Christy Hightower [Blake's manager]
Quote:Since her role is as Blake’s manager (she’ll be backstage mostly, rarely will she be at ringside, I didn’t include her wrestling stats. If you need the wrestling related part of the bio at any point, what moves she can do,  I’ll include them.

[Image: vanityfair_vanessa-kirby-is-decembers-vanities-star.jpg]

Wrestling Alias:
Birth Name: Christy Hightower
Date of Birth: 07/06/1984
Place of Birth: Worcester, Mass.
Current Residence: Manhattan, New York.
Wrestling Style: High flyer.
Alignment: Face
Years Pro: 6
Trainer: William Mason.


She is more logical than emotional. Rarely does she allow the heat of the moment to overwhelm him, which is what Blake needs given his reputation to be more than impulsive/hot headed.  Christy is nice. A Type A personality. Stays on task. All solid qualities for a manager. Also served her well when she was wrestling. She has a soft spot for two people. Blake, obviously. And Peyton Rice.   

Pic Base: Vanessa Kirby
Height: 5’4
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green Eyes
Body Build:

Notable Physical Features:

Detailed Physical Description:
The same as the likeness.

She started out as the personal assistant of William 'Blake' Mason. Back in 2013 she wanted to show him that his career wasn’t pointless so she became a wrestler. Her short tenure in SWWC netted her an X-Division Championship reign before the development territory went under.. Taking time off to resume her role as Personal Assistant, what brought her back into wrestling was the charm and flare of Cody Lingburg Knight. Realizing she should had never left the ring to begin with, she became one fourth of Legacy. Netted a Tag Team Championship reign with JaMarcus Avery. With Cody out on the shelf, Legacy dead, and problems with Rocky O'Reily, Christy Hightower is now on her own with the sole purpose of proving she is the boss of professional wrestling. Netted herself a Television Championship reign. A concussion knocked her out of action for a while. She decided to focus on her upcoming wedding. Realizing she isn’t done, yet. Valkyrie gold is calling her name and another chance to show the world that she was born to win.

2017 she had a banner year. She nearly went undefeated as the UWA Cruiserweight Champion. Her final match was against former Emerge and current SCW star Peyton Rice. Peyton beat her. She was looking to restart her career in 2018. She decided to focus on her wedding. Eventually she did get married, a mistake in the paperwork ruled her marriage invalid. Opting to see it as a sign she moved on. One day she’ll return to the ring. For now, she accompanies Blake Mason to SCW events serving as his manager.

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