Daisy Rhea Lee
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Wrestler's Alias: Fantasy
Wrestler's Real Name: Daisy Rhea Lee
Pic Base: Eva Marie
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 127 lbs.
Birthdate: 7/30/91
Birth Place: Laredo, TX.
Current Residence: New York City, NY.
Physical Description: As Daisy Lee she is a Beautiful Texas Rose, a very muscular definition. She is tanned, always smiling and has a knockout body which won her Ms. Fitness two years running. She is tall so she makes up for it with her powerful legs and muscular tone. As Red Rayne she is mysterious and has an alluring beauty that is intoxicating.
Wrestling Style: Brawler, Technician and High Impact
Alignment: Tweener
Years Pro: 5
Finishers: “Redrum”, “Rayne Fall”, “Redvolution”
Finishers Descriptions:
“Redrum”: Red Rayne raises the opponent's left arm up over their head, then delivers a strong punch into the side of the ribcage. The move relies on "Oriental pressure points" to strike a nerve causing the opponent's heart to momentarily stop, rendering them unconscious and Rayne going for the easy 1-2-3 and she lays on top of them seductively for the pin. This is the move she will ALWAYS look for to finish the match before going for plan B. When this move hits, the match is over. (Also Known as The Heart Punch) (Primary Finisher)
“Rayne Fall”: Standing next to or diagonally behind an opponent, Rayne leaps up, grabs the opponent's head and pulls backwards, resulting in both individuals landing supine, knocking out the opponent and allowing Rayne to get the easy 1-2-3. (Also known as the Zig Zag) (Secondary Finisher)
“Redvolution”: Is Rayne’s version of “The Lariat” much like her sister, Rachel Frost’s “Laredo Lasso” Lariat. It’s when Rayne runs towards an opponent, wraps her arm around their upper chest and neck and then forces them to the ground. This move is similar to a Clothesline but the difference being that in a clothesline the Rayne’s arm is kept straight to the side of the wrestler during the move, while in the lariat Red Rayne strikes her opponent with her arm for the easy 1-2-3. (Secondary Finisher)
Signature Moves: “Bloodbath”, “Red Alert”, “Red Dawn”, “In The Red”, “The Downpour”, “Rayne Storm”
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed):
“Bloodbath”: “The Bloodbath” refers to the illegal maneuver of spitting a colored liquid into the face of an opponent in pro wrestling. After Red Rayne doing so, the opponent will be blinded and experience intense stinging in the eyes. “The Bloodbath” can come in almost any color but the most common one used is red but Rayne will use all if needed.
Red Mist – The most powerful mist which is purported to severely blind an opponent for a prolonged period of time.
Green Mist – The most common mist, which obscures the opponent's vision.
Black Mist – This powerful mist is purported to burn rather than blind.
Blue Mist – This mist is used to send an opponent to sleep.
Yellow Mist – This mist is purported to paralyze the opponent.
“Red Alert”: Is a shoulder jawbreaker or also known as an inverted stunner, Red Rayne stands facing the opponent, places her shoulder under the jaw of the opponent and holds the opponent in place before falling into a kneeling position, driving the jaw of the opponent into her shoulder.
“Red Dawn”: This hold is a modified version of an STF in which Red Rayne wraps her arm around the neck of the opponent in a Sleeper Hold instead of pulling back on the head of the opponent. (Stepover Toehold Sleeper)
“In The Red”: Also known as a diving or missile dropkick, “In The Red” is an attack where Rayne jumps off the top turnbuckle and executes the dropkick on a standing opponent connecting right to the face.
“The Downpour”: Red Rayne takes hold of an opponent by first kicking them in the midsection and then placed in a standing head scissors position bent forward with their head placed between Rayne’s thighs. She then lifts them on Rayne’s shoulders and bounced off the top rope for added moment and quickly turns around and slams them back first into the mat going for an easy 3-count or setting them up for a finisher. (Rope Aided Powerbomb)
“Rayne Storm”: “Rayne Storm” is a series of right hand punches to the face of the opponent by Red Rayne followed by a spinning discus punch to knock the opponent down and set them up for a finisher like "Redrum", her Heart Punch.
Common Moves:
Short arm clothesline
Corner clothesline
Baseball slide dropkick
Closed fist punches
Trapping head butts
Lou Thesz Press (w/Punches)
Eye gouge
Eye poke
Back Rake
Low blow (with any limb she chooses to use)
Corkscrew Elbow
Running Scissor Kick
Hitting with a foreign object
Handful of tights for the pin
Feet on the ropes for the pin
Top Rope Hurricarana
Running powerslam
Military press slam
Basic scoop slam
Vertical stalling brainbuster
Fisherman's suplex
Swinging Neckbreaker
Release german suplex
Sambo Suplex
Spine buster
Red Rayne is eccentric, tough, determined and ruthless in the ring. She will cut corners when she has too which gives her an edge. Rayne has a never say quit attitude and will stop at nothing until she wins the match. She is surprisingly strong for her size and has incredible stamina which means she can wrestle long matches and not be winded. Red Rayne can be unorthodox and will always keep her opponents unbalanced.
Red Rayne is methodical and tries to drop the tempo of the match to fit her which could sometimes lead into losing focus. Rayne is also a show off so it could give downed opponents time to recover. Red Rayne has a tendency that when the going gets tough, she will cheat and it can make her prone to DQ’s.
Theme Song:
“Fantasy” by I Will Never Be The Same CLICK HERE
The Arena goes dark…..
The lone purple spotlight shines in the entrance way. The Sirens stops the sound of a woman’s voice begins to speak as the red lights begin to illuminate throughout the crowd….
