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  Dustin Adams
Posted by: DeeSizzle - 07-31-2018, 11:41 PM - Forum: Inactive - No Replies

Dustin Adams

Nickname (If Any)
The Inmate

Detroit, Michigan

Fighting Out Of...
Detroit, Michigan

Entrance Theme
‘Seizure of Power’ – Marilyn Manson

Entrance Description
‘Seizure of Power’ hits the speakers as olive lights flicker around the arena, smoke and sparks fills the entrance ramp as Dustin Adams steps into the smoke and allows it to cover him before letting out a primal roar and extending his arms up and looking focused. He slowly walks down towards the ring and hops up onto the apron and quickly into the ring looking ready for a fight. He loosens up in the ring before getting ready to face his opponent


Date of Birth
October 15, 1982


292 pounds



Fighting Style (Pick Two)
Power Based/Brawler

Base Moves (Limit 10 – No Finishers)
Axe Kick
Gorilla Press Slam
Sidewalk slam
Big Boot
Fallaway Slam
Choke Toss
Chest Slap 

Signature Moves (Max 4)
Parole Hearing (Modified Gogoplata)
Lethal Injection.(Running Spear)
Death Sentence (Spinning belly-to-back suplex)
The Green Mile (Running high Powered Clothesline)

Finishing Moves (Max 2)
Death Row Slam (Black Hole Slam)
The Inmate Code (Inverted F-5)

Three Strengths (Max 3)
1. Deceitful/Dangerous
2. No Remorse
3. Can hit the Death Row Slam out of nowhere

Three Weaknesses (Min 3)
1. Can get ahead of himself at times
2. Will taunt often
3. Arrogant

Biography (Be as extensive as possible)
Dustin, a former prison inmate years ago, was released and immediately found work in the wrestling business based on his strength and power. Though he was very rough around the edges, he had the help of VWA owner, Shane Lawson, on learning to refine his power and harness it to his advantage. 

Under the tutelage of Shane Lawson and Bryant McCoy, Dustin learned to become a more ruthless and devastating superstar then he ever could’ve thought possible. He carried this right into the Seventh Circle of hell where he was befallen by Erick Kennylz where he had his throat nearly slit open and killed that very night. Following surgery and an extensive period away from the ring, Dustin then found himself back in VWA alongside his former friend, Shane Lawson, Erick Kennylz and Jamie Lockheart to help battle against Shane’s father, Jude Lawson and his army. Following the war, he went on to lose a World Heavyweight Championship match at fallout against Erick Kennylz where Erick went as far to puncture staples into Dustin’s head and took him to the limit before finally successfully defending the title against Adams. Adams was set to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship once again at Pandora’s Box however the company was shut down. 

Dustin proceeded to take time off from wrestling and keep himself in shape until he decided to get involved in the Frank memorial tournament and call in his brother, Damien Adams, to help him challenge for the million dollar purse and a shot at the FCW Tag Team Championships but failed in the first round to Natalie Burrows and Andrew Karnage. HE was then approached by McBrian Broadcasting Associates to join HSW, he then signed a lucrative contract and was given a spot in the Helter Skelter Skramble match for the Helter Skelter Championship. He made his debut after the main event by decimating all five of the other competitors in the middle of the ring with the exclamation point by decimating Lilith Rose with the Death Row Slam!

(To Be Further Updated)


Previous Experience
WRW, VWA, EWA, TWI, HSW (these are just the feds Dustin’s been in)

Championships Held
VWA Supernova Championship 
VWA Tag Team Championship
HSW Helter Skelter Championship

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  Andrew Raynes
Posted by: DeeSizzle - 07-31-2018, 11:34 PM - Forum: Inactive - No Replies

Name: Andrew Raynes
Gender: Male
Age: 33 Years Old
Date of Birth: August 3rd, 1984
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight: 215 Pounds
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style(s): Agile/Roughneck/Submission

Model Wrestling Style: Samoa Joe 
    - With Raynes new heel persona, he's more of a smashmouth style wrestler focusing on being ruthless and channeling his anger and rage towards his opponent. 
    - He'll rely more on his submission finisher, using his Xklamation point in desperation, quick counter and other non-submission matches.
    - He doesn't care anymore, He's going to focus on what he wants, going to any means to get it. he's cold, calculating and focused. He'll do what it takes to get the message across, regardless of consequences. 
    - Where most will blindly attack when enraged, Andrew will tend to use that to his advantage, when angered, he becomes more focused and will attack fiercely, while effective, it will tend to gas him out as it becomes an adrenaline rush in terms of energy spent 
Character Rep: 
Carlos Condit (with facial hair) (2014-mid 2016) (Past Character Development use)
Seth Rollins (all black hair) (mid 2016-present)
Home Town: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Billed From: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Entrance Music: "Through Struggle" -  As I Lay Dying 

The arena goes dark and strobe lights pulse through the arena as "Through Struggle" hits the speakers. The crowd erupts into raucous boos as the lights dim around the entrance ramp, smoke begins to rise. After the intro kicks in, the lights start flashing as the smoke gets thicker, after a few moments we see Andrew Raynes appear through the smoke, his head shifted towards the ring, focused, a cold stare. He stands there for a few seconds still looking around, devoid of the fans.  He starts walking slowly with a cold stare in his eyes. 


As he continues to look focused, he makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans. He walks down towards the ring where he slides in under the bottom rope. He pops up in the middle of the ring and looks around. He looks over at his opponent with a cold stare, sizing them up before the match even starts. 

Raynes Title Entrance Wrote:The arena goes dark and strobe lights pulse through the arena as "Through Struggle" hits the speakers. The crowd erupts into raucous boos as the lights dim around the entrance ramp, smoke begins to rise. After the intro kicks in, the lights start flashing as the smoke gets thicker, after a few moments we see Andrew Raynes appear through the smoke, the Adrenaline Championship draped over his shoulder, his head shifted towards the ring, focused, a cold stare. He stands there for a few seconds still looking downwards, devoid of the fans, as he is introduced. 


As his introduction is finished, he grabs the Adrenaline Championship off his shoulder and raises it above his head with one hand and starts taunting the fans, showing people how proud he is to hold the title. He then starts walking down towards the ring with the title belt dragging down from his hand. He walks up the stairs into the ring and walks into the middle of the ring, raising the belt high once again, and continues to taunt the fans as they continue to rain down boos on him.
Moveset: DDT, Suplex, Dragon Whip, Hurricanrana, Back Body Drop, Lariat, Running Knee, Dropkick, Cross Body Block, Jumping Heel kick, Spinning Heel Kick, Drop Toe Hold, Jawbreaker, Neckbreaker, Clothesline, Half Nelson Slam, Chokehold, Side Slam, Springboard attacks, 
Signature Move(s): 
Code of the Sith  (Running Single Leg High Knee)
The Syndicate (Somersault Cutter - Standing or Sitting Opponent)
Thunderstruck (SuperKick) 
Rayne Drop(Top Rope Somersault Neckbreaker)
Finishing Move(s): 
Embrace the Hate (Half Nelson Choke w/Body Scissors)
The Xklamation Point (Leaping Reverse STO)

Big-Game Finisher: Make it Rain (Five Star Frog Splash)

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  Samantha Raine
Posted by: Rick Young - 07-31-2018, 08:50 PM - Forum: Inactive - Replies (1)


Wrestler's Alias: 'The Rogue Element' Samantha Raine
Wrestler's Past Alias: 'The Sinful Star', 'The Simply Stunning SuperGirl', 'The Real Bombshell' , 'The Original Split Chick'
Wrestler's Real Name: Samantha Raine-Hawkins
Pic Base: Alexa Bliss
Height: 5'1
Weight: 102 lbs.
Martial Status: Married ( Chase Hawkins [F/k/a: Chance Fortune])
Children: 1 (Alaska 'A.J')
Birth date/Age: Jan. 11, 1991, (27)
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Current Residences: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Billed From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @SamRainePW


Wrestling Style: All Rounder, can wrestle just about any style, but had preferred wrestling as a Submission, but injuries to her left hand has made her adapted to the other styles more.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7+
Gimmick (NEEDED): For the lack of a better word for it Samantha is a businesswoman. She uses multiple different monikers as a way of marketing herself to the fans. She has just about a moniker for every situation you can imagine, but there are two that are go to.

[ The Sinful Star *Heel Gimmick* ] During this gimmick, Samantha believes is at the top of the food chain and rightfully deserves to be at the top of the ladder and will do anything to make that a reality. By anything I'm talking about manipulating a young, impressionable talent who just happens to have family in positions of power (Marie Jones) or using sexual harassment forcibly kissing an opponent (Brittany Lohan) or coming very close to molesting them (Glory Braddock/Noel). The Gimmick evolved from a previous one: The Real Bombshell.

[ The Rogue Element *Face Gimmick* ] With a name like The Rogue Element you would probably never picture it for someone that's supposed to be a straight up face. However, Samantha is hardly a straight face kind of girl. While aspirations of making it to the top of the ladder drive her to do the best that she can do, but it isn't the main focus. The Rogue Element comes from the fact that she's an injustice fighter in the fact that she often seeks out to take down groups (i.e. Monarchy, Silas' World) who are out to "save" the business, but are really only out for themselves, corrupt authority figures (Jonathan Collins), or attempting to humble superstars that have let their ego take control (Sienna Swan, Bree Mason). The gimmick is supposed to be slightly super-heroine themed as it evolved from her former persona 'The Simply Stunning SuperGirl'.


Resiliency: Many people don't give Samantha the credit that she's due when it comes to hanging in during her matches, but in reality she's probably one of the toughest cookie's to crack. Throughout the years she has hardly ever tapped out during a match up. Sure it's happened, but few and far between one another most of Samantha's "submission" losses come from the fact referee ended up stopping the match after Samantha had passed out, had a limb broken or taken out of the socket for her safety. The reason for that is the fact that Samantha, has gone on record numerous times telling everyone that she is a masochist. The feeling of being in pain excites so she is not quick to tap out like others, because she rather pass out from climaxing from the excitement of the pain than to tap out ending her "fun". So in regards to pain she is like the energizer bunny she can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Natural Athleticism: Samantha was gifted an unique natural athleticism at early age. So much so that her mother quickly enrolled her in to gymnastics and would also encourage her to join the track, basketball, and softball teams before ultimately supporting her decision to join a wrestling school after finishing her Sophomore year of High School.

