Aaron Blackbourne
Wrestler's Alias: Aaron Blackbourne
Wrestler's Real Name: Aaron Blackbourne
Pic Base: Finn Balor
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lbs.
Birthdate: October 27, 1990
Birth Place: Lowell, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Seattle, Washington

Physical Description: Aaron Blackbourne is Caucasian with short dark brown hair and green eyes. He’s normally clean-shaven, but sometimes he’ll appear to have a five o’clock shadow. Aaron has some fairly good muscle definition for a guy his size, but nothing too extreme that would make people suspicious. In the ring he wears traditional black tights with a red letter B on the back in a demonic-looking font, black knee pads, black arm sleeves with numerous red and white lines criss-crossing them and black wrestling boots with kick pads that look like they’re designed to see how many different demonic creatures one can comfortably cram onto such a small canvas. During his entrance he wears a black jacket with the same letter B as on his tights, and while it’s still red it’s also designed to look like a demon of some sort is contained within the letter. When Aaron decides to “dip into his creativity to unleash his inner demons” his appearance will change, but this will vary depending on what exactly he decides to go with in those instances.

Wrestling Style: Striker
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7
Primary Finisher: Unchained Creativity
Finisher Descriptions: High Impact Bicycle High Knee (What makes this finisher so dangerous isn’t just the high impact with how Blackbourne delivers the strike that calls to mind some of Japan’s hardest hitters in the wrestling business and makes any casual fan cringe, but also the fact that Blackbourne can execute this move out of nowhere and from any position where he’s able to suddenly jack someone’s jaw using his knee. The most common method of delivery will be charging at a standing opponent, but he can also land it on a sitting or kneeling opponent as well as catch someone charging at him or flying at him off the top rope or from a springboard. He’s also slowly become more fond of using a variation where he goes from a wrist lock into a short-arm version of this a la Kenny Omega’s Rain Trigger. He’s even able to slip free of someone’s attempt at a move and catch them with this out of the blue. Any time you write a Blackbourne match, you have free reign to decide how he busts this move out to help build fear in his opponents that any time, at a moment’s notice and without warning, one Unchained Creativity out of nowhere could spell the end of their night.)

Secondary Finisher: The Perfect Ending
Finisher Descriptions: Shotei Palm Strike (Aaron has adopted this move as a finisher to pay homage to Kelcey Wallace, as well as to have another finisher he can fall back on in the event someone targets his legs with the intent of preventing him from delivering the Unchained Creativity. This move effectively functions in almost the exact same way as the Unchained Creativity does, in that Aaron can deliver this strike with the kind of high impact that calls to mind some of Japan’s hardest hitters in the wrestling business and makes any casual fan cringe, often even turning opponents completely inside out before they hit the mat. Also like the Unchained Creativity, Blackbourne can execute this move out of virtually nowhere, whether it be standing face-to-face with his opponent or charging at them or even catching them charging or lunging at him as a counter to whatever they were looking to hit him with, among with just about any other possible scenario you can think of. The writer has free reign to bust this move out as they see fit, just like the Unchained Creativity, to both build the fear that this move can also connect without warning to end somebody's night as well as send the message that targeting Blackbourne's legs no longer makes you safe from a knockout blow that can and likely will turn your lights out.)

Signature Moves:
- Pull the Trigger
- Creative Process
- Painted Sky

Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
- Fireman’s Carry dropped into an Overhead Kick
- Blackbourne hits a Running Front Dropkick to the opponent with enough force that it sends them flying into the turnbuckles behind them. As they slump into a seated position from the impact, Blackbourne will run and bounce into the opposite corner before charging full steam into a Running Double Knee Smash to the seated opponent’s face.
- Froggy Bow (Frog Splash transitioned into an Elbow Drop)

Theme Song:
“My Name” by From Ashes To New (main theme song)
“10 Inch Nails” by Audiomachine (“Demon” Blackbourne’s theme song)

Common Moves:
- Dropkick
- Soccer Kick to the chest of a seated opponent
- Sleeper Slam
- Suicide Somersault Senton
- Step-Up Enzuigiri
- Dragon Suplex
- Discus Elbow Smash
- Repeated Shoot Kicks to the chest of a kneeling opponent [It should be noted that Blackbourne can use this move to set up his finisher, usually faking his final shoot kick to get the opponent to brace for something that’s not coming before blasting them with the Unchained Creativity]
- Exploder Suplex
- Moonsault
- European Uppercuts
- Forearm Strikes
- Reverse DDT
- Snap Suplex

