Marie Jones vs. Bree Lancaster
Marie Jones vs. Bree Lancaster
SCW Adrenaline Championship

2 RP limit per person (no word limits)
Individuals in other matches (e.g. THOTF) can use their roleplays for both matches

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Saturday, June 1, 2024
May 23rd, 2024
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Off Camera

Earlier this year Marie Jones made her sudden, shocking return to Supreme Championship Wrestling. No one saw it coming, including Marie herself. She half-expected to be forgotten by major wrestling promotions altogether after he walkout on SCW years ago. She half-expected her career to end in a whimper without any triumph or celebration. Instead she found herself in a position to not only resurrect her career but also to redeem herself and her reputation in the eyes of the world. Despite her controversial walkout, SCW did take her back. They took her back and they gave her an opportunity. The Phoenix took that opportunity and ran with it. In that time she won her third SCW Television Championship and now, after a victory over Gavin Taylor on Breakdown, finds herself as the number one contender to the SCW Adrenaline Championship. It has been several months and her rise back to the top of SCW has been rather quick, rather sudden. That alone speaks highly of her ability and she knows her next challenge will require every ounce of her ability, every ounce of her talent. Now The Phoenix will go to Taking Hold of the Flame with two big goals in mind; become Adrenaline Champion and then win the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal and become number one contender to the SCW World Championship. This huge night, the kickoff to Rise to Greatness season, the importance of this event is not lost on The Phoenix, and its importance to her comeback and her redemption story is not lost on her either. Marie Jones is two championships away from becoming a Supreme Champion in SCW. She only needs the Adrenaline Title and the World Title. On this one night she very well could find herself as the new Adrenaline Champion and the number one contender to the World Title at the same time. It will not be easy. She will have to be at her very best if she hopes to achieve such a great feat; to become Adrenaline Champion she will have to beat another Supreme champion, Bree Lancaster. And if she can endure the flurry of offense Bree throws at her, Marie will have to return later in the night and overcome the challenge of thirty nine other wrestlers to win Taking Hold of the Flame itself. This will be a huge challenge, it will not be easy, but nothing worth having, nothing worth achieving, is ever easy. Just like her redemption story, just like the mythical Phoenix, Marie plans to rise to the occasion and shock the world.

Marie’s comeback has not been an easy one. Earning the trust of your peers, your family, and your friends after you have burned several bridges is never easy. But Marie’s career since her return has been on an upward trajectory, and she has overcome every obstacle, and she thanks her support system for all of it. She thanks her sister Kim, her mother Angelica, and everyone else who stood by her side while she fought to redeem herself. One name in particular who was of special help but who will go unnoticed is Marie’s childhood friend Melinda Jade. Marie was there for Melinda when she got out of prison and needed a support system to help her transition back into society, and Melinda returned the favor in helping Marie transition back into real life after leaving the cult known as The Inner Peace Enlightenment Retreat. One way Melinda helped Marie was by hooking her up with Percy Matthews, a fellow ex-convict who also needed a shoulder to lean on from time to time. Melinda felt that Percy and Marie needed one another and that they would be a perfect fit. For her part, Marie has enjoyed the time she spent with Percy. But questions still linger about his past and Marie also doubts whether or not she is ready to get back into a serious full time relationship after being hurt so many times previously. Still, regardless of whether or not she will take the relationship with Percy to the next step, Marie is grateful for him and grateful for Melinda for introducing them. Marie is grateful for everything Melinda has done for her. And after this latest victory, another big step up in her return, Marie is celebrating with her best friend Melinda Jade in Montreal. She had Melinda flown in with her from Albany, New York to watch Breakdown.

Jones and her friend, Jade, find themselves at a nice bar in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Before going back to the hotel they decided to stop here for a celebratory drink. Melinda is wearing loose fitting jeans, black sneakers, a white t-shirt, and a black jacket. Her long brown hair is pulled into a ponytail in the back. She is sitting on a red cushioned bar stool and her best friend Marie sits next to her. The Phoenix is wearing a knee length black skirt, black hose, black patent leather high heel pumps, a red silk blouse, and a black leather jacket. Her long red hair hangs straight and unrestrained to past the shoulders. Jones has a glass of simple red wine sitting in front of her while Melinda has a half empty glass of a type of beer in front of her.

“This shit is good…” she looks at Marie “...what is it again?”

“Labatt Blue.” Marie says. “Its supposedly one of if not the most popular brand of beer in Canada.”

“Never hard of it.” Melinda shrugs her shoulders as she downs another big swig. Marie chuckles.

