the dreams of a little girl became nightmares and it is here where I took those nightmares and turned them into a success story. When people tried to pigeonhole me, stereotype me as just a hardcore wrestler simply because I was a lunatic, this is where I decided that out of spite for those people I would become the greatest death match wrestler to walk this damn planet. Now I stand before you not just as the Queen of the Death Match but as the reigning and defending five time SCW Underground Champion. I have done more for this championship and this division than anyone else to ever come before me and it all started right here. This is where I stood up against a house and defended my legacy against a deranged but dangerous fool. So of course my Long Road out of Hell must start right here in my home of Boston, Massachusetts.”

The Woman Scorned shrugs her shoulders. “But honestly, do I really want to get out of hell?” She throws her head back and cackles maniacally. “Hell, I’ve enjoyed my stay! If this is hell, if the torture and violence of the Underground is considered hell then I do not want to ever see heaven! I am quite happy and quite content right where I am sitting upon my throne as the Queen of the Death Match and the Queen of the Underground.” She points a finger at the camera. “I’m not even sure I want this thing between you and me to end, Davey Boy. I gotta admit, the past two matches we’ve had, the violence we have engaged in, the blood we have shed, it has been some of the most memorable and enjoyable times of my life. I will admit that beating me the first time, yeah, it almost felt like a fluke. And then when you talked about me needing validation or whatever the hell that means, well that made me doubt your Underground stripes. What looked like it could have potentially been a fluke win, followed by you thinking that I needed some stupid ass validation as if I really cared about what other people thought about me, after all of that I began to question whether you belonged in my Underground division. Retribution was going to be the night that I eliminated you from my division. I was going to purge you from my Underground, because I wasn’t certain that you belonged.” Kimberly smirks knowingly.

“I beat you that night. Many had come before you, Davey Boy, and they had beaten me. Deanna Frost, Owen Cruze, James Evans, all of them managed to find a way to defeat me, but then I always managed to turn things around in my favor and succeed the next go around. You weren’t any different from any of them. You beat me, sure, but then I found a way to turn things around and I beat you at Retribution. You know how I always turn things around in my favor, Davey Boy Striker? It is my old faithful. It is the one thing that has never failed me. Not the barbed wire bats, not the staple guns, not the thumb tacks, not even Wasley here…” she pats the penguin on its head “...chaos.”

“What happens, Davey Boy Striker, when you introduce chaos, what happens when you introduce a little anarchy? It weeds out those unable or unwilling to survive in the Underground. Deanna, Owen, and James are all incredible wrestlers, but they have one thing in common that cost them in the end, that allowed me to swoop in and reclaim my spot; they were unwilling to embrace the chaos of the Underground division. After I beat you at Retribution, Davey, I still wasn’t sure you were willing to embrace that chaos, but then you walked out there on Breakdown and challenged me to walk with you down that Long Road out of Hell.?” She licks her lips. “Now that, my friend, is chaos. Now I am going to tell you the one thing you have been waiting to hear from moi for a very long time, and something I have been waiting to say to someone for a very long time.”

“You really and truly are ready for my Underground.” Williams shakes her head. “But make no mistake about it, Davey, that by no means makes you the heir apparent to my throne. If anything, this means that you are going to get even more of the violence, even more of the bloodshed, and even more of the chaos from the Queen of the Death Match. You are going to get to experience something that very few people have ever been unfortunate enough to experience.” She sneers nastily. “You get to experience the REAL Kimberly Williams.”

“The entire world think that they know Kimberly Williams but they don’t. Even you think that you know the psychotic little redhead that you’ve been fighting these past few months. But I am here to tell them and especially you, Davey, that you have no damn clue just who the hell I am and you have no idea of just how twisted, sadistic, and evil I can become when I am forced to push myself to that limit. And I think that tomorrow night at Taking the Leap, I have to push myself to that limit yet again.” She nods her head slowly with an ominous look on her face. “You said it yourself, Davey, we are dead even in this death match series. Yeah, I beat you at Retribution. I retained my Underground Championship. But you have proven that you can beat me. You have shown that you know what it takes to beat me. That means in order to retain at Taking the Leap, I need to do something different. In order to successfully navigate this Long Road out of Hell, I have to descend into the pits of hell that is my soul and give you the worst, darkest, most evil version of Kimberly Williams that there is.”