+ In an attempt to compensate for the size disadvantage he’s often found himself at, Blackbourne has trained extensively to ensure his strikes are as lethal as possible, including a one year stint in Japan training under some of the best strong style athletes you can find there. Every strike he throws is going to hurt, no matter how big or tough you are, and his Unchained Creativity knee strike is capable of causing legitimate knockouts to those who aren’t used to taking such stiff strikes (although going that far is never Blackbourne’s intent, the possibility does exist if you want to run with it at any point in time).
+ Speaking of the Unchained Creativity, what makes it even more lethal is the fact that it can come from literally out of nowhere, meaning his opponents will always have to keep that in the back of their mind while fighting him. That makes it easy for Blackbourne to bait people into favorable scenarios using the mere threat that he could be about to unleash it, or allow them to get comfortable with the fact he’s shown no indication of wanting to end it anytime soon before blasting them when they least expect it. A finisher like that creates a never-ending mind game that will always give Blackbourne a slight mental edge in the ring.
+ Blackbourne can be pretty unpredictable in the ring, owing to his nature as a creative spirit. If he can think of a move or spot on the fly that will throw off his opponents, especially if nothing like it has ever been seen before, he’ll go for it the moment he sees an opening.
+ While it only tends to be reserved for pay-per-views and otherwise larger (usually special) events, when Blackbourne unleashes one of his “inner demons” it’s almost a guarantee his opponents will get thrown way off their game. Giving such a creative soul free reign to do this allows him to paint something from his opponent’s psyche in his own mind and unleash it against them. Plus, even if his opponent expects seeing him all painted up in some interesting fashion, there’s absolutely no way of knowing exactly what they’re going to face, as some of the inner demons Blackbourne has unleashed have taken completely different approaches to matches, and in a few rare cases his entire fighting style has seemingly changed to invalidate everything his opponent could’ve possibly prepared for.

- While he’s developed his striking extensively to try and get around this, his size is still a glaring weakness. More often than not Blackbourne will find himself outsized and outpowered, taking away some of the throws and suplexes in his arsenal and allowing him to essentially be bullied around the ring fairly easily depending on how aggressive his opponent is. That said, opponents who get too comfortable with this degree of control still need to be wary of the Unchained Creativity due to its “out of nowhere” nature.
- The flip side to the coin regarding his strength about being unpredictable is the fact that not every creative idea is always going to be successful. Those aforementioned “on the fly” spots? Especially if it’s never been seen or done before, there’s just as much of a chance trying it will backfire and put Blackbourne in an even worse position than he was in before. He’ll still try it anyway without hesitation, always citing later that the whole essence of creativity is trying things no one else would ever come up with, but it’s a lot harder to justify it if it doesn’t work out.
- The majority of Blackbourne’s striking offense revolves around his legs, especially the ever-lethal Unchained Creativity. Targeting and taking out his legs effectively disables a vast majority of his offense, and anything that hinders or outright removes the threat of his dangerous and unpredictable finisher makes fighting him a much easier task.

Entrance: Blackbourne has two different entrances he’ll alternate between, one for his normal self and one for “Demon” Blackbourne. His normal entrance is used for all Breakdowns and house shows, and can also be used for Supreme Saturdays depending on what kind of match he’s booked in. The entrances for “Demon” Blackbourne are reserved only for pay-per-views and on Supreme Saturdays where he feels the match is worth the appearance of his demon self. The “Demon” entrance will be updated fairly often as there will be some differences for each event it’s used at to reflect the various different “inner demons” Blackbourne will seek to unleash through his creativity, much like how Balor’s entrance and appearance can change up a bit each time it’s used. I’ll list the name of the show in the demon entrance so match writers will know to use it. If I DON’T have the name of an upcoming Supreme Saturday/PPV listed there, go with the normal entrance as Blackbourne won’t be “unleashing a demon” for that night, similar to how there are certain scenarios where you don’t see “Demon Balor” even if it’s a PPV.

