40 Person Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royal
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Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal
40 people involved
Winner is last person standing after all others have been eliminated, thrown over the top rope, both feet hitting the floor
Starts with two people with every 90 seconds a new individual entering the fray until all forty have entered.
Winner receives a World Championship opportunity at Rise to Greatness XXI

2 RP limit per person (no word limits)
Individuals in other matches can use their roleplays for both matches
This match may have secret roleplays (Roleplays that are messaged directly to the fed owner to allow some surprises; they will be posted after the show is posted).

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Saturday, June 1, 2024
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1x EMERGE Spirit Champion 

The portions in italics are just James' having an internal monologue. No promo this go round.

Born Again, Part One
James Evans

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SCW Accomplishments:
2x SCW World Heavyweight Champion
2016 SCW Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2016 SCW Rise to Greatness main event winner
2019 End of the Year Open Invitational Winner
SCW Supreme Champion
2x SCW U.S.Champion
SCW Adrenaline Champion
2x SCW Underground Champion
SCW World Tag Team Champion
2013 SCW Feud of the Year
2014 SCW Feud of the Year
2015 SCW Match of the Year
2016 SCW Match of the Year
2018 SCW Tag Team of the Year
2019 SCW Tag Team of the Year
2020 Conquered Thunderdome

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1x EMERGE Spirit Champion 

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May 18th, 2024
Houston, Texas
Off Camera

Two days ago in Los Angeles, Glory Braddock had a knock down, drag out fight with Xander Valentine. Despite her best efforts, The British Bombshell was unable to defeat SCW’s Executioner. Still, even in defeat Braddock feels a little sense of pride. The last time she battled Valentine she knows that she did not put forth her best effort. She knows that the last time she could have done better but did not try as hard as she knows she could. This time was different. Glory Braddock threw everything she had at Xander and even though she lost, she feels good knowing that she did her best, that this time she tried instead of going out and half-assing a performance. She did not win, but she did wipe away the shame of that last encounter, the shame of knowing she did not put in her best effort. She got to finish paying the consequences of their last encounter. It really invigorated The British Bombshell, truth be told. She finally paid the consequences and that shame no longer hangs over her head. Now she has hope that she can wipe away the consequences of her actions from the past few months when Twisted & Sadistic ran roughshod over the tag team division, making enemies out of nearly everyone, but more specifically the two teams of Dangerous Minds and The Cowgirls from Hell. Unlike with Xander, she will not be able to do this one alone. She will need her friend and tag partner Brittany Lohan along with the reigning SCW World Tag Team Champions Amelia Blythe and La Pequina Luz to wipe away these consequences and finally move on with her career and move on to one of her two major goals this Rise To Greatness season; reclaiming the SCW World Tag Team Championship. It never did set well with Braddock that she and Lohan lost the tag titles without being pinned and then never got their rematch due to some negotiating and arrangements that Glory wasn’t too keen on in the first place. Twisted & Sadistic certainly lost their temper, they lost control, and they wrecked the tag team division in their tantrum. They will have to pay the consequences at Taking Hold of the Flame. They have to give Dangerous Minds and The Cowgirls their chance at revenge. Once that is done, Braddock and Lohan can move on and try to win back their tag titles.

Still, there is one other major goal that Braddock has her eyes set on and that is the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal. Braddock has done everything there is to do in SCW. She won Trios on two occasions, she main evented Rise To Greatness, and she is a Supreme Champion. The only brass ring The British Bombshell has yet to obtain is to win Taking Hold of the Flame. Xander Valentine accused Braddock of being content with not living up to her potential, being content with living in the tag team division. Nothing could be further from the truth. Glory Braddock has always been a fierce competitor. It is her nature, her passion, to compete with the best and to prove herself to be the best. Rise To Greatness season is truly that moment where you can do just that. Braddock has the opportunity to compete against the best in the rumble and then go on to challenge the SCW World Champion in the main event of Rise To Greatness. There is no greater competition than this. Besides, Braddock has not forgotten how her one reign as World Champion was cut so short. Braddock would love nothing more than to right that wrong and win back the World Title.

Right now, however, Glory Braddock needs to refocus her attention to a more personal matter. This matter requires all of her attention and focus. She has played the role of a reluctant peacemaker, the person tasked with repairing a broken relationship within her husband, Kurt Logan’s, own family. Kurt and his sister Katherine grew up in a broken home with a drunk drug addled father who would regularly abuse them and their mother, Jean Logan. As Kurt and Katherine moved out they all lost track of one another. Kurt, for his part, was so emotionally scarred by the abuse that he intentionally kept out of contact with his mother, father, and sister. The only thing he knew for a fact was that his father was dead. Glory Braddock, who herself had lost both of her parents to death before she could ever truly learn to appreciate them, did not want her husband to suffer the same feelings of regret she feels today. Whether it was her place or not, Braddock decided to intervene and try to repair this family. Katherine was relatively easy to track down and while the siblings were reluctant at first to rekindle their bond, once they did get back together everything went off without a hitch. Kurt and Katherine quickly grew friendly again and they were grateful for what Glory had done in bringing them back together again. But this next step will be far more difficult and Braddock knows it. This is why she, her husband Kurt, and their daughter Dawn are in Houston, Texas. Katherine found their mother Jean, she has been living in Houston this entire time, and they have arranged to meet today.

The British Bombshell stands in front of a full length mirror in her hotel room in Houston, Texas taking appraisal of her outfit and appearance. She wears a knee-length royal purple skirt that accentuates her figure, the rich hue complementing her fair complexion and golden locks. The skirt is made of a luxurious fabric that moves gracefully with each step, featuring subtle pleats that add a touch of sophistication. Her top is a fitted white blouse with a delicate lace collar and cuff details, tucked neatly into the waistband of the skirt. The blouse's soft fabric contrasts beautifully with the boldness of the skirt, creating a harmonious balance between femininity and strength. On her feet, Glory wears high heel pumps in a sleek black patent leather, their glossy finish catching the light with every movement. Braddock is nervous; she has never met Kurt’s mother before. She only hopes to make a good impression. Furthermore, this was all Glory’s idea. The reunion was all Glory’s idea. What if this implodes? It will all be on Glory’s head. To say that she is a little nervous and anxious about this would be an understatement.

“You ok, babe?” The words catch Glory a little off guard. But she quickly recovers and smiles warmly as she turns around to face her husband Kurt. He is wearing a yellow polo shirt, brown khaki pants, and dress shoes. “You look a little nervous.”

“Oh, I’m fine. I just want to make sure I look ok. I have never met your mother before. First impressions are very important.”

“Don’t worry.” Kurt says, kissing her on the cheek. “You look terrific.”

“Yeah! You look great, mommy!” That is little Dawn Logan’s voice. The child, wearing a yellow sun dress, comes rushing over. Dawn has been very excited about the prospects of seeing her grandmother for the first time and has been a bundle of energy and excitement ever since their plane touched down in Houston. Glory kneels down and embraces Dawn in a big hug.

“Thanks, love.” She kisses her on the forehead. “That’s just the confidence boost I needed.”

“Glad I could help, mommy!”

“Of course.” She pats Dawn on the back. “Why don’t you run along and find your Aunt Katherine, huh?”

“Sure!” Glory and Kurt had booked a large suite big enough for them and for Kurt’s sister Katherine. Dawn is more than willing to go pay her aunt a visit and quickly makes her exit. Glory stands back up and chuckles as she watches Dawn run into a room, presumably Katherine’s room.

