Crissy Gardner


Wrestler's Alias: 'The Serial Thrilla' Crissy Gardner
Wrestler's Past Alias: 'The New York Knockout', 'The War Siren'
Wrestler's Real Name: Minka Pressler
Pic Base: Mia Yim
Height: 5'7
Weight: 132 lbs.
Martial Status: Single ( )
Children: 0 ( )
Birth date/Age: April 16, 1991 (27)
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Residences: South Bend, Indiana
Billed From: New York, NY
Twitter: @SerialThrillaPW


Wrestling Style: Crissy is a typical woman's power house wrestler with a slight bit of brawler from her family's background in MMA. However, during some matches she can lose control and strictly tries to either ground and pound on her opponents or she will grab weapons not caring that she will get DQ for using it.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7+
Gimmick (NEEDED): At the very core of the gimmick Crissy just loves to fight as in her name is Crissy and she loves to fight. Yes a little Fit Finlay reference. Anyways, she just loves to fight like I said is the core of both her heel and face sides of the gimmick.

[ The Serial Thrilla *Face Gimmick* ] One wouldn't think of gimmick that is called "Serial Thrilla" with finishers/signatures named after infamous Serial Killers to be a fan favorite character, but this is professional wrestling anything is possible. Which I base this assumption off the fact that 'most' people have a morbid curiosity about Serial killers, because when you think about it why is a show like Criminal Minds (a show about serial killers), books, and movies so popular? Crissy is just looking to cash in on that with her pun like moniker and the fact that she is while driven by the love fighting shows a more of a show woman with the gimmick along with using high risk moves to entertain the fans.

[ The War Siren *Heel Gimmick* ] There isn't much difference between this half and her face half of the gimmick. With the expection that there is no show woman qualities to it. There is no theatrics, no high risks to give the fans the thrills and chills of her face counter point. No this half is strictly about the fight, cold, calculating with the sole purpose of taking her opponents apart.


Multiple Fighting Styles: When it comes to fighting you can call Crissy a student of the game. Again thanks to her family's involved in the world of MMA she's had access to many different fighting disciplines and have dabbled in just about everything from Jiu Jistu, catch wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and etc. However, she's never stayed with a single discipline long enough to master it or gain recognition as a black belt or a golden glove competitor, but even so she knows just enough to make herself very dangerous.

Striking Ability: Having many years fighting in settings where the only way to win was to knock out your opponent. It is easy to imagine that Crissy has spent just as many years working not only power of her strikes, but the speed of them as well. Cause let's face it you can the ultimate destructive knock out power in the entire world in terms of power, but it means squat if you opponent can see you windup for it, because they could block it or evade it. Crissy's striking ability is top notch for a professional wrestler or a MMA fighter, but she's not luckily to compared to Foreman or Ali anytime soon.


Focus: It doesn't happen often, because of her years of experience as a fighter, but it's still a chip on her shoulder that bites her in the ass from time to time. She goes in a to a fight or a match with a game plan in mind, but be it for frustration or her opponent's able to counter her game plan at multiple points in the match she will lose focus during the match. Having experience in several fighting styles is usually a great help if you use them at the right time, but when she loses focus she starts making mistakes in such a matter that normally where she would a go for a Jiu jistu hold she instead goes for a haymaker and ends up paying for it.

Self Confidence:  As seen as most recently as her match with AJ Helms. She was trying to show her confidence heading in to the match, but self doubt plagued her to where she didn't ooze confidence like a winner should. While many would think that this is a product of losing most of her matches in her time with the SCW, but it's more of a result of the fact that she's mostly been a tag team wrestler with a partner that she could fall back on to for help and the teams have been successful more than singles career. As she's yet to really find long term success as a singles wrestler.


Theme Song: "Is This The Way To Hell" By Stitched Up Heart
Accompanied by: Ember Young & Ash Harte

The screech of a vulture is heard over the loud speaker before the opening guitar riff of Stitched Up Hearts' "Is This The Way To Hell" comes shredding through. The fans start to anticipate who is going be walking through the curtain. As the fans in the arena are cheering wildly as the lights in the arena as pair of strobe lights situated on the left and right side of the stage start to flash. The one on the light is purple in color while the one on the right is white, but the pair are flashing alternatively to give the illusion that they are custom cop car lights.

Is this the way you, is this the way you get to hell in a hand basket tonight?
You will tear me apart, you will tear apart my mind, my simple mind
It's just cause you hurt so bad that you end up blind, you end up blind

A spotlight focuses on the center of the stage where Crissy is standing with both of her arms raised in the air. She's wearing nearly complete black wrestling attire with the exception of purple accents. As she just stands there listening to the fans cheer her she starts to bring down her arms and she starts loosening up her wrists Ember Young and Ash Harte make their way on to the stage. Ember is seen clapping her hands, but Ash is carrying what appears to be a water bottle and a wooden stool in each of her hands. Crissy starts to make her way down to the ring shadow boxing along the way with Ember and Ash right behind her.  

Crissy pulls herself up onto the apron as they both on the apron. Crissy just stands on the apron for several moments as she watches the fans with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Ember and Ash climb in to the ring together. Ash sets the stool down in one of the corners while Ember tells Crissy it's time to get in to the ring. Once Crissy climbs in to the ring she wastes no time in sitting down on the stool with Ash squirting some of the water from the bottle in to her mouth much like a boxer. Crissy even knocks her hands together as if she were wearing boxing gloves as she awaits the start of the match.


Manager's Name: 'The Burning Soul' Ember Young
Wrestler's Real Name: Patience Young
Pic Base: Brie Bella
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Known For: Ember is more known as a wrestler than a wrestler. Which means that she is more than able to hold her own if need be at ringside. However, due to injures suffered outside of the ring and personal trauma of her son passing away due to S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has taken time off from wrestling to cope. However, at the request of Crissy not wanting to see her waste away at home asked her to work as her manager.

Manager's Name: Ash Harte
Wrestler's Real Name: Ashlyn Harte
Pic Base: Nikki Bella
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Known For: In the world of professional wrestling there is nothing known about Ash Harte other than that she's a student of Woody Hoyt's at Samantha Raine's father's wrestling school "Forever Young Wrestling Academy". To start getting exposure in the world of wrestling she begged Crissy to allow her to accompany her to the ring during her matches. Crissy who just recently decided to play more to her MMA roots prior to wrestler took the young woman on as her "cut person".


1. Top Rope Diving Cross Body 2. Spear  3. Back Elbow
4.  Rolling Thunder 5. Hurricanrana 6.Two Handed Chokeslam 7. DDT 8. Sling Blade
9.  Front Power Slam 10. Side Walk Slam  11. Round House Kick  12. Bear Hug
13. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors Take Down  14. Saito Suplex  15. Bridging German Suplex


Move Name: Lonely Hearts Spike
Description:   Thrust Kick (Can be used from Middle Rope)
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: War Cry
Description: Inverted Face Lock Into Back Stabber  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jack The Ripper
Description: Corkscrew Moonsault  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: Call To War
Description: Lifting Reverse STO Into Modified Camel Clutch  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jolly Black Widow II
Description: Straight Jacket Triangle Choke  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: The War Hammer
Description: Inverted Stomp Face Breaker (Eat Defeat)  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jolly Black Widow I / All Out War
Description: Package Pile Driver  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla / The War Siren


Watch this space for SCW related history.
Massive update, which one of the updates I have to thank who ever has been writing Crissy's matches lately for. Seeing the focus on her family history and her history in general with MMA finally gave me an idea of how to use not only Ember, but Ash as well. So they have finally officially been added to Crissy's bio and entrance...

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