Normal Entrance
All of a sudden, the lights go out, prompting a surprised pop from the fans. The tune of “My Name” by From Ashes To New begins, the lyrics starting about eight seconds into the song. White lights slowly begin to envelop the stage as we see that smoke has also begun to engulf it. The Tron also comes to life with clips of Aaron Blackbourne in action, both as himself and as his various demon incarnations, as well as clips of his various artistic endeavors including writing, painting, drawing and digital art. During this, we see a figure standing in the smoke, but that and the lighting make it impossible to tell who the silhouette belongs to. When the song hits the chorus, pyro suddenly goes off on the sides of the stage in sync with the silhouette throwing his arms in the familiar raised and outstretched pose, the smoke clearing almost as if on command to reveal the creative soul himself, causing the fans erupt into cheers. The lights start to come back on, although they're both dimmed and rotating between every color in the spectrum to the beat of the song, as Blackbourne begins making his way down to the ring, happily accepting high fives from the fans with a smile. As he reaches ringside he suddenly leaps onto the apron and quickly climbs so that he’s got one foot on the top turnbuckle, and in tune with the chorus kicking in a second time he briefly crosses his arms across his chest before throwing them out in the same raised and outstretched pose as before, the lights going out again as white spotlights suddenly come on and converge upon him as he closes his eyes and basks in this moment, also letting the lyrics of the song serve as a reminder of exactly who he is and why he does this. When the chorus ends, Blackbourne leaps from the top into the ring as the lights completely return to normal, removing his black jacket and setting it into his corner before he begins doing some light warm-ups for the match ahead.

No Special Entrance for Last Grasp of Reality 2021

The easiest way to describe Aaron Blackbourne would be a creative soul, but even that doesn’t feel like it’s doing him justice in all honesty.

Growing up, it always seemed like he was different from everyone else. He was still part of school social circles and participated in sports and had a fairly normal home life, but he would never really be one for hanging out with friends beyond when he needed to see them, instead preferring to confine himself to his room in favor of more artistic endeavors. Drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, writing… even digital work and 3D modeling when the technology began to take shape, Aaron always wanted to master it all in hopes of sharing with the world what he saw in his own head, always fascinated by the seemingly endless well of creative ideas he possessed. It was no idea he became the go-to designer when classmates wanted their own unique shirt designs, or even had an entire section dedicated to his own words when one of his high school english teachers published a book of poems written by her students. Anyone who met him could just feel that the young man was destined to become one of the people that would go on to change the world.

It didn’t take long for Aaron to learn exactly why that was nothing more than a dream.

After graduating college with the degree that would back up his design talents and allow him to find steady work doing what he loved, he was surprised to find that no design firm would bother to hire him. The degree didn’t matter, his impressive portfolio was often ignored, and the excuse that he was lacking ‘real world experience’ was always shoved down his throat, ignoring the problem that he could never gain such experience if no one would hire him in the first place. It wasn’t until several months later that someone working for one of the firms he’d been denied a job at let it slip to him the real reason why he was being turned down: they were afraid of what he was capable of. Someone so young being as talented as he was and a master of a level of creativity that far exceeded men and women with double, even triple his experience? The job market just couldn’t have someone like him put everyone to shame, and no one was willing to gamble on paving the way towards the future at the expense of overall company morale when this one person would be in so much higher demand than anybody else.

Stunned by this revelation and forced to try and strike it out in a freelance environment, Aaron managed to make some fairly good money, but it wasn’t a stable income. It was around this time that his own family began to slowly fall apart, with his mom and dad divorcing in the wake of one of his father’s drunken rages leading to a bout of domestic violence, their behavior causing his youngest brother to start walking down a very dark and dangerous path in his life, and his other brothers either falling ill to issues that plagued him all his life and were finally hitting their pinnacle or simply abandoning the family to pursue his own interests. With his own life barely going anywhere, Aaron retreated more and more into his own mind, taking comfort in his creative innocence while slowly becoming more jadde towards the world around him. He often became the neutral side in every issue, preferring to stick to his own devices and stay out of matters.

What lead Aaron to wrestling wasn’t simply a lifelong love of the sport like most fans will claim. While it played a factor, the biggest reason was the idea that maybe, through wrestling, he could immerse himself in his creativity as a profession and share his thoughts and ideas with the world around him. A big part of wrestling was the characters after all, and aspects such as lucha libre creating these real life characters with no one scoffing at the mere idea of men and women wearing masks all the time and becoming one with the personas they created fascinated him. With the idea of having a stable income doing something he loved while incorporating his true passion, Aaron immersed himself in training, focusing mostly on becoming a striker to balance out the fact that while he was athletic, he wasn’t the size of your typical wrestler that was going to be throwing people around like rag dolls.

