Things started to heat up on Breakdown from the Gainbridge Fieldhouse arena in Indianapolis, Indiana as we continued to approach Rise to Greatness! It was a night of intriguing matches as Cid Turner defended his Adrenaline Championship against Beard not far removed from the controversial incident involving Beard at Cid’s wedding, Polly Playtime risked her well-being by facing the dangerous Nicole Kinneck while Ravyn Taylor kept a watchful eye on Nicole, The One made her singles debut after a great showing at Taking Hold of the Flame, both Konrad Raab and “Ricky James” were in action, and Adam Allocco got a touch of Frost before clashing against Selena at Rise to Greatness as he faced her wife Deanna! Along the way, we also saw Sarah Wolf hunting Hairless Penguin with no remorse shown towards anyone getting in her way, Owen Lee and Josh Hudson traded words after Hudson’s brutal attack last week, and more pieces started to fall into place for many competitors on the way to Rise to Greatness, all being capped off with a chaotic conclusion to the main event of Datura versus Alexis Quinne!

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