Dante McCaffery vs. Derek Adonis
SCW Television Championship
Dante McCaffery vs. Derek Adonis

RP Limit: 2 RP for singles; 2 RP for tag
Deadline: 11:59 pm ET Tuesday, December 18, 2018 *NOTE LATE DEADLINE*
BLUE indicates items not recorded for public consumption
RED indicates items recorded for public consumption
ORANGE indicates dialogue
RED and GREEN indicate a Christmas Special commercial

The police had been working hard looking into the character and financial dealings of one Derek Robert Oliver Yanni George Brand Victor Walker-Marchetti, known the world over as Derek Adonis, the Supreme Championship Wrestling Champion of Television. Since meeting with Adonis pertaining to an ongoing investigation into an alleged money laundering ring surrounding his former manservant Jeff-rey, their suspicions were piqued by the seemingly-overt lengths that the self-proclaimed Lady’s Man’s Man went in order to protect himself and his assets. Constant in-house video surveillance, coupled with pre-emptive privacy waivers signed before anyone enters his living quarters seemed to be extraordinary lengths to protect oneself, but coupled with Derek’s apparent ignorance pertaining to various subjects – he asked if “money laundering” had anything to do with doing the laundry – well, any officer with a keen ear would be suspicious by that.
The two officers – Smith and Wesson – were busy pouring over any data they could find available, but were growing frustrated in their search.
Wesson: “I can’t fucking believe it.”
He slammed down a manila file that he had been reading through, shaking his head.
Wesson: “The guy’s forty-one years old, has something of a fucking empire that he’s funded by himself, and everything is clean. There’re no back trails. There’re no Cayman Island accounts. There’s nothing to even remotely suggest that he’s been involved in any illegal activity. There’s just…”
McDonald shakes his head again, trying to comprehend the magnitude of everything he had just pieced together.
Smith: “There isn’t a puzzle to put together her. It’s baffling, I agree.”
Wesson: “How could someone who is that overbearing, that overreaching in his due diligence, be on the level? That’s some master criminal stuff going on there.”
Smith: “Well, maybe there’s something else.”
Wesson: “What do you mean?”
Smith places his file on the table between them, leaning forward to prop his arms on the table as he puts everything together.
Smith: “Well, let’s say that everything with Derek Walker-Marchetti is on the level, and he isn’t some criminal mastermind.”
Wesson: “Okay, yeah…”
Smith: “Who would have more to gain by being able to set up a system that is effectively impenetrable? Who benefits most from keeping his employer out of legal trouble?”
Wesson’s eyes widen, as he understands exactly where Smith is going with his theory.
Wesson: “Motherfucking Jeff-rey!”
Smith: “That’s right. So, what we need to do is get a warrant, go back to Mr. Walker-Marchetti’s home, and assess absolutely everything about that security system… where it came from, how it’s funded, and if there’s anyone else monitoring it. We do this and we may be able to crack into a back channel to find out exactly who masterminded this entire laundering ring.”
Wesson nods, licking his lips before another thought crosses his mind…
Wesson: “Do you find it weird that local police are somehow being held responsible for the investigation of an international money laundering ring? I mean, shouldn’t this be the jurisdiction of the FBI or Interpol or something like that?”
Smith: “I don’t question jurisdictions. I find bad guys.”
Smith puts some sunglasses on, oblivious to the fact that they’re still indoors, as you hear the beginning “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” from CSI Miami. The scene shifts…
We are greeted now by the KABLAM News Network Logo, with a BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! Of course, this news isn’t breaking… but the tape is old. Still, we are blessed by the ample display from KNN anchor – recently voted the most-trusted news anchor for a 24-hour news outlet – Chesty LaRue. Today, Chesty’s blouse is buttoned up properly, albeit with a few buttons up top left undone either due to the appeal of the network or due to a general inability to bring both sides of the blouse comfortably together. Still, with her beaming smile and her glowing… er… demeanor, Chesty opens the scene.
Chesty: “Hello, and welcome to the KABLAM! News Network! I am your host, Chesty LaRue coming to you LIVE from the KNN studios here in the basement of the KABLAM Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada! We are coming to you live with BREAKING NEWS as moments ago, the world watching SCW Breakdown witnessed our man, the main man, Man-Mountain Derek Adonis successfully retain his Championship of Television over Max Kane after hitting an unprecedented TWO KABLAM!’s. We will have Derek joining us live momentarily, but let’s just take a moment to appreciate what we witnessed…
The inset of the screen shows the closing moments of the match from Breakdown…
Kane rushes to the corner and hits a rolling cannonball on Adonis. Moving to the corner, he lifts Adonis to the top rope and climbs through the ropes. He takes up a perch behind Adonis, jumping around and looking for the Magical Mystery Tour, but Adonis holds onto the top rope. Kane flips back and lands on his feet. As Adonis slips from the top turnbuckle, slumping in the corner, Kane rushes in for a crossbody, but Adonis moves out of the way! Kane crashes into the corner at full speed, and Adonis runs across the ring, rebounding off and charging at Kane in the corner, colliding full force with KABLAM! Kane slumps forward but holds onto the top rope, keeping himself on his feet. Derek sees this and runs back with a second KABLAM! Kane falls forward to the ring and Derek quickly covers!

We return to the studio, where Chesty fans herself with her script, clearly somewhat aroused by what she had witnessed.

