Selena Frost vs. Kandis vs. Kirsten Scott vs. Polly Pingotti
2 RP Limit for singles

3500 word max per RP

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET WEDNESDAY, June 19, 2024
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
Villain of the Year

”Dealing with the Devil”

PS 290 The Manhattan New School
Manhattan, New York
June 19th, 2024

You almost killed Oberon…

The thought had percolated in Selena’s mind for the past week, always finding a way back into her thoughts to interrupt her with the stab of guilt and shame.

When she was working out - You almost killed Oberon…
When she was studying - You almost killed Oberon…
Hell, when she had been in the ring facing down Josh Hudson AND Bree Lancaster - You almost killed Oberon…

The notion refused to leave her. Still, the world champion did not fight it, simply because it was true. She had left the NX out when Oberon had come bounding in. All the blame rested solely on her…

To say that things had gone ‘peachy-keen’ since the pay-per-view would be horribly untrue. True, the night, itself, had gone better than she could have imagined. Not only had she defeated her old rival Xander Valentine – albeit a bit too close to call for her own liking – and retained her world championship, but she had also been instrumental in the elimination of the three women that had stalked and harassed her for the past several months. Polly Pingotti, Kristen Scott, and Kandis – all three women had been laid out by Selena, making them easy prey for elimination within the royale.

Meaning none of them would headline Rise to Greatness.
Meaning none of them would face her for the world championship on the biggest show of the year.
Meaning Selena… had won.

A strong wave of satisfaction filled the Snow Queen as she sat in the cushioned chair of the waiting room. How else was she supposed to feel? All three women - ESPECIALLY Kandis - had done all they could to harass/stalk her for months. From interferences to actual threats pertaining to her well-being. They asked for it. The platinum-blonde reasoned. She had given all three women fair and deserving chances to take the SCW title. But because none of them had possessed the skill to beat her fairly and cleanly with an impartial official, the brats had just complained and opted for cowardly attacks – now only caring about getting the championship off Selena.

So, Selena had taken matters into her own hands and given all three of them a dose of their own medicine and repercussions for their actions and threats. Now, she was set to make history! A record-setting fourth year in a row in the main-event of Rise to Greatness, her latest championship reign reaching its sixth month in length, a legendary main-event on the horizon with another SCW Hall of Famer in Josh Hudson. True, she had this coming Breakdown – “the consequences of her actions” as CHBK had put it – a basic 3-on-1 against her, but still, it was worth it! You couldn’t convince Selena otherwise for what she had gained! On paper, there was no reason for Selena to have been unhappy with her life right now.

And yet… even all the satisfaction in that weekend could not get her out of the despair and depression she had felt. Emotions that had caused her to unravel in the week-long vacation she had given herself. What had been meant to be a ‘recovery period’ for the punishment Xander Valentine had unleashed on her had become a week of isolation, tears, NX, and take-out, the proud ‘Snow Queen’ devolving into a shut-in hobo. She had lived in filth, not caring about the world, not caring about anything other than her own depression and her own loss.

Because her wife was divorcing her.

Immediately, Selena bit down on her tongue, using the pain to dull the senses that the NX was already trying to block. To say that Deanna’s actions had spoiled even the best weekend for Selena would be a vast understatement. Even after everything she had done and succeeded with that weekend, she had been unable to shake the reality of her crumbling marriage. It had consumed her once the adrenaline of THOTF (a great outlet) had worn off, taking over every thought until Deanna had visited her in her squalor and given her the swift kick in the ass Selena needed to ‘get back on track’.

Still, it hurt, and the platinum-blonde still couldn’t understand why or how things had gone so wrong. Had she gone too far with trying to deal with Jessica Winters? Okay, maybe trying to overdose her old friend was a tad much. But Deanna didn’t understand! Hope she does now now that she’s seen what those eyes are capable of… But, yes, admittedly, Selena had acted rashly and harshly in trying to protect Deanna from the darkness that was so achingly familiar to what she had dealt with in Red Rayne and Dawn Lohan. Did it warrant a divorce?! No! It warranted more time in therapy, sure, more conversations and understandings, absolutely, but for the redhead to give up on their life together?!