Wrestling, however, did not provide Aaron with what he was after. The more he became annoyed as he began to take notice of a world growing stagnant because change and innovation was deemed something to be feared instead of revered by the powers in charge, especially from those who feared losing their jobs to an ever-evolving future no matter how true the desire was to simply make lives easier and more enjoyable, the more he noticed that wrestling was no exception. No one wanted to be creative anymore, and week after week he put up with the same tired speeches about his opponent being the best or some variation of it, the same moves that everyone threw around, the desire to have the exact same matches instead of springing for something that could raise the bar into five star territory or perhaps even beyond. For the first two years of his career this is what the young man put up with as he bounced around from small promotion to small promotion, using his pay to try and keep his fractured family afloat even as things at home just seemed to grow worse, especially when his dad ended up in jail and his mom outright moved to Florida to pursue happiness with a new man in her life.

In his third year in the wrestling business, Aaron received the invitation of a lifetime to travel overseas and try his hand in the Japanese wrestling market. Training under a lot of the biggest names and stiffest strikers they had to offer, Aaron finally found the joy and freedom he’d been seeking for far too long. It was here in Japan that he not only debuted his new lethal finisher the Unchained Creativity for the very first time, but also took the advice of some of his trainers to stop being frustrated with those who tried to stifle his creativity and instead share it with the world regardless, forcing them to understand what could be if they stopped letting fear cloud their judgment. The first time Aaron donned the full-body paint that shared with the fans only one of the various demons and monsters he’d concocted over the years as an outlet for his greater frustrations, it became an addiction to share the spotlight with them, becoming the conduit to a world beyond perception and the living weapon for creatures normal people would not understand.

Five years after his journey in pro wrestling started, Aaron now lives in Seattle, Washington, having left the remnants of his family behind when it became clear they were beyond his help and refused to accept or acknowledge what he was willing to do to fix everything. Under various pseudonyms, he’s become one of the most in-demand freelance designers and artists in the country, and no matter what company he wrestles for, the passion and creative freedom always follow, as do the demons. It was one such display that lead to a talent scout contacting him about giving Supreme Championship Wrestling, arguably the biggest wrestling company in the entire world, a shot. Considering he has nothing to lose and a whole new canvas to paint his wild and vivid imagination into existence, time will tell just how far Aaron truly makes it in the land of SCW, especially when his goals match no other wrestler to ever set foot in one of its rings.
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This post is reserved as a "running character sheet" of the various demons Blackbourne has or will portray, on the chance they might resurface again down the line for a match.

The Cerberus
Anyone familiar with Greek mythology knows a cerberus is often known as the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the Underworld, tasked with preventing the damned souls inside from escaping back into the mortal plane. This particular Cerberus, however, has simply grown tired of this role and wants more, especially to prove its worth to its master Hades that it's just as capable as any of his other monsters for causing destruction when unleashed on the world above. Aaron struck a deal with the monster to give him this wish, and the beast's aggressive and hard-hitting nature was a perfect compliment to the existing toolset he gained to work with while the two were one. Ferocious and unforgiving, the Cerberus seeks to strike fear into the hearts of the same men and women who have painted it many different ways in legend and mythology, but not always in a light truly portraying what it's capable of.

The Stress of Perfection
One of the more interesting demons Aaron's ever conceived, mostly because it's source isn't any sort of preexisting legend, monster or even anything that could have a physical representation by normal perception. The Stress of Perfection is an entity born of a complimenting idea to the belief that 'there's no such thing as perfection, and if there was we'd all stop pursuing it.' If a perfect human being were to exist, would it be too farfetched to say that having to maintain that perfect lifestyle every second of your life lest you fall victim to the perception of others that you're not truly perfect like you claimed to be would be one of the most stressful experiences a human being could ever endure? This is the physical embodiment of this concept, the monster hiding beneath the 'perfect reflection of yourself' that only appears when the glass breaks to expose the ugly truth beneath, born of all the stress you tried to endure to prevent that. The Stress of Perfection is a methodical entity, and while it will often stick to Aaron's normal style as it was originally born of his own 'perfect reflection,' it has a tendency to also wrestle a slower, more methodical pace and technical style that almost seems like the antithesis to Aaron's usual fast-paced striking and creative plan-on-the-fly mindset in an attempt to try and expose the flaws in its opposition to prove that they, too, may not be as perfect as they claim to be.

