"The One" Kirsten Scott vs. Selena Frost
SCW World Championship

2 RP limit for singles

No Word Limits

Deadline: 11:59:59 pm ET Monday, April 15, 2024 (Show still takes place Sunday, April 14, 2024)
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I love AJ Allmendinger.
{1-2 SAMUEL: Chapter Three}

Sometimes, in life, you are dealt a proverbial hand that isn't what you had expected.  No matter the odds, no matter the expectations, life gives you what it gives you and it is up to YOU to handle it accordingly.  Thus is the case in my life, as it stands now...

Never in my life did I consider human feelings to take control of the "family" in which we created together.  Never once, did I believe that "feelings" in general, would get involved, but they have, and it's been something that has caused two of us to begin to try and come to terms with on multiple levels.  For Emma, she's only seen her brother in a role where he was her protector and giver.  He was, essentially, a providing figure, when her father and mother were running The Compound.  And now he's providing a care to someone else in a manner she has never seen.

In the same like Hailey has always been the one to watch my back.  She was the one person who I could trust to protect me at all times, and always be by my side, and now there is this secondary distraction in her life, which is love.  It's something I don't know how to contend with, or even IF I have to contend with it.  All I know is it COULD become a distraction for her and what we have always said our ultimate endgame was.  It was always the two of us taking over and rewriting the history books in the way it should have been from the start.  Instead, now I wonder if that is the case.  Am I alone in this fight, now?  Is it the two of us when she can breakaway?  How long has this truly been the case because if it's been a long time, she's shown she can balance it, and I'm overthinking.

That's where I just sit there and continue to waffle back and forth, questioning everything, overthinking everything, and wondering where Emma and I go from here...

And that also represents where I've been since the day the reality of the situation came forth.  I've just been going through the motions.  I've been fairly quiet on the situation, and the tension in the duplex has been something that, as the saying goes, you could cut through a knife, like butter.  But we haven't not spoken.  We haven't purposefully acted different.  But there has been a distance between the two sides of the situation, Emma and I, and Ethan and Hailey.  There's been this cloud we could all feel lurking over our heads, and I can safely say I speak for the four of us when I say, nobody likes it.  The situation became so awkward, so fast, nobody was able to process it in a manner that would create a logical reasoning.

Sure, Emma and I "get it..."  It's human nature...

Sure Ethan and Hailey understand why we are weirded out... We walked in on them "doing the deed..."

But the fact is the cloud hangs and nobody has known how to pierce through it to let the sunshine of normality finally shine back through.  And it's something that has gotten me to the point of feeling like SOMETHING has to be done, one way or another, to either start a mending of fences, start a shining of light on the situation, or changes need to come about, and do so quickly.  I have too much on my mind, and Emma is stressing way too much for my liking, to let this continue to be the festering plague about our house...

It's been, what feels like, a millennia since Emma and Kirsten walked in on Ethan and Hailey having sex, and the pair revealing their relationship to them.  Since then, things have been tense, to the point where everyone feels like their walking on eggshells, and the frustration among all parties is growing at a rapid pace.  For Emma, she doesn't want to lose her brother's safety and guidance.  For Kirsten, she doesn't want to lose her "right hand woman" who has taught her how to be herself, and also been by her side.

Conversely, Hailey and Ethan are on the same page of simply not knowing how to continue to pursue their relationship in front of the other two, and have resorted to almost acting like strangers to one another.  It is something that has been painfully obvious to Kirsten, who, still having the instinctual nature of "The One," and the need to "protect and monitor everything," has heard the pair sneaking between rooms, like adolescents, at night, in order to have their time together.

Ultimately it's been something that has been like a constant tapping on her shoulder, growing in annoyance, and making her ready to explode.  But she knows that would be detrimental.  She knows that would drive the wedge further.  She knows she needs to talk to Hailey on her own, in a way that only the two of them can do.  In order to do so, she asks Hailey for help outside, to handle some "issues" she's seen with their vehicle.  Kirsten is not wise in the ways of mechanics, whereas Hailey is, and Kirsten knows this wouldn't be something that would create any tension, and immediate help.

After asking for assistance, the pair agree to do so after dinner one night, and as the group finishes their meal, Kirsten walks outside first, to pretend to get the car in the situation where the issue is, while Hailey helps clean up.  Once she finishes, Hailey emerges from the duplex, and approaches the car, where Kirsten is simply sitting on the hood, waiting for her, which Hailey is quick to realize was a ruse to get her alone.

Hailey Brooks: I'll give you credit, you actually made me believe something was wrong with the car...

Kirsten Scott: We know one another well enough to play the right mind games to get what we want...

Hailey Brooks: Well, I'm not dumb... And I'm not running from a confrontation, either.  You and I both know things aren't just peaches and cream in there because of Ethan and I, and we both know you and I needed to talk... So I'm not going to huff off, and feel like you lied to me.  I'm actually more impressed you pulled it off without me catching on...

Kirsten Scott: Again... It isn't like we don't know one another...

Hailey Brooks: Yes... And now you have me here... So I suppose the floor is yours to talk...

Kirsten sighs, and stays seated on the hood of the car, trying to keep her composure and not be as confrontational as she would like to be in her mind.

Kirsten Scott: My real problem is why?  Why didn't you just be honest with me?  Emma, I get it... She's sensitive to many things and this is definitely one of them.  She sees it as you "stealing" her brother.  Her brother, no matter how much she trusts me, was effectively a father figure to her.  The only male figure that cared for her and her safety.  You take that from her, she's lost again...

Hailey Brooks: But I'm not...

Kirsten Scott: I get that... She doesn't... Which is why I don't get why you just didn't come to me first and be honest... We could have figured out how to break the news to her in a manner that she could comprehend.  Instead, she's lost, again... And Ethan talking to her isn't going to magically pull her out of that.  Not until she SEES she's not alone...

Hailey's head drops, and she takes a deep breath before looking back up.

Hailey Brooks: You're right... I get it... I should have told you...

Kirsten Scott: But do you?  Did you think big picture?  I'm not saying big picture can't include that relationship, but what about you and I?  What about me knowing I have the ONE PERSON who has physically and mentally had my back for all of these years there?  What if you decide you'd rather hang back instead of be there with me when I need you?  What if I'm going out there like I am in like a week, where it's my moment to basically solidify everything we ever wanted, and you decide that's maybe a special weekend for you two, and you need to stay back?

Hailey takes a step toward Kirsten, aggressively.

Hailey Brooks: Woah... Stop it right there.  Stop it right, the FUCK there... I get it.  You're right about Emma.  I get it.  You're right to have doubts about you.  But I want you to think about something.  I want you to think LONG and HARD about something... You, you don't know how long this has been going on.  You don't know if it's been a week, a month, or hell, even a year.  You don't know if it started right when we moved into this place, and he and I just got drunk one night and hooked up.

Kirsten makes a face, showing a bit of disgust.

Hailey Brooks: ... Put your expressions away and listen...

Kirsten takes a breath and just looks at Hailey.

Hailey Brooks: ... The fact is, you don't know all of the details.  But you want to know what you DO know?  You want to know where you can look, and see that what he and I have, isn't jeopardizing anything?

The fucking history books, Kirsten...

You don't know how long this has been happening, yet I've been by your side through thick and thin, and you've NEVER questioned it, nor have I ever ONCE backed out of my commitment to being there.  So you KNOW... You should FEEL... For fuck's sake, you should TRUST that I will be there, by your side, like I always have been because HISTORY tells you I will...

Kirsten Scott: But history doesn't tell us that we knew.  That history, you're talking about, is that the history of you keeping a secret?  Or is that the history of you now knowing you can have some time because you two have a special occasion, event, date, or whatever, together, that is so important that it leaves me ALONE?

Call me greedy... But I'm sorry... I don't tend to have a lot of friends out there ready to jump into the fray if the numbers game gets involved, do I?

So how do I know that sometime you won't just tell me you can't go somewhere, and be there with us on the plane, so we know things are OK?  How do we know that your mind won't be cluttered and be thinking of other things when we need your focus?

Hailey throws her arms to the side in frustration.

Hailey Brooks: For fuck's sake Kirsten, what do you want me to do to "prove it" to you, huh?  Do I need to take another bullet for you, like I did at The Compound?  Do I need to just tell Ethan to go fuck off, and then Emma be completely lost?  What is it, huh?  How am I supposed to magically make the future present itself to you, right now, so we can skip back into OUR home... OUR HOME... Like none of this shit matters anymore?

Kirsten Scott: I don't know because you're the one who created this whole shroud of secrecy in OUR HOME, now didn't you?  So the onus of proof that this shit isn't going to cause problems in the future isn't on me to decide, it's on you to figure out.  You HAVE to be there by my side because it's your Goddamn responsibility!

Hailey takes another step toward Kirsten, again in an aggressive manner.

Hailey Brooks: Do you REALLY believe that I am incapable of separating my personal life from my professional life?

Kirsten pushes herself off of the hood and gets directly in Hailey's face.

Kirsten Scott: I'm more concerned right now when OUR FRIENDSHIP went from being personal to simply, as you say, "professional..."

Hailey grits her teeth, realizing she misstated her point, and spins around and angrily walks off toward the duplex.  Kirsten's head slumps.  She realizes that both had let their emotions take charge, creating a far more hostile environment than they originally had.  She sits back down on the hood and sighs.

Along the sidewalk, in the darkness where this whole confrontation had taken place, a random person walks by and, very much obviously on purpose, drops a piece of paper in front of her.  She is quick to scoop it up, and turn toward the figure.

Kirsten Scott: Hey... You dropped this... HEY!

The person ignores her, continuing to walk off into the night.  Kirsten looks at the folded paper which simply says, "open when you're ready."  She looks back in the direction of the person who has completely disappeared into the night, but decides to open it anyway.  As she reads it, she quickly realizes it falling in front of her was no accident.

"Your future is bright.  I see it.  The world sees it.  Your friends see it.  But the question is, do you see it?  You have created a mystique around you, focusing on eliminating the past to create the present.  Well maybe it's time for the past to rise from the ashes and help give you the tools you need?

WE are always around.

WE are always watching you.

You are someone reminiscent of a disruption in the Matrix that once happened many years ago.  And when you're ready to take the next step and really rock the boat, and cause a little chaos, maybe the past can help you dictate YOUR future as well?

-- Another 'ONE'"

Kirsten looks at the note with confusion, looking around at the idea of being watched, and in the darkness of the night having her eyes begin to play tricks on her, seeing apparitions apparently appear as shadows before disappearing again.  She wads the note up in her fist, angry someone may be trying to also play head games with her, but does not discard it.  Instead she puts it in the pocket of her hoodie before, with the same frustration as Hailey, beginning walking back toward the duplex, wishing the conversation had come with a more positive return.

But now her mind is also wondering what the note meant, and how it knew about her desires of past, present, and future.  The combined frustrations lead her to stop, just short of the wooden staircase leading to the top of their duplex, and punching it with all her might, sending an echo that could be heard reverberating down the street.  The neighbors open their door, to see Kirsten, asking if she's OK, and Kirsten assures them she is, she just is having a very hard day.  The neighbors offer her to come in, but she refuses, saying she just needs to get in bed and try and rest, and start tomorrow fresh.  The neighbors reiterate that if she needs to talk tomorrow, their door will always be open, stating how wonderful they have been as neighbors.  Kirsten thanks them before making herself act "adult like" and walk into the top floor of her duplex, and head straight for her room to try and process everything.



Unlike previous promos where she has been looking out above the livestock, above nature, above everything that is considered beneath the human race, this time, she is in the midst of them, with the eclipse happening over head.  She stands beside the flock of cows, who are completely oblivious to her presence, minus the ones she is next to, who occasionally crane their neck backward to sniff, while continuing to flick their tails in both directions to swat the flies from them.

Kirsten reaches out to touch one on the back, who is initially stunned, but then afterward resumes its chewing of cud, and standing in the middle of its herd, whereas Kirsten begins to speak, again knowing the camera is there, and wanting to continue to show her more "Zen" feeling as of late, with what has been surrounding her all along.

Everyone's eyes are finally where they belong.  Everyone's eyes are finally looking at a new generation of talent in Supreme Championship Wrestling, and honestly, if I were honest, I would say I'm honored to be the torch bearer...

But the question is, what does that mean?

What does it mean to be a torch bearer in Supreme Championship Wrestling?

Short answer... It's simple... It defines the next generation...

If history serves its purpose and defines the future, SCW has always been defined by the new person who is willing to carry its torch and take the reigns from those above them.  You had the days of Greg Cherry and Jason Wheeler and CHBK and Xander Valentine, fighting over who would be that initial torch bearer of the organization.  From there, it was the one man, and I will emphasize one man, who really polarized the institution in Jake Starr, and he carried it until SCW really entered the phase where, I contend, I came in in 2022, as someone who wanted to change the reality.

The fact is, there were many who wanted to carry the torch.  David Helms, Syren, the family of Streets, the various incarnations of "Infamous," the various fuck-buddies who were intertwined with one another.  They All decided that they were the "rightful" torch bearer, but instead of carrying it with honor what did they do?  They let the torch of SCW hit the ground and begin to snuff itself out.  They effectively let SCW come to a point where its light almost DIED at the expense of their petty, dick-measuring battle.  SCW almost came to an END because they were not willing to accept that, maybe, just maybe, they were not the best of the best and not the one who was responsible for carrying that torch?

I think the latter is the case because let's be real... For the bulk of them, where are they now?

Where are these "dominant legends" of SCW?

Why aren't they here defending SCW's honor?  Why aren't they here defending THEIR honor?

The fact is, we all know why.  We all SEE why.  We know why these people couldn't handle the REALITY of the situation.  They couldn't do something that required them to put their legacies, their careers, their EVERYTHING on the line, in order to define themselves as the ULTIMATE torch bearer of SCW.  They couldn't do what was necessary to reach the likes of, honestly, Jason Wheeler and Jake Starr, and being the undisputed FORCE in the industry.

Kirsten pats the cow on the hind quarters and begins to walk toward the head, and the cow, initially begins to move away until realizing Kirsten was the one approaching it, and instead simply resumes its complete lack of caring that she is around.

At that point, it was the biggest, "no mine is bigger," competition that SCW had ever seen, and the problem was, management couldn't do anything about it.  Management couldn't go out there and tell you "whose was bigger," because it was what they thought would prove themselves superior but like I have said since the day I arrived in SCW, it was the reason Supreme Championship Wrestling began its own downward spiral into a period where it was the, pardon the pun, "Supreme," entity, and started to become a political patriarch of how organizations should never allow itself to be run by the inmates of the asylum, and thankfully... THANKFULLY... Before it allowed itself to become one of those corrupted prisons run by cartels on the inside, it pulled the trigger and said two epic words...


And these two words were the "Bat Signal" to someone like Kirsten Scott, to someone like "The One," to come in and begin to change the landscape and call out the bullshit that had been running amok, and be the one who decided it was her job to fuck with the "establishment" and finally begin to change things.  It was the ultimate "Bat Signal" to someone like me to come in, and disturb everyone who had simply accepted the status quo and make them realize that SCW doesn't stand for that bullshit, and instead, is the organization that has been the SHINING STAR in the black sky of organizations who can't PROVE that their talent is best.

So I did just that, at 2022's Taking Hold of the Flame...

I did that throughout 2022, and 2023...

And now... NOW... It's my turn to officially do the same in 2024...

She holds up one finger, before continuing.

But before I say why, I have to be honest...

Selena Frost was one of those members I referenced who were, at one point, measuring her dick compared to the rest... But she has proven herself, to me, and I'll be blunt, to the SCW audience, as someone who didn't live in that world that the "dick-measuring" competition lived, in the mid-2010s.  She continued to evolve.  She continued to grow.  She she continued to become someone who was willing to wait until the time was right to fully ESTABLISH herself as one of the, if not THE torch bearers of SCW.

And I will give her the full credit for that...

Selena was someone who, in hindsight, I thought was one of "that generation" who simply ran to the copy machine and made a copy of someone else, but instead, she established her and Deanna as different, even though living in a world that I would have considered part of the "tainted" days of SCW."  Instead she's shown herself to be willing to not run away, not throw a hood over her or his face, and try and hide from the fact that they only succeeded because of what carbon copy they made themselves out of.  Instead, Selena Frost, she established herself as someone who was a serious talent and is now established at the top of the mountain in SCW as its World Champion...