Submission Wrestling: Most wrestler's always have that one area where they excel at when it comes to their in ring style. For Sam it is submission wrestling which is a little ironic given the fact that Sam has admitted to being a masochist. Which might have something to do with the fact that coaches at the wrestling school that she selected specialized in submission wrestling. To which has lead to an interesting combination that has proved be very costly to her opponents. Samantha's masochist tendencies means that she has the stomach to endure her opponent's submission moves, but with her natural athleticism and submission training. She has a higher probability to reverse or counter them. To which Samantha has in the past dub herself as a "Submissionista" like a "Fashionista", but with submissions. However, this strength recently has been greatly affected by Samantha's years in the ring. (See: Wrestling Weakness - Injures).


Injures: Injures are common practice in wrestling, but can also be a great equalizer for some. For Sam injures have always been one of her weaknesses when it comes to wrestling. Her first major injury actually happened before she had even started wrestling full time. At age 17, Sam tore her left ACL tendon landing awkwardly after getting slammed in to during a lay up during her school season opener for her Senior year. Samantha, missed the rest of the season, but oddly enough her left knee is one of only two areas on Samantha's body that can generate enough pain to force her to tap out. The other one is not only more well know, but her greatest weakness.

Her right hand, that had to be surgically repaired after Angela Jameson shattered it with a pair of bolt cutters during their final match against one another in GDW. Not only has the injury significantly affected Sam as far as her ring style as it left her hand severely weaker than it was before. Making it harder for Samantha to hold on to submissions, but again like her left knee it’s one of two parts of her body that can generate a pain level that Samantha cannot weather through.

Tunnel Vision: Certain aspects/opponents can have an adverse effect on Samantha, because she loses focus on what's important (the win) to achieve another desired effect. The most recent example of this behavior happened just slightly after Samantha's debut in the IWC. Where she cost herself a fatal four way match involving Lilith Evans, Brandi Angelle, and Glory (Braddock) "Noel". As she set out to bring back the real Glory Braddock instead of winning the match.

Small Stature: It's pretty evident that Samantha will struggle against opponents that are much larger than her. Unable to over power them meaning that she will have rely more on her speed and agility to best them. However, if she isn't careful she could end up running out of gas before finishing the match allowing her opponents to have their way her. Not to mention the fact that it was a much larger girl that she slammed in to that lead to her ACL injury. So it's more than possible for her larger opponents to throw her around the ring like a rag doll if she isn't careful.[/color]


Theme Song: "Unbreakable" By Firefly[/url]
Accompanied by: Woody Hoyt

The arena’s lights cut and as the room falls into complete and utter darkness a buzz starts to spread through the crowd. It feels like a lifetime that the lights are off before they start to flash in a sequence that resembles lightening. Another moment passes and as the sound of rain fills the air while white and blue confetti starts falling on both sides of the entrance way. The sound of the rain is broken up momentarily as the voice of Samantha Raine is head saying…

“Raining on your parade.”

As the crowd start to react, the sounds of Firefly's “Unbreakable” starts to play through the arena. The crowd just further erupts in to cheers as the small silhouette of Samantha makes her way on to the stage, but she isn’t alone. There is another silhouette behind her clapping his heads.

"Where are the people that accuse me? The ones who beat me down and bruise me...
They hide just out of sight, Can't face me in the light, They'll return but I'll be stronger..."

The song’s intro gives way to the chorus and as the song takes a harder edge the flashes of lighting become more violent. On the big screen the fans are treated to the iconic view of Sam as she stands in an empty as it starts to rain on her. She just looks up at the sky allowing the rain drops to pelt her face while lifting her arms up towards the sky. In the meantime, Sam along with the man that can now be identified as Woody Hoyt start to make their way down to the ring.

Philips: “Making her way to the ring from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; weighting in at one hundred and two pounds, and being accompanied to the ring by Woody Hoyt, she is… SAMANTHA RAINE!”

Before they start actually making their way down to the ring, Sam raises both of her hands up to her lips and kisses them, bending over towards the fans she acts like she is blowing kisses to everyone in attendance.

"Forget the fear it's just a crutch, That tries to hold you back...
And turn your dreams in to dust, All you need to do is just, trust...

As they reach the ring, Woody jumps up on to the apron while Sam walks up the ring stairs. He holds the ropes open so that she can climb in to the ring. Woody hops off the apron as Sam goes to the nearest turnbuckle. Which she climbs to the top and once again blows kisses to everyone in the arena.


Manager's Name: 'The Straight Shooter' Woody Hoyt
Wrestler's Real Name: Woodrow Wilson Hoyt
Pic Base: Daniel Bryan
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215 lbs.
Known For: An era where managers love to get involved in their clients matches, Woody is a throw back to another reality. He may accompany Sam, Crissy, or even his wife Ember out to the ring for a match his end goal isn't help them win at any cost. He's only out there to support, give advise, and evaluate the match mentally to know what areas that his clients need to work on to improve for the next match. However, don't take his complete hands off approach to their matches as a sign that he "never" get involved. With the moniker of 'The Straight Shooter' you can imagine he doesn't tolerate outside interference and has no problem nipping it in the bud before it can affect the outcome of the match.


1. Vertical Suplex 2. Snapmare & Shoot kick to the back of the opponent's head 3. Chokehold STO
4. Shoulder Block 5. Key Lock 6. Rolling Cutter 7. Reverse Bulldog 8. Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb
9. Northern Lights Suplex 10. Octopus Stretch Sunset Flip 11. Diving Somersault Evasion 12. Inverted Curb Stomp
13. Facebreaker Knee Smash 14. Rouding Moonsault 15. Snap DDT


Move Name: Halestorm
Description: Description: Scorpion Rising
Video Reference: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTTR3h8oVgM]Scorpion Rising

Persona Usage: Rogue Element/Simply Stunning Supergirl

Move Name: Bombshell Blitz
Description: Jumping double Knee drop followed by standing moonsault knee drop
Persona Usage: The Sinful Star/The Real Bombshell



Move Name: Rogue Variance
Description: Elevated Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster
Video Reference: Elevated Double Under Hook Sit Out Face Buster
Persona Usage: Rogue Element/Simply Stunning Supergirl

Move Name: Star Light Lock
Description: Lotus Lock
Video Reference: Lotus Lock
Persona Usage: Sinful Star/Real Bombshell


Move Name: The Sinful End
Description: Spinning Impaler
Video Reference: Spinning Impaler
Persona Usage: Sinful Star/Real Bombshell

Move Name: The Perfect Storm
Description: Double Jump Phoenix Splash (differs from the video a bit, as Sam will jump from the apron to the top turnbuckle, to jump again to hit the splash)
Video Reference: Double Jump Phoenix Splash
Persona Usage: Rogue Element/Simply Stunning Supergirl

SCW Overall Record (As of Making Things Right '19)
Total Record: w. 00 / l. 01 / d. 00
Singles Record: w. 00 / l. 00 / d. 00
Tag Team Record: w. 00 / l. 00 / d. 00
Battle Royal/Multi person matches: w. 00 / l. 01 / d. 00

SCW Accomplishments

Match History (As of Making Things Right '19)

Event: Making Things Right
Date: January 20th 2019
Match: SCW Adrenaline Championship Contendership Battle Royal
Competitors: J. Majors, A. Quinne, D. Lohan, M. Kane, T. Valentine, K. Williams, A. Blackbourne, C. Gardner, & K. Steward
Result: Loss

Event: Trios Tournament '19
Date: February 16th 2019
Match: 6 Person Tag Match
Competitors: w/ Dawn Lohan & Aaron Blackbourne Vs. Konrad Raab, Marie Jones, & Goddard
Result: TBD



Watch this space for SCW related history.

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  Crissy Gardner
Posted by: Rick Young - 07-31-2018, 08:48 PM - Forum: Inactive - Replies (1)


Wrestler's Alias: 'The Serial Thrilla' Crissy Gardner
Wrestler's Past Alias: 'The New York Knockout', 'The War Siren'
Wrestler's Real Name: Minka Pressler
Pic Base: Mia Yim
Height: 5'7
Weight: 132 lbs.
Martial Status: Single ( )
Children: 0 ( )
Birth date/Age: April 16, 1991 (27)
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio
Current Residences: South Bend, Indiana
Billed From: New York, NY
Twitter: @SerialThrillaPW


Wrestling Style: Crissy is a typical woman's power house wrestler with a slight bit of brawler from her family's background in MMA. However, during some matches she can lose control and strictly tries to either ground and pound on her opponents or she will grab weapons not caring that she will get DQ for using it.
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 7+
Gimmick (NEEDED): At the very core of the gimmick Crissy just loves to fight as in her name is Crissy and she loves to fight. Yes a little Fit Finlay reference. Anyways, she just loves to fight like I said is the core of both her heel and face sides of the gimmick.

[ The Serial Thrilla *Face Gimmick* ] One wouldn't think of gimmick that is called "Serial Thrilla" with finishers/signatures named after infamous Serial Killers to be a fan favorite character, but this is professional wrestling anything is possible. Which I base this assumption off the fact that 'most' people have a morbid curiosity about Serial killers, because when you think about it why is a show like Criminal Minds (a show about serial killers), books, and movies so popular? Crissy is just looking to cash in on that with her pun like moniker and the fact that she is while driven by the love fighting shows a more of a show woman with the gimmick along with using high risk moves to entertain the fans.

[ The War Siren *Heel Gimmick* ] There isn't much difference between this half and her face half of the gimmick. With the expection that there is no show woman qualities to it. There is no theatrics, no high risks to give the fans the thrills and chills of her face counter point. No this half is strictly about the fight, cold, calculating with the sole purpose of taking her opponents apart.


Multiple Fighting Styles: When it comes to fighting you can call Crissy a student of the game. Again thanks to her family's involved in the world of MMA she's had access to many different fighting disciplines and have dabbled in just about everything from Jiu Jistu, catch wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and etc. However, she's never stayed with a single discipline long enough to master it or gain recognition as a black belt or a golden glove competitor, but even so she knows just enough to make herself very dangerous.

Striking Ability: Having many years fighting in settings where the only way to win was to knock out your opponent. It is easy to imagine that Crissy has spent just as many years working not only power of her strikes, but the speed of them as well. Cause let's face it you can the ultimate destructive knock out power in the entire world in terms of power, but it means squat if you opponent can see you windup for it, because they could block it or evade it. Crissy's striking ability is top notch for a professional wrestler or a MMA fighter, but she's not luckily to compared to Foreman or Ali anytime soon.