Again, Selena bit down on her tongue, a bit harder than the first time, using her molars to chomp harshly on the tough muscle. She was sure if she tried any harder, she would bite it off and then where would she be – the thought causing her to ease up, not wanting to have to mumble her way through her future promo for the upcoming Breakdown. She had wallowed in her depression and guilt enough to come to terms with her reality. There was nothing she could do about Deanna other than shape up and get her own life back on track, fix things with their children, and continue on in SCW until, hopefully, Deanna realized what a huge mistake this whole thing was. Once the woman saw and understood what Selena had done for her and for their family, she would come around.

Not when you almost killed Oberon…

Ahh, right on schedule…
Selena groaned as the familiar thought hit her along with the image of her dog, Oberon, lying on the floor by a mixture of his own blood and vomit. The poor creature had consumed the NX painkillers and had been rushed to the vet as fast as Selena could drive, Deanna never letting go of the fluffy furball. Several hours and a stomach pump later, with Obi being put on overnight stay at the animal hospital, and the matter had been, thankfully, passed without any tragedy, to which both Frost women were grateful for.

Still, what bothered Selena was the lack of lecture she had received from Deanna. Instead, the redhead had blamed herself for not cleaning up the bowl of NX when she had opted to clean the rooms to ‘get Selena back on track’. And while part of Selena wanted to take the ‘out’ to avoid a lecture, she had vehemently refused to do so. She had been the one living in a mess and had left the bowl of pills out. She should have put them away as soon as Deanna and Oberon had arrived. She did all she could to accept responsibility for the matter – the consequences of her actions.

Which was why she was facing all three women on Breakdown. And why she was here, sitting in the office of her son’s principal. With Oberon effectively ‘out of the woods’, Selena had begun the next part of ‘taking responsibility’ in her life. As Deanna had told her, today was the day that the two of them would meet the principal and David’s teacher and finalize David’s punishment for plagiarism and cheating on his final project. The redhead had asked for Selena to be there with her to present a ‘strong, united front’ and Selena had ensured that was exactly how it came across, the notion causing her to scan her own frame quickly. Her black pantsuit was freshly ironed, her fingernails were clean and manicured with clear nail-polish, her hair was tied up in a bun and half up-do, and she wore just enough makeup to highlight her natural features. Casting her eyes at the clock, the woman recognized the time. She had even arrived early to appear more professional and such. Checked all the boxes… she thought with satisfaction as she heard the door next to her seat open, causing the platinum-blonde to turn her head in time to see Deanna step into the room.

Immediately, the two women’s eyes met and Selena could not miss the sigh of relief that escaped the redhead, the younger Frost quickly taking in the older woman’s appearance. Not that Selena could blame her – she had looked an utter mess last week when Deanna had found her. Quickly, Selena pushed herself out of the chair she sat in, offering it to Deanna as the redhead walked towards her.

“That’s okay.” Deanna replied kindly with a wave of her hand. “You look good.”
“I promised I would.” Selena nodded. “They said we’d be seen during the kids’ lunch recess and-“

Her voice suddenly stopped, catching in her throat as Deanna reached up to ‘dust-off’ Selena’s right shoulder.

“You had a bit of stray hair there.” Deanna remarked without thinking much of it.

“Oh, thanks.” Selena nodded, eyeing said shoulder before clearing her throat. “I, uh… I fixed the NX problem.” She tried to say but, upon seeing her wife’s face light-up, she quickly backtracked. “Sorry, I mean… I put it all in a locked case in my private room, in my locked drawer. Like three different security measures. I’ll only take it out when I am alone.”

She felt the sting of sadness hit her as Deanna’s face fell a little, but to her credit, the redhead recovered quickly, giving a nod of her head. “I’m glad.” She answered.

“And…” Selena sighed, casting a quick glance around the room. “Hardly the place for this, but I’m sorry you had to see me that way… last week I mean. I just…” she gave a sigh, looking anywhere but at her wife - soon-to-be-ex-wife… “It just hit me… harder than I could have imagined.” She sighed. “The whole… thing… I didn’t take it well. I’m still not taking it well. And then with how hurt I was from my match with Xander… even how great the weekend went… I just…”

“Hey.” She heard Deanna’s voice and turned her head towards her, finally taking the shorter woman’s appearance in. She wore a dark-green dress with a brown belt sinching around the waist and a brown blazer jacket around her torso. Her hair was free but curled and neat. She wore a similar amount of makeup as Selena – in short, the woman was going for the same ‘look’ as Selena. Something that yelled ‘business and seriousness’, which further solidified their stance in this situation. “I get it. And I’m sorry that it had to come to that. But…” the redhead tried to assure. “We’ll get through it best we can. What’s important now is what’s best for the kids, right?”

