For an SCW World Tag Team Championship opportunity
{The screen static jumps And from somewhere within those twisted neithers, we can hear the familiar voice of the "Ronin" himself-Chris Dumont}

Chris: My father, during his career, was a bastard.

[Image: Splash+Mountain+Powerbomb.gif]

Chris: He was a prodigy who in his debut match because one half of a new promotion's first ever world tag team champions...a title that he held until that promotion folded due to its own bullshit.

[Image: Entrance+with+Title+2.gif]

Chris: But that didn't stop him from having a long and bloody career in the ring. Be it friend, foe, family, lover...he didn't care because in the ring he was recognized as the "One Man Crime Spree" for a reason.

[Image: Rusty+Nail+2.gif]

Chris: And when I came to him and told him that I wanted to become a professional wrestler, he didn't try to argue the point with me or anything like that...but he simply sat me down and gave me a series of lessons with one of the more important ones being one of the most destructive...

[Image: Running+Corner+European+Uppercut+%252B+E...Suplex.gif]


[Image: European+Uppercut.gif]

Chris: That a father can ever tell his child about the world of combat sports. Something to instill a desire to ever excell and be the best bastard that you can be in that ring, no matter what the cost.

[Image: Ring+Introduction.gif]

{The screen then brightens on the bearded face of the "Ronin", a rather sinister smile on his face}

Chris: Do unto others...and *ENJOY*.

You see, I didn't fully understand that particular rule of my father until after a couple of stupid little *bitches* in the forms of Glory Braddock and Brittany Lohan decided that they wanted to give me a fucking reason to get good and *PISSED* for a match here in Supreme Championship Wrestling, it's like they want someone to not only end their fucking careers, but to do so with a smile on their girls, I love the fact that you decided to come and *BEG* *ME* to end your time here in Supreme Championship Wrestling...but the fact that you had to include my new friends in Aisling and the rest of the girls, I gotta rip out your fucking overies on the principle of the thing because the pure levels of STUPIDITY that you've shown us all, well we can't have your broke ass DNA in the collective gene pool.

Now I get it, I get that the two of you went and got all ultra mega stupid drunk like two college freshmen during spring break just because you lost your titles here in this company, but where in your empty little noggins did you both come up with this stupid ass concept of trying to pick fights with everyone in between you and the very champions that you're wanting to fight?

It's like the both of you are trying to be Detective Greenly in the first Boondock Saints movie at the same fucking time!

{Chris stops and runs a hand through his blonde hair for a moment before shaking his head once more}

Chris: Oh and I just loved how you automatically dismissed me and Marie from even having a chance at earning the spot because that was the exact same shit that was thrown in my father's face when he first signed with the Insane Wrestling Federation, fresh out of training...since he was placed with veteran Chris Morton and they were both strangers together, they didn't have a chance in fucking hell of becoming the first ever IWF World Tag champs, let alone defend them for as long as they did...but not only did they win those straps, but they also held them for the next eleven months.


And now here I am, quite possibly going to repeat history in my own way, but only this time with a partner that is just as tremendously talented as myself in the form of the "Phoenix" Marie Jones, someone with an insane drive like mine to go out there and do what we do best, so the odds of the two of us leaving Taking the Leap as your new number one contenders is looking pretty damned good…but I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I wasn’t worried about the girls.

Body, Heart, and Soul have been treated like shit by everyone on this roster in the past. Looked over, called “inferior”, and all that kind of horseshit while they have been fighting their own problems all by their lonesomes and slowly they have been working on themselves and still…and *STILL* everyone treats them shit and views them as worse.

Then *WE* come in.

David sees these girls, sees how they struggle, and it’s that fight for the respect that they are due is what drives the Troupe to back them up, to show them they aren’t alone…and yes, me and the rest of the krew in the Troupe we give Davey-boy shit for him may or may not having feelings for Colleen, but in the end that’s not what’s important because David, he *SEES* something worthy in Colleen,,,he *SEES* something worthy in Aisling….and he *SEES* something worthy in Polly, something that drives him to want to help them and it drives the Troupe as well.

But we Young Punks…we understand how tenuous trust is, myself most especially of all when I heard how deep the concern that Aisling had for me to stay out of this at Taking the Leap, but I can’t stay out of it.

Not after what Braddock and Lohan did on Breakdown by jumping my ass and thinking that it as fucking clever attempt at intimidation when all it fucking did was piss a whole lotta people right the fuck off!!