Chesty: “Wow… what a man! What a match! And I’m told we have the man LIVE now via satellite from Washington, DC! Mr. Adonis, are you there?”
The screen splits between Chesty in Vegas and Derek Adonis, still clad in his Uncle Sam attire, with the Television Championship belt resting on his shoulder. Derek is panting, likely still winded from the match, and has sweat cascading down his forehead as he looks to the camera. Still, through his exhaustion, he manages to smile.
Adonis: “Hello, Chesty. Can I just say how absolutely fantastic you look tonight?”
Chesty giggles at the compliment, and it’s clear that she is crushing hard on Man Mountain.
Chesty: “You may!”
Adonis: “Well you do, and you are a great hire to be the face of the KABLAM News Network! There was no one else during the auditions who caught my eye like you did. You are going to be a big star, Chesty. HUGE!”
Chesty starts to blush.
Chesty: “You certainly know how to flatter a girl, Mr. Adonis. We just shared with the KNN audience the closing moments of your match with Max Kane! Can you give us a walkthrough of what you were thinking as you were sitting on the top rope first?”
Derek smiles.
Adonis: “Certainly. As I was sitting on the top rope, I was thinking “Thank God I can sit for a second”. I don’t know how many of my regular viewers know this, but wrestling a match is an exhausting job, and it doesn’t always come with the satisfying conclusion of OTHER physical acts IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!”
Chesty blushes again, this time adding a small giggle.
Adonis: “But I knew I had to hold on. Max Kane didn’t want me to hold on, but I did. The next thing I did was slide off the top rope. If I stayed there, Max probably would have tried to hit his Magical Mystery Tour on me again and I might not have been able to hold on a second time. I knew then that I couldn’t let him hit me again at all. So instead of hitting him back when he jumped at me, I moved. Max has a reputation for taking one risk too many, and that was the risk. Then as he was in the corner, I had him right where I wanted him, and…”
Chesty: “KABLAM!”
Derek laughs, still catching his breath.
Adonis: “Yeeeeeees. Then KABLAM!”
Chesty: “So why twice?”
Adonis: “Because Max is a resilient little bugger who didn’t let go of the ropes when I hit him. I hit him with TWO KABLAM!’s because I had to in order to get him to let go. But of course, once I did…!
Derek claps his hand three times, indicating the pinfall that occurred after he hit KABLAM! Twice. Chesty against becomes flush with enjoyment and arousal.
Chesty: “And what a great moment it was for all of us! You have become something of an inspiration, winning the Championship of Television and holding onto it for what will now be over a month!”
Derek smiles, and then flinches about something, but regains his bearings and smiles again, breathing a little heavily.
Adonis: “And if I can keep it up… well, of course I can keep IT up IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! … I mean my…”
Chesty: “No, I’m sure we all get it.”
But Derek, not liking getting interrupted before finishing a filthy thought…
Adonis: “Genitals.”
Chesty giggles again… she was digging what he was laying down for some reason that we’ll probably never be able to fully comprehend.
Adonis: “But if I can keep the belt… if I can retain my title next week, then I will roll into 2019 as Champion of Television… ending 2018 as I began it! A lot of people don’t remember that held the Championship for three weeks last year right during this time of year. I walked into 2018 as Champion of Television, and now I might be able to pull off walking into 2019 as Champion of Television! Can you imagine how that would be reflected in history? I would be seen as more than the KABLAM peddler that others look at me as. Marie Jones… she insulted Man Mountain last week by claiming I was some kind of serial harasser? A Weinstein. First of all, racist. But mainly, untrue! I ensure I go to great lengths to get consent from my partners. I don’t pursue married women. Daddy Don’t Diddle with kids. I am very open and forward. If I’m interested, you know I am… right Chesty?”
Derek winks obnoxiously, which Chesty seems to dig.
Chesty: “Oh, absolutely!”
Adonis: “But I know that people are going to say things about meeeeee… that are untrue. Why? Because I’m successful now. I’m a Champion. KABLAMaerobics is a bona fide success story! Sales are through the ROOF! And this is just 2018. 2019 is going to be even BIGGER and KABLAMMER! No one ever thought I would amount to anything more than a comedy act but here IIIIIIIII… am. Yeah…”
Derek looks down.
Adonis: “Like that.”
Chesty: “After your match, Dante McCaffery and Xander Valentine went after Max Kane but left you alone…”
Adonis looks back up.
Adonis: “Yeah… they have beef with him. Its not my fight, and I’m far too valuable to the KABLAMpire to risk crossing the wrong people. That’s why I got out of dodge… I’m better served by pursuing my own means than letting someone else drag me left or riiiiiiiiiiight…”
Derek appears to be breathing even more heavily.
Chesty: “Mr. Adonis, are you okay?”
Adonis: “Never better, Chesty… never beeeeeeeee… KABLAM!”
After a few seconds passing with his face contorted, Derek begins to breathe more readily, sitting back in his chair as he does.
Adonis: “Never better.”
He gets a strange smile on his face. At this point, the back of a woman’s head raises just high enough to be seen by the camera, moving to the side as she does. Derek watches her move.
Adonis: “You did great.”
Chesty: “Mr. Adonis… who is that?”
Derek wags his finger and taps his nose.
Adonis: “Now, now, Chesty… a gentleman never kisses and tells.”
Chesty: “But that didn’t look like the result of a kiss.”
Truth be told, Chesty’s tone begins to get a little more accusatory as her jealousy begins to raise. But Derek, ever the lady’s man, immediately seeks to diffuse the situation.
Adonis: “Don’t worry, Chesty. While Cookie and Manvel are off celebrating in their own way, I needed a little bit of a stress release.”
She pouts.
Adonis: “But I promise, as soon as I get back to Las Vegas, I’ll stop by the studios and pay you a personal visit.”
This causes the young one-dimensional personality/three-dimensional woman to perk right up.
Chesty: “I’m going to hold you to that!”
Adonis: “I wouldn’t have it any other way! KABLAM!”
The split screen goes away, with a flush Chesty turning back to the camera.
Chesty: “Well, it looks like I have something to look forward to! For KABLAM News Network, I have been Chesty LaRue! Now stay tuned for KABLAMasutra: The Movie: The Table Read!”
With that, she begins to fan herself again as the camera fades away…
Mr. D: “What are you doing in my office?”
* “More” may be limited to a stage hand getting caught on camera for a split second.
Voice: “Mr. Adonis…”
The scene opens up inside of a Denny’s in Cleveland, Ohio. The age-old adage that “Cleveland Rocks” has been something impressed upon Man Mountain, as he has been spending time in the city prior to SCW Breakdown and his Championship of Television defense against Dante McCaffery. And, as he’s toured the city, Adonis has found that the ladies definitely have an eye for him. After all, what eyes wouldn’t be drawn to a man clad in the bright colours that Adonis has made part of his gaudy trademarks? Either way, as Derek is out for his second breakfast of the day (breakfast for dinner is absolutely something that exists and should be celebrated), he finds himself approached by a man in a three-piece suit, not as colourful as Derek’s own, and a woman in a form-fitted gown. To Derek’s chagrin, it’s the man who does the speaking…
Man: “May we?”
With a mouth full of food, Derek doesn’t answer verbally. I mean that would be pretty rude. He does, however, motion to the two available chairs, a convenient set-up considering there are two visitors. They sit on either side of him, and again it’s the man that does the talking.