And it's not because of politics...

It's not because of copies of others...

It's because Selena Frost has escaped the drama and politics and become something she DESERVES...

And Selena... I acknowledge that... And I acknowledge how much of a RESPECTABLE champion you are, after Breakdown...

One cow nudges Kirsten and makes her smirk in a very natural way.  It catches her enough off guard where she stumbles into the cow she was initially paying attention to, and in turn shifts her attention toward the cow seemingly begging for equality.  This world in nature is one place that Kirsten has found much more solace in, as it is devoid of politics and devoid of her needing to be told she has to be an authority figure in it.  So small gestures like that of a cow wanting attention play to her internal soft side, which is where she feels the most comfortable to be open and not have to fit in a "role."

Selena... The facts are on the table and we both know them.  You and I, you, Deanna, and I, we have been through the gamut together.  It was extremely bitter at first.  I assumed the worst with you and Deanna, and I'm woman enough to say I was wrong.  I'm willing to admit where I looked at the surface and not beyond... And both of you have proved otherwise.  To that, I'm woman enough to admit that I'm sorry, and I don't put you in the category of the "others" I wanted to take out any longer.  Instead, who you both are... Is simple...

You're my opposition!

Now from me, and from our history, that may sound like something you don't believe, or flat out sound like bullshit.  But I assure you it isn't.  You see, Selena, you and Deanna, these past couple Breakdowns have done things to show that you're not of the kind to make yourself "easy winners."  I know you both had to bite your lip to do so, and I know it wasn't what you WANTED to do, but the fact is, you showed a lot of integrity.  You showed a lot of the ONE THING that I came to Supreme Championship Wrestling to stand up for.  And no matter our background, I am not above acknowledging it, and saying it shows a lot about the true character inside both of you.

And for that, I will not hesitate and say thank you...

But the reality of the situation is that what you hold, what you covet, what you CHERISH, is something that I have been seeking after since the day I entered my name into the Taking Hold of the Flame battle royal, as a complete unknown... As someone everything laughed at... As someone nobody believed in... And where did I finish?  I finished among the top and I did so with gusto in a way that most newcomers only dream of.  I showed up, and I showed out.  And from that day forward I put SCW on BLAST that there was someone here planning to throw this whole company into disarray in order to bring it back to where it belonged.

And I did just that...

And I will continue to do just that...

Selena, I don't look at you as any kind of "joke" of a champion.  You have EARNED your right.  You have EARNED your title.  You've done EVERYTHING against EVERYONE who has crossed you, and I'm going to be someone who falls, on paper, somewhere in the middle to lower rankings of people who you have had to defend against.  And I know that.  I know that I am not someone who should be taken AS SERIOUSLY as those like the Hall of Famers and top dogs you have defended against.  I should be that easy check mark you have, that easy notch in your bedpost, if you're kinky, that guaranteed WIN, that you have on your plate that you have ZERO worries about.  There's only one major problem with that...

I've NEVER been ANYONE's easy out, in this business...

And Selena... It isn't beginning with you!

Kirsten leans along the side of a very large cow in the herd, not phasing it in the least, but acting as a leaning post for her.

You see Selena, what I am for you is something far different.  I am not just another person who is going to tout their resume and give you all of these reasons that have happened in the past to justify why your title reign will end at Taking the Leap.  Hell, the name itself, it is indicative of the reality of what is at stake for me because I'me the one doing JUST THAT!  I'm taking the leap.  I'm getting the opportunity of a LIFETIME.  I'm getting the chance to have you and I play the ultimate game of chicken and see who wins.

It's not about the past, anymore...

It's not about SCW's political age, in relation to your title reign...

No this is you and I.  This is the movie Tremors, only one of us gets to be Kevin Bacon and one of us gets to be the Graboid, outsmarted.  And the question lies on who is who?  Which one of us will be the one to plunge to our death, while the other simply steps to the side, and watches as the terrifying being is finally killed?   And I know, if you look deep down, as a PERSON, you'll know that the answer isn't as easy as you think because you know the PERSON that I am.  You know what I have done to you and Deanna in the past, and you can take that memory and remind yourself how it reminds you of your past.  But you can also look at that metaphor and think about how it will relate to your future as well...

Because you've had my number...

You've been the one to outsmart humanity, as the Graboid, haven't you, Selena?

But what about now?

What about today?

What about tomorrow?

What about the pay-per view?

What if you're isolated and the last one standing, like in the movies?  What if I'm Kevin Bacon, and I'm your last chance to prove your superiority?  What if that moment ends with you flying off a cliff to your demise?

Seriously, metaphorically, what if?

Kirsten pulls her vape out and takes a hit.

Selena, you've faced the best of the best in this business, and you've held onto that belt with a tight grip.  You've proven yourself worthy.  I'm not challenging that.  I'm challenging the fact that I know you'll look at me as a lesser of evils that have crossed your path in recent days, and you've been able to overcome.  I challenge you that you look at me as inferior.  But let me remind you that history shows that when you question the underdog, World War I, World War II, hell the Declaration of Independence, those moments ended up with those who were more willing to give EVERYTHING UP for the GREATER CAUSE landing victories in ways nobody saw possible.

And while I don't pretend, or even act like, my match with you is on part with those, I simply make sure you know that they tell me that no matter how much everyone counts against me, no matter how much people assume you will win, I am going to give Vegas a reason to put money on me and make sure that in the end it pays off...

Because I'm coming for your belt...

I'm coming for your status...

I'm coming for everything you may STILL represent in SCW...

See I still respect you and I still give you credit for not being one of those who played the political card, it's time for any remnant to be sent by the wayside, and rushed upstream.  It's time for YOU to understand that I am not just some undercarriage of some male nutsack you're being forced to face, but instead, I'm the TRUTH that will end your reign, and continue to end the scum that still coats the walls of every SCW locker room!  You know, like I do, you're still part of that TRUTH of SCW's past, and I'm the TRUTH of its future... Like taxes... Death... AND "THE ONE" KIRSTEN SCOTT!


{1-2 SAMUEL: Chapter Four}

What's in a note?

This has been something plaguing me since Hailey and I had our little dust up because it was so random, yet, so pointed directly at me.  Or at least, that is how I perceived it.  I've tried pushing it to the back of my mind, but unfortunately that has been a consistent failure.

I mean, who was this person?

Why would they drop this note, and disappear into the night, and not just ask whatever they actually wanted to know or convey right then and there?  Why be so creepy and mysterious?  Why not just approach me and handle business right then and there?  It's things like that that drive me nuts, and truly know how to get inside my head.

Or was it just a note?

Was it just meant to psych me out and get in my head?


As Kirsten has retreated to her safe space, their balcony, where she can simply listen to the sounds of solitude that is nature, her mind races, no matter how much she tries to relax.  The cows, the frogs, the crickets, none of it is calming her down as much as it normally does.  She has been out for several hours trying to clear her mind, and nothing has been helping...

But then she starts to hear something out of her left ear, that isn't nature, and is definitely out of the ordinary.

She leans forward in her chair, looking over the balcony, and begins to see a shadowy figure walking around the side of her duplex.  It is obvious this person was doing everything they could in order make enough noise to catch Kirsten's attention.  She cannot make out any features of the individual, and quickly stands up.  This causes a noise that makes the figure stop and Kirsten can see it turn its head in her direction.  It also makes enough of a movement in the dark for her to discern it is motioning for her to come down.

She isn't dumb, and isn't going to just follow some creep around her building.

Kirsten Scott: ... The fuck are you?

The person responds with a male voice.

Random Man: I'm the only other "ONE" you will ever meet...

Kirsten's eyes go wide, as she immediately catches the reference to the note dropped in front of her.  The reference is enough to immediately make her charge inside and shut the door behind her, blasting by everyone who is sitting and watching a fight on TV.

Kirsten Scott: I'll be back... Going out front for a bit...

She continues to charge toward the front door, and Emma is immediately concerned.

Emma Taylor: Everything OK?

Kirsten storms to the door, and outside but not before answering.

Kirsten Scott: It's fine... I just saw something I want to get a closer look at...

As the door closes, Emma replies in delay.

Emma Taylor: Umm... Ok... Let us know if you need anything?

This rushing movement of Kirsten immediately catches the eye of everyone, and does make Hailey extremely concerned, knowing they have had a lot of tension between them since they spoke.  She still feels deeply for her best friend, but is initially trusting in that Kirsten said she wanted to go look at something by the creek, since nature is one of her "safe spaces."

Kirsten slowly begins to walk down the staircase of the duplex, and then makes her way around the corner where the shadowy figure has not moved, and is at a safe distance from Kirsten herself.  The man wastes no time in acknowledging her presence.

Random Man: Hey... I'm good you actually came down...

Kirsten's hesitation to the whole situation is still on point.

Kirsten Scott: So who are you, and what in the hell do you want with me?

The man stands with his hands in his pockets, simply to avoid taking a controversial position.

Random Man: Honestly... The same thing as you...

Kirsten Scott: OK, you cryptic ass, what is that, exactly?

The man can be heard chuckling at Kirsten's hostility.

Random Man: ... To bring down the corruption, and there be a rise of a new generation in this business...

Now Kirsten is even more confused than she was before.

Kirsten Scott: And why in the HELL would you want the same thing as me?  Huh?  And more importantly HOW and WHAT would you know about my desires?

The man takes a step forward, which immediately forces Kirsten to take a step back and prepare for some kind of conflict.  The man pauses.

Random Man: Relax... I'm not here for any kind of altercation, I was simply bringing myself more into the light... Step back until your comfortable so I can do just that, sound ok?

Kirsten takes several steps back, as the man begins to approach the light, with his legs slowly beginning to take shape, followed by his torso, as he continues to explain himself.

Random Man: You ask why I'm here, because I, too, once fought for a cause very similar to you... And for a period... I was pretty fucking successful...

As the light illuminates his face, Kirsten's eyes go wide as she is now face to face with SCW Hall of Famer, Jake Starr, and he continues...

Jake Starr: ... But sadly there came a point when Father Time, versus the political patriarchy, took my momentum away from and thus it created the disaster that you have come out so vehemently trying to destroy.  It's why I said I was the only other "ONE," you would ever meet in this business.  Because I am the "ONE Social Misift Remaining..."

Kirsten is still in shock at the sight of Starr there, but doesn't hesitate in rationalizing everything going on.

Kirsten Scott: Then why the HELL are you here, now?  How did you find me?  And why are you singling me out when you were someone who always bragged about doing shit on your own as well?  Huh?  Why is it magically you coming to me for help?  Wh...

As she goes to continue her "Spanish Inquisition," Jake holds his hands up to stop her.

Jake Starr: Can you calm down for five seconds, to let me speak?

Kirsten signs, and nods, as Jake proceeds.

Jake Starr: Thank you... You see, you relit a fire under my ass to fight a war that you brought back from the dead for me.  You effectively reminded me who I was, why I did what I did, and what there was left to do.  But the problem is, I can't do it anymore.  I am too old to go waging war against a collective, political, agenda, in SCW, and I felt that maybe, in some way, there was a for me to impart my knowledge into you to HELP YOU take those next steps, to ensure you succeed in what you're trying to exterminate.

I've been in the trenches, Kirsten.  Just like you have these past couple years.  And I thought you'd fizzle out, but you didn't.  And I thought that maybe, with my help, you could be the one to succeed in that goal...

Kirsten Scott: Yeah sorry, old man, I'm not here to be someone's lackey, to carryout their bidding, just so they can feel some semblance of accomplishment.  I am a little past that idea.  So, no thanks... Go find someone else...

She goes to walk away and Jake laughs, audibly, which stops her.  She slowly gazes back in his direction, very annoyed that he would laugh at her honesty.

Jake Starr: You're not doing my bidding, Kirsten.  I'm offering a chance for you to have a leg up in order to do your OWN bidding.  I'm offering insight.  And the truth is, I may be older and can't fight this war on my own, I still know how to do one thing well, that I became synonymous for... I can swing a chair like a motherfucker, if the numbers game ever decided to creep into the fight.

And don't get me wrong... I'm not here to change you... Hell... Why would I change something that inspired ME to come here, tonight, and the other night as well?

Those words catch Kirsten off guard.

Kirsten Scott: I... I inspired you?  Why?  Why would some nobody do that?

Jake smirks again.

Jake Starr: Nobody's taken on management there, since I did.  And nobody's taken them on, so head on, since me either.  Everyone has been fearful of the backlash, or the political involvement.  You're the first person to step up and call bullshit where it was, and where it still lasts.  You were the first person to say you were there to serve a purpose, and it being not for your own gain, but to prove a fucking point.

And then you're willing to share parts of your life that brought you to that, and then on top of it, you say you've been blacklisted in places in life because you didn't stand down from what you believe in?

You claim to be a historian of SCW, and someone who wants to restore it to its greater days.  Right?

Kirsten Scott: Right...

Jake Starr: Then who was I, HUH?!  Who was Brandon Evens?!  Who Was Bane?!  We were the ones blacklisted everywhere and SCW gave us a chance to redeem ourselves and do what we wanted to.  It was a moniker we embodied, and yeah, you do too.  And I envy that you carry it in today's world, where it takes a MARTYR to actually stand up for what's right, and not just let the bitching loudmouths dictate the world.

So I see "IT" in you.  And I'm not here to change it... Instead I am here and I want to give it one little EXTRA push to know that it an succeed and do something I couldn't, and nobody else could, because they didn't have the drive.  I wanted to come to you and tell you that what you're doing isn't just some hill to die on, but one to take the high ground, and tell those pieces of shit who want to still run the show, just like Obi-Wan, "It's over!"

The fact is, your actions, you not caring about the reactions, the backstage politics, hell the reactions backstage from those who like X, Y, or Z, about if you acted right or wrong, showed something in you that I wish I had back in my fay, and all I want to do, simply, is add a little fuel to the fire.  I want to naturally enhance what is there and let that rawness of what Kirsten Scott brings to the table shine for WHAT it is...

Kirsten is confused.  On one hand, this seems like a legit offer.  Like someone wanting to cultivate raw talent and make it into what it COULD BE, but on the other, and knowing the history of Jake Starr, she knows there is always the possibility of him wanting something equal in return.

Kirsten Scott: And what do you want?  I'm not dumb, here... You and I both know I know SCW and its history, and the almighty Jake Starr ALWAYS asks for something in return...

Jake shakes his head, while keeping his eyes focused on Kirsten.

Jake Starr: Believe it or not, I have no endgame in this.  For me there is a hope that what I tried to do could one day be carried out by someone better, and more successful, but have resources to protect them from the numbers game.  All I want is to see you succeed in erasing them from the culture, especially when right now, they're eating themselves our of existence.  And if you can be that ultimate linchpin that pulls the plug on them destroying themselves, and I just simply say I made sure YOU could do it, then that modicum of help would be all that I ask in return...

Kirsten's eyes roll further back in her head than if she had been knocked out.

Kirsten Scott: You're full of fucking SHIT and we both know it...

Jake smirks.

Jake Starr: OK... OK... If you want me to ask for anything, then I'd say I ask for one time with Xander Valentine, who is someone who really ruined something special for me in my career.  So if helping you gets me to him, sure, I'd take it.  But if you think that's too much to ask, then I would say fine, I'll help you anyway, but asking for his head on a platter is something minor compared to the bigger picture YOU have at stake, that I'm offering to help with...

And if that is the case, I'm wasting my time...

Kirsten Scott: I told you you wanted something!

Jake's head drops, and he shakes it with his known smirk on his face.

Jake Starr: Really... REALLY?!

Kirsten Scott: I know it ALWAYS starts with something trivial, then it expands and grows to more... Especially with you...

Jake gets more aggressive in his tone.

Jake Starr: And what more could I ask YOU for, huh?  Especially at my age, and my time away from SCW?  What could YOU offer me?

Jake, quickly begins to approach her, taking a more aggressive pose.