I don’t want to fight the friends of the Troupe anymore than you two do, Aisling, but sometimes in this industry you have to take the good with the bad and if that means in order to wrap my hands around the throats of Glory and her little fuck-twit running buddy and wrap their jaws around the turnbuckle posts, then I apologize ahead of time and trust me when I say that I didn’t want this to happen either.

{Chris closes both of his eyes and slowly starts to fight to get his emotions back under control, taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out in return before he reopens his eyes and looks at the camera once again}

Chris: Cowgirls from Hell, while you might sound like a bad Pantera tribute band, I won’t deny that the Strader family isn’t worthy of being feared in the ring because members of my family have squared off against the Straders in the past, so you’ll pardon me if I don’t take you girls lightly but understand this…you come between Marie and myself on our way to become the new top contenders to the Seekers or whomever are the tag champs after the pay per view,  then it won’t matter how legendary your parent or parents are because you’ll be joining them firsthand on the shelf permanently because everyone is one step away from encountering the Night Rider and ending with your head spiked through the ring forevermore.

Totally Fucking Nuts, I’ve got nothing to say to the two of you because I’ve already had a hand in tearing you down once and there won’t be any problem with me doing it again. There is no arrogance in my words chosen there, because the reality is that every time that I see the two of you, all that I see are two little lost hitmen unable to figure out where their duffle bag full of severed heads went.

TFN will be a force worthy of their connection to Raab once they can actually prove themselves a truly unified whole like the Troupe…but maybe even then there will be no hope for them.

Team Desire, you certainly have the gall and perhaps the passion…but you lack the very word that makes up one part of your team’s name in that you lack actual *DESIRE*. Anybody can challenge for the right to fight for the championships, but it takes a team with real desire, the kind of desire that lights a fire that roars through every knook and cranny in the narrow lanes of your veins of your body until all that you can desire is the ability to hoist one of those matching ten pounds of gold up and over your head after a hard fought war.

From your more recent promos, Team Desire, all that I’ve seen from you is you are surely capable of phoning it home and nothing else.

Now we come to you two…Braddock and Lohan…

{Chris twists his his neck just enough to op it before he focuses himself on the camera once again}

Chris: Braddock and Lohan, I want the both of you to listen to me and listen very carefully.

You are not leaving the pay per view as the new number one contenders.

If I had things my way, you’d be facing myself and David in a Phantom Troupe rules match. Having your collective hides stripped from you, one layer of bloody skin after layer of bloody skin at a time until there would be nothing left bet the blood soaked remains of two very *STUPID* people who felt that they could send out a message to the front office of a wrestling promotion at the expense of the Phantom Troupe.

But at Taking the Leap, I’m going to be teaming with Marie Jones to try and lay claim to that top contenderships for ourselves and if that means I get to watch with a rather sick and less than adjective homicidal glee…then so be it because when the two of you desired to put your hands on me, a member of the Phantom Troupe, you done and gone the most fucked up dumb shit that you two could’ve ever had done;

You made an enemy of the Troupe.

Sure, right now as you see this and hear my words you’ll both naturally think that your invincible, I mean there is only four members of the Troupe here in SCW right now, and only two fo them are active wrestlers and that means less than shit to fuck to you both…but that’s the problem isn’t?

How many of the krew is actually here in SCW truly?

But in reality that isn’t what you should be worried about, what you should be worried about is just how quickly the two of you are going to get your receipts about your dumb fucking decisions to try and use *me* to make an example for the rest of the locker room that you’re these “big and powerful tag team” when in fact you’re fucking not. The two of you are nothing more that two little lambs being prepared for the slaughter and once the pay per view is over…everyone that you’ve fucked with on their ways to the title contendership match is going to turn their full attentions on to the both of you and then it won’t matter who is the number one contenders because blood will call out for blood and the two of you will have no where to go….and that is where I will be waiting, along with all my freaky brothers and sisters to stomp the two of you into nothing more than twin piles of bloody, chunks…and there will not be anything to stop us because there will be no mercy for the wicked or the stupid.

So, come down to the pay per view….try and impressive everyone with you bullshit thrillbilly bullshit and then, in those last few moments before the end, you’ll realize that for all your attempts to be all big and shit, has only given you the executions that you truly and only deserve.

See you all at the pay per view.

{The screen then cuts abruptly to black}

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