It wasn’t exactly what Selena wanted to hear, but she nodded her head at the truth of the matter anyway. Besides, they needed to focus on David and ensure the boy had a future to begin with-

The loud sound of a bell, rather pleasant in note and volume rang throughout the PA system, including the halls and the room in which the women stood. “Sounds like the lunch bell” Selena reasoned as the sound of a crowd moving was heard. Within minutes, the halls were filled with kids walking back and forth, some to the cafeteria, some to the playground outside. Another minute passed before the door both women had entered opened, allowing two more women to enter. The older woman wore a black pantsuit with a white dress shirt underneath. The younger – more Deanna’s age – wore a colorful dress with many flower-blooms decorating it and round, brown glasses. Upon seeing the Frost women, the suited person cleared their throat before speaking.

“Mrs. and Mrs. Frost, you’re here.”

“Of course, Mrs. Warlow.” Deanna answered, being the first to give her hand to the principal for a handshake before giving one to the younger-looking woman. “And Ms. Harris. Good to see you again. You know Selena.”

“Indeed.” Warlow was first and Selena was quick to take the offered hand, followed by Harris doing the same. “Very glad you could make this meeting.”

“Yes.” Selena quickly covered. “I apologize for my inability. My time, as of late, has been…” her voice trailed off.

“Mrs. Frost explained everything.” Mrs. Harris gestured to the shorter Frost. “Your schedule is quite packed this time of year with the busy season.”

“Yes.” Selena nodded, trying her best not to ruin the situation by saying the wrong thing. “We – the both of us – actually have to run to Florida tomorrow for it.”

“Oh my.” Harris remarked. “That sounds lovely – but must be hot this time of year.”
“I am not a fan of the heat.” Selena admitted with a smile, trying her best to be charming. “But still, we all have jobs to do.”
“That we do.” Warlow nodded. “That we do.”
“If only every day was Friday…” Deanna added with a tease.
“Oh, THAT would be something!” laughed the principal. “Though I rather every day be Saturday.”

“That DOES sound better.” Selena agreed. “Though hard lines on our income, wouldn’t it?”

“Fair point.” Warlow agreed. “Alright, we need to get this meeting under way.” With a gesture of her hand, the principal lead the three women into her office down the short hall. The office, itself, was larger than the others and Warlow made herself comfortable sitting in the chair behind the long desk, with Ms. Harris standing behind her. The Frost wives stayed on the other side, with Selena pulling out the nearby chair to allow Deanna to sit on it.

“Alright.” The principal breathed, as if steadying herself. “So… David…”

“Yes.” Deanna nodded. “Have you reached a decision?” Selena felt her breath hitch at the question – right to the point.

“We…” Warlow cast a glance towards Ms. Harris for a second before returning it to the two wives. “We are unsure.” She admitted, taking another slow breath before explaining. “The issue is that the situation is a difficult one.”

“To say the least…” Sighed Ms. Harris, earning a glance from the other three.

“The thing is.” The principal explained. “We’ve since had thirteen more cases come out with plagiarizing final projects.”

“Thirteen?!” Deanna’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Across grades 3-5.” Mrs. Warlow quickly explained.
“Oh… okay. That makes more sense.” Deanna nodded quickly.

“As it stands, we need to nip this problem in the bud.” The older woman continued. “We take a strong stance against plagiarising.”

“But at the same time…” Ms. Harris joined in, her voice trailing off.

“Expelling thirteen students, while an effective message, would severely hurt the school.” Selena reasoned. “Not to mention the parents.” She raised an eyebrow. “How many of them are high-position members of Manhattan society?”

“Selena!” Deanna shot in surprise.
“I’m just trying to get to the heart of the matter.” The Snow Queen reasoned, her tone adopting a slight chill. “We’ve dealt with school politics before with Elsianna. Rich parents, powerful ones – people that would make this school’s life far more difficult if the direct approach was taken?”

Despite themselves, Warlow flinched a little before nodding her head. “There are… such people on the list.”

Which is great for us! Selena’s mind screamed. If they are hesitant to expel those kids, they won’t expel David! Last thing they want is bad PR!

“But also!” Ms. Harris interjected. “In some cases, including David’s, it’s a first-time offence and I don’t think that should warrant failure or expulsion!” she turned her gaze towards Mrs. Warlow. “David’s a good kid.”

