Dawn Lohan

Wrestler's Alias:
Wrestler's Real Name: Dawn Lohan 
Pic Base: Heather Monroe
Height: 5‘4
Weight: 130
Birthdate/Age: 23
Birth Place: San Diego, California.
Current Residence: San Diego, Ca

Physical Description:

Wrestling Style: Striker/High Flyer.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): FACE
Years Pro: 7


The WONDERFUL-Forearm 
(Springboard Forearm smash)

A New Dawn.
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): 450 Splash.

Signature Moves:

Through The Looking Glass:
*could end a match under certain circumstances

Breaking Dawn:

The Lohan Barrage.

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):

- Through The Looking Glass: Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent

- Breaking Dawn: Springboard Flip over leg drop

- The Lohan Barrage: Repeated shoot kicks to a kneeling opponent's chest followed by a High knee to the seated opponent's head


Archived Move (rarely used)

- Bitch Please: Dawn turns her fallen opponent face down, she grabs their arms by the wrists, plants her foot on the middle of their back and violently raises them from the mat driving them into the canvas face down with the force of her boot knocking them unconscious. Bitch Please nine times outta ten will set up Dawn's New Dawn finisher.

Theme Song:
"Confident" by Demi Lovato.

Common Moves:
-Arm drag takedown.
-Arm drag, often used as a counter
-Top rope crossbody.
-Drop kick.
-Baseball slide, sometimes transitioned into a headscissors takedown
-Diving hurricanrana, sometimes off of the ring apron
-High speed roundhouse kick to the head of a seated opponent, as a roll out counter to a sunset flip.
-Missile dropkick.
-Dragon whip
-Tilt-a-whirl transitioned into either a backbreaker or a headscissors takedown.

Calf kick: This kick starts with the wrestler jumping to his either sides, connecting the side of his rear leg to the opponent's face or neck.

Reverse side kick: Involves the attacker originally facing his opponent. The attacker then turns 180 degrees so that his back is now facing the opponent and extends a leg backwards, exploiting the turning momentum to strike the opponent in the chest or stomach with the sole of his foot. A jumping back kick involves the attacker conducting the turning motion as he jumps

Football kick: Sometimes also referred to as a soccer kick. The wrestler kicks an opponent, who is sitting on the mat, vertically to their back, with the foot striking the base of the spine, and the shin striking the back of the head.

High Knee while the opponent is in the corner.

Wrist-lock leg drop bulldog bka Rocker Dropper

- Swift Justice: Shining wizard.

-She can absorb tremendous abuse.
-Never say die mentality.
Insanely prepared for matches. [Picked it up from Brittany’s insane attention to detail.]
- Controlled Aggression.

- Typical weaknesses for a woman her size as it pertains to opponents bigger/stronger than her.
- Due to the way her life has gone over the past couple of years, the aggressiveness she has picked up can be used against her. She channels her aggression for her benefit, Catch 22 always applies.

Entrance Description:
"Confident" by Demi Lovato.echoes from the loud speaker. 

Dawn Lohan pushes her way through the curtain. She stands in front of the entrance way, she takes a moment to soak in the reaction from the crowd. As the music is coursing through the arena she knows she can't delay the inevitable. She slowly makes her down to the ring, all business. She makes her way to the ring steps. When she reaches the top of the steps, she walks along the apron. Grabbing the top rope she pulls back, using the momentum she propels herself forward over the top rope into the ring. She immediately springs up. She walks to the turnbuckle, stands on the middle turnbuckle soaking in the atmosphere. She hops off the turnbuckle and remains in the corner until the match gets underway. 


Having wrestled all over the world in GDW and Majestic Wrestling, since 2013 she has made her name in Supreme Championship Wrestling. She has won the World Tag Team Championship three times with two different partners, broke Ravyn's Taylor's record breaking 700 day reign as United States Champion. Won the Women's Championship twice and the coup da gra, winning the Women's and World Championship in the same night back in 2015. Since losing the World Championship to Kelcey Wallace at Under Attack 2015, she has noticed, in her mind, the level of appreciation, the blood, sweet and tears she poured into SCW was quickly being forgotten about.. either the company prioritized someone else or put too much stuck in the flavor of the month. Her final straw was when she wanted a shot to avenge her loss to Vixen Cain. She was passed over for Selena Frost and Kelcey Wallace, her beef isn't with Selena, she deserved a rematch. Seeing how Mr. D did everything in his power to make sure Kelecy had a path to the World Championship and his insistence on putting Dawn in the Television Championship fray, combined with her war with PUNK HAZARD, the youngest Lohan was emotionally, mentally and spiritually burned out. 

So why UWA? Why the #AshesofEden. Like Rachel Tatum Lee said, UWA was in serious need of a revolution... its time to take the business back. To get the respect that has been denied her. Both her sisters. The Lee Family, as well as Alana. That peaked Dawn's interest. And that's why she's here. A wonderful is here.

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