Man: “My name is Vigo Montgomery, and this here is my daughter, Ariel.”
She smiles slyly, waving with just her fingers. Derek responds in kind.
Montgomery: “Excuse me, waitress?”
Vigo holds a finger up, flagging down Derek’s server. As she approaches, he pulls out a charge card from his own suit jacket.
Montgomery: “Mr. Adonis will not be paying for his own meal today. Please put it on my account.”
The waitress nods her head, taking the card from Vigo as she steps away. He turns back to the table as Derek swallows his mouthful of pancake.
Adonis: “Thank you?”
Montgomery: “Do not mention it, Mr. Adonis. I am sure that my daughter and I have confused you with our presence.”
Derek looks over to Ariel, who smiles.
Adonis: “Little bit, yeah.”
Montgomery: “Well, I can assure you that it is simple. You see, I am a wealthy entrepreneur with a taste for the finer things in life. My daughter, not unlike myself, has a keen eye for money-making opportunities. And that is why we sought you out when we heard you were going to be in Cleveland this week.”
Adonis: “Oh, you’re from Cleveland?”
Vigo laughs.
Montgomery: “What? God, no. My family and I would never reside in a city of such mundanity and squalor, content to live vicariously through a sporting franchise that is celebrated for not losing every week. We specifically sought you out because Ariel has been impressed with you.”
Derek looks over to the young daughter, who winks. Derek winks back.
Adonis: “Has she now?”
Montgomery: “Not by your physical attributes, if that is what you are believing. You are clearly not the physical specimen that one might typically entertain in an industry such as yours. But your business acumen must be recognized and appreciated. You have taken a single word and transformed it into a money-making enterprise and because of that, you have enabled your own transformation.”
Derek nods his head.
Adonis: “That’s KABLAMaerobics!”
Montgomery: “Yes… and how does “KABLAMaerobics” work exactly?”
Adonis: “Well, it makes you more limber for those hard-to-reach positions… it improves cardiovascular health to enable longer sessions… I would be happy to demonstrate with Ariel…”
Ariel appears a bit taken back, but she smiles just the same. Vigo stretches his arm out.
Montgomery: “That will not be necessary at this juncture.”
Derek, a little bit dejected, sits back. He doesn’t notice the disappointment in Ariel’s eyes, as somewhat bewilderingly, he has charmed another young woman. How he does it is something that will never be able to be explained, not in science, not in anything.
Adonis: “Fair enough.”
Montgomery: “What my daughter noticed was that you are an impeccable businessman. The wrestling industry itself… it chews people up and spits them out. I lost a son to the industry myself, so I understand as well as any the kind of struggles that can come associated with it. But it takes a particularly wise man to understand the business for what it is.”
Derek nods, pretending that he understands what Vigo is talking about although in reality he hadn’t the foggiest idea.  
Adonis: “Yeah.”
Montgomery:A business.”
Vigo laughs and, since he doesn’t want to be left out, Derek also laughs.
Montgomery: “When you think about the industry, that’s all it is. It’s no different than auto manufacturing or insurance sales. It is a means to an end and that end is making money. You understand it which is why you have been so successful at using your stage to promote your other business ventures, the real money-makers.”
Adonis: “Uh, yeah! That’s what I did alright!”
Derek didn’t really comprehend what Vigo was talking about. For him, the business side came from others. Derek was more of an ideas kind of guy. But hey, he liked the idea that this stuffy businessman was complimenting him, and his daughter was smoking hot and seemed interested enough.
Adonis: “So why are you here again?”
Montgomery: “How foolish of me… I never relayed the purpose of our visit.”
Adonis: “No you did not.”
Montgomery: “My daughter and I are interested in investing with your… commercial endeavors.”
Derek’s eyes widen.
Montgomery: “You would, of course, retain ownership and creative control, but we would become stakeholders. The more profits you attain, the more money we all get. You would no longer be liable for 100% of the risk.”
Adonis: “There’s no risk in KABLAM, sir. Until you get to the later chapters of the KABLAMasutra… those can be kind of tricky if you’re not limber enough.”
Vigo laughs rather dryly.
Montgomery: “Yes. Of course. I should also mention to you that, with this investment, we would be able to put your products in front of more eyes. I have prepared a proposal for you…”
Vigo pulls out a large envelope filled with material, sliding it across the table to Adonis. He pulls the envelope up, looking on the inside.
Adonis: “This looks like a lot of reading.”
Montgomery: “By all means, take your time Mr. Adonis. I wouldn’t want to rush you. But in the meantime, is there anything we can do to make your visit here more hospitable?”
Derek looks to Vigo, then looks over to Ariel, who he spots biting her lower lip.
Adonis: “Dinner?”
Montgomery: “We would lo-…”
Adonis: “No, not all three of us. Me and her.”
Montgomery is slightly taken back by this request, but Ariel smiles.
Montgomery: “That’s not exactly usual…”
Ariel: “I’d love you.”
She looks over to her father, giving him a knowing nod. The pair rise to their feet.
Montgomery: “My daughter is a woman of her own mind. I shall send her with our limo to get you at your hotel at 7. Be ready.”
Adonis: “I always am.”
Montgomery: “Yes… very good, then.”
The father and daughter walk away from the table, leaving Derek and their sales material. Once out of earshot, Vigo takes his daughter by the arm.
Montgomery: “What are you thinking?”
Ariel: “What? He’s cute… kind of like a teddy bear. Looking at him, he’s probably very attentive too.”
Vigo nearly chokes on his own saliva.
Montgomery: “I can’t believe I’m hearing this. This deal is going to take precise action. We cannot risk sullying it by getting involved with the mark.”
Ariel rolls her eyes, mocking her father with some derision.
Ariel: “Blah, blah, blah. You don’t trust me?
Montgomery: “No, it’s…”
He bites his tongue.
Montgomery: “Of course I trust you. I don’t want you to risk what you’ve worked for over some meaningless tryst with a mark.”
Ariel: “Relax, Dad. It’s nothing I can’t handle.”
Montgomery: “You had better be right. This KABLAM nonsense could be a goldmine for us, and we want to make sure that we strip every last bit of gold out of it.”
Ariel: “I know… let’s just get back to the suite. I have a date to get ready for.”
Vigo bites his tongue again, but he knows there’s no changing his daughter’s mind. The two fully exit the restaurant…
When a pair of eyes peek up from over the top of a menu, watching them go. The scene cuts away.
We return now with another bit of KNN BREAKING NEWS! No Chesty LaRue at the desk this time… just a graphic on the screen before going straight to a shot of Derek Adonis inside the hot tub of his hotel room. Lucky for you the bubbles are on, as what appears to be Derek’s swim trunks are hanging off the side, implying heavily that he is au naturel under the water. He sits back, his arms up on either side of the tub as he rests.
Adonis: “Ladies and gentlemen, health is important to you. Did you know that? Because I see a lot of people outright neglecting their health by doing things like… well… you know. That’s why whenever I go to a new city and check into my hotel room, one of the things I make sure I have is a nice hot soak in a hot tub. Did you know that hot tubs can help reduce stress, both mental AND muscular? It’s true… I read it on the internet, and if you read things on the internet, you KNOW you can trust it! But it also helps you sleep more soundly, which means you can be more awake and alert when you engage in physical intimacy with your spouse and/or partners. KABLAM!”