“Yes, he is!” Deanna added quickly. “He didn’t mean to cheat. He just…” she threw a quick glance at Selena. “Got some advice that he took the wrong way.”

“Yes.” Selena sighed. “My fault. I’m going to talk to him about that. He misunderstood what I meant in an unrelated event.”

“I see.” Fortunately, the principal did not push the issue. “Still, we cannot simply do nothing. That will only incite continued behaviour.”

“Why not just have them redo the project?” Deanna offered. “Or risk repeating the grade next year. That seems like an adequate punishment. I doubt anyone wants their kid to repeat.”

“We considered that, but that just means they got an ‘extension’ on the project. What will that say?” Warlow asked – a good question, Selena admitted. “There needs to be some kind of repercussions besides just ‘another chance’.”

“But they are still children, Mrs. Warlow.” Harris tried.
“And for the other children, I have to answer to several more that may be pissed at our decision as well. Some on the board like the others.” She sighed before realizing she had let that last part slip. “Please don’t repeat that.”

“We won’t.” Deanna assured.

“I have an idea.”

The words came from Selena, earning the Snow Queen the attention of everyone within the room. “We agree that there needs to be consequences for their actions, yet the severity shouldn’t be something as permanent as expelling or repeating the grade unless they refuse to take the consequences.”

Both heads – Warlow and Harris – nodded in understanding. Deanna, on the other hand, kept her eyes on Selena, her face a mixture of hope, worry, and a bit of nervousness.

“How about this.” Selena offered with a wave of her hands. “Summer school?”

All six eyes widened at the woman.

“Think about it.” The world champion explained. “Six weeks, right? Let’s say July to August? They redo various aspects of this grade, academics and such, and then redo the final project. If they cheat again, expulsion. If they pass, then they’re back in the right grade in September.”

There was a moment of silence, Mrs. Warlow processing the suggestion. “It’s…” she spoke slowly. “Well, it’s an idea. Problem is that this school doesn’t usually employ ‘summer programs’. Putting one together will take time and money-“

“I’ll cover it.”

Again, all eyes were on Selena.

“Excuse me?” the principal’s eyes were wide.

“I’ll cover the expenses.” Selena shrugged. “What are we talking? Teachers, additional staff, maybe field trips? 100? 250?”

“That’s hardly…” Warlow started.

“She actually means thousand.” Deanna corrected. “100-250 thousand.”

To be honest, it was amusing to Selena to see the teacher/principal’s mouths drop. “You have that much to just spend?” Warlow stammered.

In response, Selena simply gave a shrug. With the SCW championship bonuses being increased, she was pulling in that much on a single month just in bonus – a mere drop in the bucket of her vast income thanks to her stance as the dominant Face of SCW.

“We both can.” She heard Deanna offer. “We’ll help any way we can.”

The teacher and principal gazed at one another, sharing a rather intense look. It reminded both Frost wives of the ‘silent communication’ they had often shared, such intense looks to converse not only in their private lives but also at work when they wrestled as The House of Frost. At the same time, emerald eyes met sapphire ones before both looked away, neither one saying anything.

A moment passed before Warlow leaned back in her chair. “I’ll need to present this to the board this week. We’ll make a decision on it and let you know.” She stated. “I can assure you, we will make no decision regarding your son’s place here without speaking with you about it first. Same with the other parents.”

“We very much appreciate that.” Deanna smiled, pushing herself out of her chair to shake both women’s hands – Selena doing the same – before exiting with the platinum-blonde. The two said nothing until they had walked out of the office, out of the school, and were making their way through the parking lot to their respective vehicles.

“Well…” Selena breathed, reaching up with one hand to pull out the hairpin that held her updo together, allowing her braid to tumble down and free against her back. “That was easy.”

“Easy?” Deanna looked at Selena in surprise. “You just bribed them 250 grand!”
“Yep.” Selena shrugged. “Like I said: Easy.”
“But…” Deanna sighed uneasily. “Still…”

“Regardless of your opinions of me and ‘power’, Deanna.” Selena turned to eye her wife, another intense stare being shared between them. “Money doesn’t come close to any of you.”

Slowly, the redhead nodded. “Well, I appreciate you stepping up like that.”
“You would have done the same if I gave you enough time to think about it.” Selena shrugged. “But I…” she chose her next words carefully. “A strong front was a good idea.” She settled on saying, helping Deanna into her car.

