General updates
Welcome to Rise to Greatness season.

A couple of things:
- The June 15 Breakdown card is up; moved the show to Saturday due to late posting of THOTF.
- A card for June 20 Breakdown will be up soon. I have it largely done. I just want to confirm with a few new people about their booking schedule to make sure we're on the same page.

- Taking Hold of the Flame, as usual, had many surprise entries. I encourage those roleplayers to post it under the thread just so people can see their work. I'll link them when I get back from running some chores to keep my wife from wondering why I've spent the last five days in the darkened basement yelling out the commentary from Taking Hold of the Flame and writing a fictional wrestling show....

- Finally, if people wish feedback, I will not get to it until at least Wednesday. I plan to decompress today. But I want to stress what I've said in the Discord and on Twitter. THOTF 2024 was one of the best roleplayed shows I've had the pleasure of being involved in. Everyone brought it and it was one of the hardest to judge. Every match was competitive and in many cases, I had to think long and hard about decisions. Regardless of the result, I hope you are proud of your work and that THOTF has given you plenty to work with and keep running with.

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