Focus: It doesn't happen often, because of her years of experience as a fighter, but it's still a chip on her shoulder that bites her in the ass from time to time. She goes in a to a fight or a match with a game plan in mind, but be it for frustration or her opponent's able to counter her game plan at multiple points in the match she will lose focus during the match. Having experience in several fighting styles is usually a great help if you use them at the right time, but when she loses focus she starts making mistakes in such a matter that normally where she would a go for a Jiu jistu hold she instead goes for a haymaker and ends up paying for it.

Self Confidence:  As seen as most recently as her match with AJ Helms. She was trying to show her confidence heading in to the match, but self doubt plagued her to where she didn't ooze confidence like a winner should. While many would think that this is a product of losing most of her matches in her time with the SCW, but it's more of a result of the fact that she's mostly been a tag team wrestler with a partner that she could fall back on to for help and the teams have been successful more than singles career. As she's yet to really find long term success as a singles wrestler.


Theme Song: "Is This The Way To Hell" By Stitched Up Heart
Accompanied by: Ember Young & Ash Harte

The screech of a vulture is heard over the loud speaker before the opening guitar riff of Stitched Up Hearts' "Is This The Way To Hell" comes shredding through. The fans start to anticipate who is going be walking through the curtain. As the fans in the arena are cheering wildly as the lights in the arena as pair of strobe lights situated on the left and right side of the stage start to flash. The one on the light is purple in color while the one on the right is white, but the pair are flashing alternatively to give the illusion that they are custom cop car lights.

Is this the way you, is this the way you get to hell in a hand basket tonight?
You will tear me apart, you will tear apart my mind, my simple mind
It's just cause you hurt so bad that you end up blind, you end up blind

A spotlight focuses on the center of the stage where Crissy is standing with both of her arms raised in the air. She's wearing nearly complete black wrestling attire with the exception of purple accents. As she just stands there listening to the fans cheer her she starts to bring down her arms and she starts loosening up her wrists Ember Young and Ash Harte make their way on to the stage. Ember is seen clapping her hands, but Ash is carrying what appears to be a water bottle and a wooden stool in each of her hands. Crissy starts to make her way down to the ring shadow boxing along the way with Ember and Ash right behind her.  

Crissy pulls herself up onto the apron as they both on the apron. Crissy just stands on the apron for several moments as she watches the fans with a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Ember and Ash climb in to the ring together. Ash sets the stool down in one of the corners while Ember tells Crissy it's time to get in to the ring. Once Crissy climbs in to the ring she wastes no time in sitting down on the stool with Ash squirting some of the water from the bottle in to her mouth much like a boxer. Crissy even knocks her hands together as if she were wearing boxing gloves as she awaits the start of the match.


Manager's Name: 'The Burning Soul' Ember Young
Wrestler's Real Name: Patience Young
Pic Base: Brie Bella
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Known For: Ember is more known as a wrestler than a wrestler. Which means that she is more than able to hold her own if need be at ringside. However, due to injures suffered outside of the ring and personal trauma of her son passing away due to S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has taken time off from wrestling to cope. However, at the request of Crissy not wanting to see her waste away at home asked her to work as her manager.

Manager's Name: Ash Harte
Wrestler's Real Name: Ashlyn Harte
Pic Base: Nikki Bella
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Known For: In the world of professional wrestling there is nothing known about Ash Harte other than that she's a student of Woody Hoyt's at Samantha Raine's father's wrestling school "Forever Young Wrestling Academy". To start getting exposure in the world of wrestling she begged Crissy to allow her to accompany her to the ring during her matches. Crissy who just recently decided to play more to her MMA roots prior to wrestler took the young woman on as her "cut person".


1. Top Rope Diving Cross Body 2. Spear  3. Back Elbow
4.  Rolling Thunder 5. Hurricanrana 6.Two Handed Chokeslam 7. DDT 8. Sling Blade
9.  Front Power Slam 10. Side Walk Slam  11. Round House Kick  12. Bear Hug
13. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors Take Down  14. Saito Suplex  15. Bridging German Suplex


Move Name: Lonely Hearts Spike
Description:   Thrust Kick (Can be used from Middle Rope)
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: War Cry
Description: Inverted Face Lock Into Back Stabber  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jack The Ripper
Description: Corkscrew Moonsault  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: Call To War
Description: Lifting Reverse STO Into Modified Camel Clutch  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jolly Black Widow II
Description: Straight Jacket Triangle Choke  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla

Move Name: The War Hammer
Description: Inverted Stomp Face Breaker (Eat Defeat)  
Persona Usage: The War Siren


Move Name: Jolly Black Widow I / All Out War
Description: Package Pile Driver  
Persona Usage: The Serial Thrilla / The War Siren


Watch this space for SCW related history.

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  Woody Hoyt
Posted by: Rick Young - 07-31-2018, 08:44 PM - Forum: Inactive - No Replies

Wrestler's Alias: 'The Straight Shooter' Woody Hoyt
Wrestler's Past Alias: 'The Living Action Figure'
Wrestler's Real Name: Woodrow Wilson Hoyt
Pic Base: Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson
Height: 5'10
Weight: 215 lbs.
Martial Status: Married ( Patience 'Ember' Young)
Children: 0 - (N/A)
Birth date/Age: May 26, 1989 (29)
Birth Place: Allentown, PA
Current Residences: Raleigh, NC
Billed From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @WickedIntentPW

Wrestling Style: High Speed Technician
Alignment (Face/Tweener/Heel): Face
Years Pro: 10+
Gimmick (NEEDED): Add Later


Theme Song:  "Whatever" By Our Lady Pace

Accompanied By:  Ember Young
Entrance:  Coming Soon...

Manager's Alias: 'The Burning Soul' Ember Young

Wrestler's Real Name: Patience Young-Hoyt
Pic Base: Brie Bella
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs.
Known For: As a manager there is nothing known about Ember. As she has yet to accompany her husband to the ring.


1.  Suicide Dive
2.  Front Missile Drop Kick
3.  Suplex (Several Variations)
4.  Knee Bar
5.  Arm Bar
6.  Sleeper Hold
7.  Octopus Hold
8.  Running Cross Body
9.  Multiple Running Kicks to Opponent in the corner
10.  Frankenstiener
11.  Blockbuster
12.  Tornado DDT
13. Leg Lariat
14. Spinning Lariat
15. School Boy


Move Name:  Straight Down
Description: Diving Head Butt
Persona Usage:  The Straight Shooter

Move Name:  Some Assembly Required
Description: Heel Hook
Persona Usage:  The Living Action Figure


Move Name:  S.T.P. (Straight To The Point)
Description:  Back Drop Driver
Persona Usage:  The Straight Shooter

Move Name:  Karate Kick Action
Description:  Multiple kicks to kneeling opponent's chest with theatrics before the big finish (Round house kick to the head)
Persona Usage:  The Living Action Figure


Move Name:  Straight Shot
Description:  Running Knee Strike
Persona Usage:  The Straight Shooter

Move Name:  Kung Fu Grip
Description: The Lebell Lock
Persona Usage:  The Living Action Figure


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  Jennifer Helms
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 [Image: tc31Gya.gif]

Name: Jennifer Laree Helms
Alias: “The Glamorous” Jennifer Helms
Nickname: Jenni
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 118 lbs.
Age: 18
Town of Birth: Culver City, CA.
Date of Birth: August 2, 2000
Picture Base: Taylor Marie Hill
Body Type: Tall, Slender and Fit
Hair Type & Color: Long, Brunette
Eye Color: Green
Tattoos & Scars: None
Alignment: Heel
"Rise" By State Of Mind


The Arena Goes Dark…..
The sound of a young woman begins to speak softly ….
"Without End…
No Boundaries…
All Infinite…
For My Name is Jennifer Helms…
Suddenly the beginning of “Rise” by State of Mind begins to play, the words shown on the tron…
I won't just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can't write my story
I'm beyond the archetype
I won't just conform
No matter how you shake my core
'Cause my roots, they run deep, oh…

Fireworks set off, as a long spotlight shows Jennifer Helms in her beautiful wrestling robe, arms extended and head tilted up with her eyes close looking up at the rafters, slowly spinning on a turnstile as the crowd roars…

 Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
Victory is in my veins
I know it, I know it
And I will not negotiate
I'll fight it, I'll fight it
I will transform!
When, when the fire's at my feet again
And the vultures all start circling
They're whispering, you're out of time
But still, I rise!
This is no mistake, no accident
When you think the final nail is in, think again
Don't be surprised, I will still rise!

Her eyes open, slowly stepping off the pedestal. She stops and looks out at the crowd and smiles as the crowd cheers. Jennifer points up and pumps her fist, walking to the ring, she stops and high fives fans, takes selfies with them. Stops and looks around as she again points to the rafters in memory of Ricky Octavius. stops to take in all the camera flashes before looking around and spreading her arms in the air and flinging back her long hair, making her way to the ring.

 Oh, ye of so little faith
Don't doubt it, don't doubt it
Victory is in my veins
I know it, I know it
And I will not negotiate
I'll fight it, I'll fight it
I will transform!
When, when the fire's at my feet again
And the vultures all start circling
They're whispering, you're out of time
But still, I rise!
This is no mistake, no accident
When you think the final nail is in, think again
Don't be surprised, I will still rise!

She says nothing and continues to make her way to the ring where Jennifer walks up the stairs, as the referee opens the ropes for her. The gorgeous young Helms walks to the middle of the ring, spinning around slowly as the crowd cheers. She hops on the second turnbuckle and stands there spreading her arms out and smiling sheepishly while the cameras flash throughout the arena before dropping her robe…..
She steps down, grabs her robe and hands it to the referee with special instructions that they are going back, the glittery colorful wrestling attire of Jennifer Helms is on full display as the “Limitless” beauty poses, smiling and waving to the fans, awaiting the match to start, going to her corner and stretching.

