The One

Wrestler's Alias: The One
Wrestler's Real Name: Unknown
Twitter Handle (if applicable): _AlwaysTheOne_
Pic Base: Kris Statlander
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Birthdate: Unknown (Age is approximately 21)
Birth Place: The Midwest
Current Residence: Your Worst Personal Nightmare

Physical Description: The One is a fit woman, with a very feminine look (a-la her pic base).  While very toned in muscular stature, she doesn't try to hide from the traits she was born with.  She is menacing in her stance, often with her head lowered and her eyes looking up toward others with a scowl.  She has paint down one eye in a straight, yet artistic line, symbolizing her name, The One.  She considers that paint her Scarlett Letter.  Her ring attire is similar to that of Kris Statlander, but nobody is to understand the meaning of the K or the S she adorns on either her chest or thighs.

Wrestling Style: Over time she's gone from just a brawler to more of a tactician.  She exploits opponents weaknesses or flaws, and can adjust from an aerial assault to a submission/technical wrestler/martial artist.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Currently Tweener with story arc.
Years Pro: 0
Theme Song: "Battle Cry" by Little V

Finishers: Downward Spiral / One Hit Wonder
Finishers Descriptions (If Needed): One-Winged Angel / "Silence" (a-la Dexter Lumis, a Side Effect into an arm triangle)
Signature Moves: One by One / One Off / Knee to the back of opponent's head, a-la Adam Cole / "The Hidden Blade"
Signature Moves Descriptions (If Needed): Three Amigos with the third being a Falcon Arrow / Tiger Driver 98

Common Moves: As stated she varies her game based on her opposition.  Her background has allowed her to face those whom she may not have fought against in the past and adapt accordingly.

Strengths: Versatility, surprising understanding of pro wrestling with no experience

Weaknesses: Her temper, her devotion to protecting "The Oracle" at all costs

Entrance: The arena goes dark, and slowly smoke begins to rise from the entry way.  "Battle Cry" by Little V begins to play over the PA system...

I hear the Battle Cry

Under the Devil's Sky
The One Winged Angel Screams
It fuels my Hopes and Dreams
The Best Bout Machine


With the stinger of the song hitting, an explosion and pyrotechnics hit, cuing the spotlights to hit, and standing in the entry way is The One with her back turned to the audience, head down, and her right hand up in the air with the number one in the air.  She turns at the waist, looking directly at the ring, and slowly lowers her hand, finger still extended, to point to her destination.  She fully turns and begins her walk to the ring, quickly, but methodically, occasionally slowly down to look around, not necessarily trusting anyone around her to not come rush her and attack her.

As she reaches the ring, she again looks over both shoulders, taking glimpses of the fans, and assuring her safety before entering.  She makes a full lap of the ring, walking, and staring at everyone at ringside, and occasionally looking toward the upper decks.  As she feels the situation is comfortable and safe, she walks to the corner facing the ramp, extending both hands and pointing with one finger toward the entryway, and then turning both palms up and making the motion with both hands to "bring it."  She then slumps into the corner, sitting on the mat, and awaiting her opponent to enter the ring.

Biography: Unknown

Handler's First Name: Ian

Discord: JakeStarr#5619
Other: @TheJakeStarr (personal Twitter) @_AlwaysTheOne_ (Character Twitter)
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