“I’ll…” Deanna offered a kind smile to Selena. “I’ll see you in Florida.”
“Looking forward to it.” The platinum-blonde replied. “Though I might not be good company after the show.” She added with a tease. “You might have to carry me back here.”

“I’ll bring chocolate pudding.” The redhead teased right back. “In case they break your jaw.” She added as she sped off.

“Oh har har har!” Selena yelled back, watching her wife disappear from sight.

A strong front… she thought darkly. Maybe that’s the best approach after all.
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SCW Supreme Champion
6x SCW World Champion
4x SCW World Tag-Team Champion
2x SCW United States Champion
3x SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Television Champion
Longest Reigning SCW World Champion (234 days)
Winner of Shot of Adrenaline Tournament (2016)
Winner of Best of the Best Tournament (2016)
Winner of Trios Tournament (2018)
Winner of U.S. Championship Tournament (2020)
Winner of World Championship Tournament (2023)
Winner of Tactical Warfare (2014, 2019)
Winner of Elimination Chamber (2015)
Winner of Roofed Cage Match (2019)
Winner of Last Person Standing Match (2019)
The Unbelievable Main Event (2021-2023)
Winner of Double Jeopardy Match (2022)
Winner of EOTY Invitational (2023)
Female Wrestler of the Year (2016, 2021, 2022)
Tag-Team of the Year (2020 - w/ Regan Street)
Match of the Year (2018, 2019, 2021, 2023)
Feud of the Year (2014, 2019)

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Season 5 / Episode 13 / Losing Control (Part 1 - Talking It Out)

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The Royal Letter

The camera opens up to a rather gorgeous looking balcony, overlooking the setting sun within Miami, Florida (as the small graphic on the corner of the screen indicates). As the camera turns from the view of the horizon, it focuses on the white couch placed in front of a series of medium-size tries, the green foliage adding to the style and ‘ritz’ of the place. Sitting on the couch, however, and taking up the majority of the focus, is the SCW World Champion, Selena Frost. Her hair is tied in its iconic braid and she wears an elegant black dress that shows her shoulders legs despite its length. The SCW world championship sits on its own cushion beside her.

Miami, Florida… She speaks slowly, drawing the attention out. Do you believe?

She gives a knowing grin before shrugging her shoulders. I mean, you have to by now right? It, really, can no longer a choice at this point, can it? You’re either someone that FINALLY gets it, or you’re just plain stupid. You’re either someone that acknowledges who the best in the world is, or you’re like the donkey in that old tale ‘The donkey and the tiger’: You’re a bunch of asses. A bunch of fools who don’t care about the truth or reality.

With a smug smirk, she gestures a hand with a flourish towards the championship belt. And the reality is that I am still your world champion. I have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am the greatest of all time. The main-event. And that I am going to Rise to Greatnesses’ main-event – where I belong! – for a record fourth time!

Relaxing, Selena leans back against the couch cushions. So, since this is Rise to Greatness season, and coming to my SIXTH month of ruling this place since my return, it’s time to either get on board and stop embarrassing yourselves or keep your mouths shut… and stop embarrassing yourselves!

She gives a shake of her head. Because all I’ve heard since London is how I ‘stole it’. How I got by ‘by the skin of my teeth’. How I ‘almost lost it’. Like those things upset me.

But you see, how can they upset me? I told you how it all was going to go! I literally called it play by play! I told you all that I was in for a painful match with Xander Valentine. I told you it would take everything I had to get past him because that’s how good and tough Xander Valentine is. And what happened? I got beat up from pillar to post. I got thrown around, powerbombed, bent in half – I got a beating that few in this business can give me and fewer could even survive! I said it would happen and it did.

But what else did I say? I said that Xander’s ego was going to get in the way. I said that Xander’s ego would make the difference and give me my opening. And what happened? He let his ego get in the way, he took his eyes off the prize, and, how did Sharper put it? “By the skin of my teeth” I won.

The Blue-Eyed Devil gives a short laugh before turning her eyes back to coldly glare at the camera. You’re damn right I beat Xander by the skin of my teeth! Because that’s ALL the difference that it takes! You know what it often takes to be a gold medal winner running in the Olympics? Usually 0.01 of a second! A sliver of a second! A ‘blink and you miss it’ moment! That’s what it takes to be the best! That’s the difference between a good – even great - superstar like Xander Valentine, a Hall of Famer and icon, and the greatest of all time. The difference that makes him him and me the World Champion, the history-maker, and better than everyone else! The smallest difference that makes ALL the difference in SCW!

