After a rare technical error involving magnets, a can of Diet Coke, a faulty surge protector, and potentially one or more individuals dressed in full-body animal suits, all footage of the March 3rd Breakdown from Seattle, Washington was unfortunately lost to history. However, SCW has provided a recap of the show, which included a huge main event between Ace Marshall and Christy Matthews, a wild non-title match pitting Team SU against Happy Farmstead Friends, and a preview of two title matches at Retribution in a tag team match with Spencer Pryce and Justin Davis facing Tsunami and Konrad Raab! Plus, Cid Turner called out Asher Hayes ahead of their Adrenaline Championship match, things continued to heat up between Ravyn and Gavin Taylor, Spencer Pryce addressed his recent controversy with commentator Simon Lyman, and all six competitors of the World Championship Double Jeopardy met inside the ring!

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