Jake Starr: What do you have that an old fucker like myself could have, that a young, and up and comer, like Kirsten Scott could offer?  What is it I could demand, huh?  There is NOTHING there.  It's why I am here.  I told you that what you have done over these past two years, what you have said, how you have done it, it's INSPIRED me.  It didn't make me think I could USE you.  It made me get my ass up off of my comfy ass chair and come to see you.

I was enjoying the occasional appearance for autographs and signings...

I was enjoying doing simple things that didn't hurt...

And then here comes this person who begins to speak a truth that I hear in the deepest parts of my body, and it makes me want to take it upon myself to DO SOMETHING about it.  It makes me want to HELP.  It makes me want to seek YOU out.  It shows me that maybe there is a generation in this business I can help mold to not just suck up to the big dicks around them, and instead say "fuck the system" and make it their own.  It tells me that there is STILL a feeling inside the industry where people want to not just have everything be done a certain way, or by a few certain people.  It tells me that the IDEA of being DIFFERENT is still relevant and it's time to tell those who want to ruin it, "FUCK YOU!"

A noise comes from the side as footsteps are heard coming from the stairway of the duplex.  A voice cries out.

Hailey Brooks: HEY!!!

Both Jake and Kirsten turn in the way of Hailey, who is coming down the stairs, and ultimately heading in their direction.

Hailey Brooks: What in the FUCK is going on here?  And more importantly, why are YOU...

Hailey looks at Jake.

Hailey Brooks: ... of all people HERE on OUR property?

Kirsten Scott: He's here because he's realized we have an opportunity to...

Hailey is quick to shut her down.

Hailey Brooks: The fuck WE don't.  I wasn't asking you, I was asking HIM!

She begins to approach him in a manner, ready to engage in a physical confrontation, but stops short being directly in his face.

Hailey Brooks: ... You're here trying to take control of her, aren't you, you fuck?

There is a rustle behind Hailey and Kirsten pulls her back and faces her down herself.

Kirsten Scott: ... The FUCK he is!  And more importantly, nobody "controls" me, PERIOD!  I am an independent woman, just like you are, with your sexcapades with Ethan.  I can make decisions on my own, just like you can, am I right?

Jake is quick to intervene between the two.

Jake Starr: Both of you stop... Please...

Jake's calm demeanor is one that actually makes both look in his direction.

Jake Starr: ... I don't know what you two have going on, and that's not my business, but I'm not here to take one from another.  Instead, I am here to impart knowledge into you both.  And yes that includes you, Hailey.  Because, the fact is, you're as important to this as Kirsten is.  But Kirsten is the primary in the actions piece...

The fact is, I'm here to impart what I know about SCW on you both.  For Kirsten, it's about how to handle the in-ring, the politics, the stupidity, but for Hailey, it's much different.  Your role is much more important because you have to be able to support her in everything she does or doesn't do, and have to be sure she is safe 100% of the time.  You two have to trust in one another.  You two have to do the one thing I didn't have...

You see, With me, yes, I had Brandon Evans by my side.  But he was so wrapped up in his personal DEMONS, not his personal issues, that he was there, but he wasn't, if you two get my drift.  You two have to understand that whatever this personal issue is that everyone and their dog can see, is not going to impact you professionally.  And that is work on BOTH of your ends.  Brandon and I, we knew we would never establish that because of our past.  Our past was too shaken.  So we found a common ground personally.  You two still are lucky to have both.  You two can barely look one another in the eye, but I can see, it isn't because one of you tried to off yourself in the other's bathroom.

I can see it's ultimately a trivial issue where someone has to be the one to simply say "grow the fuck up..."

Hailey jumps into Jake's face.

Hailey Brooks: You're fucking saying me having a relationship with someone inside our home is something childish, and I need to grow the fuck up from that?  Do you know how fucking old I am to make my own decisions?  Am I not a grown up?  Am I not old enough to decide for myself.

Jake puts a finger in her shoulder and pushes her backward while chuckling.

Jake Starr: By the way you just acted, I guess the biggest question is, you tell me, huh?

Hailey begins to look back and forth between Kirsten and Jake, and begins to make inferences about the situation as a whole.  She looks directly at Kirsten.

Hailey Brooks: This...?  This is what you do when we have issues now?  You basically find ways to push me out of the way by bringing someone else in to do what WE set out to do?

Jake Starr: Actually I...

Hailey turns to Jake.

Jake Starr: Just shut the fuck up Jake... In fact, fuck you both... I'm a grown ass woman just like you Kirsten, and I'm allowed to make my own PERSONAL decisions, as well as fight for my role in this "family," as you so once put it, as a whole.  So know this... Both of you... This... This thing... Here... Whatever it is... Not happening.  Not on on my watch, and not as long as I have a say in it.  I MADE you, Kirsten.  I DEVELOPED you!  And I will continue to do that until you fully define the woman you are DESTINED to  be...

This assertion makes Kirsten immediately defensive and off guard, and Jake quickly raises a finger at her to stop and not react.  Hailey, seeing Kirsten responding to Jake's suggestions, becomes more enraged, turning back toward the duplex, and storming off, still cursing at the two of them, until the sound of a door slamming is heard.  Kirsten looks at Jake and wants to pursue her, Jake holds his hand up.

Jake Starr: Let her go for right now.  This is what NEEDS to happen so Hailey, like you, can come full circle, and she can be exactly what she said she wants to be for you.  I'm not here to replace her.  In face, she's part of why I'm here.  You need someone by your side long term, and like I said, age isn't on my side.  Hailey is that person.  Hailey is that "muscle" you need beside you when battles come.  But she has to realize that role, and learn to begin to handle her business, privately and professionally, separately.

Kirsten Scott: And if she doesn't?

Jake Starr: This is where age and personal issues between "family members" is where I thrive.  I've fought with my closest friends my whole life over personal and professional things.  In the end, it was for the better because it strengthened us, and it made us understand one another as people better.  If you're going to rise in this business, you need someone like me to simply guide the two of you, and then watch you fly out of the nest on your own.  Because it's a world you stepped into greener than a 1/8th from a dispensary.  You're two years in, and now the work HAS to begin on taking this raw version of you two, and making you into what I CAN SEE is the future of this business...

And no... Before you ask, you guys aren't the next iteration of "Social Misfits."  This is your path.  Sure, we may have had similar values, but you're not who we were, and trust me, for your sake, that's a good thing.  But what I think you could be, is something BIGGER, and more transcendent than we ever were...

Just think about it...

Jake approaches her and hands him another piece of paper, this time simply with his phone number on it.

Jake Starr: And tell Hailey, when you're ready, she better be ready too, because that's when she'll get to hear what I have to say...

Jake then proceeds to walk toward the same sidewalk he dropped the note off on originally, and once again, disappears into the night.  Kirsten is completely confused about how to even process everything that just happened, both with Jake, and with Hailey.  She also is a bit perplexed on what provoked Jake to truly appear, and single her out.  None of it makes anymore sense than it did, and now she has her best friend absolutely livid at her on top of it.

Was that supposed to happen?

Is this all part of the agenda, like he said?

Is he being honest or is this some elaborate plan to get his way back into the business he claims to be too old for?

All she does know is she is about to walk into a house where questions are going to be mounting, and she's going to have to answer to them all.  She'll have Emma's confusion on who Jake is, Ethan's likely anger that his girlfriend is upset, and Hailey who is beyond perturbed, to say the least.
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Overall Record: 26-19-3   |   2024 Record: 7-2-0


SCW Television Champion - 10/13/22 - 12/8/22 (56 Days)
2023 Trios Tournament Champion (w/ Adam Allocco & Kimberly Williams)

SCW Television Champion (2x) - 07/06/23 - 11/02/23 (119 Days)
DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and not to be confused as complete or accurate representation of any beliefs, religions, etc. Please refer to research/articles by experts for that.

Villain of the Year

”Can We Pretend?”

The Dead Rabbit
New York City, New York
March 24th, 2024

She looked around the place, actually able to distract her mind enough with a simple question. How many places like this had she frequented in the last year? With Stallis, her father, even on her own late at night, walking the streets of New York City to collect her thoughts about the directions the various aspects of her life had taken at the start of the year, Selena had found herself wandering into establishments like this over and over again. Places like this to sit, browse through her photos of ‘happier, simpler times’, or just to think. To the point where she could not really answer that question with an accurate response. She had just lost track.

At first, part of her was worried that it was some kind of dormant part of her brain – particularly her past addictions rearing its ugly head(s). Part of her had worried that, in becoming closed off to the world of the SCW Universe, she would become the Snow Queen that she had been back in her time in Nome, Alaska. Yes, an outcast, but, more worriedly, one on their own path of personal destruction.

She could still remember those days, despite it being over a decade ago. How she would leave her home or her father’s mine only to grab essentials from the necessary stores or to take a shift at her Uncle Liam’s Bar and Grill – little else, really – spending her days mining and/or working and her nights drinking herself to sleep. How her only ‘friends’ were her uncle, her one-off affair/detective Jean Black, and her child of snow, which wasn’t even real. But that was her life, her faith in her father’s mine (something real) compounded with something fake (her snow child) and the alcohol and fleeting emotions and needs needed to balance it all with delusion.

Still, she had seemed cold and untouchable to everyone back then – exactly as she had wanted to be. To mess with her would be to bring on forth your own misfortune and all of Nome knew that. Yet, even those who dared, like Gavin and his goons (back then), she had remained unfettered and unfazed. No one saw the cracks in her icy-armor. No one saw the nights where she drank the pain away. No one saw her with her daughter beyond mere rumor and hearsay. All they saw was the Snow Queen, the pariah, the ‘crazy-miner’s daughter’ and she had been fine with that.

And while she knew, now, that such an unstable mental state was not going to happen, her frequenting of such bars and taverns, at first, had worried Selena about her addiction coming back as part of her ‘colder demeanour’ in SCW – reemerging in some way. Fortunately, that hadn’t been the case, and the platinum-blonde still felt no desire for alcohol or painkillers. For that, she was beyond grateful.

She was currently on top of the world in SCW, and such things would only distract her. And then what?

It wasn’t that hard of a question to answer in her mind as she sat against inside the booth she had selected for herself when she had entered into ‘The Dead Rabbit’ about an hour ago. There was a reason she had come back to SCW, firing on all cylinders, and able to not only finally crush that task of winning the End of the Year Invitational (the match she had made her debut at a decade prior), but also nab the world title in her rematch, defeat Kandis in the ‘Shameless’ one’s rematch for said title, and had all but taken over as the fixture-point/main-event star in SCW. That reason was having everything work for her. Her mind was sharper than it had been, playing the game to rules she could control rather than ‘let others decide for her’. Her training? She had upped it since she had made the call to return, pushing herself farther and harder than she ever had in the last ten years. And, petty as it was, to accomplish that goal, all she had to do was see what other superstars were doing on social media. The Lexys, the Pollys, people that just HAD to show off what they or whoever they advocated for were doing in the gym. Getting ideas from them and others’ promos and such had given Selena a starting base on what everyone else was doing… allowing her to push herself to do more!

And it had worked. She was the world champion. She had SCW in the palm of her hand! She could work anyone and everyone to the point where she didn’t even have to raise a hand or kick someone in the head to get a reaction. But… that only worked as long as she kept herself at ‘that’ level. That level of training and mental sharpness. Any relapse into her addictions would be fatal to her, the notion causing Selena to shake her head sharply. She would NEVER go back to being that person again! NEVER! Being cold and distant? Fine. Being hated by everyone, and yet, seemingly, untouchable? That was more than fine, too.

But weak? Addicted to a substance? Letting such needs rule her life? No. She refused. She refused to give up all she had worked for to re-establish herself with SCW. All she had worked for to regain her position as the top talent in the wrestling world. All she had given up to become The Blue-Eyed Devil.

So why are you doing this?

The question was as easy to answer as it was expected. Being here served no purpose to her training, her goals for Taking the Leap or for Kristen Scott – nothing to do with SCW. Directly – nothing to do with those things directly. True, she knew she should be back at the Eyrie Tower – her new home – training or studying material for her upcoming title defense against Kristen Scott. Part of her even wanted to do that. There was no denying that the young woman known as ‘The One’ was going to be coming at Selena guns blazing, probably with some diatribe about this being her ‘only chance’ and ‘needing to win more than anything’ tripe, something atypical of such mid-card dwellers getting their first ‘shot’ at the greatest prize in the game. Still, that did not erase the fact that Kristen was hungry and would be looking for any and all ways to put Selena away and become the new SCW world champion. And the girl had fought in a chamber match, not to mention various Underground-style matches. Hell, she had beaten Kandis, Syren and Amy Chastaine, just to name a few. The girl had some skills and was tough to boot, which unnerved Selena a little.

Yes, part of her wanted to be home – or, rather, in her new home – preparing to nip the problem of ‘The One’ in the bud before things escalated and everything slipped out of her hands. One loss… that was all it would take to undo the contract clause on her reign as world champion. One loss and everything would be back to how it was.

Tainted world title matches.
Controversial finishes.

Her contract existed – putting the world title division in an vice grip that bound it to her whims and her rules – as long as she remained SCW world champion. As long as she didn’t lose the title. And she wasn’t ready for that to change. She needed more time with the world championship. Needed more time to ‘clear the deck’ and make SCW regret what they had done to her last year and onward.

So, why was she so certain to be here? Because of that need for mental sharpness. And clearly, that was proving harder and harder as the weeks went by.

She could still be distracted… had been distracted. And it was all because of that one, little redhead.

At the thought the young woman, Selena’s head rose up to stare at the other end of the pub. Even in the dimly lit establishment, amidst the other patrons, she could spot the young girl sitting at the bar on one of the many stools. Even if she wasn’t wearing that shimmering, emerald gown, Selena would have spotted her due to her red hair - Like spotting someone immediately in a crowd… she mentally remarked, not surprised that she still possessed that ability with her wife.

The redhead wasn’t looking around the establishment, nor was she eyeing Selena like the platinum-blonde was watching her. Rather, Deanna Frost kept her eyes on the glass of water sitting on the counter in front of her, only straying every few minutes to gaze at something on the counter, Selena assumed that being the girl’s phone. Her wife was clearly waiting for someone… not someone… Selena thought knowingly. Me.

She wasn’t sure what particular event had pushed her into embracing the notion that the two of them – herself and Deanna – needed help. Perhaps it was the scuffle they had endured during Deanna’s graduation ball with the Aldens, one where Selena had humiliated and embarrassed the younger girl - necessary to make her see the wrongs the Aldens were doing and how warped her own perception of them had begun. The older Frost reminded herself. Or maybe it was Retribution and seeing her wife so troubled in their marriage that she could not even walk to the parking lot with Selena. She wouldn’t admit it to Deanna, but that acknowledgment had hurt the platinum-blonde. So what if they were at opposite sides if things in SCW? So what if she wanted to stay true to the notion that ‘everyone was good’ while Selena was wiser than that now. So what if the fans booed Selena but cheered for Deanna? Living separately was necessary, yes, but they could still be cordial and caring to one another, couldn’t they? Was that so hard?

She sighed. Apparently, it was for Deanna. The redhead seemed incapable of understanding why things were the way they were and incapable of separating the woman Selena was in SCW with the woman she was still trying to be here with their family. And whatever the reason, the ball or post-Retribution, Selena had agreed to marriage counseling, employing the services of Dr. Glengow shortly after the pay-per-view. It was the counselor that was responsible for their current predicament.

Not that that was a slight against the professional. Even Selena had, to herself, remarked on some of the effective tools the dark-skinned woman had employed to get the Frost wives to open up to one another, even a little.

But I hate that I can’t trust her…

That was a particular openness that Selena had wished to every god, Norse and Greek that she believed in, to just disappear and never exist. Because it still hurt. Not because it was a lie. Not because Deanna had said it just to hurt Selena. But because she had spoken it with such hurt… and truthfulness. Deanna didn’t trust her, and couldn’t see any reason to.

It still, weeks later, didn’t make any sense to Selena. All of this, her return to SCW and all it entailed, had been because Deanna had wanted her back. And she had stayed out of Deanna’s way in SCW as best she could, letting the younger woman forge her own path in SCW with chamber matches and demands for ‘last woman standing matches’, with great success, Selena was proud to admit, as the United States Champion. She had done her best not to overly mention her wife in her promos and was sure not to involve her in any decisions/actions she made on the shows. Yet, Deanna couldn’t believe that Selena had her best interests at heart? After how many years of marriage? How many children?