Her grin refuses to falter, but she seems to relax more so – the topic having been passed. So now that Xander is in the rearview mirror where he belongs – probably preaching about his retirement to the few that care, I want to move on. Because this Breakdown isn’t about Xander, it’s not about the world title, hell, it isn’t even entirely about Rise to Greatness and my ‘Unbelievable Main-Event’, per say.

No… apparently, this Breakdown is supposed to be me being punished. Me having to deal with ‘consequences’…

Taking a moment, a chuckle escapes Selena as she looks away for a moment before turning back to the camera. Now, I’m going to unwrap all of that in a second, but let’s just address the situation for what it is. she leans forward, rubbing her pale hands together. So… because of my involvement in the royale – where I ran down and attacked Kandis, Kristen Scott, and Polly and, let’s face it, got them eliminated from the royale… I’ve now got to face them in a ‘fatal-fourway’ match as part of ‘consequences’.

And I use ‘air quotes’-
she does it again. For that because… pfft, come on. We all know what this is. We all can see what this truly is. Hell, CHBK was grinning like a damn fool last week on Breakdown… even taking credit for it in front of Lucas Knight.

Selena knowing shakes her head. Oh trust me, we’re gonna talk a little about that. But because I attacked those three, this is the ‘consequence’…

She seems to contemplate the situation for a moment, looking away a little. And that just sort of… well, I have to laugh at that because you all act like this is my fault. That this is ‘right’. That this is ‘justice’. But if that’s justice, where’s the rest of it? Hmmm? Because, as I recall, I didn’t start this whole thing. I didn’t fire the first shot, did I?

No, Kandis did! Let me refresh your bias memories: I was done with Kandis and ‘The One’. I had moved on. I gave them their shot, I beat them clean, proven that I was better, and was moving on to the next one. Then, I beat Polly Pignotti clean in the ring, proving the same thing! But what happened? On DAY ONE that her suspension was lifted, Kandis flew all the way to Japan, a show she wasn’t even booked for, snuck in through the audience and attacked me – with Polly giving me a sucker punch because she was a sore loser! I was blindsided, attacked from behind, and laid out.

What was Kandis punishment? What was Polly’s punishment?
she pauses, as if waiting for an answer. After a second, she gestures with her hand in a turning gesture.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I’m fighting Bree Lancaster. What happens? Kandis runs in, working with Kristen Scott. Scott lays her hands on an innocent official and then proceeds to attack me. To put her hands on the world champion because she couldn’t beat me.

Where’s her punishment for that?

Hell, since we’re on the subject – London, England! Kandis ran down, DEFYING Lucas Knight’s orders to stay in the back, all set to attack me again. What’s her punishment?
Again, there is a pause but no answer is given.

See, old man, and I’m talking to you, CHBK. I can’t quite grasp that. Kandis and Scott attack me from behind, involve themselves in my matches – MORE THAN ONCE – and there is no punishment. Polly sucker-punches me and there are no consequences. They all threaten and promise to keep interfering in my matches and look to screw me out of the world title, but nothing is done. But I get involved in their match. I attack them from behind and I’m punished? I’m the one that has ‘consequences’ coming?

And you all want to call ME the hypocrite?!
The laugh is genuine as the platinum-blonde marvels at the blatant hypocrisy.

Looks like your true-colors are showing, Alex. Looks like your mask is slipping and you’re showing the bias little troll that I always knew you to be! And just like at Rise to Greatness last year, you are out to get me because I’m better than everyone, including you. Because now, you’re not the biggest name in SCW, are you? I am. You’re not the biggest icon or legend or Face of this place. I am.

She leans forward slightly. Because what I did in the royale? That’s Kandis’ fault. It’s Scott’s fault. It’s Polly’s fault. And it’s your fault. I didn’t start this. They did. I didn’t make this into a war. They did. And what I did? Was because you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t hold them accountable to their actions or promise them ‘consequences’ like you are to me. So… I did what you wouldn’t.

Taking a deep breath, Selena leans back, her tone calm once more. Which is why, this Breakdown, I’m going to do it again. I’ll do what none of you – including our supposed ‘boss’ – can seem to do and accept the consequences for my actions. I’ll be the only one with integrity and accept the ‘punishment’ for what I did – for rules that, apparently, only apply to me.