Jennifer Helms is the epitome of Glamour. A young woman who has never forgotten her humble beginnings, trained by her adopted parents, SCW Hall of Famer, David Helms and former SCW World Champion, Regan Street. Jennifer knows she is beautiful and is extremely confident. Laura Steinbeck has a huge marketing machine behind the now turned Super Model who is mentored by SCW Superstar and former three-time Women’s Champion, Sienna Swann. Jennifer is about elegance, class but most of all finesse. For a young wrestler she is years ahead of what a normal rookie would be. Everything that Jennifer does is Glamorous.
-Pedigree. Jennifer was trained by some of the best wrestlers on the planet including David Helms, Regan Street, Sienna Swann, Brittany Lohan, Tommy Valentine and Matty Stone. She has the knowledge and the wits which are way ahead of the curve from a normal rookie.
-Height. At almost 5’11”, Jennifer is quite tall and can use her height and long legs for leverage. She has taken great pride in strengthening her legs to match that of Sienna Swann and the Streets. Her height and frame can help a lot in overpowering opponents her size and smaller.
-Stamina. Jennifer is NOT a high flyer but what she lacks in aerial moves, she makes up in her ground attack and especially stamina. Trained by Sienna Swann, the woman who is known as the “Iron Angel”, Jennifer gets better as the match goes along, she can wrestle matches longer than most and tire less.
-Experience. Jennifer is just a rookie and even though she has been trained by some of the best, ring psychology is learned, not taught. She is prone to making rookie mistakes and misjudgments.
-Temper & Demeanor. She takes a lot after her adoptive mother, Regan Street. Jennifer is an aggressor, she could lose her cool and if that happens, she could be prone to making mistakes or lose focus in a match.
-Ego. Even though Jennifer is not as conceited like her mentor, Sienna Swann, she can at times be overconfident and could find herself crashing back down to earth rather quickly. While Jennifer is very meticulous in her approach, she could at times forget that anyone can be beaten at any time due to her superior wrestling upbringing and makeup.
Jennifer wears a stylish ring attire, all of her wrestling gear is made of glitter, from any color she chooses. She wears a cut off top at the breast with an opening in her chest and choker, long sleeves. The bottom is almost a bikini top bottom, “Helms” written on the buttocks, she also wears matching knee pads, knee high boots with matching shin guards and “Glamorous” imprinted on them. Her entrance attire varies as she wears outfits that pertain to the town she is in or country. Always mixing things up in her fashionable sense.
Jennifer wears all the latest fashion, even specialty made clothing just for her and exclusive designs not available to the general public.

”Glamour Shot”: Also known as a sunset flip lung blower, backstabber or back-cracker, this technique involves Jennifer going behind an opponent and putting both feet round an opponent's head on both of the opponent's shoulders while jumping up to place both her knees against the opponent's back and head; both wrestlers then fall backward to the ground, forcing the Jenni’s knees to push up into the back of the opponent knocking an opponent out for the easy 1-2-3. (It may not work on bigger opponents) (Primary Finisher) CLICK HERE
"CATaracts": “CATaracts" is Regan Street's version of the vicious "Scissor Snap" DDT called the “CATnap” which she has taught her daughter though it's been modified to more of a Swinging Spike DDT. Jennifer which sees her apply the front face lock, Jennifer then puts her opponents head in a reverse face lock, quickly flings it back, twisting and spinning the opponent in a forward face lock and spinning, driving the opponent head first to the mat at the same time. The quick whiplash maneuver gives the move that added force knocking the opponent unconscious and taking out their arm at the same time, Jenni rolls on top and seductively lays on them holding down their face to the side of the mat as she covers for the 1-2-3.(Quick Match Finisher) CLICK HERE
”The Call Back”:This neck lock sees Jennifer sit above a fallen opponent and wrap her legs around the opponent in the form of the figure-four, with one leg crossing under the opponent's chin and under Jenni’s other leg who squeezes and chokes the opponent. Jennifer also prefers this version where she uses an inverted variant of this hold as her finisher where she uses her shin to choke the opponent instead, making it resemble a gogoplata and forcing the tap out. (Primary Submission Finisher) CLICK HERE

“The Exclusive”: It is Jenni's version of the super kick taught to her by Regan which she calls the "Cat's Paw", in which it sees Helms delivering a kick to the opponent's face or chin, usually preceded by a sidestep, often referred to as a side kick or a crescent kick. Jenni’s feet and legs are so strong and powerful, she lands this, the match is over as they will be knocked unconscious as she can hit it anywhere and with blinding speed for the easy 1-2-3 or set up for one of her finishers. (Primary Signature)
”Voucher”: Pele kick taught to her by David Helms, it can be hit from anywhere at any point to try and shift the momentum in her favor.
”Strike A Pose”: This move taught to her by Sienna Swann, sees Jennifer Helms stand behind her opponent, bends them backwards, and apply an inverted facelock. Jennifer then drops down to a single knee with the extended knee impacting with the neck of the opponent and shifting the momentum of the match or scoring a quick pinfall.
”Boudoir”: This version sees Jennifer first place an opponent (who is in front of her) in an inverted facelock before rolling themselves under the opponent, turning both wrestlers over so that the opponent can be dropped into the stunner. (Frankie Kazarian uses this move as a finisher, calling it "Ace of Spades".)
”Cattle Call”: In this version, Jennifer first lifts the opponent up in a crucifix hold before rotating them into the cutter. Another variation involves the opponent lifted in a reverse crucifix and dropped into the cutter. This move will only work on lighter opponents or wrestlers her size, bigger opponents she will have trouble with.
Mexican Arm Drag
Dragon Screw Leg Whip
Standing Dropkick
Running Corner Dropkick (To face of seated opponent)
Spinning heel kick
Triple Leg Drop (Street Staple, three quick leg drop in succession to downed opponent)
Back Body Drop
Mexican Surfboard
Shining Wizard
Octopus Stretch
Pumphandle Front Slam
Body Scissors
Scissor Kick
Back Suplex
Top Rope Moonsault
Side Russian Leg Sweep
The former Jennifer Williams now Helms was adopted by David and Regan Helms after her parents abandoned her. Jennifer was taken in by the Helms when they offered the Williams family a helping hand when tragedy had struck and Jenni’s older sister, Rebecca was murdered. The ties came when David went to identify the body thinking it was Regan when in 2015 she was kidnapped by obsessed fan, Otis Winston Meyer. About a year later, after David found out who the family of the young girl was, both he and Regan offered them financial help, they took it upon themselves to help the troubled teen who watched her social life, grades in school and life in general fall due to her feelings toward the death of her sister.
Jennifer was a work in progress, but Regan vowed to not only train her in the last year but eventually end up loving the young Jenni like she was her daughter and after some rough patches, ups and downs, she became a permanent part of the family where Regan has taught her everything she knows. Regan also wanted Jennifer to get away from her old crowd, she asked Sienna Swann, her best friend if she could start hanging out with Jennifer which gave Sienna the opportunity to expose Jenni to the world of fashion and modeling. The young woman that was once almost a Goth and even abusing substances suddenly transformed into a symbol of beauty. This caught the eye of many including Laura Steinbeck who quickly signed Jennifer behind the back of David and Regan due to the decision making by David as Commissioner of the SCW during Mr. D’s absent which was caused by Regan who piledrove him to the mats.
Now that Jennifer is signed, she is managed by Laura Steinbeck but is still mentored by Sienna and trained by the Helms family, graduating from Ante Up Academy, the Glamorous Jennifer Helms has all the tools and the pedigree to be one of the best in wrestling and with the resources she has, Jennifer Helms is a can’t miss prospect.
[Image: fHoZYZ2.gif]

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  Trinity Street
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[Image: 347zcxu.jpg]

Wrestler's Alias: "The Matriarch of Monarchy" Trinity Street
Wrestler's Real Name: Alexis Sinclair Street
Pic Base: Kate Beckinsale
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Birthdate: 6-01-83
Birth Place: Kensington, England
Current Residence: Malibu, CA.
Hair: Long, Dark Brown
Eye Color: Baby Brown
Piercings: 1 Belly Button, 1 on Each Ear
Tattoos: None
Wrestling Style: Technical, Submission, High-Flyer
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro: 15