While Ferrugo isn't exactly a 'demon' per se, it's not hard to see him as some kind of monster. Named for one of the Latin words for rust, Ferrugo is a character Aaron created some time back but could never seem to find a story concept to completely immerse him in. The character is a cursed immortal individual with mechanical limbs to replace ones he's lost that serves as the ringmaster to the Carnival of Rust, a traveling carnival that employs individuals who feel they don't have a place anywhere else in the world, hooked up with the same mechanical limbs Ferrugo wears to bind them all together for all eternity. According to the 'legends' surrounding the carnival, it only appears once the sun has set and completely vanishes when the sun rises, and anyone still trapped within when this happens lose their life force to the twisted ringmaster and become a twisted freakish beast to perform wherever the carnival next surfaces. Ferrugo's true intention, however, is to extend his curse throughout the entire world to create a 'world of rust' free from the shackles of death, which in his mind will remove the consequences of all conflict and bring about world peace as there will no longer be any point to wars or anything that could arise from the differences in human beings such as racism or gender-driven issues. Being a natural-born showman and desiring to spread his own creative message, Ferrugo takes the reins Aaron has offered in order to tear the house down along with whoever stands in his way of making sure his message is loud and clear.

In Old Norse, Kaldr is the word for cold, which in and of itself is a perfect opening description for exactly what Kaldr is. A demon designed by Aaron based both on his long lost love of wintertime since moving away from Massachusetts to the west coast where the weather is somewhat warmer and some of those old ideals on what a fierce monster might be described as by people, Kaldr is a stoic entity who is very proud of its power, to the point where it refuses to engage in conflict unless it was a personal reason for doing so to avoid unnecessary collateral damage. Best described visually as what happens if you try to make an ice sculpture that combined the proud and fierce wolf that hunts in snowy forests and the most common interpretation of Death himself before trying to bring the statue to life through magical means that may not entirely be pure, Kaldr is a representation of the cold itself, from the idea of freezing up in sheer terror to the belief that the mere presence of the grim reaper in a room causes the temperature to plunge to make you very much aware of his presence. Because Kaldr has no personal vendettas, it took some convincing to accept Aaron's offer of sharing what they are capable of through him, but one thing Kaldr respects above all else are those willing to fight for a personal reason no matter the cost and especially those that do not hesitate to charge into battle no matter how much the odds may seem stacked against them as long as they fight the battle their way, two things that sum up the creative soul very well.

Zeitgeist is a philosophical German concept from centuries ago that translates to "spirit of the age" or "spirit of the times." This makes it an accurate name for this creation, especially considering Zeitgeist himself was one of the first full-fledged creations Aaron put a considerable amount of time into after pondering the idea of the term when it came up in a philosophy class he took in high school for college credit. Zeitgeist is an extremely powerful being that has full control over the concept of time, from being able to see all details of anything in the past, present or even future to bending and manipulating time to his will. He is very much aware of the power he possesses and never seeks to use it for personal gain, hence why he tends to be a more neutral entity and only intervenes when he has a reason to. That said, he heavily respects his creator considering how long they've known one another and is one of the few entities that can serve as a sort of mentor or guide whenever Aaron needs someone to help him sort things out within his own head. Even though a calm tone and demeanor is virtually the only expression he ever shows, he can sometimes come off sounding like a smartass considering his powers to see and comprehend all events that may or may not play out along a timeline create the perception that he knows everything. Still, he is one of Aaron's most dangerous entities, as trying to remain neutral does not mean he's incapable of fighting; simply unwilling to normally because of how easily he can overwhelm a foe. While being embodied by Aaron does not grant him the sudden ability to mess with time, the one noteworthy thing he does grant is the frightening ability for Aaron to be able to calmly analyze and react to situations going on around him far quicker than he normally would, almost lending the belief that he's watching everything play out in slow motion before responding in real time. Zeitgeist is certainly not a creation to take lightly.

Azrael is an anomaly among Aaron's mental menagerie, primarily because of the fact that he's not originally his own design. Azrael's creation is actually courtesy of Aaron's tragicially now-deceased brother Andrew, and the only known origins behind his creation involve a possible gimmick/identity Andrew wanted to take on if he ever decided to join the wrestling business himself. Pulling from some of the things that helped set Andrew apart from his brothers, Azrael is the name of the Angel of Destruction and Renewal in the Hebrew Bible, pulling from Andrew converting to Judaism, and his appearance also includes elements that are Japanese in origin that refer to Andrew's klove of the country and its culture. There's very little Aaron can share beyond this, however, as he's hesitant to further flesh out something that's not his own to begin with, but should he ever change his mind we may see Azrael surface again at some point down the line.

