Alright, I’m back with another one of my organized rants to help you all with trying to figure out what I like and dislike in your roleplays. This one probably won’t surprise many but the hell with it, I’m still going to say it because people still do a lot of these or they still act like this.

For the love of God, SCW does not have a House Show every day!

I’ve read quite a few of the roleplays and suddenly, without my knowledge, SCW is running perpetual house shows every day of the week and at every possible second. You’d think I’d know if I was breaking government working laws just to please the fans all that much. However, I’m not doing this, so stop acting like it.

Quite simply, I HATE roleplays in which the guy goes out to talk to the crowd. Why? They are EXTREMELY uncreative. If you have something to say that bad in front of a crowd, at least be a bit more creative or submit it for a segment on Breakdown. But SCW does not have a crowd around 24/7 so you can talk to the fans. Be realistic for one and also creative. It often kills your creativity rating in my eyes and then you have to have a hell of a promo and make your character look good like there is no tomorrow or else you’re fighting a huge uphill battle.

I’m a Main Eventer! Okay….act like it!

My favourite new thing I’ve seen in SCW recently is everyone claiming to be a main eventer. However, let me define a main eventer.

Oleksa’s Definition of Main Eventer:
A consistent roleplayer who always does his best to be a positive contributor to the fed, while taking on all comers, helping those who are struggling, and being a leader in the federation.

Does that make sense to you all?

I think it makes sense. And notice how I never really mentioned that you’re headlining the show. It makes sense, but I’ll say this if you allow me to be an arrogant bastard. I’m sure that if I thought hard enough, I could make a hell of an ending segment and I could put two newcomers in the “main event” or last match if I wanted to.

Being a main eventer means that you do what you can for the fed. You don’t whine, moan, bitch and complain because you’re facing someone who you don’t think is in your league. Remember this, some people when they face someone who is a headline star, get a sense of accomplishment and want to prove that they can take it to the big guys in the fed. I’ve known some people who can’t beat one guy in the main event, but they can take it to other guys and make it seem like they are one of the best roleplayers around.

However, I’ve noticed a few people being greatly unwilling to face someone and even having the gall to demand facing the Xander Valentine’s and Jay Gold’s and things like that. I don’t mind you wanting to face the best all the time. But realize I can’t always do that and also, I have to think about the future. This isn’t 18th century Europe with distinctive class structure with the main event being nearly unattainable. Anyone can break in at any time and I want to make that something people can aspire to, along with having fun.

Being a leader for the fed is making the experience a good one for all, from the most experienced and decorated roleplayers to the people who are just starting out and struggling. So what if you’re facing someone who hasn’t won at all in the fed. Help him out and see if you can fire him up into posting something amazing, at least for him. Either way, you’re doing a favour for your opponent along with helping out the fed.

This is SCW. Not the real stuff!

I’m saying this for one reason. I’ve seen a sudden influx of people name dropping or even attempting to have real people in your roleplays. Now, I don’t mind this, HOWEVER, be realistic. Would someone from one promotion openly mention someone from another federation (notwithstanding the ULW/SCW war or giving background from other e-feds). Is it realistic that you’d be hanging out with A-list movie stars? Think about it. If I don’t buy it, then you’re in trouble realize this. Plus, it also just seems like you’re desperate to hit on something because you yourself can’t think of anything decent. You notice how I don’t mention anything in the shows about TNA or WWE. Why? I don’t care about them. This is SCW.

Hope that helps right now and gives you some extra tips to help you out. That’s another Cynical View of E-fedding and I need a drink!