Taking another deep breath, a sudden smile breaks across Selena’s face. So come on, Miami, let’s celebrate! You’re in for a treat! You’re going to see the world champion get beaten up again! A three-on-one assault! Oh, it’s going to be amazing! I’m going to get double-teamed, triple-teamed – it’ll probably be more one-sided that one of Kandis gang-bang videos!

That’s what you want right? For the ‘evil’ Selena to get hers? Hell, even the intern running SCW’s twitter’s is being obvious. All three women ‘looking for revenge against Selena’? Again, that hypocrisy…

But let’s set it! Let’s promote it! Cause if I got by Xander ‘by the skin of my teeth’, no way am I going to think I have a chance against a three-on-one that CHBK rigged into a fatal-fourway so there is no fairness about it like tag rules or whatever, right? My ego isn’t so big to think I can’t be touched with such odds – a basic ambush. No, I’m going to get beaten down and beaten hard! So yay! Celebrate it!

She gives a mock cheer, including a slight ‘Wooo!’, followed by a clap of her hands before settling back down, her tone more ‘knowing’. But… see, that’s all well and good… and it’s not like I haven’t gotten the hell beaten out of me before, but… she seems to ‘contemplate’ something, her hand stroking her chin. My focus is wondering… what happens at the end?

I mean, this is a fatal-fourway, right? That’s what CHBK, in his bias and unprofessional conduct against me, has chosen. Which means no one needs to tag each other in, you can all bombard me at once since you can’t do it by yourselves… but it also means that, just like with the THOTF royale… there can be only one winner… Sorry, too soon?
she grins at the memory before settling her smile down with a shrug.

So… who’s it gonna be? Who’s going to be the one person to FINALLY pin Selena Frost, the most DOMINANT world champion in SCW? Who’s going to be ‘the one’ to take that accolade home with them and ride it as their ‘greatest achievement’? The gently runs a hand along her braid.

I mean, look at Kandis! No greater example! She’s been riding her tainted victory from last RTG all year! On and on, every promo – despite failing as world champion, failing in every attempt to get ‘back into the picture’. I mean, you want to talk about ‘resting on your laurels’? The woman’s ridden that fluke-win more than ‘insert porn and sex reference here’. Again, Selena uses air quotes.

That’s what pinning Selena Frost does for your career. And maybe it WILL be Kandis again. I mean, we all know she has no problem taking an ‘assisted win’ and making it seem like it was all her. She’s ‘Shameless’, right? And after all, she’s been at this the longest right? I mean, ever since I returned, I’ve just been embarrassing her, outsmarting her, and making her out to be a fool. So… maybe that’s her case, right? After all, Kristen, she stepped aside to let you have a beating on me during my match with Bree, so maybe you owe her one?

Selena tilts her head, considering another thought. But then again, Scott, who’s lost to the Frosts more than you, am I right? I mean, how long you’ve been going on about this ‘new guard’, and ‘changing SCW’, and ‘altering the landscape’ crap? How many years? And you think about it, you failed to beat me for the tag-team titles, you failed over and over again to beat Deanna, you failed to get the United States championship. Hell you had the PERFECT opportunity with that Trios contract of yours and you STILL, even with a rigged deck and EVERYTHING working in your favor, you couldn’t beat a Frost. I’m actually pretty sure you have a perfect-loss record when it comes to fighting Frosts. Least Kandis can have her win and cling to it like the donkey in that little tale I spoke of. She can be the ‘Ass’ she’s so found of being in SCW. But you? I don’t know – ‘The One’ doesn’t even have ONE win against a Frost, despite so many attempts! So maybe this is an emergency. Maybe this is your chance to get it and finally have some semblance of credibility, however fake and rigged and ‘assisted’, in your career, right?

A scoff escapes the young woman. Not that you would know what to do with such credibility. Not like Polly. See, Polly… Polly’s got something neither of you have. Polly’s got some initiative. Polly’s got some decency and – dare I say - integrity. While you two were coming at me from behind, threatening to put me on the shelf – to be there ‘every show, every pay-per-view’, even threatening to end my career because neither of you can beat me in this ring, Polly…

She takes a quick breath, pausing for effect. Polly came to my dressing room door. She made a challenge. She demanded to face me face-to-face. Like a woman of integrity should. Now… I dealt with the sloppy-seconds of Deanna once before so I didn’t pay it much attention, not when I have bigger fish to fry and an Unbelievable Main-Event to plan, but I can at least appreciate the effort made by you, Polly. I mean, if I wanted anyone of the three of you – anyone – to take this pin, this GIFT being given, I’d want it to be you. Because you’ve not really been involved with the cowardly attacks. You’ve not tried to put me on the shelf. You just… want to beat me. You want to break that glass ceiling that’s been over your head for so long. To be seen as more than ‘the girl that wore the collar leash and barked like a bitch’. Selena nods in understanding.