“Need I remind you that you are NOT Canadian?”

“No! I’m that drunk…” she smirks “...yet…” Melinda points at Marie “...what about you? You gonna try this stuff?”

“No way. This glass of wine is the only alcohol I am having tonight.”

“Oh you are gonna be the prude, aren’t you?” Melinda jokes. Marie shrugs her shoulders.

“What can I say? It’s my purpose in life. Besides, one of us needs to stay sober.”

“You have a point.” Melinda nods her head. “How many French speakers have hit on us already?”

“Do you REALLY want me to answer that question?”

“Nah!” Melinda takes her glass of beer and holds it up. “A toast…to my bestie, to Marie Annabelle Jones, the NEW SCW Adrenaline Champion!”

“Now I know you’re drunk.” Marie shakes her head. “I still have to beat Bree Lancaster if I want to call myself champion and that will be no easy feat.”

“Shut up and say cheers.”

“Cheers.” Marie takes her wine glass and touches it to Melinda’s glass. They each take a sip of their respective beverages.

“Seriously though, Marie, you got this. Didn’t your sister beat her once? If Kim can beat her surely you can!”

“Yes, Kim did beat her. She beat her for the United States Title a long time ago. But people change, people evolve, and she has gotten better. Besides,” Marie shrugs her shoulders “who says I am as good as Kim?”

“I do.” Melinda snaps. “Do not sell yourself short, Marie. You are a damn good athlete and you will win that title. I believe in you enough that I’m gonna bet some money on that.”


“What?” Melinda feigns innocence. “Gambling isn’t illegal!”

“Whatever.” Marie rolls her eyes. “But even if I do defeat Bree, I have Taking Hold of the Flame later that night. I will be tested to my limits. I will be tested like never before.”

“Taking Hold of the Flame?” Melinda asks curiously. Marie sighs.

“Yes, there’s going to be me and thirty nine other people. We’ll enter at various random points in the match. You are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and out of the ring. The last person standing is the number one contender to the SCW World Championship. This could be a huge night for me Mels.” Despite the huge, nearly insurmountable odds against her, Marie cannot help but smiles at just the thought of possibly winning it all. “I could be Adrenaline Champion and number one contender to the World Title all in one night.” Then she frowns and shakes her head as reality sets in. “But the luck of the draw can be a real bitch. Take my sister, for example. She arguably had the very best performance at last year’s battle royal but she drew number one, she had to go bell to bell, and the endurance factor played a role in her losing.” She shrugs her shoulders. “It just is what it is. What if I get that number one or two draw?”

“What if you get number forty? Who cares? Luck be damned. You’re good enough to win.” Melinda insists.

“I’m glad I have at least one fan.”

“You have plenty of fans, babe.” Melinda smirks. “But if you want, I could make a few calls to some old friends of mine and set up a unique work out plan for this little battle royal of yours. Bree won’t know what hit her and neither will the other thirty nine peeps in that battle royal.”

“Your old friends? What are you…” at first she doesn’t know what Melinda is talking about but then it is as if a lightbulb went off over her head “...your ex-convict pals?”

“Yeah!” Melinda exclaims. “Trust me, I saw my fair share of prison riots. If you can survive them you can survive what you have to do at Taking Hold of the Flame.”

“Thanks for the suggestion, Mels, but Kim already tried that once.” She shakes her head. “It didn’t exactly work out well for her.”

The two best friends share loud hearty laughs. Marie knows that the next event, Taking Hold of the Flame, will be extremely challenging. Facing Bree Lancasster is difficult enough, but then going on to try and win Taking Hold of the Flame itself is near impossible. Marie knows that she could be spreading herself too thin but she is ready to take on this challenge. Besides, Melinda is right, Marie is capable of anything. She can pull this off. She knows it and she is glad that she has a friend like Melinda Jade who believes in her.

“So…” Melinda finishes off the last of her beer and slams it down on the bar, she turns to look at Marie and smirks “...while we are on the subject of ex-cons, tell me about Death’s Head.”

“You mean Percy.”

“You call him Percy, I call him Death’s Head.”

“Well Percy is a great guy.” Marie nods her head.

“So you two are still seeing each other?”

“Yes.” Marie sips her wine. “We speak regularly, we go out on occasion.”

“How close are you?” Melinda asks with a knowing, playful grin on her face.

“None of your business.”

“Hey now! I was the one who put you two together!” Melinda protests. “I think it is kinda my business! So give, Marie, how close are you two lovebirds now?”