“And you know what else, Davey? This uniquely sadistic and dangerous match, the Long Road out of Hell…that is next level violence. I asked you to impress me and you damn sure delivered.” She smirks knowingly. “But unfortunately since you delivered next level violence, I have to now deliver a next level violent and next level deadly version of Kim. That’s why you have to experience the dark, evil Kimberly Williams. Only that kind of Kimberly Williams will be able to climb that Long Road out of Hell. I have to dig down deep into the personal darkness and hell of my soul in order to defeat you, Davey. And that’s exactly what I will do. Will I be able to get myself out of that hell that is my soul?” Kim shrugs her shoulders. “Who knows? But I can tell you that I will walk away still with my Underground Championship.”
[Image: Fr3dxo2WIAAhCXt?format=jpg&name=large]
SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 3x
2022 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 5x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
5LW Television Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

[Image: mariejones.png]

SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X-Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x

{The screen static jumps to a shot of David Striker sitting in a chair that faces a massive enshrouded structure in the foreground. Striker is wearing a pair of blue jeans with of his signature black “Young Punks” t-shirts as he looks straight ahead at shrouded structure before leaning back and running his hands through his short hair}

David: I’ve heard your words, Kimberly, and I recognize them for what they are…your way of showing me respect and that no matter how much respect you have for me, I will not be leaving the pay per view tomorrow night with *your* Underground championship.

Problem is that you believe that you have any say in that particular matter because truth be told, who is or isn’t the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground championship following the end of Taking the Leap will neither be you nor myself.

But *HIM*.

{David motions at the massive structure that stood before him}

David: Like I tried to explain to you previously, Kimberly, this isn’t a match that you win but you have to survive it. You literally have to fight your way through three levels of hell with no way out but down a zip line from the very top of the structure and even then, fighting in this kind of match is brutal on your body as there is no stopping because of a ref coming over to make your opponent stop attacking you, there is no ref causing a rope break or to make your opponent step away to allow you a quick breather.

This is your greatest test as the Underground champion, Kimberly, this is the ultimate endurance test…the kind of match that a guy named Loki once said that was like Raining sulfur or playing soccer, a true endurance test of not only your physical body, Kimberly, but also of your very soul, but of your very soul because if you fight one level below what you can feel in the very bottom of your own soul and if you don’t fight…well then, that will be the end for you and that’s not just me making big talk, Kimberly, that is hard facts generated from nine of these matches over the last twenty five *YEARS*.

{David stops and jabs a finger at the structure before him with a serious intent}

David: *THAT*, my dear Kimberly, THAT is the *MEASURE* of my desire for this industry, no matter what the level because THAT is how serious I take not only the company but this division!!

In the build up to our match, you mistook some of my words for weakness when in fact those very words were ones of concern for how much you care for this division and how serious you wanted everyone to take it, even from the young talent.

You wanted *ME* to show you how serious I was and thus when you beat me at Retribution, I knew that out of all of the matches I knew that I could challenge you in…only one would be enough to get the job done, *ONLY* one one would fit the bill *EXACTLY* with the right levels of CHAOS and CARNAGE to show you the depths of the levels of my respect for you and what you have built here in SCW.

You see Kimberly, I’m just like my older brother Jacob in that I’m a long time student of the game…just not to his *level* of insane study mind you…but I was an incredible study nonetheless and from what I had studied and learned over the years, there was only one match that I could challenge you to….a match that sings to those who are meant to wrestle in it and after Retribution and I headed to Japan for the first leg of the Pro Wrestling Nova tour there, I knew…I *KNEW*...deep down in the very pits of my soul where I had to go and with whom I had to present my argument to because you just don’t challenge someone to this match without going through the channels because it was a Slayton family signature match through and through…and *PLUS[/i]*, I wanted you to see just how deep my dedication to this division was.

Because if you wanted *[i]chaos
*, Kimberly, then I was going to give you *CHAOS*.

And Marcus Alexander Slayton Senior, the head of the Slayton Dynasty himself, not only agreed with me on my request but he also demanded FRONT ROW *SEATS* to the match itself because he had heard what levels of beautiful violence we have created and he wanted to see for himself first hand what we could create.

But think on this, if you hadn't questioned the chaos in my soul…if you hadn’t mistaken my words for what they really meant…then this match may not have happened because I had not shortage of matches of lesser chaotic birth that I could’ve challenged you too.

But this…

{David turns to regard the structure in front of him and the camera for a few seconds, his eyes slowly tracking over the entire enshrouded structure for several long seconds before he shakes his head and regards the camera once more}

David: This, Kimberly, this version of the structure was built especially for OUR match, my dear foe. I haven’t actually *seen* it yet…but from what I’ve been told that they have done do it…my god, it’s going to be beautiful when that bell rings, Kimberly, because while yes this match is for your title but truth be told, I’d sooner do this for free because this is one of those milestone moments that you heard about wrestlers having in their careers and I get to share mine with perhaps one of the greatest if not *THE* greatest opponent that I’ll ever have in the entirety of my career in *you*, Kimberly Williams.