It still stung deep in the Snow Queen’s core, but Selena clamped down on it, pushing it further down to keep it from taking over her tonight. What was done was done – she had to move forward. And that was what Glengow had advised. In a way, it was sort of clever to Selena.

”You say the two of you can’t seem to coexist due to the issues of SCW – your workplace?” she had clarified. ”Then perhaps you two need someplace devoid of that. A place where you both can meet and talk without SCW’s presence.”

It was absurdly simple: Nia Glengow had called it ‘roleplaying’. The two of them, Deanna and Selena, would go on a date, but under different names and circumstances. They could pretend to be anyone they wanted. With any background or history. There was only one condition.

There was to be no talk about SCW or wrestling. Neither of them could be ‘wrestlers’ in these personas or anything to do with ‘Selena Frost’ or ‘Deanna Frost’. As stated before, it was simple… except Selena wasn’t really an actress. She had never ‘pretended’ to be anyone except for a small tv-show ‘Polaris’ years ago that she had helped produce. Wasn’t like she ‘pretended’ over in SCW. Everything had always been ‘just her’ – it was why she had laughed so much where, for the last decade, people were ‘so sure’ her personality was a sham and that ‘soon – oh so soon’ she was going to turn and fool everyone!

Turns out they fooled me… the bitter thought came to Selena’s mind. SCW and the SCW Universe are the ones that were playing me… and I got fooled…

She saw her phone buzz, her eyes flying to the device to see the text message notification. Recognizing the name immediately, she picked up the phone to read it.

You coming?

She was about to type a reply but her fingers hesitated, her sapphire eyes looking up to see her wife just putting her phone back on the counter. A wicked thought crossing her mind, with a smirk to boot, Selena then bit her lower lip to type her reply.

New phone. Who dis? She hit sent and immediately shot her gaze back up towards Deanna. It took a few seconds, but Selena watched her wife gaze down at her phone, see the notification, and pick it up. She seemed to give it a read before rolling her eyes and shaking her head, almost causing Selena to laugh aloud and give her position away. She continued to watch as Deanna’s fingers flew across her own screen. Another second and Selena’s phone vibrated in her hands, causing the platinum-blonde to cast her eyes downward.

Seriously? Another text quickly followed. We’re supposed to meet at The Dead Rabbit half an hour ago.

A short jab of guilt shot through Selena. Truthfully, being here for over an hour, she had seen her wife come in and make herself comfortable at the bar. At any time, Selena could have gotten up and ‘started things’, but she hadn’t. She had just chosen to watch her wife.

Because what could she do? She still couldn’t figure it out entirely. Pretend to be someone else? With a backstory or something? She hadn’t been able to think of one, and she knew her wife well enough to know Deanna would have one – complete with a ten-page essay of backstory to boot!

Was that tonight? She typed, then hit ‘send’, still feeling the humor in her little ‘game’ with the ‘teacher’s pet’ that was Deanna. She watched her wife gaze at her phone again, but this time, a look of shock came across the redhead’s features, one that morphed to disappointment – which seemed to suck out the joy and humor from Selena. She watched Deanna slowly take the phone into her hands more firmly before typing something. A second passed before another notification came across Selena’s screen.

Good to know how important this is to you.

The mental curses that rampaged through Selena’s mind were a riot of sound as the Snow Queen cursed herself every which way she could. Cursed her stupid idea of a joke, cursed her stupid brain for not being able to follow their counselor’s simplest instructions, cursed… everything.

Pushing herself out of her seat, she quickly adjusted her leather jacket and black pants, a far cry from the dress Deanna wore – which Selena thought was the point. Checking her hair – curled and free – the woman was moving before she realized she had taken a step, her brain seemingly slowing down everything as she desperately tried to think of something… ANYTHING!... Anything to say to go with this exercise.

Anything but wrestling! she reminded herself. No SCW. No World title. No Kristen Scott. No Kandis… no-

“Hey, cutie…” the voice came out like a purr… and it was hers! It almost caught her off guard, which was a small reaction compared to Deanna spinning around, emerald eyes going wide as she saw Selena standing before her. “Mind if I sit here?” Selena added, trying to keep up whatever tone her voice had, naturally, adopted. When she saw Deanna’s eyes narrow at her for a moment, but also giving a nod of her head, Selena carefully sat at the barstool beside the woman.

“Now…” she began, making each word up as it came to her. “I’m sitting over there in my booth.” She gestured towards the area she had come from. “And, sorry if this is forward – but I see this gorgeous young thing come in here. Don’t see many of those here.”

Deanna remained silent, her expression unreadable to Selena, though there was a coldness to the air between them, which almost made Selena lose her nerve… and the accent her voice had suddenly picked up.

“But I think to myself, ain’t no way she came here alone. She’s either with someone or waiting for someone. But, my surprise, half an hour goes by and…” she looked around. “No one comes up.” She eyed the emerald-eyed beauty. “Get stood up or something?”

Deanna opened her mouth to speak, as if she wanted to say something as some sort of knee-jerk reaction. Instead, she closed her mouth, took a deep breath through her nose, then opened her mouth again to release a sigh before turning to pick up her glass of water. “Yeah, basically.” She replied. “Had a date with this girl and she just told me she forgot about it. Probably still at home.”

“Or with someone else.” Selena shrugged, earning a sputter-scoff from Deanna. “Sorry. Not helping.” She shrugged apologetically.
“Last time I go date-shopping on Tinder.” Deanna sighed, trying to play along.

“I never trust those things.” Selena shook her head. “Easy to lie, easy to pretend, and you’ve got keyboard-warriors acting so tough when they’re hiding behind a screen.” She shook her head as the bartender spotted her. Holding up a hand, Selena waved at him. “Can I get you a drink? Besides water?”

Deanna’s eyes went wide. “I…that is….” Selena could see the woman’s mind racing. “I don’t drink.”

“Relax.” Selena smiled as the bartender reached them. “Ice-tea for her.” She gestured to Deanna. “And I’ll have a virgin screwdriver.”

The bartender lifted an eyebrow. “You know that’s…”
“Orange juice.” Selena grinned. “You know your drinks! Good for you!”

With a nod, the bartender excused himself to make the drinks as Selena heard an audible sigh of relief come from Deanna. “I thought you were…” Deanna gestured, momentarily breaking whatever character she had. “Going to order something…”

“I don’t drink either.” Selena shrugged. “Never liked the stuff. Plus my uncle was an alkie.”
“An alkie?”
“Alcoholic.” Selena shrugged. “But that’s a second or third-date story.”
“What makes you think this is a first date?” Deanna asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Isn’t it?” Selena countered. “You were stood up. I was stood up. We meet here… sounds like happenstance and serendipity to me. And if we ever have kids…” she teased. “It makes a lovely story.”

“Uh-huh.” Deanna nodded her head. “I’m sure they would love to hear about the woman who couldn’t give me her name but gave me kids…”

“Didn’t realize there was an order to it.” Selena teased back.
“It’s right there in the song.” Deanna stuck her tongue out. “First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in a baby-carriage.”

“Didn’t hear anything about ‘names’ in that tune.” Selena shot back. “But fine.” Her mind, unlike her speech, was frantic, trying desperately to come up with a name, her eyes scanning the room frantically for any sign or inspiration. Yet, for the Irish pub, all she saw was drinks, food, platters of cheese, potpies and-

“Chicken!” she declared without thinking and cursing mentally as Deanna almost chocked on her water as she heard the platinum-blonde speak. “I mean… Chicka… Chica. That’s it. Name’s Chica.”

“Chica?” Deanna repeated. “Sounds Spanish.”
“Just a nickname.” Selena shrugged.
“Never met someone’s nickname first. What’s your real name?” she dared with a smirk.
“Sixth or seventh date, darling.” Selena winked – actually proud of herself for the improv-line that had bought her more time. “What about you?”

She heard Deanna sigh a little as the reply processed in her mind. “I don’t have a nickname.” She finally said. “I used to, but not anymore.”
“I could give you one...” Selena meant it as a tease, but when Deanna shook her head, her sadness not diminishing, the older woman regretted her choice of words immediately. “First names are more normal anyway.” She offered lamely, earning a nod from Deanna.

“Well, I’m Evelyn.” She replied smoothly. “I’m 26 years old and I work as an airline stewardess.”

Selena bit back a laugh at the, nearly, monologue-delivery her wife had employed. “Sounds like you practiced that introduction.”
“Well, it was meant for my date.” Deanna answered smoothly. “What do you do?”

“Me?” DAMN! Selena’s mind was, once more, in a flurry of thought, but this time looking anywhere BUT the food for inspiration. “I’m a writer!” she settled on saying. “Or… I’m trying to be.”

“Have I read any of your work?” Deanna asked, an amused twinkle in her eye.
“Doubtful.” Selena shrugged, playing the part. “Haven’t been published officially yet. Hope to. But I mostly do odd jobs in-between to pay the bills.”

“And what about tonight?” Deanna asked. “Were you stood up as well?”

“Hmmm…” Selena shook her head as their drinks arrived, using the glass of orange juice as a temporary break. “Not here.” She stated slowly. “I come here all the time. But I was supposed to meet someone tonight. See, I’ve been in this long-distance relationship for about six months now and she was finally going to come down to New York so we’d finally meet up. I was going to take her to the Empire State Building or maybe that cool one with the castle? The Eyrie one?”

“Trust me. It’s not so cool.” Deanna rolled her eyes. “Rather tacky.”

Oh, someone is playing a little close to the chest… Selena thought, somewhat amused. “Well, anyway. Roses, food, had it all worked out. Gods… I’ve got to text the hotel and tell them to cancel… anyway, she texted me a few hours ago and said she decided she couldn’t leave after all. That all this was meant to be fun for her.”
“So, you weren’t stood up.” Deanna winced. “You were dumped.”
“Guess so…” Selena shrugged. “Should of seen it coming. There were definitely signs… Anyway, I came here just to get my head on right and in walks this beautiful woman.”

“Feel like you traded up?”

“Definitely.” Selena nodded. “Let’s hope you can do the same.” She threw in another wink towards the woman for good measure, causing the redhead to look away and a faint blush to cross her fine features. “So, what kind work is it like for a stewardess? You in-between flights or something? Was this just a… LAID-over…”

You DID NOT just make a sex pun! Who are you? Ace Marshall? Kandis? Her mind mocked – probably rolling its eyes, if it had any.

Deanna gave no reaction to the line, merely shrugging her shoulders. “I’m stationed here. I fly every few days, then get a few days off.”
“Sounds like a full schedule, though sort of… ‘up in the air’?”

What is with you with all these puns?!
Hey! My character makes puns, okay?!
You’re dressed like a bad girl in leather! What part of that makes puns?!
Would you rather I shoot a promo on her?!
Would be better than the mess you’re doing now! You’re supposed to be hitting on her or something!
Easy for you to say!
It IS easy for me to say! I married her!
So did I!!!

How long Selena went through this mental debate, she wasn’t sure. It FELT like ten or so minutes, but it probably was just seconds. To her credit, she was too busy having it to see Deanna roll her eyes at the poor pun she had just unleashed, but she did hear the small laugh that escaped the young redhead.

“So…” she heard Deanna ask, the latter taking a small drink of her iced tea. “What kind of novels do you write?”

“Romance.” Selena said the first word that came to her mind, nodding her head as she sipped her orange juice. “Got this real kicker going.”
“Yep.” The platinum-blonde nodded. “It’s about this girl that gets stood up by this other girl.”
“Oh… the LGTQB2S++ would love it already.” Deanna teased, leaning her hand on her free hand. “What happens next?”

“Well…” why was Selena feeling nervous? It was just her wife! It wasn’t like there was anything they hadn’t done together. They had had sex on a plane for gods’ sake – multiple times in fact! Why was she suddenly feeling like a high-schooler trying to ask out her crush? “S-She meets this really cute girl in a pub.”

“Mmhmmm.” Deanna hummed good-naturedly, her emerald-eyes locked on Selena’s sapphire ones. “What happens next?”

“Still…still working on that.” Selena settled on saying. “Got a couple ways it can go.”

“Hmm. Sounds interesting.” She finished her drink easily enough, it was only iced tea afterall. “What’s the femme fatale like?”
“Femme fatale?” Selena asked.
“Yeah. Is she dangerous? Is she after something? Or…” she tilted her head the other way. “Is she just looking for love? Like a hopeless romantic?”

“That you?” Selena asked, actually finding herself more and more lost in this conversation. To answer, Deanna looked away, focusing for a second on her empty glass.

“I’m not sure.” She gave a shrug. “I want to. But lately… I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it, you know?”
“No…” Selena shook her head honestly. “No, I don’t.”

“Well…” the redhead breathed. “You think you’ve met ‘The One’. And you think ‘this is it’, right? But then you just get left behind, hurt, abandoned.”

“You…” Selena breathed, trying to find the right words. “You can’t believe someone is ‘The One’ from a Tinder date or just because they say they are. It…” another breath exhaled out of her. “It takes more than that. It takes work, and… and getting to know the person longer than a few minutes. It takes patience and…” her brain worked overtime trying to find the right words. “And seeing the good as well as the bad. You have to see them at their worst, as well as at their best. Otherwise… how can you really know if they’re the one, you know? Words can be said easily enough. But actions speak louder.”

“Coming from a writer?” Deanna remarked, her emerald eyes staring deep into Selena’s. Despite the noise that came from the pub from the night life and staff, neither woman really heard it. Neither of them were really interested beyond one another. It both surprised Selena, and yet, it felt familiar – vaguely. This kind of interest, this kind of look…

It had been nearly a year since she had seen it. Since before Rise to Greatness. When?

The answer came to her fast. It had been when she had been tag-team champions with Deanna. The House of Frost’s first, and only reign, as world tag-team champions, defending the, then, unbeatable Farmstead Friends and rising up to take down The One and Pro (Nicole Kinneck).

They had been the perfect team, at the time, starting the year as tag-team champions where no team could best them. Deanna had been so happy, teaming with her wife, being a champion with her life-partner…

The spike of sadness hit Selena in her reflections. It had been the start of the end, though, with that cash-in from Kimberly, Selena’s views against the titles being ‘tiered’, the fans starting to turn against her just because she disagreed with the method of the cash-in. It had all gone downhill from that point. If she could pinpoint a time where everything had started, it was that cash-in and subsequent backlash from it.

Not that she was blaming Kimberly Williams, to hell with that! She blamed the SCW Universe for failing to understand. For failing to give her the benefit of the doubt or the chance to explain herself. Nope, she had disagreed and, thus, was hated. That was how it worked with the SCW Universe – with every roster member acting they had ‘called it’ or some shit like that. Why couldn’t Deanna see that that was all everyone in SCW was? Leeches, people that would turn on you in a second the moment it suited their interests. It had happened to her, and it was going to happen to Deanna, sooner or later, whether the redhead wanted to believe it or not.

Still, to have her wife look at her like she was now… until she was looking at that gaze, the platinum-blonde hadn’t realized how much she had missed it. Missed sharing in one another’s victories. In moments of accomplishment. In being a team…

“What about you?”

The question shook her out of her musings, forcing the older woman to focus on the young lady sitting beside her. “What about me?” she asked.

“What kind of those women are you?” Deanna asked. “You don’t strike me as the kind of person that ‘sticks around in one place for too long’.”

“Coming from an airline stewardess?” Selena raised an eyebrow before shaking her head. “I don’t…” she chose her words, not sure exactly which things were Chica and which were Selena. “I don’t like being tied down where I’m not wanted or where I don’t want to be.” She answered honestly. “I like to live by my own rules. Not by other people telling me how to be.”

“Even if you’re hated for it?” neither was sure which ‘woman’ Deanna’s question was pointed at. Still, Selena answered.

“Rather be hated for what I am then loved for what I’m not.”
“And what are you?”