“That daughter of ours has so much bloody energy.”

“I wish we could bottle it up.” Kurt says with a smirk. “We could use that kind of energy sometimes.”

“Especially me!” Glory says with a bit of a laugh. “In about two weeks I’m going to be pulling double duty, mate. I got an eight person tag against four blokes who want my head on a pike, then I got the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal. Having Dawn’s kind of energy would be the perfect secret weapon!”

“Yeah it would.” Kurt sighs. “You know something, maybe this wasn’t a great idea.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s just like you said; you have Taking Hold of the Flame, and not just the rumble but the eight person tag. I know how much the tag titles mean to you but I also know how much being World champion again would mean to you. Maybe being here to see my mom isn’t such a good idea? You should be somewhere else, training, preparing, strategizing, you know?” Kurt says. Glory nods her head.

“You’re right.” She says sarcastically. “We should just call off this whole thing.”

“Great idea!”

“Wrong.” Glory shakes her head. “You are not getting out of this that easily, mate. You agreed to come visit your mother. Katherine wants to see her and we all agreed, we set this whole thing up. And your mother is expecting you. You can’t back out now and I think you know that.”

“It was worth a try.” Kurt says with a disappointed sigh. Kurt walks over towards the sliding glass door that exits to the balcony. Kurt just stands there and stares out at the Houston skyline. Braddock can sense something is wrong. She walks over and joins her husband by his side.

“What’s wrong, Kurt?”

“I just don’t know what to expect.” He shrugs his shoulders. “That’s it, really. I do not know what to expect.”

“What do you mean? She’s your mother. She will be happy to see you.”

“Will she?” Kurt asks. “You don’t understand, Glory. The last time I saw my mother, she was aw wreck, an absolute wreck. Mentally and emotionally she was broken, she was physically beaten and abused. I was honestly shocked to learn that she was still alive after all of this time…” he shakes his head “...so yeah, I don’t know what to expect.”

“All of that was due to the influence of your father. Your father was the abuser, he was the one who broke her mentally and emotionally and abused her physically. But that man is gone. That bad influence is gone.”

“Sure, but has the damage already been done?” Kurt asks. “You know better than anyone how long lasting trauma can be. Is she still the same kind woman I remember or has she changed?” Glory reaches out and takes Kurt by his hands. She squeezes them gently.

“You will never find out unless you go see her.”

“I know but…” he shakes his head “...I guess I’m afraid. What if she HAS changed and I don’t recognize her anymore? Maybe it’s for the best that I just stay away so that the lasting memory I have of my mother is of the kind woman I remembered?”

“You need to try to make this right, you need to repair this broken relationship. You were worried about reuniting with your sister but look at how beautifully that turned out.”

“I know, but…” his voice trails off.

“No, listen,” Glory chimes in, interrupting him “I kept sticking my head in the sand, I kept ignoring my own problems with my parents until it was too late. I regret to this day not learning to appreciate them, not truly loving them, and never truly getting to know them. Trust me when I say you do not want to risk having that kind of regret on your mind for the rest of your life.”

There is a long tense pause as Kurt and Glory stare into each other’s eyes. No one speaks a word but no words have to be spoken. Kurt realizes that his wife makes a valid point. He needs to make this right. Eventually Katherine Prescott and Dawn Logan emerge into view. Kurt and Glory turn their attention to them, both are dressed and look ready to go.

“So are we ready?” Katherine asks cheerfully. Kurt nods his head.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

May 18th, 2024
Houston, Texas
Off Camera

The drive was a long one, as Kurt and Katherine mother Jean does not live in the big city of Houston but in a suburb of Houston. But the drive allowed Kurt plenty of time to think about this monumental reunion with a mother whom he has not spoken with for a long time. It also has allowed Glory Braddock time to contemplate the part she played in all of this, and has allowed more of her nerves to build up. This was her plan and she wants it go off well, she wants this family reunion to work out beautifully for her husband. The vehicle, a rental sedan, would pull into the drive of a simple, quaint home. Kurt Logan and his sister Katherine have been standing there by the car for a few minutes staring up at the home while Glory watches on with her daughter Dawn by her side. She cannot help but wonder what is going on in the minds of her husband Kurt and his sister Katherine. Perhaps they are thinking about this long awaited reunion? Perhaps they are just as nervous as Glory is? Braddock walks up to the sibling pair.

“Are you two, ok?”

“Huh?” Kurt breaks from what is seemingly a trance and turns to face his wife. He smiles. “Oh, uh, yeah…it’s just that…” his voice trails off.


“The home.” Katherine states. “That’s the same home we grew up in.”

“Really?” Glory asks.

“Yeah,” Katherine answers “there has been some minor changes to the outside but definitely this is the same place. Mom apparently never left.”

“Well…” Kurt sighs “...we should go. Mom is probably waiting.”

Kurt clasps Glory’s hand. She can tell that he is nervous, just as nervous as she is. With her other hand Glory takes Dawn and then the group walk up to the front door. This is a long time coming and Glory lets Kurt the honors of ringing the doorbell. She almost half-expects her husband to make a break for it, one last attempt to run away, but thankfully he does none of it. A few moments later and the door opens. Standing there is an older woman with curly brown hair. She looks elegant in a traditional sort of way wearing a quarter sleeves blue floral floor length dress. Is this Jean Logan? Is this Kurt and Katherine’s long lost mother whom they have lost all contact with, whom they have not spoken with in a very long time? This woman’s stoic gaze quickly breaks into a big grin and tears form in her eyes. The emotions are pouring out. Yes, this is definitely Jean Logan.

“Kurt! Katherine!” She quickly holds her arms. Kurt and Katherine approach and join in a big hug.

“Hi, mom!” Kurt says.

“Great seeing you, mom!” Katherine chimes in.

“Grandma!” This is the excited voice of little Dawn Logan. The trio break their embrace and Jean looks down at the little girl. Glory is calming down and relaxing. It seems as if her plan to repair this broken family is working out. Everyone seems so happy.

“And who is this darling girl?” Jean asks as she hugs Dawn.

“That’s my daughter.” Kurt says. “Dawn, this is your grandmother, Jean.” Jean hugs Dawn tightly. Clearly she is happy to meet her granddaughter. Then Jean stands up and is face to face with Glory Braddock. Kurt motions to Glory. “And this is my wife. Gloria Braddock.”

“Please, call me Glory.” Braddock says as she hugs Jean as well. What definitely seemed like loving embraces and warm heart filled emotions has changed. Glory doesn’t get that same sense when Jean hugs her. Jean seems a little distant, maybe even a little cold and guarded when hugging Glory. Braddock makes a mental note of it. Then after breaking the embrace Jean resumes her happy, cheerful self.

“Well it is nice to meet you, Glory. It is a joy to see my granddaughter and it is even more joyful to see my children again.” Jean is beaming with happiness. She motions for the group to follow her. “Come! Come inside!” Jean leads the group into the home. It is a small place, just barely big enough for a family of four to live comfortable. Glory Braddock finds it difficult to imagine all of the painful memories Kurt must be experiencing to have returned to this place again.

“You didn’t remodel much, mom.” Kurt points out.

“Oh you know me. If it isn’t broken do not fix it.” Jean points out.

“So did you really live here, daddy?” Dawn asks.