Derek winks to the camera.
Adonis: “Now I’m sure many of you are wondering why I am talking about this now… why I brought a camera to my hotel room so I could record myself telling you about hot tubs. And no, the KABLAMpire is not soon going to be involved in the marketing of any type of hot tub. Who do I look like? George Foreman? But like George cares about helping you knock out fat with his patented grilling machine, I care about helping you be better. That’s why KABLAMaerobics exists. It’s not about making me a pile of money – although that helps. It’s about making sure you have something you can sink your teeth into… something that any old Joe or Jane Schmo can do. And many people have taken that to insult me! “Look at Derek Adonis. If HE can do it… YOU can do it too!”…”
He scoffs a bit before actually thinking about it.
Adonis: “And that’s exactly right. Because far too many fitness things seem out of reach for Joe Average. They’re expensive. They’re bulky. They don’t want to give their fat clothes to their fat friends. But KABLAMaerobics is different. KABLAMaerobics is special. It not only helps promote health and well-being, it saves lives! KABLAM saves lives! Think about that before you listen to people who want to run my name down for the good that I do! They don’t want you to be healthy. They just want your money. But I care. I care about all of you, my loyal fans and customers! Without you, there would be no KABLAMpire… there would be no Man Mountain! So, thank you. For the holidays, you can take 50% off of your KABLAMaerobics subscription AND get a free three-month trial of the KABLAM News Network… which, if you’re watching this now, you already have.  But my confession… I didn’t only bring my camera to do advertisements for the many wonderful things that KABLAM has brought you in the last six months. Oh no… I have more pressing matters to attend to as well.”
Derek nods his head, turning the bubbles down so it would become easier to hear him. Of course, it’s now also easier to see what’s underneath the water, but the camera moves upward so you can save your innocence.
Adonis: “I am in Cleveland, Ohio today because SCW has a show coming up at the Quicken Loans Arena. Yes, the home of the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers is going to be the stage where Derek Adonis, Man Mountain, the SCW Champion of Television defends his Championship for the final time in 2018. I get tingly in my happy parts just thinking about it! That’s because I know that Cleveland, Ohio, believes in the power of the KABLAMasutra! Cleveland, Ohio, believes in Derek Adonis. I know this because I have gone ahead and done the research. I have compiled the statistics. I know that 33% of young people in Cleveland have KABLAMinder on their phones right now! If you don’t, you are missing out on all that opportunity! I know that KABLAMaerobics is the fastest-growing fitness trend in Cleveland in the fourth-quarter of 2018! That’s because of you! That’s because you see the results every week on SCW Breakdown and you said “Me too”!”
Derek pauses, wondering if the last two words he said might get him into trouble. Deciding, however, that his exuberant tone and salesmanship were enough to shift its connotation to one of positivity.
Adonis: “But Cleveland, just as you believe in Derek Adonis… in Man Mountain… I need you to stand behind me and believe in me on Wednesday night! I am going to need you to stand up and declare yourselves as KABLAMasutra Faithful, because when I strut to the ring on that night, the SCW Championship of Television around my waist, I am going to do so to defend it against someone who means me harm. I know! I know that Dante McCaffery let me go last week because he wanted to get his hands on Max Kane. I know this to be true, but this week, since he’s my opponent, he is going to mean some ill intent to Man Mountain! He is going to want to turn Man Mountain into some lame amusement park ride. And he cannot be allowed to succeed!”
Derek closes his eyes, envisioning the horror of women no longer being impressed when they visit Man Mountain.
Adonis: “Ladies and gentlemen, please do as I do and extend your right hand out towards me as I do to you!”
Derek pulls his right arm off the back of the hot tub and reaches forward.
Adonis: “Say that you believe that Man Mountain can overcome the battle ahead of him! Say that you believe Man Mountain will overcome the battle ahead of him! Say that you believe Man Mountain is going to continue his reign as SCW Champion of Television! Say that you believe your faith in Man Mountain will be enough to push him over the top! Cleveland… this is your calling! I do this not for myself… well… kind of for myself. But mostly I do this for you! I do this so you may live vicariously through me! I am your inner you! My success is your success, be it in the ring or with the ladies!”
Derek pulls his arm back, putting it back on the side of the hot tub as women enter from both sides. Cookie Dreams, clad in a tiny bikini, enters on the right and Chesty LaRue, somehow in Cleveland, enters on the left, dressed similarly. They both enter the water, sliding right next to Adonis on either side.
Adonis: “World, you already know my smokin’ hot wife, Cookie. KNN audiences will recognize the vivacious, curvaceous Chesty LaRue, who is here in Cleveland on assignment for KNN at my personal request. Ladies, come on. You both know the rules.”
The women giggle as they move forward a bit, reaching behind their backs and untying their bikini tops. Derek turns the bubbles up again, obstructing the camera view of the being-exposed flesh as the women sit back again, nestling up to Adonis on either side.
Adonis: “Now this is the life. Folks, I know you believe. Come to Quicken Loans Arena. Show your support for Man Mountain, because together, we are making a difference! I know that with you behind me, I can overcome Dante McCaffery and whomever else he enlists to support him! Cleveland? We can become KABLAMland! Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything! Yes, I stole that line from a doll on The Simpsons. Good day, and have a happy KABLAM!!”
Derek looks to the women on either side of him, with a bigger smile on his face forming as he does.
Adonis: “I know I will! Hehehe… KABLAM!!!”
With that, the scene fades back to the KNN studios, where the producer Ephraim look around…
Ephraim: “Did you know she was going to Cleveland? Jesus Christ…”
The scene returns to the KNN Breaking News logo before returning our viewers to the KNN Presentation of Chronicle: How Derek Adonis Became Champion of Television!
It has been a week since two blue lines on a pregnancy test changed everything for our unnamed subject. And in that week, she has become a complete recluse, isolating herself from humanity for 23-and-a-half hours a day, only venturing out into the real world long enough to pick up another pregnancy test. Seven tests. Seven positives.
She’s mad.
As three of the positive tests remain on the floor where they had been discarded, the woman’s feet are still seen. This time, however, it’s not pacing that we’re witnessing… not impatience for at test to clear up. Finally, we hear the woman’s voice as she apparently speaks on the telephone.
Woman: “Derek, you son of a bitch! You need to give me a call as soon as possible! This is your fault, you hear me? YOUR FAULT!”
With that, a phone is hung up and flung across the room, landing softly on some fallen, balled-up towels. We pan up to find the other four pregnancy tests having been sharpened and jabbed through a hanging image of Derek Adonis. Someone is unhappy with him. Derek might have some trouble coming sooner than he thinks…
- FIN -
(Act 30 features two new characters in the past and then something over the weekend. Also second scene begins an arc about the relationship between Dante and the other character. 