“I’m…” Selena sighed with a shrug of her shoulders. “I’m someone that just wants to be proud of what she does. Who nobody can say didn’t live her life on ‘her terms’. Who didn’t let anyone push her around or make her ‘be’ something she wasn’t.” she stole a glance at Deanna. “Guess that doesn’t really answer your question.”

“No…” Deanna shook her head. “But you were willing to try tonight. You went out to see your possible girlfriend. So you must want something permanent – something substantial.”

Selena nodded. “Doesn’t everyone?”
“Like…like a home…”

Selena gave a shrug, looking away. “The robin may fly away…” she took one last sip of her orange juice. “But it always returns to the nest…” her eyes flew to stare into Deanna’s. “Eventually.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her wife’s eyes suddenly light up. It was for a moment, but you’d have to be an utter fool not to see it – they were so bright. “Really…” she heard the whisper faintly in her ear. That was all it was – a moment – until Deanna reigned it in, looking down at her hands and sitting back. “That…that will be good.” She settled on saying. “I’m sure you’ll find it.”

“Thanks.” Selena answered with a small smile. She just doesn’t get it…

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to return back to her ‘Forever Home’. She did. She had tried to live the life that she had wanted. Living in her Manhattan home, being a mother and wife, and no one believed it was real. They all thought she had been hiding her ‘true self’ and ‘true desires’ and, in a small way she had been. She had not left SCW on her own terms, feeling more like she had been driven out because SCW had changed so much and she wasn’t welcome there anymore. But that’s what this was. This was getting things back on ‘her’ terms. Getting things back the way they should be. Getting SCW back on track, by force if necessary.

When all of that was taken care of. When things were where they should be… she could walk away and, when that day came again, no one would think ill of her or think it was ‘fake’, but a meaningful ‘off into the sunset’ that she deserved. So many others had gotten that like Owen Cruze, didn’t she – scratch that – she deserved that.

But not until everything is done… and only on OUR terms! Her ‘devil’s voice’ – a mixture of hers and Macolm Scythe’s voice – whispered into her mind, reminding her of the tasks at hand.

“Can I tell you about the villain of my story?”

The question surprised Deanna, causing the redhead to turn her gaze back onto the platinum-blonde. “There’s a villain?”

“Yeah…well, kinda. Turns out there’s this girl that was obsessed with the love-interest that’s come back into the picture. Now the heroine is…well, I won’t say scared, but she knows this woman has manipulated the love-interest.”

“Oookay…. Sounds like an understandable conflict.”

“Right…” Selena nodded. “So the heroine has to help the love-interest by fighting the…ummm…”
“Sure – but it’s more stalker and creepy than that.” Selena remarked. “She’s definitely not a trustworthy girl. In fact, turns out the villain’s ACTUALLY been obsessed with the heroine all along. Crazy, right?”

“More confusing than anything else.”

“Oh…okay.” Selena looked away, rather embarrassed. “So I definitely need to rethink that. It’s just…” She shook her head, rather ashamed of herself. She had tried to slip in a personal issue she had with SCW, that being with Kristen Scott. It was too close – scratch that – she had been cheating. Here she was supposed to not talk about wrestling yet doing it anyway through vagueness and whatever. “Never mind. Just a bad case of writer’s block.”

“Can you…can you tell me the ending, at least? Do you have that?”

“I…” Selena sighed. “I don’t.” she shrugged. “I told you it was a bad case of writer’s block. Right now, I’ve got the couple fighting over who’s side who is on and I… I can’t resolve it.”

‘Okay…” Deanna/Evelyn seemed to think about this. “Have they told each other that they love one another?”

“A couple of times. But it’s almost been in a heat of the moment with one unable to say it back.”
“Okay, but they know?”
“Yeah.” Selena shrugged. “It’s been made more than clear at this point.”
“So, that should be enough, right? People fight all the time. What’s important is that they understand why the other is fighting for their opinion or side of things.”

“But…it’s more complicated than that.” It was the only thing Selena could say.

“Maybe it is.” Deanna shrugged as she pushed herself off the stool, immediately stumbling. “Whoa…” she managed to stay on wobbly legs. Instinctively, Selena was off her stool in a second, grabbing hold of the redhead to steady her.

“Easy.” Selena whispered, holding the woman close to her without thinking.
“Sorry…” Deanna whispered in the same volume, more surprised than anything else. “My legs are asleep from sitting too long. Thanks…Chica…”

Selena rolled her eyes at Deanna’s playfulness. “No problem, Evelyn.” She replied. “Glad…” she sighed. “Glad things worked out the way they did.”

“Me…Me too.” Deanna smiled, throwing her coat on.
“Can…” Selena thought as fast as she could, following Deanna out of the pub (but not before leaving a fresh twenty-dollar bill on the table for the barman). “Can I walk you home?”

She hadn’t realized she was outside until she saw the bright lights from the streetlamps shining down on her, the amber hue casting an odd glow along the sidewalk. Refocusing back on Deanna, she saw the redhead stop, turning around to give a kind smile to Selena.

“Second or third date… Chica.” She teased before holding a hand up. Like magic, a cab stopped in front of her, allowing the young woman to step into it. She was out of sight within seconds.

Alone on the NYC street, Selena released a sigh. “Some story…” she whispered to no one. The truth was, she knew exactly how the ‘story’ would end.

Because she wasn’t Chica. Anymore than Deanna was Evelyn. She wasn’t just some ‘girl’ that stumbled in and ‘found true love in a pub’. She was a woman that was alone. A woman that no one believed in. Not the fans of SCW, not her peers… not even her wife.

There wouldn’t be a ‘happily ever after’ for her until she finished what she had to do. There wouldn’t be a ‘return to the nest’ until she had cleared SCW of unworthy challengers.

No one… not even Deanna… believed that she should… or even could…

They don’t believe yet… whispered her ‘devil’s voice’ darkly. But they will…

It was the only ending she would accept for her own story!


The Royal Letter

The camera opens up to a sitting room by a large window. The furniture is opulent, along with the tapestries. The room screams of royalty and authority. It is the Eyrie Tower in New York City, the clouds outside, below the window (their tops exposed) displaying the height at which this castle stands. Overlooking the city, dressed in black pants, matching high boots, a blue button-up blouse with embroidery around the front, and a black long coat line with fur draped over her shoulders. Gazing out upon her city for a moment longer, her voice is suddenly heard.

Typically, with a week or so before the pay-per-view, this where I'd come here, I’d gaze into that camera and ask you all if you ‘believe’ or not. Her back still to the camera, she tilts her head. Then I give you a second to voice your disdain and shout at your screen, thinking it affects me or that I can hear you… or that it even matters to me what you believe.

Turning around, the Snow Queen has a smirk on her face. But I've been doing alot of thinking these last few days since last Breakdown and I think that’s irrelevant right now. Because let’s face it – you’ve proven, SCW Universe, that you believe. Whether you like it or not. Whether you want to or not.

I mean… how else can we explain it? You just have to look at last Breakdown, don’t you? Tune in to any part – any segment – and someone was talking about me! The tag-division? They’re talking about me! LexyCorp? They’re talking about me! The Adrenaline division, they’re tweeting about me! The United States title division? Talking about me! Hell, I’ve even got road agents and management coming out of the woodwork to talk about me! And why not? Talking about me instantly gets you attention. Gets you ratings. Gets eyes on you! It makes you relevant. It makes you worth something, doesn’t it? Just mentioning my name. Throwing some false bravado.

And I’ll admit, at first, I was part proud, part laughing. Part proud cause I thought everyone was finally getting the picture about me – that I’m the star power this company needs. That I’m the one – the only one – that can keep this company going at the level it should be going, while everyone else just wants the ‘easy way’ on so many things. The part where I was laughing was the ‘bravado’ part. People talking all tough when I’m not in the ring, cause I know, soon as I was there, that bravado would be gone in a snap!
She snaps her fingers.

Like your keyboard warriors on social media, it’s easy for you all to act tough when you think no one’s coming for you. It’s easy to act tough when you think there’s no consequences. But the second I step in that ring? The second you’re face to face with me? Everyone crumbles. Everyone falters because they see the power that I bring – the talent and ability that is unmatched. But I’ll get to that shortly… She gazes out the window for a moment. I WAS feeling pretty good about all of that. But then I thought about it. Thought about what was being talked about. Thought about what was REALLY happening aside from the name-mentioning. And the more I thought about it, the more I started getting pissed.

Because I realized that all of you really weren’t getting it. Those divisions weren’t really getting it. You guys were name dropping me just to get that ‘ratings boost’. Just to get eyes on you. “Look at me! I’m talking about Selena! Pay attention to me!”

And I realized what that makes all of you.
She glares at the camera coldly. Pathetic! Utterly pathetic that you need me to make you significant! You need me to make yourselves important. Because you don’t have the skills or the guts to do it yourselves! You need me as a boost. As a ‘reason’ to rise up to another level! Yet you wonder why I’m clearing this place of unworthy challengers? Why I am knocking people out of MY ring? Because you all need me, but I sure as hell don’t need any of you! Nor does the world championship!

And, to top it all off, you need me so bad, you act all tough when I’m not around, but then you call ME the coward? You say I am being ‘protected’?
she scoffs at that last part. Let’s just dissect that for a second, shall we?

What part of me is being protected? You see me travelling with an entourage? You see me getting matches against friends and family where they lay down for me? You see me hiding behind a faction? You see me make ‘specialty matches’ where moves are banned or I’ve got two or three people fighting with me against one or I’m putting my opponent through another match before facing me in the same night?

No, you don’t. I’m not Syren. I’m not The One. I’m not that suspended loudmouth dressed in rainbows and acting nonchalant. So how, exactly, am I being protected?

She gives a shrug. Because no one can touch me before their match with me? Because people can’t use tactics like ambushing and taking me down before their world title match without some form of repercussions?

That’s a bit confusing because… if they were BETTER than me, like every one of them brags about… why would they need any of that? Why would they need to jump me from behind? Why would they need to ambush me? Why would they need an entourage to deal with one person? If they were as good as they SAY they are, why couldn’t they just show up and beat me in the middle of the ring? I mean, isn’t that what the world title should be about? The best WRESTLER in SCW? Isn’t that what all of you should be WANTING when you watch a world championship match? For the best wrestler to win?

She laughs a little. See… I’ve made that possible. I’ve made it possible for the BEST in SCW to come forward and rise to the top. I’ve made it possible for the best wrestler to be the world champion and for everyone to get their chance to take that from me. So THEY can try and be the best. So that THEY can try and be the best in SCW.

But you think I’m ‘protecting myself’?
Another laugh escapes her.

You guys… you just keep proving to me how stupid you all are. Every one of you, fan and wrestler alike in the SCW Universe. Utterly stupid. Because you rather use your own demented logic than reality. The reality that I’m at a level none of you can match. And you can’t stand it. One on one, no tricks, or cheap ploys, no interferences, no ambushes… just pure skill vs skill? I can’t be beat. I can’t be silenced. I can’t be pushed to the side. I continue to thrive. I continue to excel. I continue to be the one that DESERVES to be the world champion! And I prove it every single time I wrestle!

And you all can’t stand it. You need me here, you know I’m the best, you know I can’t be beat, and you can’t stand it. So you lie to yourselves. You say I’m protected or buying off officials, anything to keep your stupidity alive another day!

Moving around the space, Selena sits in one of the throne chairs comfortably. And it’s not all your fault. SCW’s been surrounded with cheaters, liars, false prophets, false saviors, false gods, shortcut-takers for years now! For years, THAT’S been the standard. And, for a time, I tried to just change things through example. I spent a decade trying to change things by being an example. And that worked! For a short time.

But, inevitably, it all stayed the same. So now, I don’t do by example. I change things by force. That’s the big difference between me and ‘The One’ Kristen Scott. She preached change, I MADE change. She promised to change the landscape – I changed it! I moved the needle, Kristen. I moved the eyes back onto SCW. Because, let’s face it, CHBK made it clear, management has made it clear – they, all of SCW, they need me. I brought eyes back on this place when Asher, Simon, and that other girl couldn’t. I brought people back to watch when they failed to. I made the SCW world title mean something worthwhile again because they were too busy bashing each other’s brains in with it to do anything for it.

What have you done, Kristen? You won ONE match at Fatal Fortunes to get a title shot at the world title. Good for you! Way to go! You call it ‘destiny’, I know. I call it ‘dumb luck’. But still, what else have you done, huh? Me? I cleared the deck for you. I removed every contender that was in line before you so you could have this shot at Taking the Leap. I removed the Simons, the Ashers and the others for you. What have you done?

Selena tilts her head. No, I’m genuinely asking, Kristen. Because, I’m going to level with you. Because I was stupid too. I have been. See, unlike the lying, stupid people booing me and who booed you when you stepped back from taking your shot right away, I respected your choice. I actually respected you letting me have my time to clear the path at Retribution. I respected you admitting that you weren’t ready to take me on back then.

I did! I respected it! Because I thought to myself, here is a woman that actually gets it! She knows things are different. She knows I’m on a whole different level than everyone else. She knows that this is her ONE chance. She’s not going to blow it. She’s not going to just do the ‘same old thing’, right? She’s going to think about it. She’s going to work at it! And when she comes at me, she’s going to be giving me something new. Something original. Something that I’ve never seen before!

Selena looks away for a moment. That’s what I thought, Scott. Because till now, you’ve been good. I’ll give you that. You’ve been REALLY good. Mid-card level? You may be at the top! Amy Chastaine? You beat her. Syren? Beat her. That woman I beat last PPV? You beat her. You have done so much with where you’ve been and what you’ve had! You’ve been good… but not ‘great’. And I thought you recognized that. That’s what I was trying to say to you the first Breakdown post-Retribution. And you said you were sure! That you were ready! That you had done the work! I believed that this was a new, better version of Kristen Scott…

Her face becomes a colder expression.

That’s where I was stupid. Because I got fooled. I got lied to. I didn’t see some new, trained, Kristen Scott. No. What did I get last Breakdown? The same one that’s been running around here for years! The one that’s gonna ‘shake SCW down to the core’, ‘swap out the old guard’, ‘change the face of SCW FOREVER’! An actual growl escapes Selena.

That’s how you do it, Kristen? I give you your time? I let you stand in my ring. I give you a shot at MY title and you’re coming at me with the same BS you came at with Deanna and everybody else? That’s how this is going to work? You’re going to ‘change SCW’, huh? Just because you've 'wanted it for oh so long'? Like you did before? Oh, wait… you didn’t! You tried in the Underground division. You failed. You tried in the tag-team division, you failed. You tried in the television division. You failed. You tried to in the United States division. You failed! You've 'wanted' every title that you've been handed a shot at and you've failed! Yet you think, in MY division, you’re going to succeed with the same tactics? The same lines? The same motivation?

That just leaves two possibilities. You’re either as stupid as everyone else in SCW running their mouths…
her sapphire eyes narrow. Or you think I’m easier than those other divisions where you failed…

And see, Kristen… that is something I take VERY personally. When someone thinks I can be knocked off the mountain – MY mountain – so easily. When someone thinks that they can take this title from me so easily. When someone thinks they can do what I do so easily that they don’t have to change a damn thing about themselves. When someone laughs at me because someone interfered in my match…
Selena visibly flinches at the memory, her nostrils flaring a little for a second.

You want to laugh at that, Kristen? You wanted to laugh at me because I got tackled from behind by a coward and won my match through disqualification… you should be enraged. Because what happens if that happens to you… Oh! Let me spell it out for you, because you’re clearly too stupid to recall. Our match ends in disqualification? You don’t get the title. You don’t get to be champion. You get NOTHING! But you want to laugh because it happened to me? You should have been offended and terrified because it just shows what I have given YOU and this championship with my so-called ‘protection’! What you NEED from me in order to have your fair shot!

Selena shakes her head knowingly.

I take all of that VERY personally, Kristen, because you’re showing me the truth. Because if you couldn’t hack it in those divisions, and you’re too stupid to change your approach and appreciate what I am giving you, then I’m going to tell you straight to your face – you don’t belong in MY division! You don’t belong with the world title!

