It was the final Breakdown before Retribution, featuring a big match between James Evans and Bree Lancaster with Datura at ringside, a Television Championship match between family as Glory Braddock defended her title against Kimberly Williams, plus some tag team action as Light in the Darkness prepared for their World Tag Team Championship match against House of Frost by taking on Polly Playtime and Aisling, along with much more! But heading into one of SCW’s biggest events of the year, we were also left with some questions. How will Simon Lyman fare coming out of retirement to face Kandis? What are the Trios plans for Kimberly Williams? With the news of Mr. D perhaps looking to sell the company, where do Blake Mason and Jenni Anderson stand as potential buyers? Is what Owen Cruze uncovered about Adam Allocco true, and if so, how will that effect both competitors before their World Championship match?

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