The Cursed Design
The Cursed Design is another intriguing anomaly from Aaron's imagination, being similar in concept to the Stress of Perfection in that it's not necessarily a demon or anything with a true physical representation, but instead a design of a melting skull with a nail having been driven into its head at an angle from the top right. The real idea behind it makes it one of the more versatile options in Aaron's creative arsenal, as it's meant to play to the belief that everyone can see the same image and interpret it in different ways if they're given very little context about what it actually means. Is the design cursed because Aaron's taking a huge gamble and accepting that it likely won't pay off? Is it simply meant to represent him being 'consumed' by his own imagination or some dark force? Is the curse more directed at his opponent for one reason or another? What even is the curse, or is there a curse at all? It's one of those concepts where Aaron's creativity has produced something that's open to interpretation, allowing you to use your own imagination to decide what it may or may not mean, which in and of itself creates a unique mind game when presented to an opponent as it makes it even more difficult to try and gauge what exactly they're about to face.

The Ink Demon
At first glance, the Ink Demon seems like Aaron's take on the main antagonist from the popular indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine, however this demon seems more disturbing by comparison once you really dig into it. Originally born of a nightmare Aaron had due to the stress of his old feud with Scarlet Grey and an incident regarding that from Kelcey Wallace's 2018 Halloween party, the Ink Demon was initially a hostile entity that existed deep in his imagination, believing it was not one of Aaron's creations and therefore had no reason to do his bidding. A conversation between the two prior to Under Attack 2019 saw an alliance be formed through the creative soul convincing the inky beast that his 'true master' had abandoned him to rot in his subconscious, and the monster took the offer he was given to prove he was so much more than just an abomination serving as an attack dog, embracing the opportunity to consume anyone who opposed him in ink and watch them struggle until there was nothing left... perhaps even as a warning to his former 'master' for the fate that may await him now that he and Aaron have made peace.

The Twin Stars
The Twin Stars are unique among the creations Aaron has shared with the world as this is the first time he's actually portraying not one, but two entities simultaneously. The duo is composed of Dreambender and Gleeful, twin brother and sister who are both immensely powerful cosmic beings despite their appearance as children. They are two of Aaron's oldest and most powerful creations, having never seen the light of day after countless months of work piecing them together due to an unfortunate circumstance where he was beaten to the punch in sharing them with the world by someone else who happened to create very similar characters associated with their own AU spinoff of a popular fantasy show. Just because they haven't been seen since because of the potential accusations of theft, even if Aaron rightfully had the idea first and had zero idea that someone else had a similar idea using a different concept, does not make them any less dangerous. With one being as innocent as reckless as her childlike look would lead you to believe and the other being very calculating and methodical in his approach, the two balance one another out perfectly and mesh their powers well into a nigh-unstoppable force of time and space. Up until now, it would've been a question of which one would appear, but if the two of them have found a way to merge themselves into one more powerful demon, one can only imagine what awaits whoever dares to oppose their cosmic might.

Pandemonium can best be described as chaos incarnate. A being that has no true form and simply assumes whatever appearance it finds most amusing for the situation at hand, Pandemonium was born of Aaron's imagination trying to bring to life the idea of what chaos would resemble if it were one of the demons inhabiting the artist's mind. This demon has no comprehension of right or wrong, only that everything it lays eyes on must be devoid of order and reason at all times. Pandemonium is one of the more unpredictable creations Aaron's ever put together, but it does have a sense of respect for the way its creator's mind works and is more than happy to take an offer to reveal itself to the world beyond to reinforce the level of controlled chaos that its creator likes to operate under when necessary.
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Updated 3/24/2020
I've changed Blackbourne's normal theme song to “My Name” by From Ashes To New and updated his normal entrance accordingly. As much as I think his old song fit him better in terms of how it sounded, I can't deny how much these lyrics basically describe his character perfectly.
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Updated 5/30/2020
In addition to making sure his demon/special entrance was updated for THotF, I also make a few adjustments that honestly felt a bit overdue, such as adding in a few more regular moves to help diversify his offense a bit more from being too kick-heavy as well as a secondary finisher so he has another weapon to fall back on in scenarios where opponents may target his legs to try and eliminate the Unchained Creativity.
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