“Sure did, Dawn.”

“Wow…” Dawn is in awe at being here where her dad grew up “...you too, Aunt Katherine?”

“Yep. Want me to show you our old rooms?”

“Yay!” Dawn says enthusiastically. Katherine looks up at Jean.

“Can we?”

“Of course.” Jean answers with a nod of her head. “Your rooms are where they always were. Very little has changed.”

“Great.” Katherine takes Dawn by her hand. “Lets go!” Katherine leads Dawn off in another direction while Glory Braddock follows Kurt and his mother Jean into the living room area. Kurt and Glory sit down on an old somewhat raggedy red sofa. Jean sits down on a brown recliner that sits perpendicular to the sofa. The sofa and recliner do not go together, it is a stark contrast in decor, but Glory doesn’t say anything.

“You really haven’t changed much in here, mom.” Kurt says as he looks over at the room, taking in its surroundings.

“I haven’t seen the point.” The sweet old says with a shrug of her shoulders. “Kurt, dear, why don’t you go and find your sister and Dawn? I’m sure your daughter would love if YOU showed her your room personally.”

“Uh, you sure?”

“I insist.” Jean says. Glory quickly realizes what is going on. Jean obviously wants to talk to Glory alone. Kurt realizes this too. He looks at Glory, almost as if to ask permission. The British Bombshell just nods her head simply, to tell him its ok.

“Yeah, sure.” Kurt gets up and walks away. Once he is out of sight Glory is left alone with Jean. Glory is honestly not sure what will happen next between her and her mother-in-law whom she only just now met. But the warm smile on the woman’s face seems to put some of her nerves and fears at ease.

“I understand that you are responsible for this reunion?”

“Yes, Ms. Logan.” Glory answers. Jean chuckles and shakes her head.

“Please, you can call me Jean.”

“Ok, Jean.”

“Thank you for making this happen, Glory.” Jean remarks. “I thought that I would never again see my children. But you brought us back together. You brought my son and daughter back together. I could not thank you enough.”

“Well I love, Kurt. I love him and I would do anything for him.” Glory chuckles. “He was a little nervous and afraid at first but he and I both knew that it had to be done.”

“I understand his nerves. His childhood was far from perfect.” She sighs. “I am certain he told you about his childhood, hasn’t he?”

“Yes.” Glory does not tell Jean that he only told her about his childhood in the past month, after basically having to force the truth out of him. She doesn’t want Jean to have a bad impression of her son. “And I understand his fears. My own childhood was far from perfect.”

“I suppose I could have done better.” Jean says quietly. “I should have done better. Me and their father could have done far better.”

“You did the best you could.” Glory insists. “Your situation was far from ideal and you played the hand that you were dealt. Marriages are not always perfect.”

“Oh I know this all too well.” Jean smiles. “And I must admit, that is why I wanted to talk to you privately. Alone. I am a little concerned about you and my son.”

“What?” Glory is somewhat taken aback by this. Of everything that could have happened, this was the last thing she was expecting. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Gloria, my dear, marriage takes a great deal of commitment and without that commitment marriage is at risk. Just look at myself and my husband…his name was Robert. He was never committed to me, to our children, and definitely not committed to the sanctity of our marriage.” Jean rolls her eyes. “Oh he was certainly committed to drugs, to alcohol, and all of the women he kept seeing on the side.”

“He cheated on you?” Glory knew about the drugs and the alcohol abuse. She didn’t realize Kurt’s father was a two-timer as well. Jean nods her head.

“Yes, he had many women on the side.”

“Forgive me, but…” Glory shrugs her shoulders “...why didn’t you leave him?”

“Because unlike my husband, I was committed to our marriage and I refused to give up on it. It’s as the saying goes, ‘til death do us part’, and I remained committed to my marriage to Robert until his death.”

“Ok, but what does that have to do with me?” Glory asks while Jean stares at her with that strange, sweet smile on her face. As Glory and Jean stare at one another it suddenly hits her. Glory finally realizes what this is all about. “You don’t think I am committed to Kurt, do you?”

“I hate to be rude, Gloria, but you haven’t shown any sign of commitment.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Glory wants to be polite, she wanted this opportunity to help heal this broken family, but she also does not want to be disrespected like this. The British Bombshell will not take it lightly.

“Well for starters.” She points to her own finger, which has a wedding band on it. Then she points to Glory’s finger. “You are not wearing your wedding band.”

“I forgot.” Glory shrugs her shoulders. “Big deal.”

“Also why are you using your maiden name?” She points out. “You married my boy Kurt LOGAN, shouldn’t you be Gloria Logan, now?” Glory is growing frustrated and tired of Jean being nitpicky over these small, seemingly minute details.

“Yes, well I am a well known professional wrestler and in the wrestling world the Braddock name is respected. Kurt seems to understand and doesn’t have a problem with continuing to use the name Braddock for my career purposes.”

“Are you, perhaps, more committed to wrestling than you are to your marriage?” Jean asks. Glory is now downright offended but she does her best to hold back her anger. She does not want to let Jean know that she has successfully gotten under her skin.

“I am committed to both.”

“My husband thought he could be committed to his numerous…hobbies…and to me at the same time.” Jean shakes her head. “But he didn’t, he wasn’t. He loved the others but not me. He grew to resent me.”

“With all due respect, Jean, your husband’s hobbies included drugs, alcohol, and other women.” Glory points out, her frustration finally beginning to show. “My other commitment is something my husband shares a passion for; wrestling. We both love it. So he gets it and he gets me.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Gloria.” Jean remarks in a sickeningly sweet tone. “But my dear, please understand that I only want what’s best for my son, and if he’s happy with you…”

“He is.” Glory says sharply.

“...if he is happy with you, then I want your marriage to succeed. The last thing I want is for him to cheat on you, or you to cheat on him, the way my Robert cheated on me.”

And with that, Jean Logan stands up and exits the room. Glory Braddock remains behind, somewhat dumbfounded. She had been angry at Jean for the sharp judgment levied her way. But those last words of hers really hit home, because there had already been cheating involved in their relationship. Glory had already cheated on Kurt Logan. Luckily they managed to repair the relationship, they saved their marriage. But the truth of Jean’s words finally hit home. Does Glory need to be more committed to Kurt and the marriage? Has she lost focus on what is important in life?
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SCW World Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Adrenaline Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x (w/Brittany Lohan)
Supreme Champion
2019 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Regan Street & Kellen Jeffries)
2020 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Ace Marshall & David Helms)
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May 21st, 2024
Miami, Florida
Off Camera

Taking Hold of the Flame is fast approaching. In fact, there is only one Breakdown to go before one of the biggest, most important events of the SCW calendar year. And for The British Bombshell and her tag team partner Brittany Lohan, this will be a very busy night. Twisted & Sadistic specifically will have to try and coexist with their on again off again enemies turned allies Light in the Darkness to take on the combined force of Dangerous Minds and the Cowgirls from Hell in an eight person tag. Lohan, for her part, finds it frustrating that this is even taking place, that they have to coexist with Amelia and Luz, the pair that have the SCW World Tag Team Titles that Twisted & Sadistic want so badly. Braddock, on the other hand, gets it. She understands that they are, at least, partially responsible for this chaos that has been created in the tag team division and now, hopefully with the help of the tag champions, they can put an end to the chaos so that they can move on to finally challenging for the tag team titles. It would be busy enough if that were the only bit of business Glory Braddock had to take care of at Taking Hold of the Flame. But The British Bombshell has other business to take care of that night, because it is on that night that the forty person Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal will take place to determine a number one contender for the SCW World Championship. Her critics and detractors may call it greed or selfishness, but Glory just calls it her competitive drive, and her competitive drive makes her want to shoot for the stars and there is no star higher, no prize bigger, and no competition greater than Taking Hold of the Flame or the SCW World Championship. Glory would be crazy to ignore such an opportunity and it would go against her very nature to reject such an alluring competition, such an alluring challenge. She knows this means pulling double duty, she knows it means competing twice in one night, but this is what she lives for, this is the kind of competition she thrives upon. And she will do everything within her power to turn Taking Hold of the Flame into the single most successful night of her career.

