Most wrestling historians consider Christy Matthews as one of the trailblazers for women wrestling. Her arrival marked the changing of the tides, no longer were talented and together women were regulated to a second class division. But since her early days, there have been brighter names who surpassed her in terms of glory, but she seems to be making a incredible comeback in her career.

Rise to Greatness saw Christy Matthews cement her name in the history book, by elevating herself to the status of Supreme Champion by netting the United States Championship at the event. In order to do so, she had to overcome two former SCW World Champions (Xander Valentine & Glory Braddock) as well as one of the rising star that is Gavin Taylor.

But Christy isn’t finished yet. Despite getting another notch in her belt, she still seeking to get back to the promised land. Her drive is pushing to become the top dog in the company while waiting to drop the interim to her title. Time remains if she’s going to be the one to face James Evans to unify the US titles, but until then, Christy is accepting all comers.

Be careful, she might knock you out!