With Taking Hold of the Flame just around the corner, many of the massive 40-person battle royal got their final shots in, both verbally and physically, but that wasn’t all that was in store for this final episode of Breakdown before one of the biggest annual events in SCW! We also saw Nicole Kinneck and The One battle The Playgirls for a shot at the World Tag Team Championships, plus a pair of title matches as Bree Lancaster put her Television Championship on the line against YUYO and Chance Owens had an opportunity to put his name on the map as he took on SCW Hall of Fame member Syren for the Adrenaline Championship, along with much more, including a face-to-face confrontation between last year’s Rise to Greatness main eventers Adam Allocco and Selena Frost ahead of their upcoming rematch for the World Championship, which featured a shocking conclusion to lead us directly into Taking Hold of the Flame!

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