Finishers: "Thy Kingdom Come", "The Mark", “Sovereignty”, "Sound of Silence"
Finisher Descriptions:
"Thy Kingdom Come": "Thy Kingdom Come!" is Trinity's version of the Spike DDT in which she applies a front facelock to her opponent. Trinity then jumps down onto their back, swinging her legs forward, bending the opponent, and driving them down to the mat face, forehead, or head first. Another variation sees Trinity quickly draw one of her legs backwards (usually the leg closest to the opponent) before swinging it forward to build extra momentum. She then drops onto her back, driving the opponent head first to the mat. The move knocks the opponent unconscious, Trinity easily rolls them over and covers them for the 1-2-3. (Also Known as The Spike DDT or Even Flow DDT) (Trinity's Primary Finisher)
"The Mark": Based on the field goal kick but named for the punt kick used in American football, this sees Trinity take a run up to a kneeling opponent and strike them in the head with the sole of his foot. It is similar to the soccer kick in MMA and will stun or knock the opponent clean out for a set up to her other finishers or end the match quickly. She will make it a point to use this move on her most hated opponents. This is the absolute most deadliest punt kick in all of wrestling from her Soccer background and if hit right can end careers.(If multiple opponents involves she will end the punt kick with a discus forearm on the other opponent) (Quick Match or Secondary Finisher) (Preferred Finisher on Enemies)
"Sovereignty": Trinity performs a senton, flipping 630 degrees forward before landing, i.e. one full rotation (360 degrees) following by a somersault senton (270 degrees).  In Trinity's sometime she will deviate and in another variation she is facing away from the ring and situated on the top turnbuckle, performs a 180° turn in mid-air and then performs a 630° senton onto a lying opponent in one fluid motion landing on the prone opponent with such impact and going for the 1-2-3. (630 Cannonbal Senton)(High Risk Primary Finisher) CLICK HERE
"Sound of Silence": This neck lock sees Trinity sit above a fallen opponent and wrap her legs around the opponent in the form of the figure 4, with one leg crossing under the opponent's chin and under Trinity's other leg as Street squeezes and chokes the opponent until a choke out or submission. In an illegal version of the hold, best described as a hanging figure four necklock, Trinity stands on top of the turnbuckle, wraps her legs around the head of the opponent, who has their back turned against the turnbuckle, in the figure 4 and falls backwards, choking the opponent. In most matches the hold would have to be released before a five count or get a DQ if she feels like letting go(Submission Finisher)
Signature Moves: "Autocracy", “De-Feet”, "Recall", “The Power Trip”, “The House of Street”, "Crowning Achievement”, “The Paralyzer”
Signature Descriptions:
"Autocracy": "Autocracy" is Trinity's version of the "Jumping Stunner". It involves Trinity stalking her opponent and quickly jumping up and applying a three-quarter facelock (reaching back and grabbing the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent's jaw above Trinity's shoulder) before falling to a seated position and forcing the opponent's jaw (but predominantly the opponent's neck) to drop down on the shoulder of Trinity and knocking them out with the violent whiplash for the easy 1-2-3. Trinity can strike this move at any time without warning to ANY opponent no matter the size.(Primary Signature)
"De-Feet": "De-Feet" is Trinity's version of the "Inverted Stomp Facebreaker" in which Trinity applies a standing wrist lock on her opponent, then places her foot on the opponent's face and falls backwards, forcing the opponent's face into her foot. The move is quick, sudden and high impact and can knock an opponent out in seconds setting them up for one of her finishers or easily going for the 1-2-3. (Signature Move)
"Recall": In "Recall", Trinity will surprise an opponent that is on the outside by running to the opposite side of the ropes or merely getting enough room to baseball slide on her knees under the bottom rope by bending backwards and landing crotch first on the head and shoulders of the opponent driving them to the floor head first, she then while still mounted on them delivers vicious rights and lefts to the prone face of the opponent. (Popular Signature)
"The Power Trip": "The Power Trip" is when Trinity comes off the top rope and does a flip over leg drop, crashing her leg over the neck of the opponent softening them up for her finisher "Thy Kingdom Come". (Signature Move)
"The House of Street": Trinity is fast on her feet as she rolls back her right leg and executes a savate superkick landing her boot on the opponents face. (Signature Move)
"Crowning Achievement": "Crowning Achievement" is used primarily for big matches, with her opponent sitting on the top turnbuckle exhausted, Trinity climbs to the top rope. Then after lifting the opponent across her shoulders and carefully turning around, Trinity leaps and hits a fireman's carry senton splash from the top rope, reminiscent of her husband Simon Lyman's "Simply Extraordinary" and going for the easy 1-2-3. (Signature Move)
"The Paralyzer": The "Paralyzer" is performed when the opponent is either downed or standing next to one of the ring corner posts. Trinity exits the ring to the outside and drags the opponent by the legs towards the ringpost, so that the post is between the opponent's legs (similar to when somebody 'crotches' their opponent with the ringpost). Trinity then stands next to the ring apron, on the outside of the turnbuckle/ropes and applies the figure four leglock with the ringpost between the opponent's legs. Trinity then falls back while grabbing the opponent's legs and feet, hanging upside down from the ring apron. The ringpost assists the move, creating more damage and leverage to the opponent's knee. The move is lethal and illegal. Trinity will use this move to hinder her opponents during a match and will break usually at the count of five ....if she feels like it. (Illegal Signature Move)
Common Moves:
Hip Toss
Arm Drag
Mexican Arm Drag
Dragon Screw Leg Whip
Standing Dropkick
Running Corner Dropkick (To face of seated opponent)
Spinning heel kick
Triple leg drop (three quick leg drop in succession to downed opponent)
Back Body Drop
Mexican surfboard
Abdominal stretch
Octopus Stretch
Pumphandle front slam
Back Suplex
Samoan Drop
Hammerlock body slam
Body Scissors
Side Russian leg sweep
Reverse Chin lock
Front Facelock (On the mat)
Side Headlock (On the mat)
Handspring Elbow
Fireman's Carry Gutbuster
Spinning Toe Hold
Hurricanrana Pin
Northern Lights Suplex
Elevated Double Arm Chickenwing
Full Nelson Face Buster
3/4 Turn Neckbreaker
Entrance Theme:  “Awake & Alive" by Skillet    Click Here For The Song
The chimes of "Awake & Alive" by Skillet play as the arena goes dark, the video plays of a candle flickering when suddenly as the chorus plays the candle is blown out.....
The light spotlights around the arena as Trinity comes out from the back wearing all gold and black with a hooded jacket and her bell-bottomed tights. She makes her way to the ring slowly looking around confidently at the crowd almost soaking up the response but focused the no matter what. The veteran stops for a moment and brushes her hair back when she removes the hood of her jacket. Looking back at her security who nods as the Matriarch of Monarchy makes their way to the apron as the crowd continues to give her a mixed reaction....
Trinity pays no attention to them as she continues to walk to the ring turning around on occasion and looking at the crowd, stopping and looking around with her baby brown eyes. She hops on the apron and perches herself looking around and posing half way through the second ropes...
She slowly steps in the ring going to the turnbuckle, looks at the crowd as they continue to boo her......
Trinity then looks up to the rafters and closes her eyes, extending her arms and soaking up the reaction of the fans while the music continues to play...
Suddenly a rain of fireworks comes down behind her to the ring as the fans boo more as she screams "This Ring is My Throne!" looking around so intense with a smirk on her face....
She gets down and leans against the corner, looks over at the crowd in confidence, taking off her jacket and stretching to get loose. Trinity has a few words to the referee while awaiting for the start of the match against her opponent….
Ring Attire:
Trinity wears to the ring a black and gold hooded jacket or a multitude of other colors. She also wears a black and gold trim attire ensemble consisting of a cut off long sleeve top v-necked with her cleavage showing, bell bottomed tights, knee pads and black boots. Her tights have "Trinity" written on her buttocks.
Street Attire:
Trinity dresses up very fashionably. She wears the latest designs and will always be dressed for the occasion. She will wear anything from jeans, sundress, dinner dresses, heels, sandals, boots, sneakers, t-shirts and blouses. Trinity has NO sense of mismatching and can wear anything and make it look good though lately she has been wearing more dark colors.
Trinity is kind, considerate and very giving to those close to her and her beliefs. Trinity loves to have a good time for she is a jokester and with those closest to her is always a joy to be around. She tries to be a role model to youngsters especially her baby sister Kennedy. To the rest of the world is a different story. There is a dark side to Trinity though and that is where the fine line is drawn. In the real world Trinity is a person the people can look up to, a stoic and strong woman that her presence alone in a room is felt but inside the ring or anywhere around her enemies and those that go against her beliefs Trinity can be aggressive, calculating, methodical, sinister and downright vicious. When surrounded by her few close friends and family her support system will keep her in a maintainable line but the former "Billionaire Bitch" has the tendency to fall back into the role of the bad girl if pushed too far which makes her volatile, dangerous and unpredictable. Trinity is on a crusade along with her husband, Simon Lyman, her sister, Chloe Barnes and brother-in-law, Donovan Kayl better known as Pay Per View to bring back "Family Values" to the world of professional wrestling. Trinity has become the most vocal of the group and can at times be irrational, attacking someone at anytime and anywhere with little to no provocation. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION

Alexis Street grew up with everything she ever wanted. Alexis along with her older twin brother Donovan Street and her younger sister, Kennedy were the children of British Mogul Vandermeer Street, the biggest and richest land developer in the United States and Europe. Vandermeer Street moved from The Royal Borough of Kensington-London, England to the United States (Miami, FL.) a few years after the the kids were born and he has built and architect most cities that we live in. As Vandemeer became older and could not run the business he left his business to his daughter Alexis and his son Donovan, Kennedy was still too young. Street INC. flourished under the two wonder children yet both were great athletes in school and Alexis, who always was the most popular girl in school, the prom queen, etc. could get her way with any man she set her sights on, always while young strived for better. Alexis was a track star and a 1st team All-American Soccer Player at the University of Miami. Alexis had an athletic lifestyle and the business bored her. With all the money she can spend...Alexis and her brother wanted more.
During an important business endeavor Alexis met Alexander van Warrington III. Mr. Warrington III is a very accomplished pro wrestler and business man and saw the interest in the Streets. AVW III paved the way for them to receive the best training and become superstars in wrestling...in return both AVW III and Street INC. merged to become the powerful organization known as Fortune "500". The Streets were trained by Superstar, "The Walk" (Rainbow Marchetti)....hired personally by AVW III and Vandemeer Street.
Trinity's family now has a deep wrestling lineage. While Trinity and Donovan have now made their names in the SWA, Kennedy has just begun to wreak havoc in the SWA. Trinity's father, Vandemeer has a very close relationship with CWF Promoter, Broderick Chase and the entire Chase family as the Streets and the Chase's have joined forces to completely dominate the wrestling business. Vandemeer keeps close tabs in the happenings of the World of Wrestling.
Throughout the last 3 plus years after Trinity made her debut in 2006, she quickly became one of the most hated wrestlers to come down the pike in a long time. Her legendary feud with Ariel Phoenix is still talked about this day.
Trinity would become ruthless, self-serving and manipulative. She would go to extreme lengths to ruin people’s lives, to get wins and to take any advantage she could over her opponents. Trinity, after very successful careers in WAM & ESW, came to the CWF. Finally in a National League setting, Trinity would be again be up to her old tricks and try to break apart any alliances she saw fit......during this time, The Society, a Fraternity of the most powerful businessmen in the SWA soon were ready to reveal themselves.
Trinity became close with fellow SWA Superstar, Monique Ivy. Together, they were part of the group known as Project Birthright. During that time Danny Darko and Timothy Raine fought against the corporate greed that AVW III and Birthright represented.
At that moment Trinity fell victim to an IRS investigation in which she lost all of her money, Trinity was now broke. She had to make some serious adjustments in her life to cope with the sudden change.
The opportunity was there to expose Street Inc. and Warrington Enterprises, Raine and Darko coerced Trinity and Monique Ivy to take a trip with them. This trip would be the catalyst for Trinity's change and the turning point of her life.
In Dangriga, Guatemala, Trinity was exposed to the horrors of the working conditions set by her own company Street Inc. For the first time in her life she realized that her wealth came at a price and soon the change of the Princess had begun.
Seeing how Trinity became emotionally involved, The Society decided to cut ties with Trinity and she was brutally attacked by her longtime friend AVW III to send a message to those that oppose The Society. Trinity was in the hospital for a week in a coma as a result, she would make a full recovery. After this, Trinity became a new woman for the time being.
Trinity became a fan favorite and for the latter part of 2009 and all of 2010 Trinity was one of the most popular wrestlers in all of the SWA. Trinity fought against many of the most hated including her newly found half-sister, the legendary Chloe Barnes and which they had a memorable match at ColossalCade in 2009 in which Trinity came out victorious. After that Trinity won many championships including being only the third woman to win the coveted SWA World Championship. Trinity soon began a relationship with Simon Lyman which turned out to be the strongest bond between two wrestlers that would last to this day, during that time she became bitter enemies with Danny Darko after he drugged Trinity and embarrassed her on National TV to get at Simon Lyman, soon after Trinity attacked Darko but never received an official match with him, one she yearns to this day and almost came to fruition until she found out she was pregnant with her first child in the summer of 2010. Trinity would take a year off from competition but still have an active role as an interim Promoter for the CWF Promotion out of Toronto, Ontario.
Trinity’s child came premature and on Dec 20, 2010 her and Simon welcomed Angelina Sinclair Lyman into this world. Just before the last ColossalCade of the SWA where Simon wrestled Vanilla Skyy, a match that Simon though lost received something much worse, the boos and jeers from the Philadelphia fans as some went as far as telling Simon to slap his newborn daughter, this would be the beginning of a disturbing trend that ate away at Simon and Trinity noticed but what no one knew was that the anger of seeing her husband in so much duress took it’s toll on Trinity and the hatred began to fester toward the fans in the next 6 months. The SWA closed it’s doors in February 2011 but a new chapter was about to be written.
When Next Evolution Wrestling, NEWA opened it’s doors Simon took advantage of his time away from the ring with Trinity and their daughter as they brought in the River City Wrestling Promotion into the NEW Alliance. Simon and Trinity were pleased how it was going even seeing her younger sister, Kennedy become the top Champion of that promotion. Then during a battle royal, Gavin Taylor cried foul when he felt he wasn’t properly eliminated, this incident eventually led to Simon losing his position, a pill Trinity never swallowed and she would start training quietly to get back into ring shape and soon make her return to the ring. In June during an FSW live show Trinity came out to argue some points Simon began to make as he returned to wrestling. Trinity was concerned but as she tried to talk to him Madison Chase came down to try and smooth things over but when Maddie tried to convince Trinity and slap Simon, Trinity snapped on her best friend and protégé leaving her beaten and unconscious in the ring. This was the beginning of the NEWA version of Trinity, a woman full of hate and a lust for Power. The villainous vixen began to mow down the competition and eventually with the help of her stable mates re-formed Pay Per View, bought out FSW from Pete Floyd and used that power to defeat Madison Chase for the Deep South Championship. Trinity is back and this time she is not here to play games, she is here to become the most powerful woman in all of wrestling and will stop at nothing until she has it all. Trinity has become very vocal and does not care who she insults or hurts. Once NEWA folded Trinity while still promoting DCW came over to manage and mentor Regan Street in SCW, once DCW closed its doors she took over the reins of her younger sister Kennedy and her partner Dawn Lohan also known as The Cashmere Mafia.
Does Trinity have plans to come back to the ring?
You bet she does and If you don’t like it? Do something about it.
Alexis Street is the total package which is why her friends and her peers began to call her "Trinity". "Trinity"? A triple combination of Beauty, Intelligence and Talent. Trinity is both powerful and methodical, dangerous and cunning, motivated and proud and she will stop at nothing until she reaches her goal....to bring down The Society, to erase her past mistakes and to make things right. With the help of her new friends, especially Simon Lyman, Trinity is now on the right track to dominate NEWA, the right way, HER way.
Trinity is a beautiful 30yr. old brunette who stands 5'8". She has great muscle tone, great tan and great looks.
Trinity is a high flyer that likes to mix high impact moves to her repertoire. Trinity's greatest weapons are her legs and she will use those in any and all of her moves....she has some of the strongest legs in the NEWA. She's not going to go toe to toe with an opponent but instead run around them with blinding speed and strike with such quickness and cunning but don't underestimate her because she can wrestle with the best of them.
Trinity has many outfits she wears to the ring but likes to wrestle in tight cut-off tops with sleeves, bell-bottomed tights, knee pads and Prada Boots. Her colors of choice are White, Black, Red, Pink or Plum for her wrestling attire.
She always looks like a million bucks with make-up, manicures and pedicures even though now she is a lot more simple with her wardrobe . She is Talented in the ring, beautiful and most importantly...intelligent, a lethal combination. She is ready to take her place at the top of the SCW as the most dominate female wrestler on the planet.
-1x SWA World Heavyweight Champion (Defeated Elijah Hunter on 12/5/09)
-1x CWF Canadian Champion (Defeated Chloe Barnes on 12/26/09)
-3x CWF National Heavyweight Champion (Defeated AFWA on 10/21/09, Defeated Simon Lyman on 6/25/10, Defeated Vanilla Skyy on 8/06/10)
-1x ESW E-Crown Champion (Was Awarded The Title on 4/09/09 when Bobby Biceps Had to Give up the title due to a pre-nup agreed upon during their Divorce proceedings)
-1x ESW Big Apple Champion (Defeated Marvel in an impromptu match on ESW Madness on 1/15/09)
-2x SWA United States Champion (Defeated H20 on 1/03/09)(Defeated Jeffrey Nothing on 4/22/09)
-3X SWA Women's Champion (Defeated Sabra Esther Mizrahi on 7/4/08),(Defeated Georgia Snow on 7/29/08),(Defeated Ariel Phoenix on 11/19/08)
-1x WAM Mejor Lucha Champion (Defeated Sabra Esther Mizrahi on 6/22/08 by Cashing in Her "El Dinero En El Banco")
-2x SWA Horizon Champion (Defeated Ariel Phoenix on 4/19/08 in an upset victory during her 30 days of servitude to Phoenix),(Defeated Jeffrey Nothing in Tournament Final on 4/28/08)
-3x CWF National Tag Team Champion (w/ Monique Ivy as VIP Defeating The Guardians on 7/31/09)(w/ Georgia Snow-Street as The Lipstick Jungle by Defeating The Kings of Carnage on 3/2/10)(w/ Scott Thompson)
-2x CWF Rocky Mtn. Tag Team Champion (w/ Monique Ivy as VIP Defeating Erogenous Zone on 7/12/09)(w/ Georgia Snow-Street as The Lipstick Jungle defeating The Kings of Carnage on 3/22/10)
-1x ESW TAG CHAMPION (w/ Georgia Snow as The Lipstick Jungle by Defeating Legends of Today & Tomorrow)
-8x WAM TAG CHAMPION (3w/ AVW III as Fortune "500", 3w/ Donovan Street as Street INC., 2w/ Mercedes Benjamin as We Own The Night)
-1x SWA INTERNATIONAL TAG CHAMPION (w/ Donovan Street as Street INC. by Defeating Soci Nel Crimine on 5/3/08)
-2x WAM TIJUANA TAG CHAMPION (w/ AVW III as Fortune "500" by Defeating The Happy Faces),(w/ Mercedes Benjamin as We Own The Night by Defeating Working in T4N/DAM)
-1x WAM ETIQUETA DE TORNADO TAG CHAMPION (w/Donovan Street as Street INC. by Defeating Superior & Sadistic on 5/16/08)

-1x FSW Deep South Champion (Defeated Madison Chase at FSW Battle Grounds on 10/21/11)


- 1x SCW World Tag Team Champion w/ Lucas Knight as Monarchy
- 1x MCW World Champion
- 1x Pro Wrestling Defiance World Champion
- 1x SWA World Champion
- 2015 Stable of the Year (Monarchy)
- Returned to SCW at Rise to Greatness XV and defeated CHBK by Knockout. 7.21.18
- Ended the career of CHBK brutally at Retribution 2016 at the expense of her own SCW career.
- Attacked and laid out Syren on her last appearance of Breakdown 2016.
- Was hit by a car at Violence in Vegas 2015 costing her a No Holds Barred Match against Red Rayne. She vows revenge.
- Voted To Receive SCW World Title Shot at the End of the Year Special 2015
- Brutally Attacked CHBK in a Tag Team Match w/ Kelcey Wallace in the Main Event at the last Breakdown of 2015
- Voted as 2015 IWC Most Shocking Moment (Attacking Danny Darko at Extreme Fury & Ending His Career)
- Competed in the Chamber Match at Under Attack 2015 Eliminating Ravyn & Selena Frost
- Was Part of one of the Biggest Controversy's in SCW History Attacking Ravyn Taylor after the Main Event of Rise to Greatness 2015 to Allow Kelcey Wallace to Cash in Lucas Knight's Trio's Contract and become a 2x World Champion
- 2015 Trios Tournament Winner w/ CHBK & Lucas Knight
- Won the 2014 End of The Year Special Battle Royal 12/31/14
- Defeated Ravyn Taylor in her SCW Debut Match on Supreme Saturday 7/21/13
- Led Regan Street to the Women's Championship in Fatal Fortunes 2012
- Managed The 2x World Tag Team Champions "The Cashmere Mafia"
- #10 Elite 15 (As Monarchy) (7/18/15)
- #3 Elite 15 (As Monarchy) (12/18/15)


Ravyn Taylor x3
Henry Van Stanton
Selena Frost x2
Simon Lyman x2
Donovan Kayl
Jake Starr x2
Derek Adonis
Shaun Cruze x2
Kelcey Wallace x2
William Mason
David Helms
Christy Matthews
Regan Street
Chris Cannon
Shaya Blackley
Shilo Valiant x2

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  Scott Burnside
Posted by: HardyGirl - 07-31-2018, 07:46 PM - Forum: Inactive - No Replies

Name: Scott Burnside

Age: 26
Birthday: August 16th, 1992
Weight: 158
Height: 5' 10"
Pic Base: Rafael de la Fuente
Town of Birth: NYC
Current Residence: New Orleans (French Quarter)

Alignment: heel

Entrance Music: whatever Bree Lancaster's is, he's RARELY seen in-ring without her

Gimmick / Personality: Bree Lancaster's personal assistant/manager. Catty, VERY openly gay. Known to make flirty comments to any guy he finds attractive. Massive crush on Manvel.

Managers Strengths:
- doesn't speak much when around others unless necessary, so he sort of blends into the background as most 'stars' tend to ignore managers, which means people may say things around him not realizing he's there. Therefore he hears a lot backstage and has a knack for knowing things and hearing rumors that Bree (and maybe others) haven't heard yet.

- loyal to Bree in every way. They may bicker at times but his comments to her are always out of what he feels is in her best interests/what she needs to hear.

- keeps a cool head in situations where Bree gets angry/overreacts, therefore has the ability to calm her down. Usually.

Managers Weaknesses:
- loyalty to Bree can get him into trouble if he angers the wrong person in her defense.

