Adam Allocco
Wrestler's Alias: ‘Wrestling’s Enlightenment’ or “The Enlightenment” Adam Allocco
Wrestler's Real Name: Adam Allocco
Pic Base: Christopher Daniels
Height: 5”11”
Weight: 225 lbs.
Birthdate: 03/02/1977
Birth Place: Rochester, NY
Current Residence: Parts Belonging to Womankind
Wrestling Style: Technical Master; While there’s always been an aerial aide to Adam, most of his style is chain wrestling and submissions, featuring a lot of suplexes. He acts strategic, taking aim at a certain body part.
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro: 23 years

[1] Welcome to Oblivion: D'arce Choke w/ grapevine
[2] The Enlightenment: Superkick to the back of the skull.
[3] Martial Bane: Modified Tiger Bomb, typically off the top rope or apron, used rarely in big match situations only, made popularized by his former student, Xander Valentine.

Signature Moves:
[1] Exiled to Oblivion:
Shining Triangle
[2] Trifecta Climaxa:
Triple Fisherman Suplexes, ending in a bridge.
[3] Glorification:
Arabian Corkskrew Senton
Ankle Lock w/ Grapevine
Theme Song: “Save Me” by Shinedown 

Common Moves:                                      
Suplexes (German, Vertical, Snap, Tiger, Dragon, Fisherman, Exploders, often in chains)
DDTs (Snap, Tornado, Wheelbarrow, etc.)
Elbow Strikes
Knee Strikes
Kicks (Dropkick, Enzuguri, Gamenguri, etc.)
Submissions (Arm bars, boston crab, triangle hold, etc.)

- Genius at wrestling. Hate him as you may, but the man knows wrestling. He can figure out responses to any strategies. He can outsmart everyone in the ring.
- Great at countering.
- Age has taken a slight toll, still in great shape but not as great as that of younger athletes. Being in his early forties, sometimes he can get gasses.
- Bad back
Indistinguishable echoes, sounding awfully like church choir echoes out as a single bright spotlight shines down upon the stage. On the screen, narrated by the voice resembling that of Morgan Freeman:

“Blasted is thee who sin within the ring. God called upon the messiah, delivering an edict of reckoning upon the ignorant primitives with their lackluster wrestling. The messiah set forth to enlighten all those before him, and enlightened they shall be. (Adam 13:21)”

As his voice trails off, gold pyrotechnics explode on the stage as “Save Me”by Shinedown blares over the PA system. As the display stops, by now the song starting to pick up pace, Adam Allocco emerges from behind the curtains. He poses as he is doused in boos from the crowd. After a moment of soaking in the hate, Allocco moves down to the ring, shouting several insults to the crowd before rolling in underneath the bottom rope. Adam Allocco steps up onto one of the turnbuckle and starts shouting random rants and insults As the song begins to fade away, Allocco tries to take the referee aside to dispense with a few words of guidance before clapping his hand and hopping back.

Biography: What is there to say about Adam Allocco? Some refer him as the Donald Trump of the wrestling world. Some speak of him as a genius with just an attention deficit issue. Others say when he runs companies, he put some much effort forth, he burns out falling prey to the misfortune. Sure enough his companies have gone bankrupt quite a few times. He has owned Oblivion, Majestic, and co-owned and operated SCW for a short bit. Yet his arrival in SCW was as the head of the Underground Division, before switching over to the role of the manger of former SCW Tag Team Champions, Hiro Tanaka and Celeste Camini. He went on to buy half of SCW, only to sell his share after an injury and legal issues with Mr. D. Through he still owns a considerable of stock in the company.

Adam Allocco returned for several months, stepping up as a co-founder of the famous fraction known as Greaternity where he helped the careers of his allies. Yet once again, Allocco had to take a leave from the business as he went on tour with his Russian twins, who were taking Europe by storm with their techno hits. Yet after being eventually replaced, Allocco returned to a ring. For the year of 2012 bleeding into 2013, Adam Allocco had major success in SCW. He went undefeated from post-Rise to Greatness 2012 to the beginning of January 2013, picking up the United States Championship along the way. In February 2013, Adam Allocco vanished from the face of the Earth.

Several years later, dirt sheets picked up that Adam’s fate has been determined; he’s back in Russia, serving as a manager for pop music idol groups. He managed many; a few broke out to find major success, in which Adam turned the reigns for another manager before moved onto a new project. Many flopped. For the next handful of years, this was Adam’s way of life, living in Russia, touring Europe with his girls. Recently, in March of 2019, Adam returned to professional wrestling, showing up on SCW television. Since then he has attempted to make a move to take over SCW and then reconnected with his estranged son.


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