And had you not run your mouth about getting involved in my business, I would have left you alone. But, you went too far – one of many mistakes you’ve made this year, understandable. But, really, Polly, you’re just driven. You just want the chance that Kandis had and Kristen already had. Cause really… you’re the worst case of the bunch.

She shrugs matter-of-factly. I mean, everything the other two have been through? You’ve been through. Never beaten a Frost? Check. Soundly beaten by me? Check. The difference, where Kandis has her fluke-win and The One was at least ‘considered’ to fight me for the world title. You… you’ve never gotten any of that. You’ve not been recognized as a contender or even the same level as the rest of us. You’ve not been taken seriously by any of management – I’m just stating facts here, Polly. You were a joke. ‘Polly Playtime’, right? No one took you seriously except Deanna and me! When we faced after ‘Taking the Leap’, I beat you soundly by giving you my absolute best! I held NOTHING back in our match! Because I saw what you were becoming. I believed in what you were saying about your toughness and building your way up and becoming more! I believed you, Polly!

But them? Management? CHBK? Hell, the two people that will be fighting beside you? They never gave you a glance, did they? They never gave you a consideration! It’s always been “One and Kandis” working together. Did they come to you last week? Did they talk to you about their ‘plans’?

Again, Selena knowingly shakes her head. No. You never factored in other than me seeing you as the woman and challenge that you are. Them? They don’t take you seriously. I mean, do you really think they are going to let you have this pin? Let you have the win that you need to break that glass ceiling? That could change your entire career’s trajectory? No, Polly. They’re going to do what they always do. Cowardly attacks and excuses! And all to just make themselves ‘feel better’. To have something to brag about on X. All for their egos.

And I want you to know that because I don’t want you to blame me.

She places her hand over her chest. Because none of this is my fault. None of what is to happen in Maimi will be my fault. It’s going to be your fault, it’s going to be Scott’s fault, it’s going to be Kandis’ fault and it’s going to be CHBK’s fault!

Reaching out, Selena takes the SCW world title into her hands, eyes still on the camera. You four have made your stance on this very clear – moreso last week! Kandis and Scott, out of sheer jealousy and desperation, want to put me on the shelf, Polly wants to beat me and lower my stock, and CHBK… he wants to smile and ‘teach me a lesson’… her tone grows colder as her hands tighten around her championship.

Which means I will be backed into a corner, with my very place in the main-event at Rise to Greatness in jeopardy if Kandis and Scott are to believed. With the stock and credibility of said main-event in jeopardy of Polly is to be believed…

Her hands tighten even more around the title. And the last time I was backed into a corner, I choked out the most dangerous wrestler in the world! Sapphire eyes glare into the camera.

So… maybe the answer to ‘who will pin Selena’ isn’t Kandis, just to appease her ego and inability to beat me on her own now. Maybe it isn’t Kristen Scott, just so she can say she ‘beat a Frost’. Maybe it isn’t even Polly just so she can break that glass ceiling…

Maybe the answer to the question is… no one.
The last two words almost echo with the weight of their implication.

No one will be pinning Selena Frost. Because here, in Miami, maybe I do what I have always done and ‘protect what’s mine’. Maybe, CHBK is the one that learns the lesson that actions have consequences!

When I take advantage of this match and demolish three of his superstars.

When I make an example out of all three of you and show why NONE of you were in my league. Why NONE of you could beat me and be the world champion or deserved to be in the main-event at Rise to Greatness! Maybe, as unbelievable as it sounds, maybe I turn this whole night on its head… and make the smile on CHBK’s face disappear… and I leave all three of you as you’ve always been – beaten, opportunity-wasted, and mere bit-parts in the grand show that is MY Rise to Greatness!

Staring down at her title, Selena allows the devilishly grin to grace her features. Yes… somehow that sounds far better to me. Whether any of you want to believe it… or not.

She gazes back at the camera with that same grin as the camera begins to fade before going entirely to black.
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