- NOT a trained wrestler/fighter in any sense. If attacked he will either duck or evade in some way.

if he's feeling brave or is exceptionally angry due to perceived injustice towards Bree... he may throw a bitch slap before evading further contact

any and every kind of evasive maneuver imaginable. The more cowardly the better, more than likely with high pitched screeching as he moves away

Manager Characteristics:

Likely to interfere in a match: If someone is trying to screw Bree out of the match, and he can do so safely, he will assist.

Likely to cheat: If necessary, but only in defense (such as Bree's opponent cheats first and he's trying to help/save her)

Character Mouthpiece (Does majority of talking for clients): Occasionally, if Bree is angry and doesn't want to speak to a camera backstage. In ring, no.

Character Background (Describe their history): Scott is a fashion designer by trade. The fashion house he previously worked for did not give him the outlet he felt his talents deserved so he quit to become Bree's assistant/manager. He still creates designs when not traveling, and currently has his line in several boutiques in the NYC area. Bree will wear his designs at some SCW events, he also makes her ring gear. Knows Laura Steinbeck (Sienna Swann's former agent) from the fashion industry, they are known to trade barbs all in good fun.

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  Truelove Twins
Posted by: Truelove Twins - 07-31-2018, 07:38 PM - Forum: Inactive - No Replies

 [Image: 2qui2k2.jpg]

Wrestler's Alias: The Truelove Twins
Wrestler's Real Name: London & Paris Truelove
Pic Base: Kate & Anne Madsen (Kate – London/Anne – Paris)
Height: 5’9” (Both)
Weight: 118 lbs. (London) 120 lbs. (Paris)
Birthdate: September 12, 1991
Birth Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
Current Residence: Malibu, CA.
Wrestling Style: High Flying (London) Technical (Paris)
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro: 5
Finishers: Twin Killing, Love In An Elevator
Finishers Descriptions:
Twin Killing: This high and low move, sees both London and Paris stand facing a standing opponent before London executes a spinning leg sweep to the back of the opponent's legs, and Paris executes a spinning heel kick towards the opponent simultaneously, knocking the opponent backwards. The violent whiplash and impact knocks an opponent out for the three count and considering both Twins were former Soccer Players, the strength of their legs are comparable to none. (Main Finisher)
Love In An Elevator: This is similar to a normal double DDT except for the fact that both London and Paris jump and lift the opponent at the same time driving the head of the opponent into the mat and getting the easy 1-2-3. (Secondary)
Signature Moves: “London Tower”, “From Paris With Love”, “Two For One”
Signature Moves Descriptions:
From Paris With Love: London will take an opponent and sit them on the top turnbuckle (as to set up a Hurricarana) near her twin sister and partner, Paris. London sets up the opponent and is ready to performs the Hurricarana, she tags in Paris. Paris runs to the next turnbuckle and climbs up. London then executes the Hurricarana, Paris flies off the top turnbuckle with her signature "Frog Splash", timing the landing on the opponent so that she will hit immediately after London lands going for the easy 1-2-3 or setting them up for the Twin Killing.
London Tower: This move sees Paris, Irish Whip her opponent into the turnbuckle. She then gets down on all fours and London runs from the opposite side of the ring/opposite turnbuckle, leaps off her Twin Sister’s back, and performs a devastating leg lariat or in some rare instances, a calf kick on the opponent.
Double The Pleasure: A tandem attack where the Truelove Twins stand in front of an opponent and hit them in the face with a high, side thrust kick which can also refer to what is known as stereo superkicks when both Twins perform superkicks to two different opponents at the same time but usually focus on one. This could end the match easily considering both Twins were former Soccer Players, the strength of their legs are comparable to none. (Quick Match Finisher)
Theme Song: “Just A Dream” by Nelly CLICK HERE
“Just A Dream” by Nelly plays throughout the arena, a gold spotlight with blue flashers begin to circle the entranceway. The two beautiful Twins, London and Paris Truelove walk out holding hands…
They look at each other, kiss and pose for the cameras before Laura Steinbeck walks out and nods, leading the Twins toward the ring…..
The Twins then make their way down the aisle interacting with the fans as they both get to the apron at the same time, Paris & London both hold the ropes for Laura as she slowly gets in the ring, London follows showing off her “assets”…..
London then holds the ropes for Paris as she slowly gets in the ring shaking her “assets” and winking in the camera…..
They both walk to the turnbuckles, climb to the second ropes and pose for the flashes while Laura stands in the middle of the ring and points to the Truelove Twins…..
They get down, kiss the ring announcer on the cheeks and await the match to start as Laura makes her way to the corner.
[Image: 2ynmnom.jpg]
South Africa's own London and Paris the Truelove Twins are the perfect combination of attitude, talent and sex appeal. London and Paris both at 26 yrs. of age are very well known in the South African community. They are the daughters of famous South African actress Bridgette Truelove and Former South African National Women’s Football Team Coach Samson Truelove. The twins have both the beauty of Hollywood Actresses and the athleticism of World Class Soccer stars. The girls grew up in sports, playing soccer all of their lives, knowing that eventually they would both like to get into acting. London and Paris while in High School were the first to ever be nominated as Prom Queens together. These two girls do everything as a pair but while they are both identical twins there are a few differences, these two complement each other…. QUITE well.
London and Paris graduated High School almost at the top of their class, both girls are very educated. London had an interest into studying Criminal Psychology while Paris interest was more into Sports Medicine. Both girls attended The University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Both Twins also played for the National Football Team under their tutelage of their father. At 15 years old, the girls became quite popular as they began to model and by the age of 21 became National stars. Recently Their mother began to make more American films thus looked into making the move to the United States.
As the Twins began to become more recognized they were soon contacted by companies like Victoria Secrets, Armani, Gucci and Sports Illustrated for photo shoots. Not only was this a huge breakthrough for them it really put their studies on hold as they began to tour the World. During that time, their mother moved to Hollywood, their father stepped down as Coach and took another job as the Los Angeles Sol of the WPS Head Coach. The twins still living in South Africa soon followed but not because their parents went to LA but for something much bigger.
During a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated in Australia the twins were approached by NEWA Trainer and Road Agent Beth Wilson, a former SWA wrestler. She pitched the idea of the girls coming to the NEWA to join the youth movement and the influx of other great women wrestlers and their successes. The Twins were intrigued in this proposition and decided to educate themselves in the NEWA further. They began to attend TTF and DCW wrestling events because of the close proximity to work and home. The Twins realized that they had the look and athleticism to go into the ring and become an instant success, all in the while getting the exposure and press they were yearning for as well. Soon thereafter London & Paris joined the NEWA. After the promotion went under the Twins went on to the independent scene for a while, still dipping their toes in fashion where they met Laura Steinbeck, the guru and she started to set them up in a career there but soon were starting to get involved more and more with their own country woman, Sienna Swann and now have joined forces with her.
London and Paris are identical Twins, there are a few slight differences in the face structure but they are so minute most do not even recognize. Paris is a slight bit more muscle thick than London but again the differences are very slight. London is the thinker, she analyzes things, sometimes too much. London in the ring is a “Thinking Man’s” wrestler, always planning two to three moves ahead. London is also the high flyer of the two, she will combine two to three moves together in a chain and finish it with a quick moonsault or flying bulldog. London is quick, agile and so fast she is sudden. Not too many can out think London in the ring or in anything for that matter, beauty and brains is her “calling”.
Paris is different, she is the free spirit of the two, she does not think, she does. She always believes in letting the chips fall where they may and will worry about the consequences later. Paris takes no flack unlike London who would kindly tell you to leave, Paris would probably curse you out. Paris can be the sweetest thing but she also has a temper. Paris is more of a technician, she is an incredible technical wrestler in the ring and for her frame is quite strong as well. She will mix power holds with scientific holds to wear down her opponents. Paris will use the ropes when it calls for, she is not afraid to put her body on the line for a win. Paris is the life of the party and everyone knows that. Both Twins complement each other so well that they feed off their weaknesses and strengths making them a lethal combination in and out of the ring.
London & Paris are both 5’9”, London weighs around 118 lbs. while Paris is a tad heavier at 120 lbs. Both girls have green eyes, beautiful long brown hair, tanned and toned bodies and are a mirror of perfection. It is hard to tell them apart for they will use that to their advantage wearing the same outfit to the ring and switching with each other if they have too to get advantage in a match. They wear to the ring short tights with knee pads and bell bottoms covering their boots. The tops are sleeved and cut off like a sports bra. They wear different colors and designs all the time always changing but always wearing identical gear. Both London and Paris are here in the SCW for TWO reasons, to protect Sienna Swann at all costs AND they want to become the first Twin tag team to ever win the SCW World Tag Team Titles. Don’t bet against these two South African beauties because they will remind that it’s always better when it comes in “Two’s”.

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  Sienna Swann
Posted by: Sienna Swann - 07-31-2018, 07:29 PM - Forum: Inactive - Replies (1)

[Image: Siennak-Vy-BGTZ.png]

Wrestler's Alias: Sienna Swann
Nicknames: "Avenging Angel", "Heavenly Angel", "Iron Angel"
Wrestler's Real Name: Sienna Angelina Swann
Pic Base: Candice Swanepoel
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 124 lbs.
Birthdate: 12/1/90
Birth Place: Johannesburg, South Africa
Current Residence: Hollywood Hills, CA.
Wrestling Style: Striker, High Flyer and Technician.
Alignment: Heel
Years Pro: 6
Finishers: “Kiss By An Angel”, “Swann Song”,  "The Halo"
Finishers Descriptions:
Kiss By An Angel: A Flying Front Knee Strike in the style of kickboxing where Sienna can either charge at an opponent or do it stationary seeing Swann jump up in midair and strike with her knee into her opponents face (Jaw or Temple) knocking them unconscious and going for the easy 1-23. Usually Sienna will drop her kneepad to indicate she is looking to attempt the finisher. (Primary Finisher) Click Here
Swann Song: Also known as the Hammerlock Leg Sweep DDT. In this version, Sienna applies a front facelock and hammerlock, then performs leg sweep to essentially take out the legs from under the opponent before falling backwards to drive the opponent face first down to the mat, knocking them out and pinning them for the easy 1-2-3. (Secondary Finisher)

The Halo: Is an innovative Submission where Sienna locks her arm around the head of her opponent in a reverse front face lock and then with her other arm, she cups her hands behind her back and squeezes in a different version of a dragon Sleeper causing the opponent to quickly submit. (Primary Submission Finisher)