“Well if you MUST know, Percy and I have grown quite close and I really do value his friendship.”

“Friendship, huh?” Melinda says in a skeptical tone of voice. “Is it REALLY just friendship, Marie or is it something more?”

“I do like him, Mels, and yeah, maybe I do like him THAT WAY…” Marie sighs and shakes her head “...but I am afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Melinda furrows her brow. She grows a bit more serious. “You’re not afraid of his criminal background, are you? I told you, he’s changed.”

“It isn’t that.” Marie shakes her head. “Well…not entirely that. Mostly I am afraid of being hurt. I have been hurt three times now, Mels. I was in an abusive relationship, then in my next attempt my fiance killed himself, and most recently my lover used and manipulated me for her own gain.” Marie feels tears forming in her eyes. She reaches up to wipe them away. “It hurts and I am afraid of being hurt again.”

“You can’t just live in a convent all your life, Marie.” Melinda says. “You need to live your life. You need to give this a chance, especially if you really do feel that way about him, because trust me, he feels the same way about you.”

“He does?” Marie asks. Melinda smirks and nods her head.

“Oh yeah.”

“He said that?” Marie seems to grow excited. Melinda just grins and nods her head.

“Yep. He definitely likes you babe.” She winks. “I wouldn’t let him get away if I were you.”

May 27th, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts
Off Camera

The moon is bright, providing brilliant natural light in the night sky over Boston, Massachusetts. Marie Jones is decked out in a tight knee length strapless black dress and a black leather blazer. She is perched atop open toed black high heel shoes. Her long red hair is styled fashionably in the back into a nice bun. Walking with her side by side is her friend, Percy Matthews. Percy, also known by his nickname of Death’s Head, is dressed equally as nice in dark khaki dress pants, dress shoes, and a long sleeve button up silk shirt. The two have been out frequently as friends but this is different. But this evening that relationship could very well change ever so slightly and yet still with enormous implications. Jones took the words of her friend, Melinda Jade, to heart. It was Melinda who set them up. Melinda, as well as many others in Marie’s own family, have already encouraged The Phoenix to pursue her happiness and dreams and not to let fear hold her back. Marie does feel strongly about Percy, she does want to give him a chance, but her fear of his past and her fear of her own past has held her back; at least until now. This evening she is ready to take the next step. Even Percy seems to believe that tonight might be different. The nervous look on his face indicates that he is aware that something is up. Change is in the air tonight as Percy walks Marie up the granite walkway that leads to her fancy, luxurious home in the upscale part of Boston. It is the neighborhood that Percy has yet to get a true feel for, despite walking Jones to her front door on many occasions.

“This was a wonderful evening, Marie.” Percy remarks nervously. “I hope I didn’t look too awkward tonight…” he smiles “...I don’t go to those fancy restaurants of yours all that often.”

“You were fine, Percy…” she chuckles “...sorry, Death’s Head.”

“If you wanna call me Percy, you can.” He winks. “Just don’t tell anyone else.”

“I promise.” Marie quickly takes her key out of her purse and unlocks the door. Percy then gives her a hug.

“So, will I hear from you tomorrow?”

“Maybe.” She grins knowingly. “But, uh, before you go, you should come inside.”

“Really?” He asks. Marie nods her head.

“Really. I insist.”

Percy has been inside Marie’s home before but never this late at night. She never has invited him to stay this late. This just adds to the evidence that something is about to change with their relationship this evening. Both have their own feelings. Percy is hopeful but Marie just hopes everything works out. She hopes that this gamble, putting her heart on the line, is worth it. Marie leads Percy into the home. They walk through the hall and into the living room. Marie finds her son Sean seated on the sofa with the television on watching a movie.

“Good evening, Sean.”

“Huh?” The teen turns around and spots his mother standing there. “Oh, sorry I’m up late, it’s just…”

“We’ll talk about that later, Sean.” Marie walks over and motions for him to stand up. He obeys. Marie then motions to Percy. “Sean, this is my…boyfriend. His name is Percy. Percy, this is my son. His name is Sean.”

It doesn’t hit him right away that Marie introduced him as her boyfriend. Percy just walks over to Sean and reluctantly holds out his hand. “Nice to meet you, kid.”

“Nice to meet you, mister.”

“What were you watching?”

“Ghost Adventures.”

“You into the paranormal stuff, huh?” Percy smirks. “Me too.”

“Really? Cool”

“Maybe you two can share your stories sometime?” Marie kisses Sean on the forehead. “Why don’t you go up to bed?”

