Out-of-Character Rules:

  1. First off, this is a game. Please note that and have fun. The rules posted are to ensure the fun of everyone and to keep anyone generally happy.
  2. Consider those unwritten rules of the game and maintain them (e.g. If there are issues, discuss them over private messages; ask others before you use their character; etc.) This is common sense stuff and generally avoids any unnecessary issues.
  3. In SCW, there is no requirement to submit segments or be involved in the development of your character on shows. While the writing staff encourages the sharing of ideas or even the submission of segments, they have the final say for what happens on the show and will develop all of the major angles, segments and feuds that occur on SCW’s product. Mr. D has been writing shows for nearly fifteen straight years and has often been commended for staying true to people’s characters as presented. Anything deemed a massive change in character will of course be gone over with the roleplayer who controls the wrestler. Also note that one can submit segments for their character, however, nothing guarantees that the segment will be used. If you submit a segment, realize that should it be determined that it does not add to the show or takes away from other storylines, it will likely be edited or simply not used at all.
  4. SCW judges roleplays on quality over quantity. As a result, we do not have any word limits. There is a limit to the amount of roleplays that can be posted and that is clearly indicated on the cards and the threads for a given match. Roleplays are judged by a mix of creativity (is it unique to the character? Is it a new way of doing a certain concept? Is it fresh in the landscape of roleplays in SCW?), match relevance (promo content, references to the match, how certain angles affect how the character’s life develops), character development (what is learned about the character? What is being focused on? Is the character unique?) and effectiveness (Are promos delivered well? Is the content communicated in a way to good effect? Is it a bad idea done well? Is it a good idea done poorly?). We also stress that we tend to promote a realistic product and therefore that may limit the effectiveness of certain content.
  5. SCW management also has no problem discussing your roleplays and offering feedback. Please however be open-minded and be willing to listen.
  6. Only one roleplay is allowed to be posted in the final 24 hours before deadline; any additional roleplays will be disqualified and only the first posted roleplay will be counted. Furthermore once a roleplay is posted, it is considered final. A five minute grace period will be allowed to fix tags and coding on the boards, however, afterwards, any edits will be deemed suspicious.
  7. Occasionally, matches will be created impromptu on shows for angle purposes. Unless discussed with the handlers involved, the match result will ALWAYS be based on the final roleplays posted for each wrestler.
  8. We understand that sometimes life takes over and roleplaying can be difficult. We respect everyone’s ability to have a life outside of this fed. To that end, if all of the handlers in a given match agree to angle a match, they must all let the staff know. The staff then has the ability to angle the match as they see fit to forward any relevant angles and ensure that the product does not suffer.
  9. Sometimes, for surprises, roleplays can be privately messaged to the head judge. This is only with prior approval and only for special circumstances. Any other privately messaged roleplays will be ignored and deleted unless previously discussed.
  10. Finally, this is a fed of created wrestlers only.

In-Character Rules:
Here are some general rules are currently in effect on SCW programming; these rules reflect further information or context about working for SCW that can be referred to in roleplays or in angles:

  1. Piledrivers are considered a banned move. Should someone use a piledriver during a match, they will receive a thirty day suspension for their first offense; sixty day for the second offense; ban for the third match.
  2. SCW does have a Wellness Program and all competitors are expected to agree to random drug testing.
  3. The SCW Television Championship has specific rules related to them. Please see them here:
  4. SCW is a publicly-traded company. As a result, realize that certain outbursts could have in-character ramifications. Act accordingly. SCW is also a global company with a yearlong schedule and regular house show touring. See the events calendar for more.
  5. SCW’s contract structure is as follows:
    Low-card – $60 000 to $90 000 a year
    Mid-card – $100 000 to $200 000 a year
    Upper mid-card – $250 000 to $500 000 a year
    Main Event/Long time star/Former Draw – $600 000 to $1 million+
  6. Furthermore, there are bonuses regarding holding a title, computed monthly:
    $25 000 for Adrenaline or Television Championship
    $50 000 for United States Championship
    $50 000 per World Tag Team Championship holder
    $100 000 for World Championship
  7. SCW’s programming has loose caps to simulate TV time and broadcasting restrictions. This may be why some competitors do not appear. At the same time, we are broadcast widely and therefore have rules on what can be said or done on television.