This is *THE* Long Hard Road out of Hell match, Kimberly.

I have seen each and every single one of these matches, been ringside for at least four of them and even backstage in the aftermath of those same four.

But those weren’t *MY* matches.

This….this one IS *MY* match.

And I have you to thank for it and the best and only way that I can do to show my deep and heartfelt appreciation for what you have done is to tear you the fuck apart in this match…because as much as I respect you for granting me such a beautiful gift, my dear Kimberly…I must do it justice by destroying you within this very structure.

So if you try to fight at a hundred percent, then I will fight you at a thousand percent plus *ULTRA*!!

For every sick and twisted move that you think will be enough to put me down long enough for you to escape me, you’ll only turn and find yourself with my teeth at your throat. For every piledriver that you use to put my through glass and wood, I shall do the same to you only a thousand times better and worst, because that is the level of my desire…my drive…to honor both you and this match as I will do so by baptizing it in your very own steaming hot and sticky blood, Kimberly. And after this match at Taking the Leap, you will no longer the “Woman Scorned”, you could actually call yourself the new “Queen of Blood” or even “Queen of the Damned” and everyone *will* have to bow do in awe of you because if somehow you managed to survive *ME*....in this *MATCH*...how could they not?


I mean how many people get the actual chance to play in Satan’s own backyard? This is the *TENTH* match of this type, Kimberly, TEN times in TWENTY FIVE *years*....with each one being perhaps the most sadistic way to end a particular feud, end a war, win a title, or in one rare case rebuild a destroyed friendship…the point of the matter is that in ours, it’s simply about chaos and the desire for it.

And you…*YOU* made the disastrous question to question my dedication to not only the Underground division here in Supreme Championship Wrestling…but you also chose to *INSULT* my respect for you as well!!

{David’s eyes narrow as he then braces his forearms onto his knees as he leans into the camera’s pick up, his eyes twin dark pools of blue that grow even darker as the dark thoughts start to build deeply within him}

David: I am used to little shits questioning my HEART because of who my older brother is, but out of all the people…I never expected *YOU* to be one of them and the best way that you can make that up to me, Kimberly, is to do nothing more than give me the fucking FIGHT of my CAREER…I don’t want you to take it easy on me, because you know full well that when the time comes and that bell rings, that I’m going to do everything in my dark little heart to show you EXACTLY of what the Dope Show does to the pretty little ones who just simply want to come into this industry and thinks that we’re here to be “sports entertainers”!!!

You question the HEART of the Dope Show, that means that you wish to put your very career into the hands of the the Mephistopheles of Cameron North Carolina, that you wish to sit in the confessional of the Angel with the Scabbed Wings and pray, *PRAY* that in the end when the Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes comes for you, that you are saved by the biggest Bastard of them all in the Front Man of the Dope Show, David "Bam Bam" Striker…but in the end, Kimberly, don’t pray for forgiveness from me because in the end, the only forgiveness that I can issue to you for your failure to recognize my words to you in the lead up to Retribution….will be every ounce of pain and suffering that is bounding your way faster than Donkey Kong on crack, my dear Kimberly.

No…there will be no forgiveness nor will there be survival because I am going to tear through you and become the survivor of this match, there is no question to that because while I don’t question your heart and desire to remain the SCW Underground champion…I simply do not see that same fire in your desire to survive what the Long Hard Road out of Hell brings out of people the moment that you are locked in and that bell rings…because you’ve never SEEN it before, have you?!

You’ve never SEEN the level of its hand crafted glorious violence nor have you ever had to wrestle an opponent who could ever offer up such a banquet of extreme brutality within its own heresy that thums with enough chaotic forever that you lock up your daughters and first born sons for what it brings forth…*this* is what I bring to you at the Pay Per View, Kimberly, an opponent who not only thinks and wrestles you on that same chaotic level that you thrive on, my dear foe, but someone who knows how this match lives…breathes…thinks…an opponent that knows the desires of this very match and how you should properly handle the ecstasy of being apart of such a gloriously dark legacy!!!

{David then raises his right hand up and points directly at the camera}

David: This is everything that you have begged the stars above for all of this time, Kimberly. An opponent that was not afraid of facing you in the ring for whatever the reason and here we go, with me entering the final preparation for this lovely chaos war to begin.

So enjoy your trip with your friend and your daughter, I will be right here…waiting.

Like Thulsa Doom awaited for Conan….I will be waiting and our epic war will continue.

So come, come and visit our very own circle of Hell, Kimberly, I’ll make sure that our own circle is nice and ready for our bloody conflict.

{The screen then static jumps to black}

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