Braddock is plagued by only one tiny mental issue; doubt. The past few days The British Bombshell has found herself in doubt of her own commitment. It all started over the weekend when she flew herself, her husband Kurt, their daughter Dawn, and Kurt’s sister Katherine to Houston, Texas. The plan was simple; reunite Kurt and Katherine with their mother whom they had not heard from in decades, a woman they thought might have been dead. Glory wanted to repair a broken family relationship. And things seemed to go so well, Kurt and Katherine seemed to enjoy their mother’s company and, likewise, Jean Logan seemed to enjoy seeing her children again. Unfortunately things broke down when Glory Braddock was alone with her mother-in-law. Jean Logan questioned Glory’s commitment to Kurt. She questioned whether or not Glory took her marriage seriously. At first Braddock was enraged and offended; Jean was bringing up tiny, minor, nit picky issues such as Glory not wearing her wedding band and Glory not taking Kurt’s last name of Logan. But as time went on Glory realized that Jean might have a point about her commitment issues. Glory did cheat on Kurt once. Yes, it was a time when Glory was suffering from a nervous breakdown and yes, she and Kurt did make peace, but still the affair happened. Plus one can look at other issues to question her commitments. Just look at Taking Hold of the Flame. Glory and Brittany want to become SCW World Tag Team Champions, they are already number one contenders and are trying to deal with two angry teams who want their heads on a platter. Yet at the same time Glory also wants to compete in the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal itself. Glory still has her eyes set on potentially earning a shot at the SCW World Title. Is Glory truly committed to anything? Is Jean Logan right about her?

It is late in the evening at the Braddock-Logan household in Miami, Florida. It is near pitch black dark outside with the exception of a few street lights and the moon hanging overhead. It looks lovely as Glory Braddock, sitting on a plush cream colored sofa in her luxurious living room area, stares out at the window. She is wearing purple shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a ponytail in the back. Sitting next to her is her husband, Kurt Logan. He is wearing denim jeans and a black t-shirt. Sitting across from them is Brittany Lohan. Yes, Glory’s friend and tag team partner is staying with them this evening. It makes perfect sense, after all, since Glory and Brittany are tag team partners and traveling to SCW events together. Tomorrow they will catch a flight to Quebec, Canada for Breakdown. In the meantime they have spent all day today working out and preparing for the eventual showdown at Taking Hold of the Flame against Dangerous Minds and the Cowgirls and, potentially, the chaos that might ensue on Breakdown; a point that Lohan is quick to point out.

“We need to be ready. Dumont, Striker, and the Straders will probably come after us again.” Brittany says, directing her words at Glory. But The British Bombshell doesn’t seem to notice. She seems rather distant. “Glory? Did you hear me?”

“Uh-huh…” Glory says unconvincingly. Brittany furrows her brow and nods her head.

“Ok. Then how is this for a plan? You lure them outside and I will run all four of them over with a car.” Kurt even looks astounded at this suggestion but Braddock doesn’t even flinch. She just nods her head.


“Glory?!” Kurt shouts, which finally gets his wife’s attention. It startles her enough to turn and look at Kurt and Britttany.


“Were you listening to anything Brittany just said?”

“Yeah, of course.” Glory says lying.

“So you are ok with Brittany running over your Taking Hold of the Flame opponents?”

“What?” Glory shakes her head. “No! Of course not!”

“Forgive her, Kurt.” Brittany smirks. “I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time vehicular homicide was attempted live on an SCW Breakdown.”

“Well we do NOT need to take things that far!” Glory exclaims. “We already pushed this too far as it is.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Brittany asks. “Angelica bought you a week. I doubt Dumont and Striker will be kind enough just to give you another week. Not that I care.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I’ll fight them whenever and wherever.”

“Unfortunately you’re right.” Glory remarks with a sigh. “Those four seem to be just like you, Britt. Dangerous Minds, The Cowgirls, they want to fight first and ask questions later. I’m surprised Angelica was able to buy me a week. I don’t think we’ll be lucky this time. They’ll probably attack and we need to be ready.”

“Good.” Brittany smirks. “I’ve been waiting to clobber them.”

“Clobber away, mate.” Glory remarks. “But between this week’s Breakdown and the chaos that brings and then Taking Hold of the Flame, we’ll be busy, and it is late. You should probably go get some rest, huh?”

“Busy?” Lohan scoffs. “Not as busy as you. You’re pulling double duty by entering the battle royal too.” She shrugs her shoulders. “But you’re right, it’s getting late. I should turn in.” She stands up and stretches.

“You remember where the guest room is, right?” Kurt asks. Brittany nods her head.

“Sure do.” Lohan turns and walks off, making her exit. Glory goes back to staring out the window. Kurt meanwhile listens for the footsteps going upstairs. Once he is certain Brittany is out of sight and out of earshot he once again turns his attention back to his wife, who still seems fairly distracted.


“Huh?” She is again startled and turns back to face Kurt. “What?”

“Are you ok?”

“Of course I’m ok.” She tries to force a smile. “Why wouldn’t I be ok?”

“It’s just that you have seemed a little distant lately.”

“I’m fine, love. Trust me.” Glory says unconvincingly. But Kurt is skeptical and shakes his head.

“I don’t buy it, babe. You have seemed a little off. In fact, you haven’t really been the same since…” he pauses and it looks almost as if a lightbulb went off over his head “...ever since Houston.”

“Houston?” Glory repeats. “What are you talking about, mate?”

“You know what I’m talking about.” Kurt says. “Did something between you and my mom in Houston?”

“Kurt…” she sighs “...I’d rather not discuss it.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Kurt, please I…” Glory stares into his eyes for several tense moments before finally she sighs and nods her head “...oh ok, fine! I admit, I have been a little upset lately. It’s because your mom, she…” she sighs and shakes her head “...she doesn’t think I’m committed to you, to us, to this marriage.”

“She…” Kurt is almost in disbelief “...she said that?”

“Yes, but…” Glory tries to explain it in greater detail but it is too late, the cat is out of the bag and Kurt Logan is now angry. He is seeing red and shaking his head angrily.

“How DARE she?! Where does she get the nerve to question you when her own marriage to my asshole of a father was a train wreck from day one?! She has no right to question you or to judge you!” He growls angrily. “I’m gonna…”

“You are not going to do anything!” Glory says sharply. “At least not until you have calmed yourself down and had time to think this through.”