By the way, my I's and U's stick so some words look weird. That's why. I gotta buy some spray. 

Good luck and Enjoy!)

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

That's never applied to me.

Because I've always had both of my eyes opened.

But when I look out. At this city. Las Vegas. City of sin. I wonder. How many of them are blind and how many don't know where they're going.

There's only one thing worse than being blind.

That's having sight, but no vision.

Ironic coming from Helen Keller.

But between the casinos, the strip clubs, the women who only provide a temporary feeling of affirmation and the general depravity and desperation to find something of value, it's hard to decide who is who and which is which. How many of them know that not of this is going to last and that all of their problems will remain in the morning? Or the fact that they're draining their financial security, their future on the approval of people they will never know on a personal level?

Knowledge is power.

The difference in any situation is knowledge. The one who holds the most wields the most power. Size doesn't matter. Looks doesn't matter. Age doesn't matter. Everything you all think matters, at the end of the day, is irrelevant in comparison to knowledge. I might not have as many friends as you or have as may followers as you on Twitter, Facebook, etc. But that's not because of anything tangible. It's not because you're a better human than me. For some of you, you just want to be seen. So the more friends you have, the more you can say that you're known. 

But there's a difference.

Being smart and being wise.

It's easier for a wise person to gain knowledge than it is for a smart person to gain judgement.

Being smart is the process.

Becoming wise is the product.

Being smart is knowing you need people to open doors for you in the future. Childhood friends that eventually become your employer. College friends that eventually become lovers, recommendations, connections that get you where you want to go. Being smart is doing whatever you can to befriend people.

Being wise is knowing that the more people in your circle, the greater the chance you find a knife in your back?

Can you distinguish who is who? 

Here's a scenario. A month ago.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018.

Me, standing in front of an apartment door, knowing who awaited inside.

Me, knowing I wasn't the intended guest.

Instead, that would be the man standing a few feet away from me.

Tall, well groomed, dressed to the nines, clear shades. The only thing missing from this is a shit eating smirk from ear to ear.

Instead, his lips are pressed together. His expression is flat. His jaw is shut. His eyes, though covered by the shades, are unmoved. It's a paradox. He wears the clothing of one of the blind that parades themselves in the casinos downtown, but he walks around, like a blank space.

I know this because I've bee watching this man for he past few months,

Everywhere he goes, I've been a spectator. Every match he's had this summer. San Fran, San Jose, LA, Vegas, Reno, I've made sure I have a first hand view. I study his movements, what he does out of the ring. That consist of being a Lyft driver, being the security of a local club or a bouncer, an escort, a bodyguard. That's all I know about him. That's all I've seen.

Where he's from...

His motivations...

His background..

His family.

I do't know anything.

I only know that he's going to be my ticket to this next step in my life.

Being smart is waiting for the right moment to capitalize.

Being wise is understand when you made a mistake but use it to your advantage.

I remember looking in his direction before I turned the knob and gave the door a push. The door creaked open and the welcoming party was there to greet us. 

Jack Parker.

Hannah Budde.

Mika Kozlov.

And finally....

Dante McCaffery.

Jack was seated on the couch, leisurely; hands inside his leather jacket. Mika sat on the arms rest a few inches away from him. Ms. Budde across from them, where the glass table resided, with her red heels giving her an added boost. And then there was Dante...back turned us all, peering out of the window that granted him a view of the city. The visual wasn't lost on me. With his black suit jacket ad black matching pants, he wanted to play the game where you project yourself as a big time player. 

He's only twenty five. He has more maturity to go.

But like I said, age doesn't matter.

The man turns his head towards me. He wants me to walk in first. 

What a gentleman, I suppose.

So that's what I do and with each step, I glare at Jack, I glare at Hannah. i wasn't the one they were planning to see. Mika's eyes travel to the man behind me. I'm not surprised with what I have seen about her. The lights were a bit dim. I don't know f that was by design or because Dante hasn't been bothered to change out a light bulb. Combined with the night sky, it's almost as if he doesn't want to be seen.

Or maybe that's what he wants us to believe.

I choose to give a small smirk. I'm already an uninvited guest. But yet, I'm not insecure with the position that I hold. Even swimming in a pool with new sharks. I know what I possess and I know what I have to do.

"You wasn't kidding Jack when you said this guy was a looker." Mika licked her lips while staring directly at the man behind me. I turned my head and he still had the same, expressionless look on his face. 

Impressive, I will say.

Weaker men would have succumb to Mika's charm at first glance. I can understand why. The way her leather pants hugged her curves and how her red, strapless top exposed the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, it's clear that she wants you to look at her first and foremost before you get to anything else. She wants you to fantasize about her so she can already build real estate in your head.

This man though...he stands firm, back straighten, eyes towards the room. He doesn't flinch from this position ad merely shoves his hands inside his pockets.

"And stylish too. What's your name?"


He finally spoke up, firmly. 

"LEO, huh?"

"Just LEO."

Jack chimed in and Mika smirked.  And at that moment, Mika turned her attention to me for the first time. She stands up and moves a step forward. 

Her eyes traveled from my eyes.

To my face.

To my body.

To my legs.

And back up again. She then puts her chin underneath her left knuckle and glares at me, longingly. 

"Dante, I thought you told me there was only going to be one person coming, not two."

Jack folds his arms.

"We did but...."

His eyebrows arch up when he looks in my direction. Ms. Budde's eyes narrow.

"Who are you?"

She asked, harshly. It seemed so natural. That must be how she always greet people. She then looks to the man.

"We didn't tell you to bring any guest."

That's where I step in.

"Don't crucify him. He didn't bring me. I decided to tag along. It's only fair considering we share the same interest here."

Now Ms. Budde is the one folding her arms, though she's easy to read. Her nostrils flared immediately after I spoke.

"Woman, we don't even know you from a hole in the wall. What the hell are you talking about? And who the hell are you?"

I chuckle.

They want to be in control.

"My name is not important. But what is important is the fact that you two made an offer to someone that I had been keeping a close eye on. Someone who I was personally paying attention to. I am new to the professional wrestling business but I'm not new to professional wrestling."

I close my mouth. And speak again.

"I know friends who are currently involved in this business and while I've never been the athletic type, I've always wanted to find a way in. I am well educated. I have a Masters in Business and Communications. I say this not to impress any of you but to simply establish who I am. Because that degree? Doesn't mean a fucking thing to you. But what it does mean is that I know an opportunity when one presents itself. And this man, was that opportunity."

"Yeah, yeah that's nice and all. But, we don't need your life story ok?"

I smirk.

But not because I waned to be inviting.

Jack's ignorance...I see why he's called the Bastard.

But this is not the place for me to feed his ego by reacting.

"This man was going to be my opportunity in. Because while I can't wrestle myself, I can lead. And I've seen people who just as successful out of the ring as those in it. Laura Steinback comes to mind. I know you all know her. But...how convenient that the night I got to make my move, you Jack and you Hannah..."

"That's Ms. Budde to you."

She wants control.

"My apologies. Ms. Budde...came underneath me and snagged LEO from under me."

"And that's why you came here? To call foul? Is that why you made LEO here drag you along?"

She has a perception of me that's not accurate to who I am. I can't let that continue. I present to her a straight face and make sure she's making eye contact with me.

"On the contrary. I came because if you're going to take LEO and my opportunity, then you'll take me too."

Ms. Budde let out a dismissive sound, as if she was writing me off. Jack had this incredulous look on his face as if I had just said that I could fly. Mika takes a step back, sizing me up. A strange reaction, I think.

"So you think just because we were quicker to the draw with LEO here that we should feel pity for you?"

Jack chuckled harshly.

"Get real. We're not a charity case."

"Nor do I need your charity."

"Then why are you here then? Huh? What did you think was going to happen? What were you thinking?"

Ms. Budde starts walking closer to me.

"Did you blackmail LEO to come here? If you did, it wasn't worth it."