I would fall into a shame
Washing away the sorrow
I would become the state
Of nothing
If I kissed in this red rain
If I dared to let my lips touch
The mouth of lust
If I dared to let the motions
Of my heart to…
Beat to an impulsive rate
Let my mind wander into…
A trail of lost thoughts
They were only the feelings I craved
They are all that matter
I am in a state of confusion
And the rain falls upon my cheeks
Blushing them to a new outline
And traces of the dew freshly…
Moistens my lashes and it trickles down
My face and I am only
The moment of every mistake
Because the rain never looked this way before….
Suddenly a figure in a hooded cloak ascends from the floor of the entrance way. The woman in the cloak raises her head, when she quickly raises her arms and the cloak falls to her feet to reveal "The Fantasy", the woman known as Daisy Rhea Lee. “Fantasy” by I Will Never Be The Same" plays throughout the arena…..As the chorus to the music begins she cracks a smile and heads down the ramp with her trim gear.
She gets to the ring, getting up on the apron and flipping over the ropes and into the ring Fantasy stands for a moment before she makes her way to the middle of the ring looking around seductively for a moment to the reaction of the crowd…..
With that said Fantasy flings her head back as long red hair flows, Daisy Rhea Lee, little sister of Rachel Tatum Lee slowly rolls her eyes to the back of her head as she looks up again at the rafters at the red glowing spotlight on her. Fantasy slowly opens her eyes and cracks a smile some before stopping and scowling to the referee, even hissing  almost mockingly before blowing a kiss as she leans against the corner turnbuckle awaiting for the start of the match….
Wrestling Attire:
Fantasy wears Purple, Black, Green, Blue or White tights with knee high length boots, knee pads and a top, sleeveless and collared with the same colored bikini type bottom, bicep bracelets and tape around her wrists, her right hand is heavily taped for her “Redrum” Heart Punch finisher. She wears a Purple hooded cloak to the ring and removes it before her match and ceremonial Purple light show.
Daisy Rhea Lee is all smiles, she has an arrogance to her and can be quite the two-faced bitch. Daisy thinks she knows it all; there is no arguing with Daisy for she has to have the last word in. Daisy wasn’t always like this, she developed this attitude and animosity towards others especially her sister, Rachel Frost when she turned against the fans while wrestling in Mexico where she was known as “La Reata” or “The Lariat” becoming one of the most notorious female rule breakers in all of the Mexican promotions. Daisy can be sweet when she wants to be, a looker and a charmer if she needs something but with Daisy Lee you never know when this Texas Southern Girl is genuine or out for blood.
As Fantasy, she is exotic, calculating and methodical. She can sometimes speak in tongues and is aware of her surroundings. She is always studying and talking to her can be both enlightening and sensually creepy. Sometimes it’s better if she is avoided. PROCEED WITH CAUTION
Daisy Lee was born in Laredo, TX on a huge ranch with her sister Rachel Tatum Lee aka Tatum “Quickdraw” McGraw and now Rachel Frost of SCW fame. Daisy wasn’t the Wrangler riding cowgirl her older sister was, instead Daisy was the pretty Texas girl, always into cheerleading, fashion and such. She had a little roughneck side of her which attracted a lot of the boys but it was her sister that took the Cowgirl lifestyle more serious.
Daisy was a well-educated straight A student and while her sister went to school at Texas A&M, Daisy went on to University of Texas to study sports medicine. Daisy Lee was also an accomplished Division 1A Softball player much like her sister Rachel. Daisy was very big into fitness and in 2009 and 2010 won the Ms. Fitness honors. While in College Daisy watched her sister make the transition into pro wrestling and became intrigued by it, she became consumed in the sport and with her body already in top form she just needed to train and that she did while her sister was wrestling in the SWA alongside her late husband, “Widowmaker” Wendell McGraw. Daisy wanted to join them in the SWA but the Alliance closed its doors in 2010 forcing Rachel and Wendell to head out to Japan.
Daisy was a bit upset by it because she wanted to continue her studies so while she went to school she began to wrestler south of the border in Mexico where she quickly gained a huge following. After the death of Wendell McGraw in the ring during a match in Japan, Daisy begged her sister Rachel to come join her in Mexico to take her mind off of things, She convinced Rachel but the Hardcore Cowgirl was a complete mess. Daisy tried to smooth things over but eventually Rachel had to leave, she had to take time away from the ring to mourn, leaving Daisy alone.
Daisy grew animosity towards Rachel, believing that her younger sister didn’t think she was good enough to care for her. Daisy soon after turned on the fans and her then tag team partner Alana Starr shocking the MWA promotion. Daisy became a huge rule breaker, “Texas-Made” became her nickname and for over a year she ruled the Women’s Division as their Champion.
Daisy finally grew tired and looked to come back to the States and seeing that her sister was back in action, the same old bad attitude Daisy wanted to come back and team with her….
But that changed when Rachel found a partner in then fellow Texan, Stacy Kissinger and suddenly Rachel’s attitude changed, the angry Cowgirl was no more and this infuriated Daisy. To top things off Rachel’s and Blake Mason began to develop feelings for each other, Daisy knew her sister was making a mistake so she knew it was time to come back and wrestle and that was Majestic Wrestling though all of that was short lived as Daisy found herself coming to SCW and joined The Coalition with her sister and even managed the monster, Blitzkrieg for a while but after Rachel Frost began to become unstable and attacked Daisy something changed in her and with the help of Aiken she was transformed into the beautiful monster….
Red Rayne….
And after two years of a terrifying run in the SCW, she was suspended, mentally unstable and has disappeared, until now. She seems different….
Or is she?

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