“I have thought it through.” Kurt remarks. “She had no right to judge you. My mother has always been super traditional about everything, and I mean everything. That’s why she never left my dad. She viewed him as the head of the household even though he was a complete dick. She has no right to say anything to you with her own delusional, twisted beliefs!” Kurt places comforting hands on Glory’s shoulders. “But you and I, what we have is different. I look at us as equals. You are my equal and I treat you as such.”

“I agree with you on that.” Glory says, forcing a smile. “I do think that is part of why we have succeeded so well.”

“Good.” He kisses Glory on the lips. “So quit listening to my mom’s nonsense, ok?”

“It isn’t that simple.” Glory shakes her head. “She questioned my commitment to this marriage but it got me to thinking about my commitment in general. Am I really committed to our children? I nearly lost Melinda. She hated me for awhile. Sure, we’re growing closer again, but I had to throw money at her to do it. And then there’s her boyfriend, Clyde Sutter, who I still do not trust yet I am just letting that go, I am just ignoring it because I want my daughter to like me.”

“I don’t trust Sutter, either.” Kurt remarks.

“But it isn’t just that. I grew close to a woman who was close to me, who still is near and dear to me…”

“Aphrodite?” Kurt asks. Glory nods her head.

“Yes. I grew so close that I agreed to become her adopted daughter when she asked. I do not even acknowledge her publicly as my mother. I did not take her last name, just as I did not take your last name when I married you. Does that mean that I am not as serious or as committed to either of you as I would like to think?”

“That’s more of my mom’s delusional thinking.” Kurt states sternly. “You are free to do whatever you want. If you want to take my last name, fine. If you want to take Aphrodite’s last name, fine. If you want to keep your Braddock name because it is respected and revered, then fine. All that matters is what’s in your heart. All that matters is the love that exists between you and me.”

“I do love you, Kurt.” Glory answers quietly. “I love you with all of my heart.”

“Then that’s all that really matters.” He insists. “It doesn’t matter what my mom says. As long as you and I love one another, everything else is just secondary.”

Tears form in the eyes of The British Bombshell as she lets the words of her husband soak in. He is right, of course. Wearing a wedding band isn’t the end all be all determiner of love. Changing your name isn’t the ultimate sign of love. Love is far deeper than that and so is commitment. Glory Braddock is committed to Kurt and the love she shows him is evidence of that. Just like she is committed to Brittany Lohan and their team of Twisted & Sadistic. Brittany stepped up to the plate to help her become a Supreme Champion and Glory is committed to helping Brittany become a tag team champion again and being in the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal to try and earn a shot at the SCW World Title does not change that commitment in any way. Glory Braddock’s commitment is second to none and she will be ready to test herself, to challenge herself in the greatest way possible, at Taking Hold of the Flame.

London, England
On Camera

We open inside of an old wrestling school that has certainly seen its better days. The first thing that we encounter is the pervasive smell of sweat, mold, and the faint tang of old blood. The air is thick and musty, contributing to the oppressive atmosphere. Flickering fluorescent lights hang from the high ceiling, casting a dim, uneven glow across the room. There is a standard regulation size professional wrestling ring located in the center of the main area. It’s an old, sagging square ring with frayed ropes and faded turnbuckles, its once-vibrant colors now dulled to a drab gray. The mat is stained with years of sweat and effort, patched in several places with duct tape where the fabric has torn. The wooden boards beneath the mat creak and groan with every step, a constant reminder of the wear and tear they’ve endured.

Just then we hear the clicking of heels from off in the distance. It isn’t long before we see the lovely Glory Braddock entering the scene from the right. Her long, golden hair cascades down her back in soft, loose waves. Braddock is wearing a royal purple silky blouse that is a vibrant contrast to her fair complexion and golden locks. The neckline is modest yet flattering. The blouse is tucked neatly into a pair of high-waisted black jeans, their slim fit highlighting her tall, athletic build. Over the blouse, she wears a black leather jacket that adds an element of toughness to her ensemble. The jacket is fitted, hugging her shoulders and arms just right, with silver zippers gleaming against the dark leather. She is perched atop black ankle boots with a slight high heel.

“This is the wrestling school where I learned under the sometimes harsh tutelage of my late father, Glenn Braddock. He taught me everything he knew about this business and every single one of his lessons I took to heart. He molded me into the wrestler that I am today. I adopted most of his philosophies and approach to this business, and one of those philosophies, one such approach that I have adopted is his approach to competition. You may love me or hate me, you may cheer me or boo me, but I have never once changed my approach to competition. It is a lesson my father taught me and one I have kept near and dear to my heart. Competition is about challenging yourself. Since even before I signed with SCW so many years ago, I have always had this same competitive drive to find a challenge and meet it head on. The first challenge was quite a big and heavy one; I was told that I didn’t have what it took to hang with the elite of Supreme Championship Wrestling. So I set out to prove them all wrong. I did just that, I took on all comers and I beat them all. I became a champion. Then I set my sights on my next goal, becoming SCW World Champion. Yes, that was a short lived reign but damn it I did it. I achieved that goal and my name is forever in the record books as a former World Champion of one of the most elite promotions in the world today. We will revisit that goal momentarily.” She winks.

“I had achieved that goal so I needed to set my sights on a new goal. I looked back on when I first started in this promotion, how people I couldn’t make it in SCW, and I decided my next goal would be to shove it in their face by achieving the ultimate prize of Supreme Champion. I only needed two championships to achieve it. I won the Television Title in short order but the Tag Titles proved elusive. I needed someone to step up, someone willing to work with me and help me achieve my goal. I have Brittany Lohan to thank for stepping up to the plate. She had nothing to gain. She had no reason to do it except for her loyalty to me. But she stepped up and we reunited as Twisted & Sadistic. We dominated every tag team SCW had to offer and despite a few setbacks here and there I just knew that my goal was on the verge of being reached.” She closes her eyes. It is almost as if she were reliving a joyous memory from the past. “It feels like yesterday, me and Britt defeated Light in the Darkness to become SCW World Tag Team Champions. It was supposed to be my crowning achievement…until Ravyn and Syren ruined it, and thanks to their interference, thanks to their involvement, my moment was ruined and then OUR championship reign was cut short at Retribution.”

“I have no problem apologizing for how Twisted & Sadistic handled business after the fact but I will not apologize for my fierce competitive spirit, I will not apologize for refusing to just accept the fact that me and Britt were being thrust to the back of the line because of the actions of Dark Fantasy. And newsflash to Ravyn and Syren, if I meet you in the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal, I will do everything in my power to make sure Syren is eliminated so that she never again gets anywhere the SCW World Title. I will not apologize for the righteous indignation both Britt and I felt for being screwed over. But we did create chaos, we created a problem, and now we have to deal with that problem and that problem comes in the form of Dangerous Minds and The Cowgirls from Hell.”

“Striker and Dumont, Straders, obviously you lot love to fight and obviously you lot love to fight Twisted & Sadistic. You want our heads on a pike and that’s fine. Britt and I will gladly give you the fight you wanted. All you had to do was ask and we would have given you this fight. You didn’t have to keep getting involved in our business. You didn’t have to keep jumping us during our matches or jumping us backstage. Don’t get me wrong. I get it, we started this shit and you all want revenge. But even you have to understand and accept that this cannot keep going on forever. Eventually this has to come to an end. Competition is one thing but this, this isn’t competition. This hatred. You hate us and we…well, at least Britt may hate you. I don’t want to speak for her. Me? I honestly do not hate you. Hell, I respect you. Veronica, you beat me one on one and that right there earned my respect. Cara pushed Luz to the limit and as someone who tangled with that fierce warrior before, I know how tough she is, so that earned my respect. Dumont, Striker, both of you have fought my cousins, Marie and Kim. Dumont nearly had Marie beat for the Television Title. That match was a bloody beautiful banger to watch. And Striker, anyone who can take on Kim not just once, not just twice, but three times in the Underground, one of which was the Long Road out of Hell, is definitely someone worthy of respect.” She nods her head.