Signature Moves:
Signature Moves Descriptions: "WTP", “The Pro Am”, “Swann-ton Bomb”, “Angel Wrath”, “Off the Rack”, “Glitz”
WTP: “Winning Through Pageantry is a version of a swinging neckbreaker where Sienna would use a leg rather than hands to perform the twist. With the opponent bent forwards and the opponent is spun around, neck landing on the inside of Sienna’ knee and stunning them for the 1-2-3. Also known as the Overdrive. (Quick Match Finisher)
Click Here

The Pro Am: Sienna stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. Sienna then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with their own arm, and drapes their free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing it downward. This elevates Sienna and places all the weight of Swann on the opponent. Sienna has one arm free, which can be used for balance. This move is extremely painful and can be used as a submission finisher. Also known as the “Black Widow”.
Swann-ton Bomb: A variant of the senton bomb, which sees Sienna leaping off the top turnbuckle keeping their bodies straight and arms out-stretched, making it resemble a swan dive and then waiting until the last moment to execute the flip, so that they just barely complete it when impacting with the opponent with their upper back/shoulders. Can go for a quick pin or use it as a set up for one of Sienna’s Finishers.
Angel Wrath: Multiple kick variations from her kickboxing style to the ribs and side sections of an opponent even to the face.
Off The Rack: Or more commonly named the roaring elbow, sees Sienna facing away from the opponent, spins 180° from the direction she stood, and then strikes the opponent with an elbow smash.
Glitz: Technically described as an over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver, this move begins with Sienna facing her opponent. From there, Sienna will pick up the opponent and place them over her shoulder so that the opponent's head is dangling over Swann’s back by the waist of Sienna. Swann then holds the opponent in place by holding their leg with one arm and applies a headlock to the opponent with their other arm. The opponent is now bent into a circle. Sienna then drops to a seated position, driving the head and upper back of the opponent into the ground. This can be a knockout move to end the match or can be a tide turner.
Illegal Maneuver:
Angel Dust: In this illegal hold, Sienna will take out some gold glittery powder out of some sack in her tights and blow it into the face of her opponent, blinding them and making it easier to strike one of her finishers for the easy 1-2-3.
Common Moves:
Spinning Heel Kick
Standing Drop Kick
Side Russian leg sweep
Flip Splash
Rolling Senton Splash
Snap Suplex
Tornado DDT
Springboard Bulldog
Running Knee Strikes
Missile Drop Kick
Flying Forearm Smash
Knife edge chops
Kicks to the thighs and calves
Hurricanrana (Any Variation)

Theme Song: “Fallen Angel" by Three Days Grace

The Arena goes dark and silent. The Video package starts, with the lyrics of “Style” by Taylor Swift began to play over the arena, the package shows Sienna Swann in many of her runway walks and shoots, entering the ring with the red carpet rolled out and paparazzi taking pictures on track with the music...

You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye…
And I got that red lip, classic thing that you like….
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time….

The lyrics suddenly stop at the sound of a record scratching, the video turns from color to black and white, showing Sienna pacing the hallways distraught, how she reacted after her losses of the World Championship, screaming from the top of her lungs. The footage then revs back up, in color showing Sienna spreading her golden wings, posing with the World Championship and other numerous titles, then seen with her beautiful smile, along with The Truelove Twins and Laura Steinbeck, then with Chris Cannon…

'Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style.
You've got that long hair slick back, white t-shirt.
And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time….
'Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style…

Just then the music stops at the scratch of the record. The video distorts one more time. It shows Sienna after the End of the Year Battle Royal, after Taking Hold of the Flame, Retribution, running her fingers through her hair, Chris trying to pull her away, Xiomara jumping in between Sienna and Sasha, when all you can hear is Sienna’s voice….
“Beauty, Allure and Elegance, this is what I wanted to bring to the SCW, but you just wouldn’t let me. The People meant something, it was all for them, yet instead those listening to my voice right now slapped the Angel in the face, falling from the heavens and her perch only to land in this hell you call a sport. I am here not for Fashion, or to make this place any less disgusting. For The People, those in charge and the millions who broke my wings? Vengeance is mine……
Avenge The Fallen.”
The video stops after showing Sienna fallen on the mat. It goes dark, when suddenly the rift of “Fallen Angel” by Three Days Grace begins to play, a lone spotlight centers in the entrance way where Sienna Swann has both fists on the ground while balanced on one knee. Slowly standing up, wearing all vinyl wrestling gear, black pointed eyeliner and red lips. Her long blonde hair slicked back in a high ponytail, wearing a pair of black wings that she spreads out with her arms. She now wears shin guards up to her knee pads, black vinyl gauntlets on her wrists and a long sleeve cut off top with her traditional short tights, Xiomara walks out behind her wearing a tight body suit. Sienna with her eyes closed looks up at the rafters before opening them and making her way to the ring with a glare from her icy blue eyes.
Phillips: “Making her way to the ring, from Johannesburg, South Africa, accompanied by her manager, Xiomara! She is the “Avenging Angel” Sienna Swann!”
Xiomara and Sienna continue to walk toward the ring as “Fallen Angel” continues to play. Xiomara hops to the ring, waits for Sienna to get on the apron before climbing to the second rope, spreading out her black wins as the crowd roars in boos and covers the arena in camera flashes while Xiomara looks on. Sienna hops over landing on her feet in the ring, Xiomara steps in and stands by her as Sienna poses, holding her arms up and wings spread, lowering her head for a moment before looking up with a scowl on her face.
Xiomara helps take off her wings before she finally goes to the outside as Sienna stares at the crowd, the referee and anyone within her sights, stretching her jumping knee strike in the corner, awaiting the match to start….

Sienna Swann is very athletic, the pinnacle of fitness, she has a high tolerance of pain and is very flexible for a pageant beauty. In the ring she is a high flyer, a quick strike artist and super strong for her size which can be very deceiving for she is also quick like a cat. Outside the ring Sienna is a flirt, a charmer and will use her perfect looks to get her way at any way she can. She is a master manipulator and won’t stop until things go her way by any means necessary. Sienna also is very charismatic and outgoing, people are attracted to her more than just physically and she will use that to her advantage, there is always a reason behind the actions of Sienna Swann.
Sienna Swann can be classified as one thing, gorgeous. The beautiful former Miss Universe and pageantry veteran was one of the most sought after pin up models in the entire world. The exquisite South African was a face everyone knew, making the cover of all magazines and popular publications. The young Swann also had mega movie deals, commercials and both clothing and make up lines, Sienna was simply a household name.
Sienna is also a fine athlete, a former Champion Swimmer and a master kickboxer, Sienna always kept in great shape and used these sporting activities as a source of training, something that will come in helpful when she wrestles. After graduating high school, Sienna had no choice but to home schooled, her outside activities with her career was just too much for the young woman to balance, home schooling was the best option……
Sienna was still able to get an education while traveling the world and that is where she met Kelcey Wallace and Taylor Chase through the pageantry. The three became friends but there was always a professional jealousy between Kelcey and Sienna one that still exists to this day. While Kelcey was in Las Vegas in 2011, she ran into Sienna in one of the conventions and that is also where Sienna met Silas Mason, a face he never forgotten. After a wild night of sex, drugs, booze and rock n’ roll with a reluctant Kelcey and a very happy Silas, Sienna left an impression on Mason, one that three years later he would remember when Sienna lost everything.
A scandal broke out and she was accused of handing out sexual favors to the judges to get their vote, this led to Sienna being stripped of her crowns, titles, movies, commercial, magazine photo ops and finally all endorsements. Sienna still claims her innocence but it was the perfect opportunity for Silas to take her under her wing and bring her into Silas World. Now in training under the watchful eye of Brittany Lohan, Sienna looks to be the next progeny of Silas…..
A “Perfect” one.
Ring Attire:
Sienna wears very short almost bikini bottoms usually in all black vinyl. She wears a match sports bra type top open in the middle to show her cleavage and cut off long sleeve, she wears black vinyl knee pads, knee high boots with shin guards, and taped vinyl gauntlet wrists and hands. Her hair can be down or in a ponytail and she wears a pair of black angel wings that are a bit devilish looking.
Street Attire:
Sienna can make a potato sack look stylish. She looks good in anything and everything and will dress however she pleases. Sienna can dress up for any occasion, she knows she has it so she flaunts it.

Angelic Achievements:

- 1x SCW World Champion
- 3x SCW Women's Champion
- 1x SCW Television Champion 

- Has Knocked Out Fourteen Former World Champions with her "Kiss by An Angel" Knee Strike.
- Successfully Defended her World Championship against Alistaire Allocco at Apocalypse 2018 on 9.9.18
- Defeated Kennedy Street on the first SCW Breakdown after RTG XV for the World Championship on 8.15.18
- Defeated Syren, Thirteen & Donovan Kayl to become the #1 Contender for the SCW World Championship at Rise To Greatness XV. 7.21.18
- Lasted 70 Minutes in Taking Hold of the Flame making it to the Final Three spots after coming in at Number 8.
- Defeated Amy Chastaine and Jason Helms w/ Bree Lancaster on SCW Breakdown 5.16.18
- Defeated Selena Frost in a One Hour Iron Woman Match at Retribution 2018 on 3.11.18
- Wrestled to a 30 Minute Time Limit Draw against Selena Frost at the Learning From History PPV 2018 on 1.21.18
- Beat Kelcey Wallace at the Future is Now PPV cementing herself as the next "Perfect 10" and earning Kelcey's Respect and Passing the Torch to Sienna. 12.3.17
- Was Part of a Triple Main Event at Rise To Greatness 2017 versus Ravyn Taylor for the SCW Women's Championship
- Defeated Stacy Kissinger & Jake Starr at Fatal Fortunes 2017 in a House of Fun Match to Become TV Champion.
- Tagging with Selena Frost as Platinum defeated Dark Fantasy by pinning Ravyn on the 9.21.16 Edition of Breakdown in Sydney, Australia.
- Defeated Bree Lancaster at Under Attack 2016 to Regain the Women's Championship For A Third Time.
- Regained the Women's Championship by defeating Katie Steward at Rise to Greatness 2016
- Defeated Dawn Lohan for the SCW Women's Championship at Retribution 2016
- Made it to the Finals of the 2016 Trios Tournament w/ Katie Steward & Rachel Foxx
- Defeated Simon Lyman for her first career singles victory on SCW Breakdown 5.27.15
- Along with Regan Street ended Silas World at Rise to Greatness 2015
- #3 Elite 15 (w/ Silas World) (10/31/14)
- #8 Elite 15 (w/ Regan Street) (8/18/15)

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