Veronica Strader vs. David Striker
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET WEDNESDAY, June 19, 2024
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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{The screen static jumps for a moment before we find ourselves looking at the front man of the Phantom Troupe in the form of "Bam Bam" David Striker himself as he is currently in a garage somewhere elbows deep in an engine block}

David: Sometimes one has to take a step or two back to try and regain their thoughts, to try and find their center once more and that's what I'm doing right now.

{David motions to the garage around him and the engine in front of him}

David: Trying to find my center because for a while there, I'll freely admit that I kind of lost my cool with all that bullshit involving Braddock and Lohan. But then again that's partially on me because I really don't like to lose, especially to arrogant asshats who think that they are better than everyone else...I know that's more of a pet peeve than anything, but you can't fault me nonetheless.

But where it comes to my opponent this week on Breakdown, I can partially forgive you, Veronica.


These "silly" nicknames as you call them. Let me give you the info shall I?

The "Mephistopheles of Cameron North Carolina"? What can I say, I enjoy the song of a similar name by Marilyn Manson and it helped to give me the inspiration to not only form the Phantom Troupe, but to also hold it together like a family...which is something I'm sure that you can respect I believe.

The "Front Man of the Dope Show"? Well, I am the guy who runs the entire Troupe and we are a bunch of self explanatory there really.

"Bam Bam"....


That one you can actually thank a retired wrestler by the name of The "Eliminator" Alex Pierce for actually because that one, Veronica, that one I *TOOK* from him. You see a couple of years back when I was first getting started, Alex was feuding with my older brother and he didn't like the fact that I was trying to become a wrestler myself and so over the course of three separate promotions, he went after me time and time again, until finally President Chris Slayton of Pro Wrestling Nova said that enough was enough and that the person who lost the very next match would be forced to retire...and Alex was so full of confidence that he put everything that he had up on the line.

His gimmick, his moves, his music...*everything*.

And I beat him, gave the rest of his shit away to a guy that's being trained back at the Apocalypse Academy...but I kept his other nicknamed of "Bam Bam" for myself, because I felt a certain connection to me crazy and yes, I know that you will, but still that's how I feel.

And I get your desire to prove you're one of the toughest if not *THE* Toughest Bitch in this entire company...but just like where it came to Kevin Hunter and Crystal Zundich, you'll forgive me if I take you fucking head off with a lariat before I let you use me as a goddamned stepping stone!

{David reaches over and picks up a socket wrench, finds the right part to it, attaches it and then goes back to the engine as his ice blue eyes cast up to the camera as he works}

David: You can sneer at me all that you want, you can quote the title of either the old 67 spaghetti western or the twenty twelve Rick Ross album all that you want as well...but that's not going to change the fact that live right here in Miami, I'm going to walk away the winner because while yes, you do have experience and sheer cussedness on your side I will freely give you that in this fight...I'm finally back in the right frame of mind which means right now, I'm focused on one thing and one thing only;

Kickstarting your bloody head into the mat.

And yes, from what I've seen you are the hardest hitting bitch on that side of the Mississippi River, Veronica, but when it comes to the most sadistic submissionist on *THIS* side of the river, you're looking at him because I'm constantly working my ass off and trying to improve what I can do in that ring and I won't lie when I say that I'm really enjoying that I can do with the Iron Claw...truth be told it was the one move that my brother Jacob could never wrap his mind around it when it is so easy, so simple...and so bloody fun to use.

{Jake sets down his wrench and then flexes his right hand into a claw}

David: You see this, all this takes is for my to latch it onto your face, shoulder, stomach, what have you...then all I got to do is apply the right amount of pressure and I get to watch you flip and flop all over the mat like a bloody fish out of water, trying to gasp for the one lung full of air that'll save you and Veronica, we're both doing that this week on Breakdown...but the important thing for you to realize that I'm fine with losing because I'm still willing to bust my ass for everything that I've been earning and I've earned my fair share here in SCW.

And I have earned my spots, no matter what anyone else may say about me.

And while I’ll also freely admit that I haven’t made the most of those chances, I have time and time again proven myself in that ring and everyone that I’ve faced, from Kimberly down to Kevin Hunter, can all a test to the fact that stepping into the ring with me isn’t something to take lightly and that’s what you’re doing right now, Veronica, and because of it you will not find our match very enjoyable because I’m going to do the last thing that you’re expecting, Veronica;

I’m going to wipe that fucking sneer right off your face and replace it with a look of total and abject *shock*!

{David lips then curl up into a wolfish smile as goes to pick up the wrench again}

David: I can see it right now, right at the moment that you think that you’ve got the match won…everything is set up just right in your mind and you start to move in for you to make the kill and take the match for yourself…you go to land the killing blow when suddenly I move out of the way at the very last second you find yourself caught like a rat in a trap, taken out before you can blink, and my hand raised in victory faster than you can fucking blink!!

I’m walking into Breakdown having done my homework, getting my head good and focused so that I can fight you at my very best and nothing less, Veronica, and I’m not fighting your large and extended family, my dear fighter.

I’m fighting you.

And only *you*, Veronica.

I’ve got Irvine at my back because that’s what friends do, but other than that he won’t get involved in this match, unless someone crossed the line that should not be crossed, you can be rest assured of that.

So buckle up and draw your riding leathers tight, Veronica, because it’s going to be one hell of a long night for you to say the least.

Catch you on the flip side.

{David then goes back to working on the engine as the screen static jumps to black}

{A couple of minutes after he’s finished with his promo, Kyle quickly sends the video file off on his iPhone to the powers that be at the SCW studios that handle the promo videos and goes over to where David has been working on the engine the whole time, an eyebrow raised as he watches his friend work}

Kyle: I’ve got to know, David. Is that the actual engine?

{David takes his socket wrench, pops out one part and then looks for another before quickly finding it and snapping it into place as well.}

David: Yep, this is it. It’s taken me over ten years to find this and you know it’s been a pet project of my dad and I since I was a little kid.

Kyle: I know…what this an engine for again?

{David gave his best friend a broad smile before he gently tapped the outer part of the engine before him}

David: This is a 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA "Liberator" motorcycle. Minus the additions put into it for the first Captain America movie, it’s the actual thing. After my dad and I put together that other motorcycle, the one from that chase scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a Dnepr MT Eleven, which was used to portray a German second world war motorcycle, complete with sidecar. I wanted one for myself to use and enjoy, and thus here we are.

Kyle: Cool, Cool…but why something from the second world war is my question.

David: Would you believe that I wanted something as sturdy like I am when I go out riding? These old Liberators were designed to handle the toughest battlegrounds of Eastern Europe during the second war…so there we are.

Kyle:...right, and the fact that Captain America used one in that killer movie had nothing to do with it?

{David looks up at his best friend with a hint of a sheepish look on his face before he breaks down laughing}

David: Well…maybe just a little bit, but still I’m standing by my original comments about having a stable ride..for the public record, of course.

Kyle: Of course, whatever helps you to sleep at night brother.

{The two men look at each other for a few seconds before they both break down into pearls of laughter as the screen static jumps to black}
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