Because this is going to be a title match unlike any you’ve had before. This is going to be unlike any MATCH you’ve had before, Kristen. Cause if you’re content to just be ‘good’ when I gave you the time to at least attempt to get to ‘great’, then I am going to show you what ‘greatness’ truly is. The canyon of difference between your levels and mine. If you’re content being ‘the same old One’, then I am going to utterly destroy and humiliate you in this ring and make you just ‘another one’, just like those I’ve beaten this year. If you’re content wasting my time, then I am going to waste your chance and send you packing back to the mid-cards.

And here’s the thing, Kirsten… when I’m done with you, it’s not gonna be with an ‘understanding’ like you had last Breakdown towards me “should you win”. I’m not expecting another match with you. No. I’m knocking you back down to where you belong, Kristen, and I’m not going to want to see you or hear you again until you actually do the damn work and reach that new level.

Cause ‘really good’? That isn’t going to cut it here in my division – in MY kingdom. SCW doesn’t need a ‘really good’ world champion. They need a ‘great’ world champion. They need a ‘great’ Face of SCW. They need a ‘great’ superstar and that’s why they need me!

This weekend, Kristen… you’re going to be really good. You’re going to be really close. You’re going to be really tough to beat.

But, when it’s all said and done… you just won’t be close enough. You won’t be tough enough… and you sure as hell won’t be good enough to beat me.

Whether you want to believe it… or not.

Selena gives a wicked smile as the camera slowly fades on the grinning world champion before going to black.
[Image: hffOaUZ.png]
SCW Supreme Champion
6x SCW World Champion
4x SCW World Tag-Team Champion
2x SCW United States Champion
3x SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Television Champion
Longest Reigning SCW World Champion (234 days)
Winner of Shot of Adrenaline Tournament (2016)
Winner of Best of the Best Tournament (2016)
Winner of Trios Tournament (2018)
Winner of U.S. Championship Tournament (2020)
Winner of World Championship Tournament (2023)
Winner of Tactical Warfare (2014, 2019)
Winner of Elimination Chamber (2015)
Winner of Roofed Cage Match (2019)
Winner of Last Person Standing Match (2019)
The Unbelievable Main Event (2021-2023)
Winner of Double Jeopardy Match (2022)
Winner of EOTY Invitational (2023)
Female Wrestler of the Year (2016, 2021, 2022)
Tag-Team of the Year (2020 - w/ Regan Street)
Match of the Year (2018, 2019, 2021, 2023)
Feud of the Year (2014, 2019)

[Image: 34zetxl.png]
DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and not to be confused as complete or accurate representation of any beliefs, religions, etc. Please refer to research/articles by experts for that.

Villain of the Year

”Attack and Defend”

Frost ‘Forever Home’
Manhattan, New York
April 8th, 2024

The house looked exactly the same on the inside. Why that somewhat surprised Selena, she wasn’t quite sure. She recognized the doormat, usually having pairs of shoes or boots standing in the corner by the door, she recognized the pictures hanging on the wall, the stair railing where David had gotten his head stuck that one time. Nothing had really changed. Why did that unnerve her a little? Was Deanna trying to ‘keep the past’ or something? Or was Selena simply overthinking due to being nervous of standing within her ‘Forever Home’ once again – given how shaky things were in her family.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t been here since her departure from the past, but she usually had her children brough to her in the Eyrie Tower in NYC. She… she wasn’t so sure why she felt uneasy being her. Part of her wanted to be here. Part of her never wanted to leave. However, that also meant that part of her desperately wanted to NOT be here.

It felt off – the tension, the memories of both good and wonderful times but also the heartbreaking times recent months had created. It was a tornado of emotions that just… gods she hated it.

But she had promised to be here. Had set the day aside, choosing a day and time where the children would be at school. Where it could just be her and-

“You okay?”

She turned her head to see Deanna standing before her, the redhead having moved back into the mudroom space after letting Selena into the house.

“Yeah…just…” Selena shrugged her shoulders, unable to fully explain. “Feels a little strange. I… I don’t know how to put it into words.”

Despite the vagueness, Deanna merely nodded her head at that. “Feels strange for me too.” She admitted. “But that’s kinda been our whole schtick the last few months.”
“Can’t say I’ve enjoyed it.” Selena sighed. “I rather things be clear.”
“Me too.” Deanna admitted, more to herself than to Selena, though the platinum-blonde did hear it.

Not that it was all bad. Work still continued to be a sore spot for the Frost wives, yet they had tried another date or two with Chica and Evelyn. They had done all they could to follow ‘the rules’ set up for them by Dr. Glengow – no talk about wrestling, no pretending to be anything related to wrestling. Last time, Chica had taken Evelyn to one of the parks for a walk, just chatting about life and weather and – okay, THAT particular conversation had been hard for both Selena and Deanna when wrestling was a ‘forbidden’ topic.

Cause Chica and Evelyn aren’t wrestlers… Selena reminded herself. Still, even with the restriction, it had been a pleasant experience. Selena and Deanna would hash our their issues with Dr. Glengow every week and Chica and Evelyn would meet up, when they could (sometimes Evelyn was ‘out of town’ with her flights or Chica was ‘in the writing zone’ and couldn’t be disturbed), and learn more about themselves in small ways. It was an odd process, seemingly weird on paper, but it was… something to Selena.

However, being here had nothing to do with Chica and Evelyn. She wasn’t here as her alter-ego. She was here as Selena Frost. The SCW world champion. And Deanna was…well, she was Deanna. The United States Champion.

“Should…should we be ashamed?” Selena finally asked. “I mean, that we didn’t even think about this?”

“Are you feeling ashamed?” Deanna asked with a tilt of her head.
“No, but… I mean, given circumstances, it really wasn’t the time for it, but the fact that it’s never even come up.”
“Well…” Deanna shrugged again. “It wasn’t…things were… look, you’re here now and it… it means a lot.”
“I’m trying.” Selena offered apologetically. “I know a lot of shit was said but… I meant what I said-“
“About The One and Breakdown-“
“No… not…okay, yes that, but… the other stuff.” Selena tried. “I really do want things to be better between us.”

Deanna gave a nod. “Chica and Evelyn are getting along.” She offered.
“Yeah.” Selena replied with a slightly louder exhale. “Let’s hope it works out for them.”

An awkward silence hung between them, neither Frost able to continue the conversation right away. Eventually, Deanna cleared her throat to regain the taller Selena’s attention. “Did you bring everything?”

To answer, Selena merely gestured to the black duffle-bag laying at her feet.

“Good.” Deanna nodded her head. “Was the traffic a problem?”
“Not really.” Selena replied back. “Typical New York…”
“Right.” Another nod from the redhead. “Well… come in and… we can get started…I’ll just go change.”

Taking a deep breath, Selena gave a nod of her head, watching her wife ascend the staircases and disappearing into her bedroom – their bedroom. Despite herself, Selena felt her heart speed up nervously. She stared at the empty staircases longer than she should before grabbing her bag and walking further into the house.

“You can do this…” she whispered to herself. Though, if she were honest with herself… she wasn’t entirely sure she could.


The Office of Dr. Glengow
New York City, New York
April 2nd, 2024

“How can you not see that?!” Selena almost grabbed at her own hair in frustration, choosing instead to push herself off the couch from where she was sitting, pacing around the counseling room looking at everything – the books on the shelf, the framed university degrees (though she didn’t take time to read them – too frustrated), the heavy-looking vase of flowers – none of it calmed her in that moment and the only reason she wasn’t putting her fist through a wall (or her foot – she was close to the point of considering that – was because she didn’t want that kind of reputation showing up on TMZ or something like that.

Nearby, she could see Dr. Nia Glengow, her marriage counselor, and her wife, Deanna, staring at her. Neither woman was speaking, both pairs of eyes clearly on Selena. Like I’m crazy… she grit her teeth at the thought.

“Selena… I was just trying to keep you from making a mistake.” Deanna tried to explain.

“It doesn’t matter what you were trying to do!” she felt her voice crack, unintentionally. “We had a deal, Deanna! We made a promise!” she emphasized. “I stay out of your way and you stay out of mine when it comes to SCW! We don’t get involved with each other’s business, remember!? YOU asked for that so you could pursue these insane matches on your own!”

“Is that true?” Glengow asked, her attention, now, on Deanna, who shrugged guiltily.

“But what?” Selena asked. “I get to keep my mouth shut about a Last Woman Standing match but you come out, in public, and talk down to me on Breakdown?!”

“I wasn’t talking down to you!” Deanna emphasized. “I was trying to keep you from making a huge mistake!”

“And what mistake was that?” Glengow asked.
“Don’t encourage her!” Selena barked. “There is no excuse-“

The dark-skinned woman’s glare silenced the Snow Queen dead in her tracks, plunging the room into silence. “You’ve spoken a lot. Right now, I want to hear Deanna’s side of things.”

Despite herself, Selena bit down on her tongue as hard as she could, using the pain to keep herself quiet as Deanna, shaken, tried to collect herself.

“Deanna…” Glengow urged. “Do you think you broke your promise to Selena?”

It took a second for Deanna to exhale a shaky breath before lifting her head back up to the psychiatrist. “Yes.” She answered honestly, earning a nod from Nia.

“And can you understand how that would hurt Selena? How much it would hurt her?”
“Y-yes…” Deanna nodded.
“Did you comprehend that when you made the choice?”
“Not at the moment now – it all happened so fast. She was out there, talking about The One and forcing SCW to cancel The One’s match…”

“I’m sorry, who is-“
“My upcoming wrestling opponent.” Selena explained. “The woman who broke Deanna’s arm over a year ago.” As if that would explain anything.

Still, Deanna was able to continue. “Selena was trying to get One’s world title match revoked on suspicion of collusion with someone that attacked her the week before.”

“Oh come on!” Selena laughed. “I had every right! SOMEONE had to let Kandis get in! Someone had to help get her past security! You think they’re dumb enough to not check someone hidden by a hoodie? Please!”

“And she suspected The One.”

“Why not?!” Again, Selena laughed. “Deanna, what happened the last time I dealt with her? She colluded with Nicole Kinneck to attack me from behind! How many times did she do that to me? To you? It all fit!”

“No. It was shaky at best!” Deanna remarked. “And you were willing to risk looking like a damn coward just on such a theory.”

“So, you broke your promise to Selena.” Nia concluded, earning a nod from Deanna and a huff from Selena.

“Selena had worked… so hard… to get the world title back – to get the division to… something. I don’t really understand what. And I don’t agree with everything she’s done. But the one thing I know is that she isn’t afraid of anyone. That’s the last thing she would want to display. And if she did this, if she started taking away people’s opportunities instead of helping others get them by…” Deanna snapped her fingers, unable to recall the right words.

“Clearing the deck.” Selena spoke up, finishing the sentence for her wife.

“That’s it.” Deanna nodded. “Then all the work would be for nothing.” She turned her attention over to Selena. “I don’t like some of the things you do, but I knew that wasn’t what you wanted. And I…genuinely… don’t think Kristen had anything to do with it.”

Clenching her jaw, Selena shook her head. “Doesn’t matter if she did or she didn’t now. You broke your promise. That’s what hurts, Deanna. Why can’t you see that?”

“I can see that!” Deanna pressed. “I’m sorry I had to, but I felt I had no choice in the matter.”
“You could have spoken to me privately! You could have called me! Left a message! Anything but come out and embarrass me on Breakdown! You think I wasn’t told of your little ‘meeting’ with Aaron Demitria?”

Again, the widening of the eyes and look of shame crossed Deanna’s features as the accusation found its mark.

“I…” she tried to explain. “I just had to know. For my sake.”

“You’re meddling in my affairs, Deanna.” Selena growled. “How would you like it if I started sniffing around the United States title division?”

The question caused Deanna’s head to snap up, emerald eyes staring into Selena’s sapphire ones, prompting the Snow Queen to continue.

“How bout that? Not like I’d have to work hard to be considered for a title shot. We both know you’ve been good with mid-carders. But last time you faced a main-eventer… you lost.” She gave a cold shrug of her shoulders. “What if I decided I wanted to mess around with YOUR business?”

Opening her mouth to speak, Deanna’s mouth slowly closed, the redhead unable to say a word at the moment.

“Selena…” Nia tried. “If I may…” earning the platinum-blonde’s attention. “While Deanna’s breaking of the promise seems motivated for a genuine care and love for you… yours is coming from a place of hurt and bitterness. Can you not see that?”

Selena’s head jerked, eyes blazing at the doctor. “I don’t see why she gets to break the promise but I can’t.”
“I’m not saying you can’t.” Nia clarified. “No one here is ‘unable’ to do anything.” To prove her point, she stood up, moving over to Selena. “Punch your wife in the face.”

“What?” Selena asked shocked.
“WHAT?!” Deanna asked, even more shocked.

“Go ahead.” Nia remarked. “Actually… punch me in the face.” She offered with a shrug of her shoulders. “I’m not a fighter. I won’t fight back.”
“Selena, don’t!” Deanna ordered.

“I won’t.” Selena barked back at Deanna. “I’m not that stupid.”
“Exactly!” Nia remarked, returning to her chair. “You won’t do it because of the situation and of consequences. No one is ‘unable’ to do anything. I merely ask that you consider the consequences of your actions, Selena. Back to the conversation, you COULD go after your wife in retaliation, but will that do any good now? Will it undo your match? Will it undo what’s been done?”

Selena thought about that for a moment before shaking her head. The match was signed and sealed. She had ensured that shortly after Deanna had come out on Breakdown to campaign for Kristen Scott – of all people!

“No, it won’t. But what would happen if you did punish Deanna for trying to look out for you?”

For a moment, Selena’s eyes fluttered over to her wife’s, the redhead gazing her with a look that seemed apologetic and frightened.

There was no good answer she could give. ‘It’ll make me feel better’ wasn’t anywhere near good enough for one. It terms of herself? Worst case scenario, Deanna stunned her and beat her. And then what? Then Deanna would be pulled towards the world title picture again (assuming Selena beat Kristen, of course). Best case scenario for the Snow Queen, she’d win, using her experience and newer mentality to overcome her wife’s ‘grit’. And then what? She would destroy the greatest title run her wife had ever had! Hell, Deanna’s current reign as United States Champion had eclipsed Selena’s longest reign as world champion by several days! In fact, Selena had NEVER held a title as long as Deanna had held hers since July. Nobody in SCW had in a long time! It was… Selena had to admit… something that was gaining notoriety the longer it last. Not that it would breath the established longest reign in the title’s history, but the fact that there hadn’t been many title reigns in the past five or so years that matched Deanna’s in terms of length, including any of Selena’s?

And she was contemplating ending it – the history-making reign for her wife, who needed it almost as much as Selena, deep down, needed the world title.

But she broke her promise! Growled the ‘devil’s voice’ in her mind, surging her frustration further. But she refused to lash out again. Instead, she merely sighed. “Fine.” Selena shrugged. “She can get away with it. That’s apparently what a promise is worth. She can break it, but I can’t. Long as she has an excuse.” She turned her back to the pair of women watching her, tossing her iconic braid back over her shoulder.

“That’s not fair.” Deanna remarked. “I only broke it that once.”
“And with Aaron Demitria.”
“That doesn’t count!” Deanna shot back. “I told you I just wanted to hear it from him that he wasn’t bought or something.”
“And you couldn’t ask me because?”
“Because I wouldn’t…” Deanna gulped on her words before pressing them out. “Because I don’t think I would trust whatever you told me.”


She had not meant to yell at Deanna, or even to raise her voice, but hearing that remark again! Like she had weeks ago. “What did I do, Deanna? Huh? You believe in Kristen Scott – are you fucking kidding me?! The woman who broke your arm to get to me! The woman that stalked you! That got a lunatic to join her and hurt us! The woman that disrespected everything you did with that title! That discredited you! That swore to do more than break your arm if you let her! You trust her over me?! Her word over mine?!”

Selena huffed a breath, unable to make sense of the situation before her. “What the hell did I do where THAT makes sense?! Where my own wife doesn’t believe in me?!”

“You left me!” Deanna shouted back. “You broke my heart, Selena!”

“Oh gods…this again!” Selena laughed. “How long are you going to play that card with me?! I didn’t want to go back to SCW! You forced me to! You and the SCW Management! I told you there would be consequences. I told you that things couldn’t go back to the way they were! You wouldn’t listen! You kept pushing! You wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer!”

