Dante McCaffery
Wrestler's Alias:
Wrestler's Real Name: Dante McCaffery
Pic Base: Bill Skarsgård
Height: 6‘1
Weight: 215lbs
Birthdate: June 15th, 1993
Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Current Residence: Unknown at the moment

Physical Description: 6‘ even but lanky. Short brown hair. In the ring, he wears black dress pants and has both fist taped up. Outside of the ring, he’s always wearing a black suit jacket with black dress pants or a black trenchcoat with black dress pants. 

Personality: Dante McCaffery immediately made his impact in SCW the moment he walked in. It doesn't take long to notice that he's easily annoyed by a lot of things surrounding him and he isn't afraid to tell someone exactly why. His blunt, somewhat disrespectful and ruthless nature makes him a dangerous foe as well. He and Alexis often clashed creatively when it comes to PUNK HAZARD, but they made a good team. Still, with his impatience and hot temper and you get a seemingly sociopathic, anti-social twenty four year old. However, Dante is also very cunning and in his early career he's shown to have a businessman mentality establishing deals or partnerships with others in order to establish connections. That's the role he's crafted for PUNK HAZARD; as he's responsible for the early partnership with Kennedy Street, the reconciling of Alexis Quinne and Siouxsie Blade(and by proxy Cindy Todd) and was a big factor in setting up the World Hazard Festival. 

However, he shocked the world at Retribution when he betrayed PUNK HAZARD inside Tactical Warfare, thus ending the unit. This was the true example of his ruthless mentality as one of the reasons for his betrayal was to gain sole right to host the World Hazard Festival. Since then, his true personality has started to surface. Though, there are still unanswered questions remaining about his motives or true intentions for wrestling and life in general. 

He appears to showcase at assertive, dominant personality, usually not waiting to do something(again an example of his impatience). This lends itself to professional wrestling, a sport Dante has publicly stated he isn't as passionate about as others. His viewpoint, that it isn't worth sacrificing one's body over something that won't last forever to people that won't appreciate it, is the base of his argument. He's shown with his words and his actions that his main intent in his matches isn't to win by traditional manners but to make an impact regardless. For example, in his debut singles match, he lost to Syren by DQ when he refused to stop gouging her eyes. To Dante, he made an impact and that's what mattered. He doesn't wrestle because he enjoys inflicting pain. Whatever he feels like he has to do, he will. With that said, Dante also tries to make sure he doesn't lose at all cost.

Wrestling Style: Ruthless Rulebreaker 
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Heel
Years Pro: 4 Years and 3 Months(3 Years and 3 Months in SCW)

1. Judah
2. Samson Clutch
3. Damascus
4. Punch with brass knuckles(requires either distraction from others and/or a ref bump)

Finishers Descriptions (If Needed):
1. Northern Lights Bomb
2. Camel Clutch/Full Nelson Hold
3. Headlock Driver

Signature Moves:
1. Noah’s Flood
2. Messiah
3. Rapture
4. Release German Suplex

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
1. Several back swing kicks to the chest/face of a downed opponent in the corner
2. Pendulum Lariat after taking a hit
3. Running Knee to the back of a kneel opponent's head

Theme Song: Royal Blood: Out of the Black

Common Moves:
Rake to the eyes
Back Rake
Thumb to the eye
Low Blow
Choking(using the ropes, using his hands, feet, using his hand tape, etc)
Fish Hooking
Russian Leg Sweep
Resting an opponent’s head on the middle turnbuckle before kicking the turnbuckle
Reverse DDT
Lifting Reverse DDT
Snap Suplex
Swinging Neckbreaker
Snapemare followed up by a running elbow to the back of opponent’s head in a seated position
Big Boot
Roundhouse kicks to opponent’s ribs in the corner
Open hand chop to opponent’s chest
Sleeper Hold

-Smart. Uses his head both in the ring and out of the ring.
-Vicious competitor
-Doesn’t give a second of thought to break the rules
-Relentless if he can gain the upper hand
-Because his style is slower than most, he’s able to reserve his energy and thus is very durable
-Has shown to be very savvy business wise. Not hesitant to show his ruthlessness if the opportunity presents itself.

-Style of wrestling leads to a lot of DQs
-Despite his size, he’s actually slow and un-athletic. Will get overwhelmed by fast opponents
-He's stated publicly that he doesn't love the wrestling business so there are some that question does he strive to tap into his potential.
-Not the strongest
-Has a temper and gets annoyed fairly easy.

The opening to "Out of the Black" hits the PA system, drawing boos from the audience. The lights flash with every sound of the drum. Once the bass hits and the song kicks into gear, Dante McCaffery emerges from the curtains with a long black and yellow fur trenchcoat with another black and red jacket underneath. He immediately mouths off to the crowd and scowls. Dante glares at the crowd and shortly after, Savali, LEO and Ms. Budde walk out. Jack has his trademark steel chair in hands as he extends his arms to the crowd before he looks right at the camera.

Dante looks around and starts walking down to the ring as Jack, LEO and Savali follow.

Jim Phillips: Accompanied to the ring by Savali, LEO and Ms. Budde From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, ...DANTE MCCAFFFEEEEEEERY!

Dante walks down to the ring, giving the fans the "shoo" gesture repeatedly. Budde scowls at the fans. Savali just glares at the camera. LEO doesn't react to anyone as he just walks down to the ring. Dante soon pauses and stares at the audience to his right for a moment. He looks around at the crowd and he says a few things. .

Budde looks on and pulls Dante to the side. She's is seen whispering something to Dante and the latter nods. Dante then starts walking up the steel steps before turning around, giving the crowd the chance to boo him some more. Dante soon enters the ring. Budde, LEO and Savali look on the outside. Dante soon ascends up the turnbuckle. The crowd boos as McCaffery looks around the crowd. From there, Dante steps down and goes to the corner, where he and Savali talk while Budde and LEO are on the outside.

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