"I didn't need to blackmail. I don't need to resort that low. All I told, all I asked him, was did you guys offer him a spot in your...Network. We didn't even get on the same plane. I simply fond out the day he was coming here and came here at the exact same time."

"So you're a stalker?"

"Far from it. I just do my due diligence. I look into everything and make sure I never go into anything blind. That's what the Network...that's what you guys pride yourselves on right?"

I turn to everyone in the room.

"Network...my mistake. I meant...Black Noah."

"How do you know that name?"

Immediately, finally, Dante decides to join in the living room. His piercing green eyes lock on mine as if he's trying to study me. Jack perked up a bit also. I got his attention now.

"Does it matter?"

"Who told you?

He looks towards Jack and Ms. Budde. 

"Did yo-"

"Don't look at me. I didn't say anything."

"They're telling the truth. No one in this room told me yor true name."

"Who did?"

Does he really think I would tell that easy?

"Does it matter? If I told you, it woldn't change the fact that I know. Besides, it doesn't take that much to dig for something if you know where to look. Knowledge can always be found but it takes someone willing to do whatever it takes to find it."

Jack and Ms. Budde keep their eyes on me. Mika just has this wry smile on her face. Dante looks at me, waiting for me to say something next. 

"See the minute I knew I was coming here, I made sure I knew what I was walking into. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. You all thought I was here because I was upset that you guys took away my chance to manage LEO here. If anything, I have myself to blame. I should have made my move quicker but I didn't expect anyone to covet him. That's my mistake. I shold have seen that coming given what LEO is capable of. But I'm not beating myself up becase when one doors closes, another one opens."


"I'm not here to compete. I can't compete with any of yo. Yo work for the biggest wrestling promotion n the world. You can throw more money to him that I can even imagine. I can't promise him a chance to be on national TV. And that's where I say you have me best. But, it would be foolish of me to jst simply be upset over something that I had no control of. And so, I'm here because I, like LEO, want to be included. I want to be in Black Noah."

There was a eerie silence that echoed throughot the room. I cold hear my thoughts clearly. 

"And what do you want to accomplish? We don't have spots for managers. Not to mention, you might know or real name, bt that doesn't mean give you a claim to join. We don't even know what yo have to offer."

"That's fair, Dante. Yo're a business man, like your family. I figured you of all people wold understand turning lemons into lemonade. After all, this wasn't what you wanted right? You thought you wold be at the head of your family's business. You and your sister Catherine..."

Dante's eyes lit up. With each piece of knowledge that I reveal, the more control I gain. I don't even think everyone in this room knows what I know.

"Only to find out they used your inheritance to fund their illegal activities."

"How do you know? Did you get that from the news?"

"The FBI bust? Sure. That's not nothing new. Your family were local celebrities. It was a big story at the time. Everything else...I found ot on my own."

I survey the room.

"I can reveal more of what I know but that wouldn't prove anything. What I'm saying is that Black Noah could use someone who can find these pieces of information. Most people wouldn't do what I do because they don't kow how. They don't know how to take advantage of the situation. They can't play with the cards dealt to them. We all want the same thing. To profit from ths business. To control and have the power. Knowledge is the key to power and while I'm sure you have your resources, I'm willing to bet they're not as accurate as me. I'm willing to bet that no one cold acquire information like me. Yo got LEO. I can't compete. Bt if you let me leave this room withot a deal in place, then I'm just going to move on to the next opportunity and who knows what I'll tell."

Ms. Budde gritted her teeth.

"For someone that sad they don't blackmail, t seems like you're trying."

"Not at all. Saying absolutes is not blackmail. I know what I'm capable of and I know if I keep looking, I'll find my niche and I'll succeed. I told you things that no one knows except for people in yor bubble. If I had a direction, a purpose, who knows what else I could do"

Ms. Budde turns to Jack, who then trns to Dante. What was interesting was that Mika couldn't take her eyes off of me. It made me wonder was she trying to see what I was made of...or was she trying to seduce me.

"I like her."

I have Mika's vote. LEO doesn't change hs expression at all. Dante whispers something to Jack. Ms. Budde just listens. Eventually, he looks back at me.

"Black Noah is a system broken down in three tiers. Inners. Outers. And Customers. Inners are everyone in this room. We are the pillars of this entire thing. We are the ones that handle the main business. Everything goes through us. Outers..outers are people who work for us. Oters are who we offer to customers when they come to s for help."

"So like Xander Valentine. Savali?"

I knew the answer. But I wanted them to know that I knew everything about them. Dante nods.

"Yes. Customers can ask for your services in which the payment is decided between you and them. However, again, everything goes through s. We have the final say as to who gets assigned to what. Now for you and LEO....you two would be Outers. I hear that you're a jack of all trades LEO. You drive, provide protection, wrestle. That's good because that makes yo flexible. I can't promise that yo'll wrestle all the tme f that's what yo're seeking, but I can promise that the money will be worth it."

LEO removes his hands out of his pockets.

"It doesn't matter what is required of me. Whatever I'm asked to do, I'll handle it without a problem. No questions asked."

He sounded so sure of himself and the way he proudly stood only backed that up. Mika smiled.

"Simple and to the point. I like that."

"That's good to hear. As for you..."

"Emila. That's my name, by the way. Emla.

That's the name I gave them.

"Given your talents...I think it would be best to see them first hand for ourselves. If yo are what yo say yo are, then I want yo to prove it. There's something I cold use your skills for. Someone to look into. If you find what I want you to find, then I'll bring yo aboard. But for now, consider this your trial run. One month."

Dante glares at me.

"One month is all I need. Tell me what you need me to find and I'll find it in two weeks."

"We'll see about that."
You know that I can't tell you what that was, right?

I hope you all understand. 

And if you can't?

That's between you.

That has nothing to do with me.

All I'll say is..I proved my worth.

And now I'm into the fold. Black Noah. As an Oter. 

The difference between me and LEO is that I'm not on the frontlines.

In fact, I'm a ghost.

Within the last month, Black Noah as merged with Lara Stenback's Beauty Factory. And yet, a month in and I haven't met her once.

That's because I'm not suppose to.

While LEO has quickly made himself poplar, I do my work behind the scenes. 

Laura hasn't been introduced to me because I'm off the grid. 

Dante wants to make sre I'm under his close eye.

I think he sees me as someone who can go undetetched if everything goes wrong.

You don't know how to respond if you never knew that Black Noah secretly had someone who could find info on you just like that.

That's fine by me.

I rather not be on TV. I rather not be known. That gives me more flexibility. More creativity.

It protects me from a potential situation where Dante finds me expendable.

Being smart is aligning yourself with a system that guarantees you money.

Being wise is having a back up if everything goes to Hell.

Like now. I find myself sitting in a bar that belongs to the one Cindy Todd not to have fun or enjoy a beverage. But to be an eye witness in case someone happens. that's what Dante told me. He wanted someone in case Cindy had any ideas of doing something to him. He was thinking ahead. Trying to at least.