“Ok, mom.”

Sean turns and quickly makes an exit out of the living room. Marie sits down on the sofa and motions for Percy to sit next to her. Percy sits down. Once she is certain that Sean is upstairs and out of earshot, she begins to speak.

“I hope you didn’t mind meeting my son.”

“Of course not.” Percy answers. “I love kids.”

“Good, because I felt it was necessary for you to meet him, especially if we were going to get serious about one another.” Marie grins knowingly. “Me and my son are a package deal.”

“So wait a sec,” Percy takes all of this information in, also remembering that he was introduced as her boyfriend “so you and I, we’re serious? We’re…” his voice trails off. Marie nods her head.

“I admit that it took me awhile to come to that decision.” She sighs. “It wasn’t easy.”

“You weren’t afraid of me were ya? I mean, you weren’t afraid of my criminal record?”

“I would be lying if I said that didn’t play a role.” She shakes her head. “But the biggest hurdle for me to overcome was my own past failures.”

“What failures?”

“Percy…” she sighs “...obviously you weren’t the first. I don’t know how much Melinda told you but I have my own past. My first boyfriend was abusive, he beat me regularly.”

“Scum then.” Percy growls. “I woulda killed him if I had the chance.” Percy notices Marie staring at him. He smiles sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“My second boyfriend, we got so serious that we were going to get married.” She shakes her head. “But he decided that life wasn’t worth living and he ended it all.”

“Damn. I…I’m sorry…”

“And my most recent…lover…tried to use me and manipulate me. They didn’t care about me. Not really. I suppose that I was just afraid of being hurt for a fourth straight time. Y’know?” She leans her head on his chest. He strokes her hair.

“I know. And I won’t pretend to understand what ya went through, but I DO promise you that I will be there for ya, I will care for ya, and that I love you.”

“You love me?” She looks up at him. He nods his head.

“Yeah. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

On Camera

Gavin Taylor, the self-professed All Star…if he really was an All Star then he should’ve known that his little plan would backfire. If he really was an All Star he would have had no problem getting past me and EARNING a shot at the Adrenaline Title. So I want to ask you now, Mr. All Star, how does it feel? How does it feel to be on the outside looking in? How does it feel to be left out in the cold and to know that it is all your fault? You actually don’t have to answer that, Gavin, because I know how it feels. I was in that place, once before, and it is NOT a very pleasant place to be. Unlike you, I learned from my mistakes and I made damn sure that I will not make those same mistakes again.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, lying, cheating, underhanded tactics, any and all kinds of shenanigans that seem to pervade the wrestling world, they may work for a little while. They may get you some brief, temporary success, but in the end you will reap what you sow. Or to put it in some not so-biblical terminology, your actions will come back to bite you in the ass. Trust me, I should know. I used to take every single shortcut in the book and look where it got me. I was an outcast from the wrestling world. I was an outcast from my own family. I did that to myself. I burned oh so many bridges because of the shortcuts I took in my personal life and in my career.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to rebuild burned bridges? Yeah, some of you might know. I burned down a whole damn town. But I took the time to rebuild it all from the ground up. I busted my ass, I earned the trust of my family. I earned the respect of my peers. I even managed to win my third SCW Television Title. And while that reign was fun while it lasted, and while losing was quite the bummer, I knew that a setback is just a setup for a comeback…

…yeah, its cheesy, but sue me. It works and more importantly it is true. I did make a comeback. I came back and I beat Gavin Taylor and now I have taken one great big giant step forward in my road back to professional wrestling success. I am the number one contender to the SCW Adrenaline Championship. That’s how this should work in professional wrestling; hard work gets rewarded, cheap tricks get punished. I have been busting my ass since February when I got signed to a new contract with SCW and this is what happens when you work hard, when you bust your ass…you get rewarded. I have been rewarded with something I have had my eyes on since I returned.

That’s right, Bree, I have had my eyes on that prize of yours since I returned. That prize is kinda special to me for many reasons. To start with, it is one of only TWO championships I have yet to win in this company. The other one would be the SCW World Championship and yes, I am in Taking Hold of the Flame, I very well could end this night as not only the new Adrenaline Champion but also as the number one contender to the SCW World Title. I could end the night so damn close to being Supreme Champion that I might very well taste it and it would taste oh so good!

But it’s like I said when I made my return; I am not looking for any handouts and I am not that same entitled arrogant brat that quit, that walked out years ago. I am prepared to earn my keep from the ground up. And thus far that’s exactly what I have done. I worked my way up first to the Television Title. Then I worked my way up to the Adrenaline Title and for right now…that is my one and singular focus. I am taking this one step at a time. I will deal with Taking Hold of the Flame and the rumble when the time comes.