“I do respect you…but you are also annoying the hell out of me. This whole thing between us is annoying me because it not only punishes me and Britt, but it punishes Light in the Darkness and the entire tag team division, because the more you involve yourselves in our business, the more revenge you try to exact on us, the longer this feud gets drawn out, the more another rivalry is delayed…namely the rivalry between Twisted & Sadistic and Light in the Darkness. I mean, hell, look at how long the tag team division has been held up now! It has been held up on delay since Taking the Leap. I speak only for myself, not for Britt, when I accept the blame I have for causing this delay…” she points a finger at the camera “...but you four share some blame because you refuse to let go. So you lot want your revenge? You want to kick our asses? Here is your ONE and FINAL chance and it happens at Taking Hold of the Flame. Make the best of it. Good luck.”

“This sport is built not upon revenge but upon the spirit of competition, it is built upon the ideal of setting goals for yourself and reaching out, striving to achieve those goals. Me and Britt certainly ruffled some feathers in our goal of trying to win back the SCW Tag Team Titles. But certain people, namely Xander Valentine, thinks that I have decided to rest on my laurels, that I have been content with being in the tag team division.” Braddock smirks knowingly and shakes her head. “That shows you just how LITTLE that big oaf knows about me. I may be a lot of things but one of those things that I am NOT is content. I am always looking out for the next big challenge. My last big challenge was to become Supreme Champion. I achieved that. Did you honestly believe that after becoming Supreme Champion I would NOT seek out a new challenge for me to face? Did you really think that I would not seek out a new way to test myself, to challenge myself? Once I saw that Taking Hold of the Flame would be coming to my native home of London, England I knew exactly what my next big challenge would be.”

“See, unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades then you know that Taking Hold of the Flame is the official kickoff to Rise To Greatness season. Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal is the one single event where you can catapult yourself to superstardom in one single night. Now you look at someone like me and you see someone who has taken every single brass ring SCW has to offer. Supreme Champion? Done it. Trios Tournament? Won it twice. Main event of Rise To Greatness? Done it. But the one thing that I have never done, the one brass ring I have yet to claim, is to win Taking Hold of the Flame.” Braddock winks at the camera.

“Now how is THAT for a challenge? And this would not just be any ordinary challenge, this would be the ultimate challenge, the ultimate test for any SCW wrestler. I am competing twice in one night; first I go out and handle business with Britt and Light in the Darkness against Dangerous Minds and the Cowgirls from Hell. Then I come right back out and compete in the greatest rumble match in the history of our sport. You cannot create a bigger test for a wrestler like that. And if…” she pauses to reconsider her wording “...no, no, WHEN I win Taking Hold of the Flame, I will punch my ticket to the main event of Rise To Greatness. I will return to the main event of Rise To Greatness to challenge for the SCW World Championship.” She shuts her eyes and lets out a satisfied sigh, almost as if she already won the match.

“Oh and how sweet a victory would that be? My first Rise To Greatness main event came about because I used my Trios Tournament to insert myself into the main event. I wanted to make the match a triple threat to increase Syren’s odds of losing the SCW World Championship. But this time will be different. This time I EARN my way in the right way, I earn my way in by winning Taking Hold of the Flame. And then I can either smack some reality back into the power mad Selena Frost…or get one third and final shot at Xander Valentine…either way, Selena or Xander, it will be my time, not theirs. It will by time to step up and reclaim the SCW World Championship and finally have a proper run as champion! I can wipe away the stain of the short lived reign I had from 2021.”

“Taking Hold of the Flame, Dangerous Minds and the Cowgirls from Hell who want to maim me…and then thirty nine other competitors in the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal itself, all of whom want the same thing I want, all of whom who are standing in my way and want to stop me from achieving my goal…there is no bigger, no greater challenge than that. And that is what competition is all about, that is what this business is all about, and believe me when I say that I will fight to my last breath right here in my hometown, in front of my friends, my fans, my family, my loved ones, to win the big one for them! To win it for each and every one of them!” She shakes her head. “And there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.”

Glory Braddock turns and walks off. The camera fades to black.
[Image: qyA5u6K.png]
SCW World Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Adrenaline Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x (w/Brittany Lohan)
Supreme Champion
2019 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Regan Street & Kellen Jeffries)
2020 Trios Tournament Winner (w/ Ace Marshall & David Helms)
Book of Shadows

The Battle Within Part I

As Elias emerged from the crucible of his inner turmoil, a chilling sensation coursed through his veins, sending shivers down his spine. It was as if a dormant force within him had been awakened, its presence pulsating with an otherworldly energy that defied explanation. The fire that once burned brightly within him now seemed to flicker in the presence of an encroaching darkness, threatening to consume him from within.

With each step forward, Elias felt the weight of his past grow heavier, the shadows of his own doubt and uncertainty looming larger than ever before. The once unyielding resolve that had carried him through countless trials now wavered in the face of an insidious force that sought to undermine his very being.

As he ventured into the unknown, Elias knew that the road ahead would be fraught with peril, but he faced it with a sense of trepidation that gnawed at the edges of his consciousness. For he could feel the darkness within him growing stronger, its tendrils reaching out to ensnare him in its suffocating embrace.

With each passing moment, Elias could sense the presence of Enigma—the enigmatic figure that had long haunted his thoughts—growing more pronounced, its influence seeping deeper into the recesses of his mind. It was as if a part of him had been consumed by the darkness, leaving only a hollow shell in its wake.

As the radiant glow of his inner light began to dim, Elias realized with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that the battle for his soul was far from over. Though he marched onward with a facade of bravery, he knew that the darkness within him threatened to overwhelm him at any moment, plunging him into an abyss from which there may be no return.

In the depths of Thornbrooke, where the shadows danced with malevolent glee, Elias found himself standing once more at the threshold of his childhood home. The air hung heavy with the weight of his apprehension, the very walls of the decrepit house seeming to pulse with an ominous energy.

As Elias stepped across the crumbling threshold, the memories of his past flooded back with a vengeance, each one a haunting reminder of the struggles he had faced and the choices he had made. But amidst the chaos of his thoughts, a single figure loomed large in the darkness—a specter from his past that refused to be ignored.

His mother stood before him, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear and sorrow as she beheld the son she barely recognized. The tension between them crackled in the air like lightning, a silent testament to the rift that had grown between them in the wake of Elias’s descent into darkness.
For a moment, neither of them spoke, the weight of their shared history hanging heavy between them. But as Elias’s mother moved to embrace him, he recoiled, the darkness within him lashing out with a ferocity that startled them both.

“I can’t,” he whispered hoarsely, his voice barely audible above the din of his own inner turmoil. “I can’t do this anymore. The darkness… it’s consuming me.”

Tears welled in his mother’s eyes as she reached out to him, her voice trembling with emotion. “Elias, please,” she pleaded, her words a desperate plea for redemption. “You don’t have to fight this alone. We can help you, but you have to let us in.”