He walks through the door, minutes after I placed my sit here. I turn my head briefly to him before lookng back to the bartender. I grab hold of the vodka in my heads and enjoy the contents. Jst as I do, I see a raven haired woman, dressed in a black tank top and black leather pants enter through the door that was located right next to the sink. That was Cindy Todd.

I had seen pictures of her. But never in person.

I lower my head. If I look long each, that'll give her enough of a clue as to why I'm here. Everything from this point is between and Dante. My job is done.

Our leading man walks forward closer to the bar, where Cindy stands behind the bar, eyeing hm. Music was blasting through the PA systemd and there were a few people dancing on the dance floor. Dante pushed through all of them until he was by the counter. Emila was a few seats away, but she didn't pick her head up. The only one person in his view was Cindy.

The last time they met face to face was a year ago. Before World Hazard through dinner. It wasn't the most pleasant dinner to say the least. His eyes scanned down towards her body before back p to her green eyes. Her lips were pressed together, not making it clear as to how she was feeling about seeing Dante.

With one subtle head nod, Dante pushed through the same gate and went through the door in which Cindy had opened for him. From there, the two of them were in her hallway, with her office straight ahead. To his left, Cindy's heels clicked on the brown wooden floors. Finally stepping into her office, she closes the door behind them. Cindy then appears back in view and stands in her chair across from her wooden table. Dante pulls up a chair as well.

Now seated, his eyes never drifted away from hers. And hers never drifted away from him. She keeps her body firmly rooted in her chair as does he. He maintains a straighten expression. She does the same. The air was thick. Which what exactly, he didn't know. That's why his shoulders were closed together. He had scenarios in his head as to how this would go, but he didn't expect this...whatever this is. It's been two years since she officially cut him off and so much as happened between the two.]

"You look good."[Cindy broke the ice. Dante's shoulders slightly dropped, as did his eyes.]

"Is that all?"

"You tell me. What else did you expect me to say."[Dante used his hands to straighten out his black suit jacket.]

"It's been a while and I know when you want to talk, it's not to compliment me."[Cindy adjusts her posture in her chair and lifts her chin upward.]

"That's true but...that doesn't make my comment less true."[Did you all catch that? A small, little smile shows up on her face.]

"Because it is. You look good."[Her voice was as silky as Velcro. Enough to trigger new thoughts n hs head. His eyes briefly travel below her head before looking back p.]

"Yo always look good."[Cindy leaned back in her chair, keeping her eyes on him.]

"Now, you wanted to talk to me. And I have a good idea as to what."[His voice was frm, direct, to the point.]

"So let's talk abot it."[Both remain silent. Cindy then leans forward, extending her body closer to Dante.]

"Then yo know what I want from you."[This time, her eyes grew narrow and that soothing voice transformed into an harden, unyielding presence.]

"I know you're doing well for yourself. Your Network has been a success. You merged with one of the most powerful women in the entire industry, You're the Wrestler's Spotlight on SCW.com. Everything that you have said you would do, you have done."[She then tilts her head towards him.]

"I'm not surprised. I knew what you were capable of the day we met. I saw a man that could become one of the smartest men in professional wrestling. You were smart, you were ruthless and you didn'tcare who got in your way. That's why I personally took you under my wing. I only do that to people who I see have clear potential. None of what you're doing surprises me. I knew what yo cold do."[She leans back and locks her hands together.]

"With that said...Kennedy."[Immediately, Dante's upper lip moved pward and his eyes moved arond in a circle. Cindy spots this and leans closer.]

"Don't make that look. Don't make that look at me."

"What look?"

"You know what yo're doing. You wanted to get down to the bottom of why I wanted to talk to yo, so here t s. You know how I feel about her. You know what I've told you before."[Dante crossed his arms and moves his eyebrows closer together.]

"She literally gets in my way, every fucking time. Whether it was PUNK HAZARD, or a year ago when she stick her nose in my business after my match with Amy. Or even now. She keeps getting in my way."

"Yo keep putting yourself in position to be n her way."[He turns his head away from her.]

"You keep provoking her and don't tell that you don't. Yo attack her friends, yo've attacked her family, yo know that she's going to respond if yo do these things."

"So what am I suppose to do huh? I'm just suppose to let her attack me? I'm suppose to let her get n the way of what I'm trying to accomplish? Once pon a time, we were on the same side. We were on the same page. Ad then she decided to act like a spoled btch to where Mr. D threaten to fire her and then she changes a new leaf?"

"You don't know what she's been through?"

"And? I've gone through shit too. That doesn't make her special. That does't make her unique. And that doesn't mean that she can just continue to try and ruin what I have built. Ruin what I have done. Cindy, if she tries to disrupt what I'm trying to build, I have to make sure that I protect what is mine. She does nothing for me. My bills aren't paid worrying about her. I have to protect what I have built. I have to protect my own."[Cindy leans back in her chair ad stares into the distance.]

"So do I."[Dante's eyes grow a bit bigger as he leans in..]

"Am I not included in that?"[Cindy drops her head and then turns to him. Her green eyes were large and alert.]

"Would I not be considered one of yours?"[Neither move a muscle. They only resort to glaring at one another, eyebrows close together. Cindy briefly retreats in her chair, but not losing eye contact.]

"You didn't save my life. She did."[Dante's mouth opens slightly. It was't because of what she said. He knew about this. But the way she delivered it,..the way she was looking at him. She wasn't angry or upset or even antagonist. It was one of the few moments where Cindy appeared to him, contrite. Human.]

"I owe her my life, Dante. I don't owe you anything. I'm proud of what you've become. And honestly, when you sent Max here in the summer, I wanted you to be there. I was disappointed that you didn't come because as much as yo want to beleve so, I don't want to see you fail. The fact that you are a success means that what I taught you worked."

"But as I one of your own? Am I?[His voice cracked a bit. His eyes floated around hat he heard it. He then retreated a bit. He wasn't in control of this and this was his initial reaction.]

"Cindy, I appreciate what you taught me. All the lessons you gave me but....I love you, Tamara, your family, all of it. But there's a reason why I have't gone back. You told me going after Abigail wouldn't work. And you were right. She's with Katelyn now. You knew gong after her was futile. And I know how much you enjoy that."

'Is that what you believe Dante?"

"Am I wrong? Am I?"[Dante's voice raised up a bit. Cindy lets out a sigh.]

"I didn't want to tell you that I told you so. I had foresight. I knew that Abi, eve Hannah now...that's not who you wanted. That's not who you desire the most."



"What happened with World Hazard last year? That wasn't me demanding a better match. That was me knowing you wanted to spite me because you thought that I wanted to just sit here and tell you that everything you thought you knew you didn't and that I was right. Dante, let me tell you this now, that's not what I wanted. An that's not how I think of you."[He looked at hr before looking away. He pressed his lips tightly.]

"I always told you...I would always be here when have no where to turn. No where to go. And that is still true, Dante. I did't lie."[Cindy then leans in.]