“Because I could see what it was doing to you-“

“And you know better, right? Just like last Breakdown, right?! You knew better than me, right? You always know better than me, right?! I’m just a big idiot that knows how to kick, right?! I can’t possibly know for a single second what the hell I am doing!”

“I never said that!” Deanna countered.
“Well you sure as hell are acting like you believe that!” Selena countered back.

“Alright, stop!” Nia’s voice, calm but authoritative, was like a bolt of lightning, silencing the room once more. “I will not turn my space into a shouting match when it’s just to lash out.” Her eyes turned to Selena. “Selena, please sit down.”

“I can’t…” Selena shook her head, her body trembling. “I’m too…I’m too shot… my nerves.” She held out her hands, revealing how they trembled.

“Selena…” Deanna got up, causing the platinum-blonde to stumble back a few steps.

“No…” she whispered, wrapping her arms around herself. “You have no idea how much it hurts.” She whispered. “I don’t give a fuck what everyone else believes. They can hate me… I don’t mind it. It’s…it’s fun to make them look like fools.” She admitted, a sad laugh escaping her. “But you? I…” she shook her head. “I never thought you would ever stop believing in how much I love you and want the best for you and that everything I do is for you, me, for our family…”

Again, Deanna opened her mouth to talk but no words came out. She couldn’t find any. But her eyes were able to find tears to shed as they trailed down her cheeks. Sitting back down, the redhead was offered a box of tissues by Dr. Glengow. Selena, meanwhile, had taken support in the corner by the bookshelf, keeping herself there, her arms still wrapped around herself.

“Okay.” Nia breathed. “This is something we need to unpack.” She stated slowly. “There is some serious damage here.” She turned her attention to Deanna. “Deanna. Can you see what your choices have done to Selena?”

The redhead turned her eyes to Selena, who could not fully meet her gaze. “Yes…” she whispered. “And I am sorry, Selena. I really am. I just…” she sighed. “I don’t even know what I was doing anymore. I’m just so…I don’t know what to feel right now.”

“Numb.” Selena answered. “That’s what I am feeling right now.”

“It’s an emotional shut down.” Nia sighed. “It happens in these kind of sessions.” She adjusted her notepad in her hands. “Okay, we cannot change what has been done. But what can we take from this? What can we learn from this experience? Deanna, can you return to your promise not to get involved in Selena’s business at work?”

“I…” Deanna tried to answer before stopping herself. “I’m sorry, but… no. I can’t promise that. I was stupid to promise that. I won’t go actively looking for something but I… I can’t promise something like that again when breaking was a reflex.”

Selena wanted to be enraged at that answer. Wanted to shout and scream and frighten Deanna into returning to that promise, maybe with a fuller threat of coming after her United States title… but she couldn’t. Because it had been unfair to ask that of her.

How did she know? Because it had taken everything the Snow Queen had not to talk Deanna out of the Last Woman Standing match the redhead had had with Polly. Deep down, she had wanted to converse with Deanna, to inform her of the risks and to have her reconsider. Who cared if Polly questioned Deanna’s grit? Selena was questioned on a daily basis these days about everything! Her integrity, her skill, her courage. Hell, everyone believed that she had Aaron Demitria in her pocket, more so now because she had done the right thing and ran out to protect him after Religious Wright shoved the man into the ropes during the zealot’s match with Syren, something Syren should have done but when was THAT woman going to do anything for anyone other than herself?

“Selena?” the Snow Queen focused her attention on her counselor. “Can there be another compromise instead?”

She turned her head to glare at Deanna, her body a mixture of emotions ranging from frustration and rage to confusion and hurt. Eventually, she merely gave a shrug.

“Believe in whoever you want. It doesn’t matter.” She gave a laugh. “Cause it just makes me want to beat One all the more.”

“Selena…” Deanna tried.

“No, Deanna.” Selena shook her head, her voice a deep calm. “You can sit back and have the pay-per-view off, since you’re more concerned with my business than being the United States Champion. And you can watch the show from wherever and watch me beat the holy hell out of the girl you respect and believe in – cause that clearly isn’t me.”

She couldn’t help the smirk that came to her features. “It’s funny because…” she gazed at Deanna again. “At first, I just wanted to beat her because she was an opponent. Because she was ‘next’. But now? To show you what a mistake you made? Oh, that will be a lot more fun!”

“Selena…” Nia warned, gaining the older Frost’s attention.

“What?” Selena smiled. “Didn’t you say there were consequences to actions?”
“I did.” Nia nodded, although not quite as enthusiastic with the direction the conversation had gone as Selena was.

“Well, consequences. My wife believes this woman deserves respect and a title shot. I say she doesn’t deserve either. But if she’s so sure One is ready for it that she supports her with ‘good luck’, well… then whatever happens can be her fault too.”

“You…” Deanna looked up at Selena, pushing herself to her feet. “You don’t have to hurt her, Selena. I’m not saying you can’t beat her. You can… but she has a chance too.”

“And you want her to beat me, don’t you?” Selena asked, her eyes narrowing at Deanna. “Because, deep down, you don’t want me as world champion, do you?”

Deanna was silent, her jaw clenching shut.
“Deanna?” Glengow tried. “Can you answer the question?”

“No… she can’t.” Selena smirked knowingly. “Because she knows it’s true. She thinks that me losing the world title will ‘fix everything’. That’s the real reason you got involved, wasn’t it?”

“No!” Deanna tried but Selena wasn’t hearing any of it.

“Because you think that Scott CAN beat me. Because you’ve fought her more than I have and you managed to get by her. You know what she is capable of and what she can do, so you, more than anyone, would know if she is capable of beating me… and you’re banking on that. That’s why you lent her your support. Why you believe in her…” A sad sigh escaped Selena. “Because you still think I need to be fixed.”

Before her, Selena could see her wife fighting back tears, trying desperately to say something, but still unable to find the words.

“What will it take, Deanna?” Selena asked, tilting her head. “Are you going to cheer if she cuts my head open? You going to clap your hands if I’m right about her and Kandis and she plans another ambush that costs me the match? Maybe with Simon Lyman or, secretly, Asher Hayes? You going to whoop and holler and give her a big hug if she BREAKS MY ARM?!”

“STOP IT!” Deanna suddenly cried out, collapsing down on the couch, holding her head in her hands. “I don’t want any of that!” She cried out, her sobs breaking through her words as she shook. It was enough to get Nia Glengow to stand up, the doctor glaring at Selena.

“You’re crossing a line here, Selena.” Glengow stated. “This is supposed to be about helping your marriage. To find the problems and to heal it.”

“And the problem is my wife doesn’t believe in me, wants me to fall flat on my face and probably have my arm broken!” Selena shot back. “Heal away, doc!”

“Quite frankly… I don’t think I can.”

The remark stunned Selena, shutting her up with barely a “What?” uttered.

“Week after week, I have seen you two make progress with these activities. The alter-ego dating, the listening activities – I thought we were getting somewhere. But now? I keep seeing her letting herself be more and more vulnerable…” she gestured to Deanna. “While you get more and more defensive and punishing her for it.”

“How am I punishing her?” Selena asked. “I’m the one that’s getting the short end here.”
“You threatened to come after her and hurt her own career because she felt that she had to break a promise for YOUR sake. You threatened to hurt the person she supported because it wasn’t you this one time. And now you’re accusing her of things she never said here.” Nia shrugged. “If you ask me, you’re an insecure, bitter woman and, quite frankly, I’m surprised Deanna is here in the first place rather than divorcing you.”

Selena’s eyes went wide, her mouth hanging open. “How is that helping?” she asked in disbelief. “I’m paying you-“
“My practice emphasis honestly and vulnerability between partners, Selena. To give them a safe space to do so, but I’m not going to waste my clients’ time or money if I truly believe I can’t help them. And right now? I can help her.” Again, she gestured towards Deanna. “But I don’t think I can help you.”

The silence Selena was stunned into was far louder than saying any sound. How had it come to this? She had felt so righteous in her anger! Deanna was the one breaking promises and not being supportive! How was SHE the villain here?! How was she the one being vilified when she was just reacting to the unfair hand that been dealt her way?!

“Dr. Glengow…” the calling came not from Selena but from Deanna. “Please don’t dismiss us.” The remark was more of a plea than anything, yet it was enough to get the counselor’s attention.

“I’m sorry, Deanna, but…”

“You don’t know the pressure Selena is under.” Deanna tried to explain. “All her life, people have tried to punish her just because they couldn’t beat her. They smashed her foot, fractured her fibs, Selena show her your back.”
“I…” Selena stammered. “I don’t think that’s necessary.” She replied weakly.

“Fine.” Deanna continued. “But if you saw it, you’d see scars lining it. Scars from people she was protecting SCW and…and me… from. And all that time… she’s only ever asked for one thing from me.” She turned her gaze towards Selena. “Do you remember what it is?”

Too scared to give it full thought, Selena could only shrug. “A motorcycle?”

It was enough for Deanna to cry a small laugh. “No. It was that I never stopped trusting her or believing in her.” She sighed. “Dr. Glengow, I know what you saw now puts Selena in a bad light. But you don’t know what trust and belief mean to her. And I’ve broken all three. And she’s… she’s scared.”

Selena said nothing, too surprised by Deanna’s assessment (and simultaneous defense) of her.

“And she only knows how to fight against whatever is scaring her. Fight with everything she has…” she sighed, returning her gaze to Selena. “I do want you to lose the world title.” She admitted. “I want the burden off your shoulders because…because I think it’s hurting you more than you realize. But… I also know why you need it… and I won’t get in the way of that. Or I’ll try not to.”

There was an awkward silence between the two of them, the Frost wives merely staring at one another.

“Selena.” Glengow called out, rather sharply. “Are you going to meet your wife halfway here? Or punish her for coming to your defense?”

“I…” Selena breathed, slowly pulling herself away from the bookshelf and moving closer to the redhead. In response, Deanna shuffled over to the side, giving Selena enough space to sit down beside her. “I’m still hurt.”

“I know. I am too.” Deanna nodded patiently.
“And I still want to hurt Kristen.”
“She knows what she’s getting into. So do you.”

Slowly, almost in the slowest of slow motion, Deanna’s hand reached out to take Selena’s into hers. “Two steps forward and one step back, right?” she teased hesitantly.
“N…” Selena stammered, gazing down at her hand, conjoined with Deanna’s. “Never was the best learner.” She whispered about herself. They barely heard Nia sitting down back in her chair, her eyes studying the couple before her.

“This.” She gestured with her pen. “This is what I want to bring you two to. This… this is the end goal.”

“I’ll…” Selena breathed. “I’ll do whatever I can to get back to that.”
“Me too.” Deanna nodded.

“Then I have one last question for you today…” Glengow leaned forward. “When was the last time you two felt like this?”


Frost ‘Forever Home’
Manhattan, New York
April 8th, 2024

Selena spied herself in the bathroom mirror as she pulled off her black t-shirt, revealing her black bra and her back. Immediately, her eyes settled on the map of scars that lined her back. You couldn’t go far in looking across the expanse of skin without seeing a scar somewhere. Can’t believe Deanna wanted me to show this to Nia. she almost laughed aloud. Poor woman would have thought I was crazy… or crazier than I already was or something. Maybe would have called the cops.

She studied the scars for another moment before turning around to face herself in the mirror. She tried to ignore the bags under her eyes as she fixed her hair into the braid she was known for. It had taken her a week to get this all together, and with Deanna fighting David Striker, it was the best they could do before needing to head to New Jersey for the pay-per-view. Least it’s close to home… she thought simply, and while she knew she would still get booed in Jersey, the notion only further her desire to prevent losing the title this weekend.

The title Deanna wants you to lose…

She sighed aloud. She had tried not to dwell on everything that had been said in the heat of emotions last week in Glengow’s office. In truth? Scott was a good competitor. If she hadn’t won the title shot at Fatal Fortunes, it would have only been a matter of time till she had a title shot anyway. The woman was good and had worked hard to get better, maybe learning a thing or two from Deanna.

But if there was one thing she hadn’t been able to shake from last week - her desire to hurt Scott. Maybe it was unwarranted but Selena did not care. She didn’t want to lose the world title to Scott – it was a tie between the One and Kandis on that. Hell, after the last few weeks and everything said, Selena, honestly, preferred the idea of losing the world title to Xander or Ravyn (but not Syren, that woman didn’t deserve a chance at the world title for the crap she’d done).

But to lose to the woman that had broken her wife’s arm?
To the woman that Deanna believed in?

She may have let go of her anger towards Deanna in that, but she was still pissed. “That’s not what I’m here for.” She whispered to her reflection. “We will deal with that later.” She promised herself just as she heard a knock on the door.

“Selena?” it was Deanna’s voice.
“I’m still getting changed.”
“Yeah… listen can I open the door and give you something? I promise I won’t intrude.”
“I…” slightly confused, Selena looked around the room. Why, she wasn’t sure. “Okay.”

The handle to the door slowly turned and the door opened just a little, enough for a hand to slip through, that hand holding a plastic, clothing hook with something on it.

“I know it’s a lot to ask… but can you wear this, please?”

Slowly, hearing her wife’s request, Selena took the garment from her wife to study it, her eyes going wide. “How did you get this?” Selena asked. “I took them all with me when I left.”

“You left one in wash.” Deanna answered honestly. “I found it… after you left.”
“Oh…okay…” Selena looked down at the attire with some embarrassment. “I’ll…I’ll just be a minute.”

There was no other sound but Deanna’s retreating steps as the woman walked away, leaving Selena alone with her thoughts. Despite herself, she stared at the light-blue and black outfit… her old wrestling attire, the one she had worn at Rise to Greatness before… well, everything. Before she had left SCW, before she had come back as the Blue-Eyed Devil, before… again, everything.

She wasn’t surprised at Deanna’s request, but there was no shaking the discomfort in the idea of wearing it. After what you did? her mind mocked, knocking the Snow Queen back to her senses. Without another objection, she slipped into the outfit, remembering perfectly how to put on each piece. She was out of the bathroom in minutes, quickly digging into her nearby duffle-bag to pull out the SCW world championship title. Adjusting it on her shoulder, the platinum-blonde slowly walked out of the basement bathroom, down the hall and into the main room, where she saw the lights and the screen set up, a large photo camera set up on a tripod. Making adjustments to the tech was Deanna, the redhead distracted enough for Selena to study her. Like Selena, the younger Frost was wearing her own wrestling attire, complete with fall leaves and the snowflake. Her hair was free and curled, like it had that night in Toronto.

Clearing her throat, Selena waited for Deanna to look up and see her. “Wow.” Was all the redhead could say. “Hello, stranger.” She smiled. “Been awhile since I’ve seen you.”

“I feel so…” Selena sighed. “Not me.” She admitted. The costume, which had been tailor-made for her, now felt a little baggy, but not enough to really notice to anyone but the wearer. “That weird?”

“No.” Deanna shook her head. “But I do appreciate this.”

“Like I said – if it helps.” She shrugged. “But at least I know now why we didn’t do this at Toronto!”

Good-naturedly, Selena titled her head. “Because, same situation the year prior? I lost the world title to Allocco. I was scared that if we did, I’d lose it to Kandis. That’s why I didn’t want a photo.”

“Repeating history?” Deanna asked, earning a nod from Selena.
“Exactly. After that, well…” she shrugged.

“Better late than never!” Deanna quickly rushed, making one last adjustment to the camera before marching over to Selena. Taking the pale hands into hers, Deanna pulled the woman into the ‘shoot area’ of the camera before jumping away to grab the SCW United States title lying on the ground by the camera. Holding it back up, she rushed back over to Selena. “Perfect!” she remarked. “Three or so months both being champions and we finally are getting a picture together!”

“Yeah…” Selena smiled, tired but in good humor. “But if I lose this weekend to Scott, I’m blaming you.”
“Does that mean if you win I get the credit too?” Deanna asked before reaching up to adjust Selena’s head and posture.
“Fat chance.” Selena laughed. “I don’t get credit for your wins even though I trained you.”
“I’ve got a place for you in my autobiography.” Deanna stated.
“You have an autobiography?” Selena raised an eyebrow.