But as Elias stared into the depths of his mother’s eyes, he knew that the darkness within him could not be vanquished so easily. With a heavy heart, he turned away, leaving her standing alone in the darkness as he ventured deeper into the abyss that threatened to swallow him whole.

Outside Elias’ dilapidated childhood home, Old Man Hawthorne emerged from the shadows like a harbinger of doom. His aged features twisted into a sly grin, belying the true depths of his intentions. With a voice as smooth as honey yet laced with venom, he spoke to Elias.

“Elias,” his tone was both soothing and sinister, “you must stay with your mother tonight. There are forces at play here beyond your comprehension, and she needs you now more than ever.”

Elias hesitated, sensing the underlying deceit in Hawthorne’s words, but the urgency of the situation outweighed his suspicions. With a reluctant nod, he agreed to Hawthorne’s request, unaware of the betrayal lurking beneath the old man’s facade.

As Elias turned to leave, Hawthorne’s grin widened, his eyes gleaming with malevolent intent. “Remember, Elias,” he whispered, his voice dripping with malice, “the darkness may be relentless, but so too is the light. Choose wisely, for the fate of Thornbrooke hangs in the balance.”

Inside the dimly lit confines of Elias’ childhood home, tension hung thick in the air like a suffocating fog. His mother’s worried gaze met his, her eyes pleading for reassurance in the face of mounting uncertainty.

“Elias,” her voice quivered with apprehension, “I don’t understand what’s happening to you. You’ve been so distant lately, so… lost.”

Elias clenched his fists, struggling to contain the turmoil raging within him. “Mother, please,” he pleaded, his voice strained with emotion, “I’m trying to fight it, but it’s like I’m losing myself.”

His mother reached out, her hand trembling as she touched his cheek, her touch a fleeting comfort amidst the storm. “Whatever it is, Elias,” she whispered, her voice barely above a whisper, “we’ll face it together. You’re not alone, my dear.”

But even as her words washed over him like a soothing balm, Elias felt the icy grip of fear tighten around his heart. The darkness within him whispered seductive promises of power and control, tempting him to succumb to its embrace.

With a heavy sigh, Elias tore himself away from his mother’s embrace, the weight of his own uncertainty bearing down upon him like a leaden shroud. Though he longed to confide in her, to seek solace in her unwavering love, he knew that the darkness that lurked within him threatened to consume them both.

As he turned to face the darkness that awaited him, Elias knew that the time for reckoning was fast approaching. With his mother’s worried gaze following him into the shadows, he steeled himself for the battle that lay ahead, determined to confront the darkness within himself and emerge victorious, no matter the cost.

As Elias stood in the dimly lit hallway of his childhood home, the battle between his own identity and the dark force of Enigma raged within him like a tempest. Each step he took felt like a struggle against an invisible tide, threatening to pull him deeper into the abyss of his own mind.

With every passing moment, Elias could feel Enigma’s malevolent presence growing stronger, his influence seeping into every crevice of his consciousness like a creeping vine. The whispers of temptation echoed in the recesses of his mind, urging him to embrace the darkness and forsake the light.

Feeling overwhelmed, Elias retreated to the sanctuary of his childhood bedroom, seeking refuge from the relentless onslaught of his inner demons. Alone in the darkness, he closed his eyes and focused on calming his racing thoughts, hoping to find solace in the familiar surroundings of his past.

But even within the confines of his own room, Elias could not escape the relentless grip of Enigma. The shadows danced ominously on the walls, their sinister whispers growing louder with each passing moment. It was as if the very air itself had become charged with the malevolent energy of the darkness that threatened to consume him.

With a deep breath, Elias steeled himself for the battle ahead, knowing that he must confront the darkness within him if he ever hoped to find peace. Clenching his fists, he resolved to fight with every ounce of his being, determined to emerge victorious against the overwhelming odds stacked against him.

As Elias braced himself for the impending clash within his own mind, a surge of adrenaline coursed through his veins, heightening his senses and sharpening his focus. With each heartbeat, the tension in the air crackled like lightning, signaling the imminent collision between his inner turmoil and the unwavering resolve of his spirit.

In the darkness of his room, Elias felt the weight of his own doubts and fears pressing down upon him, threatening to overwhelm him in a suffocating embrace. But amidst the chaos, a spark of defiance ignited within him—a defiant flame that refused to be extinguished by the encroaching darkness.

With a primal roar echoing in the depths of his soul, Elias summoned every ounce of his strength and willpower, channeling it into a formidable barrier against the insidious influence of Enigma. Though the shadows clawed at the edges of his consciousness, he stood resolute, a beacon of light in the midst of the encroaching gloom.

As the battle raged on within his mind, Elias felt a surge of power unlike anything he had ever experienced before. It was as if the very essence of his being had been set ablaze, fueled by the unyielding determination to reclaim his identity and cast aside the shackles of darkness that threatened to consume him.

In the heart of the storm, Elias Veil stood as a warrior in his own right, ready to face whatever horrors awaited him in the depths of his own soul. With each passing moment, he grew stronger, his resolve hardening like tempered steel as he prepared to confront the darkness that lurked within. And though the road ahead was fraught with peril, Elias pressed onward, his spirit unbroken and his courage unwavering in the face of the greatest challenge he had ever known.

In the depths of his mind, Elias stood face to face with the embodiment of his darkest desires—the enigmatic figure known only as Enigma. Their eyes locked in a silent battle of wills, each refusing to yield to the other’s dominance.

“You cannot defeat me, Elias,” Enigma’s voice echoed like thunder in the recesses of his consciousness, dripping with malice and contempt. “I am the darkness that lurks within you, the primal force that drives you to embrace your true nature.”

Elias gritted his teeth, his fists clenched in defiance. “You may be a part of me, but you do not define me,” he retorted, his voice ringing with conviction. “I am more than just the sum of my fears and desires. I am Elias Veil, and I will not let you control me any longer.”

Enigma’s laughter reverberated through the darkness, a mocking cacophony that sent shivers down Elias’ spine. “You are but a puppet, dancing to the tune of your own destruction,” he taunted, his words like daggers aimed at Elias’ heart. “You cannot deny the truth that lies within you, Elias. Embrace the darkness, and together, we shall reign supreme.”

But Elias stood firm, his resolve unshakable. “I will never surrender to you,” he declared, his voice ringing with defiance. “I will fight you with every fiber of my being until the very end. For I am not afraid of the darkness within me—I am its master.”

With a primal roar, Elias launched himself at Enigma, the two locked in a fierce struggle for control. In the depths of his mind, the battle raged on, each blow struck with the ferocity of a warrior fighting for his very soul. And though the outcome remained uncertain, Elias refused to back down, ready to face whatever horrors awaited him in the crucible of his own consciousness.

In the depths of Elias’ subconscious, a fierce struggle unfolded between the opposing forces of light and darkness. Enigma’s ominous presence loomed large, his ethereal form contorting and writhing in a relentless assault against Elias’ psyche.

Each clash reverberated through the corridors of Elias’ mind, the clash of wills echoing like thunder in the darkness. Enigma’s sinister laughter echoed with haunting intensity, a chilling reminder of the malevolent force that sought to overpower Elias’ resolve.

