Hello everyone

Im todd been rping for a while happy to be here!
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Howdy Todd, I'm Omar, been here for 8 years with various characters, welcome to SCW and enjoy your time here, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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Angelic Achievements:

- 3x SCW World Champion
- 3x SCW Women's Champion
- 1x SCW Television Champion
- 2018 SCW Female Wrestler of the Year
- 2019 SCW Female Wrestler of the Year
- 2018 SCW Stable of the Year (Past.Present.Future)
- 2018 SCW Match of the Year (Vs. Selena Frost, Iron Woman Match at Retribution) 
- 2019 Elimination Chamber Winner (Under Attack 2019)
- 2019 Double Jeopardy Winner (Clarity 2019)
- 2020 SCW Feud of the Year (Vs. Jordan Majors)
- 2020 SCW Match of the Year (Vs. Jordan Majors, Rise To Greatness XVII)


Singles Record -|W - 68| L - 09 | D - 02 |
 Overall Record - |W - 93| L - 19 | D - 02 |

Hi! I'm J, been here for 5 years, but rping for 15. Welcome aboard!
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SCW: 83 - 41 - 8 || Career 92 - 60 - 9
2X SCW World Champion
3X SCW United States Champion
2X SCW Tag Team Champion

(1X W/ Blake Mason; 1X W/ Scott Burnside Andrew Raynes)
1X SCW Women's Champion
2020 Female of the Year
2016 Star of Tomorrow
Only 2X VWA Evolution Champion


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SCW: 63 - 30 - 6 || Career: 120 - 75 - 15
1X SCW Tag Team Champion - W/ Kennedy Street [B.A.E.]
1X SCW Adrenaline Champion | 1X SCW United States Champion
1X SCW Television Champion | 1X SCW World Champion
SCW Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Supreme Champion * First Female * Fastest Time
2017 Female of the Year | 2017 Shot of Adrenaline Winner
2015 Star of Tomorrow | 2015 Rookie of the Year
Final VWA World Champion

Total (All Characters):
Hi, I am Adam. I'm not any ordinary Adam, but the best Adam SCW can afford. Furthermore, I first joined SCW in late late 2004, been here, on and off, for the past 15 some odd years. Right now I handle Alistaire, Adam, and Xander. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!

Hey Todd, I'm Douglas. Have any questions, want to chat, whatever, feel free to drop a PM. Mr. D is the man in charge, he'll be more than happy to assist. Welcome to the community. Don't be afraid, only a few of us bite.
Sup Todd,

Welcome mate. I'm Jon, I handle Chris Cannon, Cookie Dreams and Neegan Redfield. Hope you enjoy the time you have here. As others have said Mr. D is the go to for any SCW questions, but we also can help.
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I'd just like to say, unlike everyone else, I can't be relied on for help. I have enough trouble looking after myself. However, I'm happy to help you find help from a third party.
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I need that crisis hotline number again, Cid.

Hi Todd.  I is Jay Gold.

Of course character-wise I am zee Jay Gold.

Welcome aboard.  We are a little familiar with one another as I was someone in Sin City Wrestling for some time.  Tongue

Been here in Supreme Championship Wrestling since July 2003.... wow... 17 years. Where has the time gone? It will escape your memory soon enough!!! Tongue
(07-02-2020, 01:44 AM)Adamsama Wrote: I need that crisis hotline number again, Cid.

I've sent it via PM just now.
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