"But if you don't stop attacking Kennedy...then I have to do what I have to do ad if it gets to that point?"[Cindy glares at him.]

"Then I'm going to have to crumble your empire. And you'll know it's not because I want to...it's because you forced my hand."[Cindy leans back in her chair before lifting up from it. She slowly walks aroud the desk before getting to the door. Dante turns in his seat towards her.]

"I wold't give anyone else this warning. I did for you. Remember that."[She soon starts to head out of the room. Dante looks around and lets ot a lod nose. His eyes drifted all over the place. His mouth was open. How many times have we seen this ladies and gentleman?

Not many that I know of.

Bt, that'll conclude Act 30.

Tl next time. 
[A camera pans open to Dante McCaffery's face . We see nothing of the background, which means that he's holding the camera.]

Dante: Yo want to think this is a fucking game Max. You want to believe that I'm the one to play with. Unlike most people in SCW, I know you're not stupid. You're careless. You're reckless. You don't see the bigger picture. You live for moments where you can make yourself feel good. But you're not stupid. I know that abot you. And I also know what matters to you. See, we weren't close. We were partners. We worked together. We tried to make money together. That's all it was and while everyone will make a narrative and say that I stabbed you in the back, the truth is, what you and I has was simply business. And for every fucking idiot listening to this, Max has admitted to that himself.

[Dante frowns.]

Dante: he has said it himself that he didn't have this..this idea that we were friends or that we were close. None of that. We were very clear to one another the day we met and the day we decided to work together what this was. And that's why I don't understand why yo want to come after me Max. I don't get why yo can't just fucking go one with your life and enjoy however long your career will be until yo cripple yourself.

Because that's where yo're headed.

The way yo wrestle isn't sustainable. The way you wrestle isn't going to last. The way yo jmp off shit and the lack of fcks given, yo won't make it to 30. It's fun now and yo got all these people cheering yo on...but when until yo can't jmp as high. Wait until your body starts to break down. Wait until your body doesn't recover like it does now. Everyday is going to be like hell and the thing is, you will have no one to blame bt yourself.

[Dante pases.]

Dante: I saw this coming and that's why, when yo were hrt, I called yo. And I tried to convince yo to think abot the big picture. I wanted yo to think abot how yo fcked over me, Jack, Mka, Violet, every one of s at RTG becase yo wanted to have a moment.  wanted yo to remember how embarrassed yo made s look when yo tried to jmp off the turnbuckle and rned the True Love Twns' chance at the Tag Team Titles. And all you told me was that even though you knew you fucked up, that you couldn't change. That this was who you were. That you couldn't change who you are.

And when yo sad that, that's when I knew we codln't work together.

But you're mad. 

You're angry.

Yo want revenge. Becase yo think  led to yo.

Max, I was the last person that gave yo a chance. And then you told me to go fck myself basally.

And what happened, happened.

[Dante looks at the camera.]

Dante: I'm not the one to play with, Max. I don't play games. You of all people, know how deep I can pull. You should know the resources on my side. All the people that want to get their hands on yo. So yo can keep trying to attack em and call me oUt because I can play the long game. And I ca take yo ot.

Yo know what else  can do?

Beat Derek Adonis.

Something yo couldn't last week. Yo had your TV title shot. Yo earned it by pinning me two weeks ago and what dd yo do? Yo lost. Yo had a chance to prove that yo can do something by yourself and yo couldn't do t. And while normally, things like titles don't get me p n the morning, Max, Derek, this s different. This is completely different. 

[Dante strokes hs chin.]

Dante: And before yo throw yor shit at me Derek, just know if you ever think about handing me your DVDs or books, I will fucking burn them, right in your face. I don't want your shit. These people might, and the people of Cleveland might line up for your KABLAM shit. But those people want anything to forget the fact that everyone outside of their city knows that it's the shithole of America. 

And we can even stretch it out a bit, Derek. There might be people around the world who buy into your shit, but keep in mind these are the same people that think Kanye West or fckng..whatever celebrity wold be a good Presdent. Yo might have something that catches them now Derek and yo got them, bt how long s that gong to last?

Everything comes to an end.

Except for me and the"Network." Because we're ot blt on trends, we're blt to profit off whatever trends come yesterday, today and tomorrow. And yo, Derek, have ever profited off me n the past. Remember last year? There was a Sx Man Tag. t was me, Max and Edward Adams against yo, Manvel and someone else. Ether way, we punted that match. We wanted to make a statement and so Max jmped on top of yo with a steel char. Yo won and got yor TV title shot and guess what?

Yo won. 

Yo became the TV champion. Thanks to me.

When yo look at t that way, I contributed to a bt of the KABLAM success. 

{Dante looks around.]

Dante: But I don't hear any thanks yous. Not that I expected it. And now, a year later, yo are a two time TV Champion and last week you did me a favor by denying Max a taste of championship. Maybe yo say that makes us even but I disagree because I want more. Seeing Max fail isn't something I desire. I don't give a fuck what he does but he gets in my way, I'm going to end his career. With that said though, Max said two weeks ago that I don't like to get my hands dirty. That I pretend to be a pro wrestler.

And he's wrong.

I don't talk about how many times I had to wrestle in order to get here because t doesn't matter. But, Derek, his words got me thinking. I've gotten two chances at this belt. One was almost three years ago and Kennedy Street ruined it by kicking Ace Marshall in the balls. The second time was two years ago, in my hometown of Montreal an I lost to AJ. And I would be lying if I said that didn't stick with me.

I didn't want to lose in my hometown but I did. And now he has that over me forever.

Two years later, another chance has come before me. I can win the TV title against the man that Max couldn't even beat. Think about his face if he saw me holding that title up high? What would be going through his mind if he saw that TV title wrapped around my waist? What would he do if he had to admit that I was better than him?

He would lose it.

He would feel a certain way.

I do't play games. And I won't with neither of you. Me winning the TV title only adds to the Beauty Network. It only adds to the amount that we all can profit off of. When  weigh the pros and cons of beating yo Derek and not beating yo, it speaks for itself. And while my stance of titles remains the same, even I can't lie and say that tomorrow night is just another night. Because tomorrow night, I can continue to gain everything that I've wanted.


The power is behind the Beauty Network. Regardless of how SCW is spilt, we have the one person who has the one thing that everyone wants. Siena Swann is the World Champion and thus, already, we have SCW on a gravitational pull. Dark Fantasy, Ace Marshall, Gio, everyone is split because they know that we control everything. So winning the TV title Derek, only adds to the leverage that we have.

That is something I can't let slip through my fingers.

Especially given how corrupt SCW management is at this moment. When I win the TV title, it will make me and the Beauty Network even more bulletproof. It'l make Max realize this is a game that he can not win. And it'll make everyone realize that I am someone that does what he says he's going to do.

Tomorrow night, in Cleveland, Derek Adonis. It's time I collect on the favor  gave yo last year.

That title that I handed to yo? Is coming with me.

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