Despite Elias’ valiant efforts to resist, he found himself outmatched by the overwhelming power of the darkness that threatened to consume him. Enigma’s every move was calculated and precise, his onslaught relentless as he sought to shatter Elias’ spirit and claim dominion over his mind.

With each blow, Elias felt his defenses weakening, his consciousness slipping further into the abyss. Enigma’s triumphant laughter pierced through the haze of battle, a cruel reminder of Elias’ impending defeat.

As Elias lay battered and broken within the recesses of his own mind, he knew that the battle was far from over. Though Enigma may have emerged victorious in this confrontation, Elias remained determined to rise again, ready to continue the fight against the encroaching darkness and reclaim control over his own destiny.

Enigma’s chilling laughter reverberated through the darkness, a sinister symphony that echoed Elias’ inner turmoil. “You are weak, Elias,” he taunted, his voice dripping with malice. “Your feeble attempts to resist me are futile. Surrender now, and embrace the darkness that dwells within you.”

But Elias refused to yield, his voice a defiant whisper amidst the chaos of the battle raging within his mind. “I will never submit to you,” he declared, his words laced with determination. “You may have won this round, but I will never stop fighting.”

Enigma’s laughter grew louder, mocking and derisive. “Foolish mortal,” he sneered. “Your defiance only serves to hasten your demise. Soon, there will be nothing left of you but a hollow shell, and even that will belong to me.”

As the confrontation reached its climax, a sudden sense of dread washed over Elias like a tidal wave. Images flashed before his eyes—visions of his mother, vulnerable and alone, her life hanging in the balance.

With a surge of renewed determination, Elias rose from the depths of his despair, his resolve burning brighter than ever before. “No,” he growled, his voice echoing with newfound strength. “I will not let you harm her. I will not let you win.”

And with that, Elias plunged back into the fray, ready to confront the darkness once more and protect those he held dear from the insidious influence of the Enigma.

In the tumultuous arena of Elias’ mind, the struggle between his essence and the overwhelming dominance of Enigma reached its crescendo. Enigma’s relentless assault battered Elias’s resolve, threatening to extinguish the flicker of his true self.

“You are nothing but a vessel for my power,” Enigma’s voice thundered, its echoes reverberating through the labyrinth of Elias’ consciousness. “Submit to me, Elias Veil, and embrace the darkness that courses through your veins.”

Fatigue gnawed at Elias’s spirit, each blow from Enigma draining him of his strength. Doubt crept into his mind, whispering seductive promises of surrender. But amidst the chaos, a glimmer of determination ignited within him—a last stand against the encroaching shadow.

“I am not your puppet,” Elias’s voice rang out, defiant despite the odds stacked against him. “I am Elias Veil, and I refuse to be shackled by your malevolence.”

Yet, as Elias rallied his resolve for one final push, Enigma seized the opportunity, delivering a devastating blow that shattered the last vestiges of resistance. Darkness engulfed Elias, swallowing him whole as his consciousness faded into oblivion.

As the echoes of Elias Veil’s defiance faded into the recesses of memory, the present moment surged forth with a renewed intensity. In the here and now, amidst the swirling currents of time, the enigmatic figure known as Enigma emerged from the shadows, his presence a chilling reminder of the darkness that lurked within.

With a calculated grace, Enigma stepped forward, his gaze piercing through the veil of time to the tumultuous events that had unfolded in the past. Though Elias Veil had fought valiantly against the encroaching shadows, his efforts ultimately proved futile in the face of Enigma’s relentless pursuit of dominance.

Now, as the present moment unfolded before him like a tapestry woven from the fabric of fate, Enigma stood poised at the precipice of a new era—a time of chaos and upheaval, where the echoes of the past reverberated through the corridors of destiny. And as he prepared to unleash his malevolent influence upon the world once more, the stage was set for a confrontation of epic proportions between light and darkness, with the fate of all who crossed his path hanging in the balance.

In the somber dimness of the chamber, where shadows coiled and whispered of ancient secrets, the Enigma emerged, a dark figure amidst a congregation of devoted followers. The chamber, illuminated only by the flickering glow of unseen flames, seemed to bend and contort around him, as if acknowledging his dominion over the shadows.

His silhouette cut a striking figure against the backdrop of ethereal light, casting an imposing presence that commanded the attention of all who dared to behold him. The weight of his presence seemed to press down upon the room, suffusing the air with a palpable sense of foreboding.

With deliberate steps, the Enigma moved forward, his movements fluid and deliberate, each motion carrying an air of ominous significance. As he came to a halt, his gaze swept over his assembled followers, their unwavering loyalty a testament to the power he held over them.

And then, with a voice that resonated with unearthly power, he spoke. His words cut through the silence like a blade, each syllable heavy with the weight of destiny. The chamber seemed to tremble at the sound, as if acknowledging the gravity of his proclamation.

“I have languished in the shadows,” he intoned, his voice echoing off the walls with an otherworldly resonance. “But tonight, the flames of destiny shall illuminate my path, guiding me through the crucible of the Taking Hold of the Flame Battle Royal.”

As his words hung in the air, a sense of anticipation rippled through the chamber, each member of his audience hanging on his every word. For in that moment, it was clear that the Enigma was poised to unleash a tide of chaos and upheaval upon the world, and none could stand in his way.

As the last of his followers dispersed into the shadows, the Enigma remained, a solitary figure bathed in the dim glow of the chamber’s flickering flames. His gaze burned with an intensity that seemed to pierce the very fabric of reality, as if daring the world to defy him.

With a voice that resonated with chilling clarity, he spoke once more, his words carrying the weight of an unspoken vow. “But know this,” he declared, his tone dripping with quiet menace, “our journey does not end here. No, it is only just beginning.”

The chamber seemed to tremble at his proclamation, the air thick with the promise of impending chaos. The Enigma’s eyes blazed with a fierce determination as he spoke of his ultimate prize—the SCW World Championship.

“On June 3, we stake our claim to glory,” he declared, his voice rising to a crescendo of fervent conviction. “And when the dust settles and the ashes of our enemies lie scattered at our feet, it will be I who stands triumphant, the undisputed master of all I survey.”

With a final, defiant roar, the Enigma stepped forward, his form disappearing into the enveloping darkness. In that moment, he vowed to stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal, to ascend to the pinnacle of power and claim his rightful place as the ruler of all. And woe betide any who dared to stand in his way, for they would soon learn the true meaning of fear in the face of the Enigma’s wrath.
SCW Record


Current SCW Television Champion
1 of 2 for Scott Reed

“What If Superheroes Did Exist?”
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Josh Hudson Career Accomplishments
2024 Taking Hold of the Flame Winner
2023 Feud and Match of the Year
2022 Feud and Match of the Year
2018 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
2013 SCW Hall of Fame
SCW World Heavyweight Champion(3x)
SCW United States Champion(3x)
SCW Television Champion(1x)
SCW Tag Team Champion(2x)
2008 Tag Team of the Year award(Josh Hudson & Justin Davis)
Conquered Tactical Warfare 2010
HCCW World Heavyweight Champion (4x)
HCCW World Television Champion (1x)
HCCW United States Champion (1x)
XWE InterContinental Champion (1x)
XWE World Tag Team Champion (3x)
IWC World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
EAPW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
TNW World Heavyweight Champion(1x)
WWA United States Champion(1x)
Ended Xander Valentine's 25 Match Winning Streak (2005)

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Scott Reed Career Accomplishments
SCW Television Champion(2x)

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