“I might… someday.” Deanna shrugged as the camera began to click rapidly, taking a picture every other second. Hearing it, the Frost wives posed and adjusted, posed and adjusted, each woman holding their own respective title together.

The last time they had done this… was the last time they had felt so connected… when they had been the world tag-team champions together, united and strong. The perfect couple – the ‘it’ couple of SCW, as people had called them on Twitter. With their backs together, both women held up their title towards the camera, a smile on both of their faces.

For Selena, she tried desperately not to have a devlish smirk, but rather the happy, hopeful face she had back when she had been ‘The Face of SCW’ and Deanna had been ‘The Queen’s Guard’. Did it feel fake to her? Yes… but seeing the smile on Deanna’s face? How could she say anything about it?

The camera kept clicking. “Hold on.” Deanna remarked. “I wanna try this pose.”

Holding the title up, she wrapped her arm around Selena, pulling her in close. The platinum-blonde ignored the leap in her chest at being so close to her wife, the first time in months, and, instead, matched her pose with her own title. She could smell her wife’s perfume and feel the warmth of her face as her cheek touched Selena’s.

Instinctively, Selena turned her head, hearing the camera clicking and pressed her lips gently against Deanna’s cheek, hearing the gasp come from Deanna for a second before the redhead turned to Selena, her eyes wide.

“What?” Selena asked. “Did I screw up? I thought you wanted…”

She was unable to finish the sentence as Deanna suddenly had her hands on Selena’s winter-coat, pulling the woman in for a fierce kiss. Even the clicking of the camera was muffled out by the blood rushing through Selena’s ears as she held her wife to her. A second passed before the two separated, both women’s eyes wide at what they had just done.

“O…okay then…” Deanna sighed, dropping her title to the ground and moving over to the camera. “The shoot’s done.”

“Deanna, I…” Selena tried. “I’m sorry… I didn’t…”

Without responding, Deanna took the world title out of Selena’s hand and tossed it to the ground, leaving it and her title behind as she took her wife’s hand in hers again and began pulling her away from the photoshoot area. “Get out of those clothes.” She ordered as she began pulling at her own attire.

“Wha…why?” Selena asked, utter confusion in her voice. It was enough to cause Deanna to turn around and stare the taller woman down.

“Because I don’t want a shred of you or I on when I take you upstairs. Not Selena. Not Deanna. Not the wrestlers. Let’s… I just want us to be Chica and Evelyn right now.”

“I don’t…why?” Selena asked, still unsure what was happening.

“Because I need you.” Deanna sighed. “And if I can’t sleep with my wife… then I rather sleep, as Evelyn, with Chica. Now come on.”

She continued to pull Selena up the stairs towards her… their bedroom, helping Selena remove her and her own clothes along the way. “You’ve got about 3 hours till the kids come on.” She warned as she managed to wrestle off Selena’s shirt. “Make me believe in you.”

The green light finally went off in Selena’s head and… she just let go. Let go of everything she had been holding back as she pulled Deanna in and kissed her fully, helping her to get them out of their clothes as best as she could.

You can do this… she thought to herself. And, if she were entirely honest with herself…

It was the only thing she entirely believed she COULD do…


[Image: tetXUW1.gif]

The camera opens up to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The arena is devoid of people, but the set of SCW’s upcoming pay-per-view ‘Taking the Leap’ is set up beautifully. There is a chill in the air that, while unfelt by the viewers of this segment, can still, somehow be known deep in their spines. Amidst the dark purple, blue and white lights centered around the wrestling ring, however, stands none other than the SCW world champion, herself, Selena Frost. The Blue-Eyed Devil seems deep in thought as she holds the world championship over her shoulder, the gold of the title contrasting with the black leather of her jacket and the platinum-blonde of her iconic braid. Lifting her head as the camera moves in closer, she looks around the ring – HER ring at the empty arena… HER arena.

Newark, New Jersey… she speaks aloud to the empty seats, waiting only a few seconds for her words to settle before speaking again. Do you believe?

She pauses, allowing a knowing smile to grace her lips. Of course you don’t. And I don’t mean that because of who I am… well, I kind of do… but the real blame here is who YOU are. I mean, let’s face it – even if this was two years ago and I was the top-liked person in SCW, you’d all still boo me. She laughs a little.

I mean, come on… We’re in New Jersey! Any New Yorker knows what I am talking about and, even in this big arena… compared to my last promo in New York, this is a definite downgrade. You guys are like the backyard barn animal of New York, every Yorker knows that. I mean, the only thing faker than you guys are your spray-on tans!

She gives a shrug. The good news! The good news that I can take from this whole thing… is that when I’m done here, NYC is only about a half an hour drive away. So I can do my job and be back in the ‘promised land’ in less than an hour, so I can at least be happy about that! Less time here for me, the better off I am.

And I’m gonna need that too. Because I’m gonna want to relax in my tower-castle in NYC, soak up in a nice ice bath, take everything in – hell, I can even celebrate after tonight. I’m going to deserve it. Because tonight is going to be hard work! Tonight, I’m not here just to do a job. No no…
she shakes her head. I am here to make an example.

An example of someone that is as fake as all of you Jersey folk. Of course, I’m talking about Kristen Scott. The supposed ‘One’. As in, ‘The One’ that’s gonna change all of SCW! ‘The One’ that’s supposedly a ‘certain thing’! ‘The One’ that supposedly is the one to take me down and take the SCW world championship from me.

A laugh escapes her. ’The One’ that is the biggest liar in SCW! her smile immediately disappears, replaced by a cold glare.

Think you’re funny, don’t you, Kristen? You want to say you ‘respect’ me after telling me, last Breakdown, that I’m ‘everything in the old generation you despise’? You want to say I earned this title after repeating the same crap everyone else has said about me ‘hiding behind contract clauses’? You want to call me a coward but then praise me as ‘being like you’?

A growl escapes the Snow Queen as she glares at the camera. We are nothing alike, Scott. I’ve never lied to a soul. Everything I’ve said in this business, I have done. Everything I have said in this business, I have stood by! Whether it got me ‘over’ or not. But you? You stand in a cow-field and preach that shit about respect? Maybe it was appropriate… because, like that field, you’re full of crap!

Taking the title off her shoulder, Selena places it on the turnbuckle before moving around the ring slowly. You don’t get it, do you, Kristen? I’m the reason anyone is even paying attention to you. I am the reason anyone is giving you the time of day with believing that you’re ‘the one’. I am MAKING you the potential ‘One’ because I’ve beaten everyone that was in your way. Look around! Management is scrounging – digging up fossils like Ravyn and Xander – just to TRY and get me a halfway decent challenger after this because I took down ALL the top notch guys from this season!

People here – people that will fill these seats, probably half or full drunk, are going to be cheering you and believing in you, FINALLY, because of ME! Because they want to lie to themselves as you are lying to them! They want to believe that you truly are the ‘one’ because, at this point, any ‘one’ will do in their pitiful minds! Anyone will do that can take this title off me, but NO ONE can take this title off me! I’m too smart! I’m too resilient! I’m too experienced! I’m too high above every other level, including yours!

Moving away a little, Selena sees a chair set up in the middle of the ring. Gracefully, she sits on it, forearms on her knees. And I’m tired of dealing with people like you, Kristen. You want to know why I am so focused tonight? Why I am so dialed in and growling? Because I’m sick of people who will just ‘say anything’. I’m sick of hypocrites. I’m sick of liars. I’m sick of people like the SCW Universe and people like you that will do or say anything to get ahead. Anything but do the actual work!

That right there?
she points to the world title. You said that THAT’S been the goal for you all along? That was your crowning achievement? That was “IT” for you? she gives a bitter laugh. Not what you said last year against Deanna…

Hey! You brought this up so we are going there, Kristen! I didn’t want to but you kept saying my wife’s name over and over again. You brought her into this! So we are going there! Last year, you were preaching about how the United States title was ‘it’ for you! That that title was more important than any other title for you! Want to go further back? A little over a year ago, you said the tag-team titles were ‘it’ for you. That getting those titles with Nicole Kinneck/Pro was ‘it’ for you. That those were the most important titles to you! More? You had a Television title reign – called yourself the ‘workhorse of SCW’, right? Said THAT title was the most important title for you.

Which one is it, Kristen?
Her eyes narrow. Because I’ve NEVER faltered. Ever since I won that title in 2016, this title has been ‘it’ for me. And I’ve always found my way back to it! Spending months, years, clawing and scratching my way to be the world champion six times over – to be the best there is in SCW, exactly what I am now! But I’m supposed to believe you’re the same as me? That you want this as much as I need this title?

Selena scoffs, shaking her head. What’ll be next week, huh, Kristen? You gonna start claiming the Adrenaline title is ‘it’ for you? You gonna go back to Deanna and beg for ‘one more match’? You gonna try another movie-reference or something while trying to become TV champion one more time?

Because if this title – MY title – was truly ‘it’ for you, Kristen… if this title was truly the ‘endgame’ and ‘be all end all’ for you, Kristen, why didn’t you take me out sooner? I mean, Deanna went to bat for you didn’t she? Said you ‘always work directly’, right? You face things head on? And yet… That’s something I’ve not quite figured out yet. You had your Trios contract. You had your golden ticket. Why didn’t you use it to become world champion? Hell, if it was me you wanted to face, why not use it while I was champion last year? Insert yourself into the main-event at Rise to Greatness or challenge me – ‘head on’ - on Breakdown? Better yet, why not cash in on your match win at Fatal Fortunes and get your shot? Why let me rampage through here and take what I want? You could have beaten Asher, definitely could have beaten the walking STD...

A laugh comes out of the Snow Queen before her expression grows serious once more. You know why I don’t respect you like Deanna does, Kristen? Why I don’t believe in you like she does? Because she’s looking back with rose-tinted glasses at the feud that started her journey to be the megastar that she is becoming. She looks back and sees the good. I see the truth. She’s still naïve. I love her but she is still new to this world. Me? I see you for who you really are. I see you for the liar and the coward YOU really are. Because you want to blame me for what I did? You want to blame me for ‘ruining SCW’ or ‘hiding behind contract clauses’?

Kristen… you could have stopped it all! You were the only ONE, Kristen, that could have stopped me. You had the power to take the title and shoot past me. Yeah, everyone talks and complains about me ‘shooting ahead of the line’, but you? You had the power to get your shot before me, before the slut, before everyone else. You had the power to stop me dead in my tracks! If you are ‘the One’ to do that, why didn’t you?

A smile forms on Selena’s features. Because deep down… you know you’re not the one. Deep down, Kristen, you’ve been scared of me from the second I came back. The second I came back and took what was mine, and you’ve been delaying and hiding from me because you know, deep down, you can’t beat me! It’s why Deanna was your target years ago instead of me head-on. Why you broke her arm to ‘get to me’, right? Cause you couldn’t face me head on. Why you hid away rather than take what you ‘longed for’.

And that hasn’t changed. You’re the same coward, saying whatever is ‘buzzworthy’. This being ‘your night’. This being ‘your chance’, your ‘moment’, when you have no idea or desire to do what I do…

Selena looks up from where she sits, glaring at the camera as, seemingly, a notion comes to her. You think you can do what I do, Kristen? That it? You think you can carry this company on your back? You think you can represent what this title needs? You talk about integrity, where the hell was YOUR integrity when you broke Deanna’s arm? Scratch that. Where was your integrity when you stacked the deck against Deanna in the elimination chamber match just before I came back? Where you put her against 3 people and teamed her with two people that hated her guts and even attacked her during said match?! A match where, in case anyone forgot, forbade Deanna from ever getting a rematch long as you were champion if you won the United States championship – which you couldn’t even do! Where was your fucking integrity than, Kristen? Yet, you want to do what I do? You want to carry this belt, this company, on your shoulders and change the landscape like I have?!

She shakes her head. That’s not how this is going to go, Kristen, because that’s not what you do. Like I said, look at your track record! You come in, you make the same promises over and over again, put over whatever title you’re placed in as ‘the one for The One’, you fail or you meet resistance and you abandon it, just like you abandoned Nicole Kinneck when she couldn’t deliver the tag titles to you. Just like you abandon everyone, every division, and everything that is better than you or out of your reach.

And me? I’m as far out of your reach as it gets!

I get it! You’re dangerous. I get it! You’re tough. You’re desperate. You’re hungry. You’re hopeful. You’ve made that clear – you’ve proven it!
she gives a knowing shake of her head and shrug of her shoulders. But you don’t have it in you, Kristen. You don’t have it in you to be the world champion. You don’t have it in you to be the megastar of this place. You don’t have it in you to bring the eyes in on this place and carry this company alone. You’re too much of a coward. You’re too much of a spineless worm to get the job done. To face the odds. To pull the trigger. To take the hate and the jealousy from them and use it as fuel to propel yourself higher and higher. To have conviction other than a stupid little phrase about death and taxes.

She shakes her head. And you know it. You’ve always known it. That’s why you were already talking about me getting a ‘rematch’ and getting the title back… before you even won the damn thing in the first place! Because you know… the future with me as the world champion? That’s a certainty. That’s a forgone conclusion. That’s essential and that is set.

You? You’re not really looking for that, are you? You’re not really looking to change the landscape – that’s just a catchphrase for you. That’s just buzzwords you use to sound cool. But deep down? You don’t want that.

You just want a moment. Just like the slut, just like Asher, just like Simon, just like Allocco, like Ace Marshall and every other person that’s come my way, desperately trying to be what I am. Nobody wants to do what I do. It’s too hard. It’s too draining. It takes so much out of you. They just want a moment. A moment where they say “I was world champion”! Whether it’s for a few months, a few weeks or a few seconds like a certain blonde loudmouth in the tag-division…
Selena throws a wink at the camera. That’s all you, and everybody else wants. A moment that you can hang onto for the rest of your life and milk it for all its worth, fake and false as it may be…

And I’m not about to give you that, Kristen. I’m not going to cripple this company just so you can cry a few tears, tell the world you ‘did it’ and then fuck it all up at the first title defense you have. I’m not gonna give you that moment just so you can set everything back to ‘how it was’ with controversy and tainted matches. Not just so you can laugh a little and cry a little and feel good about FINALLY keeping a damn promise in your career. You want that? Go back to being ‘the workhorse’. You actually were pretty damn good at being that.

Pushing herself to her feet, Selena shakes her head at the camera. But you’re not cut out to be ‘it’ here. You’re not cut out to be ‘the One’ here, Kristen. Tonight, your ‘moment’ isn’t going to come. Your ‘moment’ isn’t going to happen at MY expense. At MY legacy. At the expense of the money I make and the food I provide for my children and my family!

Unlike you, Kristen, I’m not afraid to pull the trigger. And tonight, that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to line you up, I’m going to set up my killshot… and I am going to pull the trigger. And unlike you ‘calling your shot’ over and over again, in division after division, against a Frost over and over again… I won’t be needing a second shot because I won’t miss.

Reaching over, Selena takes the title belt off the turnbuckle, her back foot kicking the chair away from her.

You’ve flirted in my world long enough, Scott. Tonight, I take you out of it. Whether you want to believe it… or not!

Slowly, Selena raises the title over her head proudly, the cold glare never wavering from her features as the camera fades to black.
[Image: hffOaUZ.png]
SCW Supreme Champion
6x SCW World Champion
4x SCW World Tag-Team Champion
2x SCW United States Champion
3x SCW Adrenaline Champion
SCW Television Champion
Longest Reigning SCW World Champion (234 days)
Winner of Shot of Adrenaline Tournament (2016)
Winner of Best of the Best Tournament (2016)
Winner of Trios Tournament (2018)
Winner of U.S. Championship Tournament (2020)
Winner of World Championship Tournament (2023)
Winner of Tactical Warfare (2014, 2019)
Winner of Elimination Chamber (2015)
Winner of Roofed Cage Match (2019)
Winner of Last Person Standing Match (2019)
The Unbelievable Main Event (2021-2023)
Winner of Double Jeopardy Match (2022)
Winner of EOTY Invitational (2023)
Female Wrestler of the Year (2016, 2021, 2022)
Tag-Team of the Year (2020 - w/ Regan Street)
Match of the Year (2018, 2019, 2021, 2023)
Feud of the Year (2014, 2019)

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