So what was I saying? Oh yeah! That championship is important to me because no, I have not won it before. But it’s also important because no one else in my CLOSE family has won it, either. Kimberly hasn’t won it. Even our famous mother hasn’t won it. It would be an honor to be the one who brings that Adrenaline Championship home to our family, to the Jones family.

This Adrenaline Championship is also important because of who I have to defeat in order to get it. Ever since my return I was bound and determined to not only be committed to SCW but to never ever do things the easy way. I would earn my keep and if that meant doing things the hard way, then so be it. My cousin, Glory Braddock, she pointed out that sometimes in your career you just need to find a good challenge. I see her point because I have found that I thrive on challenges.

I did NOT back away or back down from the imposing intimidating figure that is The Enigma. I stepped up to him and punched him the mouth. I could have cried foul about having to defend the Television Title against two people at once but I didn’t. I enjoyed the challenge. And while I did lose the title, I learned so much about myself and I grew so much from that challenge. Now if I am to take my next big step forward in my career redemption, if I am to take that first big step towards becoming a Supreme Champion, I need to challenge myself in the biggest way imaginable and I cannot think of a bigger challenge than to wrestle one of the best to do it in SCW.

You are a Supreme Champion, Bree. You are one of the best to ever do it and arguably one of the best to hold the Adrenaline Title. You have taken on all comers and have beaten them all, including a deranged and deadly Simon Lyman. You have done just about everything there is to do in SCW. Wrestling you is one of the greatest and most difficult of challenges one could imagine, and that is why I am salivating at this chance, this is why I am thrilled at getting the opportunity not just to become Adrenaline Champion but to do so at your expense. And I say that with all due respect because you have earned the respect of everyone in this locker room, myself included.

But I need this win…I need it, Bree. Testing myself against you and seeing how well I match up against you, that’s all well and good, but I need to know am I really back at full strength? Is The Phoenix really back and flying high and ready to take SCW by storm or does more work need to be done? If I defeat you and take that Adrenaline Championship from you at Taking Hold of the Flame…well damn it, The Phoenix is back, baby! And if I can’t…well….

…actually, y’know what? It’s like a wise elderly green guy living in a swamp once said; “There is no try, only do.” So at Taking Hold of the Flame, I won’t try to take the championship from you. I will take the Adrenaline Championship from you. I will go on to win Taking Hold of the Flame. I will go on to become a Supreme Champion on the grandest stage of all time, Rise To Greatness. That is what I will do because this Phoenix is rising to the very top and the first stop on my rise to the top is you and your Adrenaline Title at Taking Hold of the Flame.

Good luck, Bree. See you in Wembley.
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SWC Southern Heavyweight Champion 1x
MWA Turmoil Champion 1x
GCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
HKW Bloodlust Champion 3x
2022 SCW Trios Tournament Winner
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
SCW Underground Champion 5x
SCW Television Champion 1x
SCW United States Champion 1x
MWE Chicago Way Champion 1x
5LW Television Champion 1x
Queen of the Death Match

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SCW United States Champion 1x
SCW Television Champion 2x
SCW World Tag Team Champion 1x
UWA World Champion 1x
UWA X-Class Champion 1x
UWA World Tag Team Champion 1x
IWC World Tag Team Champion 1x
MCW X-Division Champion 1x
GDW International Champion 1x
GDW World Tag Team Champion 3x

Taking Hold of the Flame 2024
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SCW: 87 - 48 - 8 || Career 97 - 60 - 9
SCW Television Champion
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion
2X SCW World Champion
3X SCW United States Champion
2X SCW Tag Team Champion

(1X W/ Blake Mason; 1X W/ Scott Burnside Andrew Raynes)
1X SCW Women's Champion
Supreme Champion
2020 Female of the Year
2016 Star of Tomorrow
Only 2X VWA Evolution Champion

~~ Amy Chastaine ~~
SCW: 63 - 30 - 6 || Career: 120 - 75 - 15

1X SCW Tag Team Champion - W/ Kennedy Street [B.A.E.]
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion | 1X SCW United States Champion
1X SCW Television Champion | 1X SCW World Champion
SCW Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Supreme Champion * First Female * Fastest Time
2017 Female of the Year | 2017 Shot of Adrenaline Winner
2015 Star of Tomorrow | 2015 Rookie of the Year
Final VWA World Champion

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